On 18 September 2009 Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs Thread-Bombed Hot Air To Expose Racism By Planting Racism.

It’s been 5 years since Charles Johnson’s inebriated operative Killgore Trout blasted full bore into the internest with his  infamous Midnight Run / astroturf / thread bomb heard ’round the blogosphere.  Killgore Trout’s point was to illustrate that the owners of Hot Air don’t moderate comments while asleep, and therefore the moderators are Racists. Charles defended Killgore Trout’s blatant dishonesty and protected his racism, including the following comment:

“I hate niggers and space monkeys.”

No one on Hot Air that night agreed with Killgore’s racist comments, and when Charles Johnson found out about it the following day, he played his classic “Yes But” card. He didn’t approve, yet he did. Charles declared that Hot Air is racist because Killgore’s racist comments weren’t deleted within an arbitrary  time-span dictated by Charles Johnson on a blog he didn’t own and doesn’t control.

Pure straw man argument.


“I am Little Green Footballs – It’s only me” -Charles Foster Johnson, Racist.

P.S. Here’s last year’s tribute.

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79 Comments on “On 18 September 2009 Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs Thread-Bombed Hot Air To Expose Racism By Planting Racism.”

  1. Doppel milyo says:

    I’m Charles fister Johnson, and I approve of this message

  2. Dudebro says:

    What lesson did we learn from the LGF operative/troll? Hotair moderators expect people to behave like adults and the commentators don’t need to be moderated. Whereas the snot nosed brats at LGF do need to be told what to do and what to think. What pathetic pieces of shit. No wonder these misfits elected the Obama the liar to a 2nd term.

  3. Pakimon says:

    Troy McClure hated space monkeys. In fact, he’d hate every ape he’d see… from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z.

    He claimed, “They tried to make a monkey out of me”. 😆

    • The cops deprived her of her dignity doncha know says:

      Actually sounds a bit like Chunky McFartCheeks himself. The right made a monkey out of him for eight long years, as he tells it. Made him cash the checks and bask in the accolades and everything. Teddible, teddible. Until he j’accused, if you will on that milyo.

  4. Pakimon says:

    Let’s not forget the Lightworker/Meese incident when Killgore and Obdicut went over to Ace’s with one planting racist comments and the other being the outraged concern troll.

    Didn’t work out for them too well as they were pegged and demolished in like five minutes.

    Note to Killgore and Obdicut: When being “Moby Dickheads”, don’t be the only ones on the thread to spell it “Killgore” while everyone else is spelling it “Kilgore”. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      The really fun thing there was by the time one of them had posted their outrage at LGF, the comment had vanished.

      Perhaps on a slow day we can stroll down memory lane to the heartless smear of Zombie. I am now of a mind that Chuck wanted to rid himself of Zombie and that whole Irish Rose discovery and outrage was orchestrated. It spoke volumes of the LGFers that were still there that they called her out on her duplicity but watch Chuck’s reaction – the situation is not going as planned, so he works overtime promoting how actually this is an act of treason against him and finally pretzel-logics his way to a ban of Zombie.

    • kbdabear says:

      Here’s the ONT thread where Chuck’s fluffers tried to drop massive turds in the middle of night and got busted by the Morons


      • Dudebro says:

        This was especially hilarious!

        410 Oh, and kilgore “lightworker” trout, tell your boyfriend Chuckles we said fuck you

        Posted by: kbdabear at November 18, 2012 12:39 AM

  5. Pakimon says:

    Scotland is voting on the “independence question” today! How will they answer?

    I know one thing…

    Jimmah is reeling around his rundown “flat” in a drunken frenzy alternating between vomiting on the floor and belching “FREEDOM!” while downing copious amounts of fine scottish whiskey as Iceweasel is shrieking, “Will you just STFU already!!” in the backround. 😆

    Such fine mental imagery should be accompanied by fine music! 😀

  6. Pakimon says:

    Mutual of Pakimon’s Wild Kingdom presents rare footage of the Scottish courtship/mating ritual. 😀

  7. Pakimon says:

    Especially when he never leaves home.

    Besides, the “Organic Landmine Home Defense System” is more than adequate for his “protection” needs. 😆

    • The cops deprived her of her dignity doncha know says:

      ” device I never take out of my home”

      Chunk’s the tool that no one needs. So he sits at home Tweeting to no one (the electronic media equivelant of eating worms)

    • Bunk X says:

      Q: Does that appliance take batteries? If not, do you wash it with isopropyl after use?

  8. The cops deprived her of her dignity doncha know says:

    Chunky Johnson’s prime sickophant moonbat, opining on the great men of the world.

    Thomas Jefferson was an asshole.
    8 hours ago

  9. Because says:

    • Arachne says:

      Looks like Gus bought some followers as well. I cannot think almost 2K people really want to follow this garbage.

      • Pakimon says:

        They’re just people who like to follow anything idiotic and nonsensical.

        Look at the guy whose Twitter handle is “dogboner”. He’s got 48.8k followers and rising.

        Besides, Gus couldn’t afford to buy Twitter followers. 😆

      • Pakimon says:

        Maybe he’s on to something.


        How long before we’re treated to “LittleGreenFootballBoners” and “Gus_802boners”? 😆

  10. The cops deprived her of her dignity doncha know says:

    NewsFlash – Old white man internet has-been still using unPC terms reflecting his bigoted ’60s upbringing. Ever heard the term Transgender Chunk, you gay hating neanderthal mouth breather?

    San Francisco Drag Queens Meet With Facebook Over Name Policy lgf.bz/1req9tN
    19 minutes ago

  11. The cops deprived her of her dignity doncha know says:

    Chunk has scooped a big story from Fox News:

    Hannity Removes Belt and Smacks It on Desk During Segment on Peterson lgf.bz/1BOtVNI
    9 hours ago

    Yes, he really did. @Gus_802
    9 hours ago

    Translation: Oh no he di-ent! Oh yeah he dee-id!

    This one not so much. Looks like boring grown up talk about something of no importance:
    Benghazi Security Officers Challenge Dem Reps to Debate

    After watching clips of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) denying that such an order existed, and dismissing the claims of Paronto and Geist as part of a “campaign to promote a new book,” and Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) stating a stand down order “was never given,” Geist said “I would like to invite Mr. Schiff to a debate … we can talk about it.” And “he wants to see and say that to my face. We can talk about it, and talk about everything.” Paronto added “we can talk about it … it’s difficult for me because you’re calling a Ranger, a SEAL, and three Marines liars.”

    And hey! What about the Palin Drunken Brawl??????

    • Doppel milyo says:

      let’s see

      honorable US servicemen. the best of the best.
      scumbag democrat congressmen

      hmmm. tough call
      I think I will put all of my money down on the soldiers

      I will even given 10 to 1 odds

  12. Daedalus says:

    The irony is that Killgore is back on the Right.

  13. trebob says:

    Pardon me, I tweeted. 🙂

  14. trebob says:

    WordPress is telling me Happy 4th Anniversary. That would mean 4 years for DoD as this was the reason I got a WP account.

    Yay! Penis Penis Penis LOL!

  15. rightymouse says:

    Killgore never changed when LGF went full moonbat, he just kept on being the same a-hole shit-stirrer he’s always been.

    • OLT's Hypocrites, ALL Of You says:

      Yup. He’s not “back” to anything, he never left. Considers himself an iconoclast, which is a narcissist’s self-term for asshole.

    • Doppel milyo says:

      he’s a centrist, as in the center of a pile of shit

    • Pakimon says:

      I still maintain that the only reason he’s getting uppity over at The Bog periodically is because he’s still pissed that he was supplanted by a drunken unemployed garage-dwelling imbecile.

      Notice that he’ll act “contrary” over at The Bog but when King Chunkles starts rapping his banstick on the table, Killgore goes scurrying back into his hole.

      Every… time. 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        It’s just a matter of time before Charles becomes bored of Gus, who is probably a sock anyway. The simultaneous tweet thingy they do is truly weirdorama.

      • Bunk X says:

        Gus is pure “Shut Up Little Man” in Denver instead of the Pepto Bismol Palace in the Tenderloin.

  16. The right wing racists made a monkey of me for eight years. says:

    Once again Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit brings the latest stories that actually matter to Americans. Or at least those Americans that aren’t like a bowl of granola (what ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes) such as Chunky “I Wuz Misled” Johnson and his LGF commenter/socks and fake Twitter followers.


    Islamists walking across the border. Who cares?

    The Palin Drunken Brawl!!!!

  17. Octopus says:

    He really said “narrowly avoids,” folks. Wow.

    I just narrowly avoided calling Culver City social services to go do a check on this bull-goose loony. 😆

    • The right wing racists made a monkey of me for eight years. says:

      Meanwhile Biden completely didn’t avoid calling Jooooo bankers shylocks and referring to Asia as “the Orient”. And Chunky himself referred to Transgenders in a Tweet as “drag queens”.

      Hey Chunky clean up your own house first both figuratively and literally (lot of overtuned Mt Dew bottles stinkin’ up the dump)

    • Bunk X says:

      Charles Johnson also narrowly avoided using the word “manque” in describing the word “uppity.”

  18. Octopus says:

    Btw, the term “uppity” is kind of apropos, apart from the racist overtones. The Unicorn Messiah is a smug, condescending asswipe of a person, with no qualifications for the job he’s been given, who’s failing in every possible measure. That all takes too long to say, when you’re spitting at the same time. 😆

  19. Octopus says:

    Monkey feel vindicated that U.S. Copyright Office rule Bad Man ineligible to claim Monkey Selfie as intellectual property. Monkey advised by counsel not to comment while issue being adjudicated, but now that ruling has been issued Monkey grateful to be able to speak out for first time, and perhaps provide valuable context.

    When Monkey snatch camera from Bad Man and run hooting into tall grass, Monkey see it as liberating act of self-expression, and, yes, perhaps even blow against human cultural hegemony. The fact that Monkey not realize at first that camera was camera and try to eat it, irrelevant. Monkey saw Fuckface Johnson do same 8 years ago. Once Monkey recognize that device make clicky sound, Monkey become fascinated. Just like Fuckface. In that moment, Monkey reborn as Artist. Monkey want to market calendar of Monkey pictures. Monkey know calendar will outsell Fuckface calendar by millions. Monkey get paid. Unlike Fuckface.

    • Arachne says:

      Monkey Selfie still better looking than current Chuckie.

      • Octopus says:

        Monkey offended you even compare. Monkey sad you are racist. 😦

      • OLT's Hoot Hoot, Grunt Scratch says:

        Monkey not a race. Monkey a superfamily, although OK to argue that. Monkey need recognize that Monkey lifestyle consistent with Republican values, quit using Democrat dogwhistle. OLT encourage Monkey explore free market concepts and work in Monkey’s own best interest. OLT wish Monkey best fortune and warn Monkey never go to Donkey Show.

      • Octopus says:

        Monkey not interested in Donkey Show. Monkey want to see Monkey Show, starring hot l’il chimp-mama from next door exhibit. Monkey tired of playing with own self. When money from calendar come rolling in, Monkey will buy whole zoo. Then Monkey do what he wants.

      • Pakimon says:

        He better hope Troy McClure never catches up with him….

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Monkey don’t want climb chair to get banana. When money come in, Monkey gonna get cell phone and order banana from Amazon. Have banana party. Invite lady monkey with big pink butt. Monkey got game.

    • Doppel milyo says:

      Space monkey!!!!

    • Bunk X says:

      Finding Ian.

  20. kbdabear says:

    Occupoopers find out the inevitable results of what happens when a control freak is given administrative privileges and decides HE’S the “responsible adult”

    Kind of like “what would happen if Chucky took over the Occupooper Twitter account”


    Lots of schadenboner in that article

  21. kbdabear says:

    Occupooper getting sued writes a Chuckian “Why I Closed the #Tweetboat”


    Granted, Justin Twede is far more literate than Chunk, but the same “I know best and everyone was being an asshole except me” attitude shines through, with lots of proggie buzzwords thrown in

  22. Octopus says:

    I’m a fleabit peanut monkey
    All my friends are junkies
    That’s not really true
    I’m a cold Italian pizza
    I could use a lemon squeezer
    Would you do?
    But I’ve been bit and I’ve been tossed around
    By every she-rat in this town
    Have you, babe?
    Well, I am just a monkey man
    I’m glad you are a monkey woman too
    I was bitten by a boar
    I was gouged and I was gored
    But I pulled it on through
    Yes, I’m a sack of broken eggs
    I always have an unmade bed
    Don’t you?
    Well, I hope we’re not too messianic
    Or a trifle too satanic
    We love to play the blues
    Well I am just a monkey man
    I’m glad you are a monkey, monkey woman too, babe
    I’m a monkey
    I’m a monkey

  23. Octopus says:

  24. JimboXL says:

    I had only ever seen posts about the comment planting, to actually see them as typed by the LGF contributor is pretty disgusting.

  25. Abu bin Squid says:

    Best Monkey song, evah.

  26. swamprat says:

    Last I heard Killgore had gone missing.
    charles is now into gun-ghoul porn.
    About a thousand comments per day.
    Very little downdings.

  27. Minnow says:

    So glad to see the comments here about Killgore. The man is an asshole. He use to tear into me and start such shit with many.

    Everyone would pile on (to be part of the cool people club) and I honestly thought a few times…. hmmmm…. maybe it’s me….

    But I was always left thinking that the guy fought unfairly and was a totally smug piece of shit.

    Hah…. I remember at one point, he was bitching about the fact that as a self-employed person, he didn’t have dental insurance and how he couldn’t afford a crown (I think it was a crown). He had a tooth ache and was (apparently) really hurting.

    I sent the guy a private email – although I cannot swear to this because I can’t remember how I did it. Anyway, by some means, I offered to pay for his dental work. Haha. He never responded.

    Hey Killgore – do you remember that!?

    I do.

    Fuck you shithead.

    • Bunk X says:

      Reminds me of the time(s) I offered Gus employment, and offered the financial assistance of DoD to contribute some bucks when he’d f*d up his laig. I draw the line on buying him gin and a mattress.

      Apparently so did everyone else.

  28. Octopus says:

    So many times we offered Furious Burka a shot at a happier life, with a reconstructed hoo-ha to replace the botched-circumcision hell-hole she purchased in a sordid bazaar. No response, just as Gus and Killgore rejected the kindly overtures from other DoD philanthropists.

    They seem to revel in their misery, which might explain why they’re still hanging around at a failed blog run by a ponytailed lunatic with food all over his shirt. That, and the fact nobody else will have them. It’s sad.

  29. Because says: