Charles Johnson and MSM Get Chumped by Anonymous Moby Attack On Officer Darren Wilson Fundraiser Site

Charles The Unbiased promoted Lawhawk’s intrepid research on the GoFundMe account for Officer Darren Wilson. Too bad it contains blatant and easily disprovable lies.

The GoFundMe donation account was set up on 17 August, presumably to defray the cost of Officer Wilson’s legal defense against those who want him crucified for killing Michael Brown, a large man who, by all credible accounts, attacked the police officer.

The fund raised more than $234,000 in only five days. The owners of the account, realizing that donations were still coming in after they’d met their goal, decided to close the account and open a second donation fund, with monies directed to a non-profit charity for officers in need: Shield of Hope. Formerly known as the Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 15 Charitable Foundation, it has connections to a Missouri police union. No surprise there.

But then Lawhawk attempts to paint the operators of (and donors to) the original GoFundMe page as racists, and by false association, smear not only Officer Wilson and the Ferguson P.D., but the F.O.P. and all police in the State of Missouri.

Ferguson Wilson Fund 0

In the post at Little Green Footballs, the list is barely legible as it’s posted as a faint .jpg. Here it is in .png format, undoctored except to enhance contrast:

Ferguson Wilson Fund

Wow. Those are some serious jawdroppers. The remainder of Lawhawk’s commentary is too inane to merit a response, so let’s examine his accusations of racism instead.

The GoFundMe donation page had been up for about a day before the mobys showed up, and the moderators decided to close comments and clean up the vitriol. They posted a couple of explanatory updates.

We have disabled comments on our page. Please understand we still appreciate all of the kind words but we are attempting to stop the negative comments. This is the best way to take care of the issue. Thank you again to our supporters!

We apologize for all negative comments that were not removed in a timely manner. With so much going on at this time we are trying to keep up as best we can. For all of the positive comments we want to sincerely thank you. It outweighs the negative tremendously. Thank you for reaching our second goal! We will be increasing the goal dramatically so everyone who wants to donate can. Again, words cannot express how truly thankful we are. God bless each and every one of you.

So they acknowledged the problem and fixed it, but where did that collection of  “racist” comments come from? One source is left-wing  Huffington Post with this headline:

Awful Racism Prompts Organizers To Shut Off Comments On Darren Wilson Fundraising Site

Buried in the HuffPo story is this:

Gawker reports that many of the inflammatory comments originated from noted troll-bait site 4chan.

So I went to far left-wing Gawker, and found this:

Pressure has been mounting on GoFundMe to address Wilson’s page, and the comments had clearly become a problem, partly because they were starting to be obviously trolled. The primary source of the trolling appears to be 4chan, whose users were leaving comments in the names of Twitter users speaking out against the page, as well as people like Hitler and Elliot Rodger. This massive and barely comprehensible collage of screenshots traces some of that trolling.

Here is the “massive and barely comprehensible collage of screenshots.”

Ferguson Wilson Fund 2

Yeah, there’s some serious deranged ugly in there. Click on it and scroll around. What’s the next step? Don all protective gear available and take a dive into the Internet’s Biggest Cesspool – 4chan.

Rather than link, here’s what was on top of the archive, posted today:

Ferguson Wilson Fund 4chan Anonymous

Apparently this was a planned stealth campaign perpetrated by Anonymous, although I found no related #OP hashtag on Twitter. If you’re unconvinced that this was a planned attack, scrolling down a bit finds them bragging about all the “news” outlets that picked up the story:

Ferguson Wilson Fund 4chan Anonymous 2

This might be a funny prank were it not so inherently evil and intentionally dangerous.

Charles, so sorry you weren’t mentioned (like you were in Breivik’s Manifesto). I guess you don’t rank, but at least you can find solace in the fact that you helped spread a blatant lie that will result in the deaths of innocent people, including law enforcement.

Hope you’re proud of your reckless stupidity.

Alouette Fuck Anonymous Post 114

110 Comments on “Charles Johnson and MSM Get Chumped by Anonymous Moby Attack On Officer Darren Wilson Fundraiser Site”

  1. Briareus says:

    The Wilson GoFundMe has raised more than $230,000 so far in 5 days.

    That’s a whole lot of hate.

    Now, before anyone thinks that I don’t think that Wilson deserves a proper legal defense, let’s further note that Wilson hasn’t been even charged with a crime yet. He hasn’t spoken to prosecutors and he remains in seclusion. Indeed, he doesn’t appear to have spoken to any law enforcement agency and isn’t likely to issue any statement lest he incriminate himself under the 5th Amendment.

    So, all this money is being raised despite no charges pending and the grand jury just getting underway.

    Wilson will likely get his day in court for the unlawful killing of Michael Brown.That’s his constitutional right; it’s sad that far too many of his supporters ignore how Wilson deprived Brown of that same right. –Lawhawk/LGF

    IOW, Lawhawk wants a fair trial before Wilson is hung.

    • KGB says:

      “Wilson will likely get his day in court for the unlawful killing of Michael Brown.” Is this your notion of the blind scales of justice, “law”hawk?

    • Because says:

      Hanged. I’m hung. They want to hang Wilson.

    • dwells38 says:

      The good thing is no one takes these LGF idiots seriously anymore, if they ever did. Chunk called Wilson a blatant murderer I saw in the previous post. Only the most ignorant morons and dishonest race baiters are saying that. Lawhawk’s mealy mouthedness is pointless commentary meant to placate his Fat Assed mentor and nothing else.

      Everyone now knows this kid was bad news. A large thug and a troublemaker with no respect for the law. Based on what’s leaked out the whole thing is already over. Just like the Trayvon joke. The kid attacked the guy. In this case the kid attacked the cop.

      Everyone knows there’s no war on black men. People go out of their way to make them feel wanted. Black teens from projects and even lower middle class areas on the other hand go out of their way to punch white strangers (sometimes killing them), crowd mob convenience stores, beat down and even murder young couples, stick people up, shoplift, fight with cops, etc.. in disproportionately high numbers. Even aside from gangs and drug dealing. Fuckifinoy. I’m not even exactly sure why this is so useful to the Progturds to lie about. I guess any kind of chaos favors them so that’s the motifvation.

  2. LawPakimon says:

    Check out my new name!

    Now I can bloviate and make everyone think I’m a lawyer too!

    The internet is a wonderful thing! 😀

  3. LawPakimon says:

    Where is everybody?

    As the self-appointed blog attorney, I advise you to get up out of bed!

    And no complaining! 😆

  4. Pakimon says:

    If only Culver City could see thinner, calmer ponytailed bloggers… 😆

  5. trebob says:

    As part of an experiment, I now have almost 20,000 twitter followers. Too bad Charles is blocking me. 😛

  6. rightymouse says:

    Lawhawk has become such a nauseating toady. Blech. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • Because says:

      Donkey Show is not a place for shame. It’s for proud perversion.

    • dwells38 says:

      It’s so obvious he’s walking on egg shells. Which is why I find his commentary completely worthless. It’s not safe to even be reasonable around Chunkles McFatWad anymore. Chunk proclaimed Wilson a blatant murderer I saw in the previous post. Even a stance of “let’s wait for the facts” is dangerous ground if you want to keep an LGF account. Chunk is sure MB was a gentle giant despite the store video. Despite the revelation of his physically assaulting the officer. There are no possible facts exonerating the decorated cop Wilson in Chunk’s Progturd clogged mind.

      This is Trayvon/Zimmerman all over again and just as then, Chunk will double down on lies and illogic all the way to the end which will be Wilson’s acquittal.

  7. ISTE says:

    I would stay and chat but someone just gave me a list of weekend chores that if i work at it 12 hrs a day I should be done Wednesday.

    Worth it though…. 🙂

  8. dwells38 says:

    Bible-Waving MN GOP Supreme Court Nominee Places God Above U.S. Law
    2 hours ago

    But it’s OK to place South American and Mexican illegals above US Law?
    And OK to place violent black teens above US Law?
    And it’s OK to place terrorist commanders for draft deserters above US Law?
    It’s OK to place partisan crooks in the IRS above US law?

  9. Pakimon says:

    Chunky’s “blazing fast new server” has been known to do the same thing periodically. 😆

  10. rightymouse says:

    Charles must be napping. It’s been four hours since his last tweet. What WILL the boggy ones do without him???

  11. Because says:

    Alouette is supporting rape culture ^^^ ?

  12. Because says:

  13. Because onesies says:

  14. Bunk X says:

    Faux justice, more thuggery.

  15. Pakimon says:

    Collecting penis penis penis lol

  16. Pakimon says:

    Chunky’s Organic Land Mine Home Defense System claims an innocent victim.

  17. Pakimon says:

    And from the Wayback Machine™ , A young Ludwig has never been the same since “the lab incident”. 😆

  18. Arachne says:

    Holy cow. Just got woken up by an earthquake.

  19. ISTE says:

    A beautiful morning, been up since 7am and sitting outside listening to the sounds of nature, the early morning crickets, a woodpecker, and amazingly this morning i can hear the rabbits eating grass.

    Peace and tranquility, paradise…..

    Until the dragon awakes and gives me another load of chores to do.

  20. Arachne says:

    I see where the White House is sending representatives to Brown’s funeral. How many did they send to the funeral of the WHITE unarmed kid in Salt Lake City gunned down by BLACK officer?

  21. Because says:
    • Arachne says:

      I have about a dozen in mind, as a matter of fact.
      I finally broke down and bought a new computer yesterday. I am lovin’ these new all-in-ones (no longer just the territory of Apple). Touch screen. Sort of like a giant iPad. Except figuring out Windows 8 is taking some time.

      • KGB says:

        I just bought a new laptop last week, to replace my nearly 7 year old Acer. Went with another Acer, since I had such a good experience with the previous model, not to mention my missus is Taiwanese (and our daughter has dual citizenship). Gotta support the locals. But I made sure to get something with Windows 7. Just heard too many complaints about Windows 8, and I didn’t want to wait another year for Windows 9.

      • Octopus says:

        Those things look kind of intimidating, to this Luddite. I hate getting used to new systems — still using XP on this laptop. Love it! 🙂

  22. Pakimon says:

    And The Chunkster is up bright and early. I guess Jim Hoft is going to be his obsession for awhile.

    I’m too lazy to post Twitter examples.

    I’m saving my energy to be a pack mule for my lady friend as she forays into Sam’s to load up on supplies.

    I’m fortifying myself with some “Breakfast of Champions”.

    Beer is to me what spinach is to Popeye. 😀

  23. Octopus says:

    Some Libertarian poisoned my food yesterday at IHOP, and I was sicker than a dog all day. Still not feeling right. Why do they have to poison everything?

    Arachne, my wife’s cousin lives in Novato. Looks pretty close to the quake.

    Chunky said it wasn’t him, falling off the futon. “It’s not my fault!,” he yelled.

    • rightymouse says:

      Ugh. Food poisoning. Blech. 😦

      • Octopus says:

        Very nasty, ‘Mouse. I think I got a bad egg, or maybe it was the blueberry syrup. Not going back there for awhile.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Sorry to heat that. It’s dangerous out there.

      We both were sick as dogs night before last after eating chicken, kale salad mix and sweet potato fries all from Costco. This after getting a recall notice for a box of peaches (salmonella) last week, opening a box of carnitas that had 2 more weeks on the expiration that had a big green mold spot, and a box of Ancient Grains Kirkland granola where the nuts were rancid (exp date Oct 14.) All in the same week.
      We seriously may never shop at Costco again for food stuff. Bewares.

      • Octopus says:

        That feeling of sick that you get from food poisoning is really unique, eh? I hadn’t had it in a long time, since the time I ate a bowl of cantaloupe that had been cut up in the fridge for, oh, a month or so (I found out later). I mean, I should have stopped after the first piece, when it made my lips tingle…but what the hey?

        I think my system is mostly cleared out, now. I mean, it must be. Spare you the details.

        And now, there’s a big family picnic to go to, out in the sun. Hope there’s some potato salad getting some rays. 😯

  24. Because my icky says: