“religious persecution by Christians against others “

This has to be the dumbest comment I have seen for a while at LGF.


Where are Christians persecuting anyone? If anything its Christians who are being persecuted in Iraq by LGF’s favorite Islamic group; ISIS.

This is real persecution.

Christians Persecuted001

As of this writing, Charles Johnson has not done any threads on ISIS.


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  1. Doppel Milyo says:

    jimmy from Lubbock is suffering from paranoid delusions. he’s also an anti Christian bigot

    kragar, formerly proud to be kaffir, is just a sad lonely loser looking for the approval of Charles. that’s his religion. he worships at the pannus of icarus

  2. swamprat says:

    “RT @fordm: Remember when Reuters photographed white militia members pointing guns at federal agents at Bundy’s ranch and nothing happened? …”

    It’s ok Gus. The right to loot and pillage will be upheld! Stealing from the neighborhood stores is exactly the same as protecting a historical grazing grant from a senator using environmental regulations for personal gain.

    • swamprat says:

      One thing I agree with is that the local constabulary ain’t getting it. Need some Federal Marshals to keep an eye on both sides and I mean especially the outside forces trying to use this for some agenda. The people who live there don’t want to be an object lesson. They want their home(s) to be safe.

      Hope my icon comes through.

  3. Juan Epstein says:

    Yeah. Go with that. Fucknut.

  4. Because says:


  5. Doppel Milyo says:

    the dopefishstinks

  6. Octopus says:


    Somebody’s had a dissociative break. Call the nurse.

  7. Because gentle giants should get to shove cops? says:

    What’s new? Progturds ignore the real news of the day and instead make up lies that serve their eventual ends of Communist totalitarian control. They purposely ignore real news that could bring us all together.

    • Bunk X says:

      They write the news of the day. Even the folks living in the USSR knew that Pravda was a pile of crap. The only difference is that we have more than one Pravda and they’re all squawking the same lies.

  8. Dudebro says:

    The Catholic Church and Hobby Lobby don’t want to pay for birth control = persecution. Lizard logic.

  9. OLT's I Call It "Self-Inflicted Stupid" says:

    Poor dopefish, has lived too long amongst the loony left. It is true that they are loaded with racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and religious persecution. Much of it at LGF. Yet you stay. I can only assume you agree with it.

  10. OLT's It May Be Too Late says:

    It’s the Donkey Show, dopefish old bean. You went in the door. That was your choice.

  11. OLT's I Know The Cure For Jihad says:

    I’m going to persecute some non-Christians today by not having my head sawn off by some backward seventh-century illiterate goatfucker.

    Y’all can do whatever you feel.

  12. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Think about it?

    The “dopefishlives” proudly labels himself, pines away about the world problems and then proudly again gives us his solution, to drink oneself stupid.

    This is a person that has not one ounce of self esteem left and they are trying to retain a thread of identity.

    By bragging about how much of a loser they are and posting it on LGF.

    Is there a connection?

  13. Because but Benghazi shut up says:

    • Because gentle giants should get to shove cops? says:

      It is bizzare how Chunky has personally vouched for this stranger that apparently physically attacked a cop and continues to smear the Ferguson PD. Based on nothing but confusing and conflicting reports. Chunk knows nothing about police policy when being defied and physically confronted while out numbered. Once the cop was shoved off his feet into his car by two large assailants he might very well have been in his rights to draw and use his weapon. Yet Chunk continues to imply that the Ferguson cop committed murder of an unarmed “gentle giant”. And that the Ferguson PD are thwarting media attempts to confirm Chunky’s paranoid suspicions.

      This is what the progressive mind set does to you. People like Chunk want black people to think they should be allowed to shove law enforcement around and defy and confront them. And then riot and victimize innocent people when there’s a reaction. That’s the world they want. Divided and full of misguided hatred. And they give nary a care that the group hurt the most are poor blacks in high crime areas, of course. Most Progressives know this. Chunk knows he’s not going to defy a cop’s orders, or shove a cop, or riot in the streets with his neighbors attacking shops. What does he care? He’s free and happy to keep throwing gasoline on the fire.

      • Daedalus says:

        I don’t trust the police. They have been killing Dogs and breaking in people’s homes without warrants. Many Libertarians think something stinks in Ferguson. The rioters where not even from that town and deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for violating private property. But by the same token the people of Ferguson have a right to protest what they feel is a police atrocity.

        Here’s a Libertarian website showing what the police are doing nationwide.


        I want all the facts in the Ferguson case. If the cops were in the right so be it. If not, then this will be another example of the rising Fascist police state in America. Charles and the Left are coming at it from the BS racial angle. I am coming at it from a Constitutional/Civil Liberty angle.

        I do agree with your point Charles and many on the Left are trying to add fuel to the fire by turning it into a racial issue. That is not my angle and denounce the race hustlers taking advantage of this.

        That’s my take on this subject.

        Now back to our regularly scheduled Chuck bashing!

      • Because says:

        Count me in with Daedalus here. What we have is two parties, neither with much credibility. It’s probably going to shake out that Brown was flipping the cop a bunch of shit, and the cop went postal and shot when it wasn’t warranted.

        It isn’t possible for both parties to be in the right, but it’s entirely possible for both to be in the wrong. Let’s just cut the emo out, and wait for the facts to emerge.

      • Octopus says:

        I’m very skeptical of the idea that America has turned into a fascist state, with the cops going ham all over the innocent populace. The numbers just don’t bear this out. Not talking about wiretapping, cameras and other forms of surveillance, which obviously have grown immensely in the Electronic Information Age.

        The Ferguson case isn’t about that. It’s about police, and their interactions with an often-armed and dangerous public, risking their lives for about what a First Grade teacher makes…only with no summers off. I have had several friends and family members in the ranks of law enforcement over the years, including a first cousin who just retired from the FBI, and a nephew who’s been with the Michigan State Police for the past two years, assigned to patrolling the highways around Detroit, one man to a car. I’m not going to be quick to throw the pigs under the bus, is what I’m saying.


        Some stuff here to chew on, and you can look up the lists of each year’s shootings with a brief explanation of the circumstances on Wiki. Police-shootings are down all over, in fact.
        Just look at NYC, as an example:

        In 1971, police officers in New York City shot 314 people, killing 93. (In California, the state with the most police involved shootings in 2011, the police shot 183, killing 102.) In 2010, New York City police shot 24, killing 8. Last year, in the nation’s largest city, the police shot 16, killing 6. In Columbus, Ohio, a city one eighth the size of New York, the police shot 14, killing 8. Statistical diversities like this suggest that in the cities with the highest per capita shooting rates, better people ought to be hired, or the existing forces need a lot more training in the use of deadly force.

      • Arachne says:

        I remember four police officers shot to death in Oakland after the shooting of Oscar Grant, and I remember the populace almost celebrating their deaths.

  14. Because olo says:

  15. Arachne says:

    I see Gus is all over the comparisons to Bundy Ranch.
    Big difference asshole. First of all – all the vandalism and carnage was perpetrated by the Government, got it? Not the people who rallied with the rancher.

    L.A. tends to like to pick up rioting from other parts. Wonder how sympathetic asshole would be if they were running through HIS neighborhood, destroying everything in their path. Waiting for him to chime in on his location during the Rodney King riots (which of course spread to San Francisco because who doesn’t like the opportunity to help themselves to free stuff using “social justice” as an excuse?) and how he was down with the struggle of these “folks”.

    • Daedalus says:

      The Regime is trying to make this a racial issue, when it should be just a potential police authority abuse issue. I am 100% convinced the rioters whom were not from Ferguson, were whipped up by Obama agents to distract from the real issue of the growing militarization of the police.

      Race is the regime’s tactic to distract people.

  16. Arachne says:

    I see where Attorney General Meerkat is ready to launch an investigation into civil rights violations. How about we let the people who should be investigating this do their job first. Oh, and how’s that investigation of Zimmerman going, Meerkat? Looks like you were all over it after the verdict. What happened.

    Here’s a thought – why don’t you investigation crap that you SHOULD be investigating – oh, I don’t know – like the deleted emails at the EPA, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious?

  17. Octopus says:

    There’s nothing but partisan, race-baiting politics behind this administration. It’s how they got elected, and it’s going to be their sorry legacy. Asking or expecting them to do their jobs like a “normal: administration is just delusional thinking, at this point. A distraction like Ferguson is just what they needed, as the world burns.

  18. Octopus says:

    Waer was turned off, ‘cuz people don’t pay their water-bills:

    Water turned back on!

  19. OLT's Alert Stalker Charles Johnson! NAZIS! says:

    Not at right-wing Chick-Fil-A:


    • Because says:

      Gus been pissing on the buns again?

      • OLT's But They Have Free Wi-Fi ... says:

        That would imply access to McDonald’s food prep area, which would logically imply employment at McDonald’s. I think that would be a resounding “NO”.

        Anyway, Mickey D’s workers are oppressed, practically slaves. Teh Gus is a white guy, and cannot therefore be oppressed or enslaved, as he is loaded with white privilege. Employing teh Gus at Mickey D’s would therefore entail the clash of two impossibilities, resulting in a singularity that would rip a new a-hole in the space-time continuum, dooming us all to a bleak future of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and religious persecution. Kind of like we have now under Obama.

        No one wants that.

    • Arachne says:

      Can I just express some healthy skepticism on that one?

      • Octopus says:

        Gus would never work at McDonald’s, as it’s beneath him to work. Also, that swastika was done for effect by a troll, or some sad-sack looking for a payoff. Screw that nonsense.

      • OLT's But No More Free Wi-Fi ... says:

        They fired the employee (OK, liberated the slave) that did it. So now he (certainly a he), free of his oppressive minimum wage job, is free to make tons of money and get off the Federal dole.

        It’s a win-win situation for the young Nazi, who is probably an Obama voter.

      • Because it's a conspiracy! Or have they gotten to you, too? says:

        It’s starting to become clear what all those Mt. Dew bottles are for. It’s Nazi piss. Chunk and his minions finally have enough of the Yellow Menace Juice to Nazify all the McBuns in the World! All your bunzes are belong to Der Fuhrer!

  20. Because little green what? says:

  21. Because olo olololo ololololololo hahahaha hohohoho lolol lolololol says:

    • Octopus says:

      You’ve been doing it wrong, all right. You killed your blog. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Meanwhile, Fartcheeks trolls Glenn Greenwald, Jim Hoft, Twitchy, Pamela Geller. You haven’t made shit hard for the trolls, Dumbass. I just checked. My sock is still there.

    • From 10000 strong to a dozen basement dwellers.


      Been doing it all wrong

    • Because I designed a system to smear good people unfairly in favor of Progturds? says:

      I’ve designed a system of telling people who disagree with me to shut the fuck up. It’s super innovative. It entails banning and blocking anyone who isn’t a suck ass loser sycophant with daddy issues who I force to suck my balls and like it (figuratively, I haven’t really seen my balls for a decade). Since no one bothers to tell me otherwise I’m just going to assume I’m a super genius.

  22. Octopus says:

    This is how the Proggies would like to quell dissent from the party line:

    Sometimes they fuck up and show their true colors. 😳