LGF is thoughtful and nuanced?

This tweet has must be coming from an alternate reality.

LGF is anything but thoughtful or nuanced. It’s a cheap leftist imitation copy of Alex Jones’ infowars.


A Little Fabrication Music, Please.

Ferguson Memorial 1

Ferguson Memorial 2

Charles had to dig deep for this one. 18 days ago, Antonio French posted that Tweet with a picture of maybe four dozen rose petals in the middle of the street along the double yellow lines, claimed that a police car “trampled” them. Then a K-9 officer took his dog out there and instructed it to pee on the purported middle-of-the-street memorial to Michael Brown.

This was reported in a Mother Jones story that popped up today with an unconfirmed account (like that’s never happened) and Charles is all over it like skeeter assholes on a windshield.

Meanwhile, at least one sentient got through Charles’ Magical Jazzy Filter and called out the idiocy.

Ferguson Memorial 3

Good luck, 1Peter G1. See you soon.