Charles Johnson Vs., um… Charles Johnson

This battle has been going on for a little while, but since I think we need a new thread, this makes as good a thread as any:

Now I use the word “battle” loosely here, since the participation has been pretty much on the LGF side, with Icarus taking little bites at the ankles of Chuck via twitter with very little reaction (or, just like his attacks on Greenwald and Hoft). Our pal has found a new target, and the spew (to use a Johnsonian term) has intensified in recent days.

Personally, I think these two have something in common, in that they both score pretty high on the douchebag meter. On the one hand, you have ol’ Icarus, with all his hypocritical, credit-stealing, St. Pancake lying, 15,000 account banning ways. On the other, you’ve got this guy who uses an twitter avatar to make him look like he’s in The Matrix talking to Tank on the Nebuchadnezzar about the whereabouts of the Merovingian, and posts stuff like this:

So, needless to say, it’s rather comical to watch this play out.