Charles Johnson Ignores Questionable Fonts, Questionable Sources & Promotes Total Bullshit To Smear St. Louis Police Department [UPDATED]

[Scroll down for update. Apparently the seminar flyer is not a hoax.]

Charles Johnson reposted some questionable material purportedly sourced from the St. Louis Police Department. There’s just one little problem: It’s a hoax.

Ferguson 7

Here’s Charles’ smoking gun “proof,” courtesy of Daily Kos, with no link to the source, only a .pdf with 1970s fonts that the The City of St. Louis’ website doesn’t use.

Search it yourself. You won’t find anything remotely resembling the fabrication. Here’s what the St. Louis County website looks like today:

Ferguson 8

Here’s what Charles Johnson claims it looks like:

Ferguson 9Charles, why are you fomenting racism? We not only just busted yer ass for lies (again) but we nailed Daily Kos as well.

Charles, you’re a mess, so STFD & STFU.


[UPDATE: Apparently the continuing education seminar flyer is NOT a hoax, despite the timing and odd wording .

Click on “Get Flyer,” right click “Properties” and you find this:

Ferguson 10

Kudos to Inspector Fromage,  Swamprat and others for fact checking.]