I made the mistake of checking out the Fat White People’s Blog, aka The Swamp. As expected, they’re all waving the LGF Racism Flag at the Ferguson Missouri PD, dismissing the video of young thug Mike Brown assaulting a liquor store owner half his size after pilfering some cigarillos or something with his buddy.

Today there was a peaceful protest in the streets of Ferguson in support of Officer Darren Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department, no windows were broken, no shops vandalized, no arrests made, and all the lizards can do is scream “racists” with absolutely no evidence.

Here is some of the brilliance on parade:

Ferguson 2


Ferguson 3

Since nobody’s heard of CNN, thanks for the tip, Charles.

Ferguson 4

So the Ferguson Police are inciting riots and they have tanks. Right. But first a message from our sponsor:

Ferguson 5

The underage Thai Boys adverts weren’t offensive to anyone at LGF? Let’s move on.

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