Making excuses for a nervous breakdown

Many Charles Johnson analysts noted that during the period of 2007 to 2009, he had a nervous breakdown. A series of bad events in the personal life of the washed up guitarist, made him paranoid and seeing conspiracies everywhere. Instead of coming clean he had personal issues, Charles attacked his former friends and allies. When asked about his change of heart, Charles links to his ridiculous “Why I parted ways with the Right” post.

Lying about his mental issues does not change reality.


26 Comments on “Making excuses for a nervous breakdown”

  1. That lady has dementia. (Like Charles)

    Obama was elected in 2010 BTW

  2. rightymouse says:

    Meh. Charlie saw an opportunity for himself to cash in on Obama’s election, so he wiped his website clean of anyone who was right of Mao, wrote his pathetic manifesto and it’s been downhill since.

  3. Because says:

    I say liar.

  4. Because so? says:

    • Octopus says:

      Seriously, what is McDumbth flailing at, here?

      A History prof at Princeton, an atheist, is disputing the “Golden Age” narrative, which was the era when Chunky’s blog thrived in this semi-mythical time-frame. Prof says it was just sheer luck, that made LGF the focus of the anti-Islamofascist blogosphere for a few years. Disappeared as fast as it came, durn the luck. Some said there was plagiary involved, while others pointed to the stark mental-breakdown of its founder, Chunky Fuckface McDumbth.

      • Because Furious deTwatted says:

        Once upon a time, Chunk was cool with Hitchens and Condell; equal opportunity religion haters.

        Was that in the before time that is no more?

      • Actually that never happened. Ya see those guys misled Chunky. And they changed but he didn’t. Er something. Anyway he j’accuses them! Big time! No time for details. Must press on with Progturd Idiotarian agenda consisting of lies. If you try and make sense of it the hater’s will have won.

      • Octopus says:

        That’s “The Long, Long Ago.” when it was fine to pal around with militant atheists, who spurned all religion and such hocus-pocus. Then came the Angry Desert People, with about 5000 years of race and ethnic hatred for, well, everyone. Including themselves. Especially themselves, but they’ll take a Jew if they can catch one through the wire, or hit them with a bottle-rocket.

        Anyway, some say the ADP put the fear of God into the atheist McDumbth. All we know is, his sudden conversion to Libturd Progressive/Jealous Stalker Guy coincided with a number of developments in Chunky’s life, none that could be termed positive.

        One story involves a very conservative, pro-Israel and anti-Islamofascist (Old School) and curvaceous Ms. Pamela Geller. Seems she either, depending on who you believe, spurned his advances, laughed off his fumbling groping and non-game, or ran away screaming, jumping into the screeching hotrod Chevy of one Robert Spencer, who was chuckling evilly at his easy conquest.

  5. Islam is Teh cool! The totalitarioner the betterer!!!

  6. It’s funny how Chunk really thought his lame-o “GOP is bad crazy” HST ripped off bs was going to change the face of political blogging. Really? From a self admittedly confused loser who’s both morally lost and talentless and at the same time vicious, smart-mouthed and full of treacherous hate. Chunk it’s fun to watch you fail flail.

  7. Octopus says:

    Will you RightWingers out there stop making death-threats on people who take in migrant people? I mean, come on. That’s a little extreme.

    I just ordered a dozen pizzas delivered to this migrant people house down the street. As a funny prank, you know. I was happy to see that they gladly took the pizzas, and started eating them right out on the lawn, even though they had no money to pay. They had knives, it seems. Just as good as money, in some cities. We all learned something that day.