A cowardly shot at Barrett Brown

However one feels about Barrett Brown, he puts his money where his mouth is. Charles is a coward who hides in a secured environment and tries to silence his critics.

The 61 year old chicken knows that Brown is in jail and can;t respond to any attacks. In a punk move, Charles attacks Brown on Twitter.

Barrett Brown has many friends, even people who may not agree with him. Charles has only a dwindling band of sycophants and is an object of ridicule.Brown actually stands for principle while Charles is a cowardly smear merchant.

[Update: Barrett Brown Archives here, oh yeah, and here.]


Charles shows his racist colors

Charles shows his racist colors in this comment.

Black tea Party

In the world of Charles Johnson, all Blacks must be progressives. This is attitude of a racist white Progressive who view Blacks as their minions. It’s a disgusting attitude and next time Charles screams racism, he should look at the mirror.