Charles to the rescue

One of the reasons Charles is obsessed with comics is that he draws inspiration from them. When you read his posts, comments of tweets he loves to play the self sacrificing hero.

I am a Hero

What would the world do without Charles?


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  1. livefreeor die says:

    Ahem. I believe that at LGF such behavior is considered stalking.
    Which makes Chuck part of the stalker milyo and associated bad craziness.

    • Because says:

      Zacly. We do EXACTLY that here, and his response? Rodan in his youth.

      It’d be funnier ‘n crap if the Safari site started posting his Paleostonian threads, etc. They know where they can find the entire archive. 😈

    • yoshisen says:

      Indeed that is stalking, it could also be considered a threat against an individuals personal safety.

  2. Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

    Well I looked at their Wiki site and I didn’t recognize anyone involved with their radio show or blog. Here’s a link to noted guests:

    I see a bunch of people I’ve never heard of and David Duke and Pat Buchanan (both who’ve been villified by pretty much everyone). Hutton Gibson is Mel Gibson’s father but never heard of him either.

    I’m guessing Chunk won’t post the list but rather is trying to smear the right by merely insinuating there are a bunch of prominent GOPers on it. It’s an attempt to make his own Progturd shit smear instead of the usual garbage from Media Matters.

    • Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

      Oh I see. Ted Nugent was evidently interviewed. That’s not mentioned on the Wiki. So Chunk’s on a big guilt by association thing with Ted, despite there are no racist quotes by Ted. And all he did was get interviewed.

      So what, Obungle’s went to a Black Liberation theology church for 20 years. They are racist against whites and jews and hate America.

  3. ISpeakJive says:

    Is Ted Nugent running for President or something?

    • Because says:

      Ted Nugent was more successful with the music thing. That’s unforgivable.

      • Arachne says:

        Ted has a quarter-million followers. Fatass tap dances when he hits 9K. Notice me, Ted! Notice me!

        BTW, Chunks, when is YOUR next scheduled interview? You’d think at least you’d be having your own blogtalk radio show. Why haven’t you? It’s free! We did one over at the mother ship for years.

        I’ll tell you why. Because if you actually had to talk about your politics and viewpoint for an hour, you’d sound like Obama sans teleprompter after a minute and a half.

      • Because son of a milyo says:

    • Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

      I think he’s just mad that Ted Nugent can run at all. When Chunky Boo Hoo can only waddle and wallow.

  4. Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

    It’s funny how Chunky furiously looks for flaws in others.

    Yet he’s never apologized for being a fraud on his blog for 8 years. Nor has he apologized for being (by his definition) an anti-Muslim bigot for 8 years. Nor has he apologized for being a racist against blacks back in ’07 when he was regularly bashing Obungle which can only be explained by his white hatred for a successful black man (according to Chunk’s recent stated beliefs).

  5. Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

    How about this guilt by association. Our Preezydent backs and praises Abbas, who cites the Qu’ran in justification for attacking Israel.

    So Obungle backs a holy war. Notice how many pictures there are of Obungle in a warm handshake with Abbas. Yet with Netanyahu he looks tense and unfriendly. And he’s stated that N is tiresome so he snubs and avoids him.

    He probably just hates Jews. He is a Black Liberation chuch attendee afterall.

    • Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

      Yup. This should be fun.

      The Progturd economist said that in 2012. Of course now he’s lying for the Progturds, having realized he fucked up.

      Jonathan Gruber, who helped write former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care law as well as the Affordable Care Act, calls this theory a “screwy interpretation” of the law. “It’s nutty. It’s stupid,” he says. And beyond that, “it’s essentially unprecedented in our democracy. This was law democratically enacted, challenged in the Supreme Court, and passed the test, and now [Republicans] are trying again. They’re desperate.”

      They’re desparate? He claims to be THE economist who helped write the law. Now he can’t explain why it seems to exclude subsidies for non-state exchanges. When he’s on record explaining that it was to twist the arms of the states to setup exchanges. SO they could get the tax credits.

      If Nancy Pelosi said this no one would care because everyone knows she’s just stupid. But this guy’s not stupid. So he’s definitely a liar.

  6. Because imagine that says:

  7. Just Poop says:


    Barrack Obama sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years . Not a part of a “guest list” Wright married him. Wright was a mentor

    PS: Bill Ayers


  8. Because in our next episode of "Itchy and Scratchy"... says:

    • Juan Epstein says:

      Fox Newslut Jihad.

    • Macker says:

      So why isn’t that Mohammedaness news “presenter” or whatever the hell she is NOT WEARING a niqab or burqa? She’s as much the problem as the Mohammedans themselves.
      Now, the interviewee OTOH, she isn’t getting any answers from Allah….and she never will!

    • ISpeakJive says:

      The Jihadi gets whatever she wants from Allah, she just has to ask for it? WOW.
      She wants to see women stoned to death? What a cold hearted bitch. They are brain washed zombies for Allah.

  9. Because oh wow, that's deep says:

    • So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

      She’s just a twenty-something pinhead opinion columnist from the Washington Bleep Chunky you idiot. Her examples were stupid the entire thrust was anti-Capitalism moron dreck.

      • Arachne says:

        And if you are a corporation, you insufferable twits – guess what? You now have to abide by the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. Happy reading.

    • Just Poop says:



    • Arachne says:

      By the way, Fatass, a LOT of people incorporate themselves.

      • Because says:

        Either that, or they create “foundations” to launder their money.

        cough Clinton cough

  10. Because especially on Sterno says:

    • So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

      And frying is still safer than diving. And drying is still safer than jiving. A better go tell all this to Twitter. Am sure they’re dying to know.

      • So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

        Deriving is still safer than filleting. Can someone please tell Twitter?

    • livefreeor die says:

      Especially if you can’t afford to do either.

  11. Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

    Israeli Ambassador seemingly only now realizes CNN is on the side of the terror death cult society. Because they let the CNN reporter in Gaza prevaricate about Hamas’ responsibility for any children killed or hurt in a war zone that the Israeli gave advance warning. He reams lightweight squeaky pinhead Erin Whatserface who whines about the cheerdren Hamas got killed.

  12. rightymouse says:


    • Dudebro says:

      When is chuckles gonna start housing these refugees?

    • Just Poop says:

      oh, are they refugees now Charles?
      since when?
      beclowned again boy


      • OLT's NTTAWWYGGGO says:

        “Refugee” is the new safe word from the Obama Administration.

        Stalker Charles is waddling to the marching orders is all.

      • So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

        Refugee??? Try Invitee.

    • Because says:

      20 yo Rodan tape.

    • Pakimon says:

      You know what incredible ugliness is, right? It’s like ugliness but it’s INCREDIBLE.

    • Just Poop says:

      Obama flying in refugees by the tens of thousands. poor children escaping gang violence

      all of them arriving from Chicago

    • PeteP says:

      Send them to Culver City! I’m sure Chucky will get along with ’em just fine, especially the gang members.

    • PeteP says:

      Hey Fatso, it’s not just “right wing” blogs. Go to Yahoo news and read the comments there. There’s literally thousands. Nobody wants theses “refugees”.

    • Arachne says:

      Check again, Fatass – the Moderates aren’t too happy about it either.
      How about we park a couple dozen across the street from YOU?

  13. Because black people can't be racist bigots says:

    Aw Golly Chunky. You are so clever the way you say things with your werdz. Ahyuck! Them conservatives, they hate those children!!! Herp dee derp. Dare, I wunned dee argament. I smart.

    The incitement against refugee children is reaching fever pitch on right wing blogs. Incredible ugliness everywhere.
    48 minutes ago

    Uh oh “Incredible ugliness everywhere.”Chunky’s gonna haz a sad again.

  14. So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

    GASP!!!! The true evil of Jim Hoft is finally revealed by a fat shut in moron.

    Jim Hoft’s ugly new slur against migrant kids: “Illegal Children”
    1 hour ago

    Oh the teddible, teddible.

    • Because Chuckish dictionary says:

      “Illegal children” = aborted fetuses who had the chutzpah to survive.

  15. So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

    What a despicable individual this Nugent fellow is:

    Oh well at least all this negative attention by Chunk and his libturd buddies has seriously affected Ted’s livelihood: Oh wait….

    Hey which 501c3 charities does Chunky Boo Hoo run?

  16. OLT's ICYMI says:

    “Refugee” is the new safe word from the Obama Administration.
    Stalker Charles is waddling to the marching orders is all.

  17. OLT's ICYMI says:

    Illegal Alien – OUT. Two bad words so bad, they were made bad separately!
    Illegal Immigrant – OUT. One Good word failed to relieve the badness of the bad word.
    Migrant Worker – OUT. Only got the hippies excited, then Chavez died or something.
    Guest Worker – OUT, but never really caught on in the US. Too German/Turkish.
    Immigrant – OUT. People got tired of hearing the assumed “illegal” when Dem mouthpieces spoke.

    The new word is REFUGEE (pronounce by Stalker Charles as “ruh-FOO-ghee”).

    Now you don’t have any choice but to love them, regardless of their gang/rape/drug mule/formerly wiped out plague status. Yeah, you racists hated “illegals” and “aliens” and took the bread from the mouths of the children of “migrant workers”, but you had better not start hatin’ on poor REFUGEES.

  18. rightymouse says:

    LOLOLOLOL!!! I just can’t even. 😆

  19. Pakimon says:

    Now you can have what every Bog sycophant dreams of!

    A Chunky Chair! 😆

    (For a small additional fee, the scent of Cheetos can be added)

    • Pakimon says:

      Pannus Pannus Pannus lol

      Gigi Barker, a London-based designer, has designed a leather chair with a pheromone-impregnated silicone base that makes it feel (and smell!) like you’re lounging in the fleshy, comforting folds of a man’s belly.

  20. Just Poop says:

    1/3 of Americans want Obama impeached. growing daily

    suck on that charles

  21. Just Poop says:

    how did the world survive without Charles ?

    how will we all make it when he goes moobs up??

  22. Because Ask Iceweasel what a red rag is says:

  23. Minnow says:

    Barry – name one friend.

  24. So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

    Flying on jets to Heal Teh Earth. Moron hypocrites run the green movement. If Chunk had enough money he would be flying all over to help Teh Earth too!

    Greenpeace is in turmoil after more than 40 staff signed a letter calling two of the group’s most senior officials to resign. The group faced ridicule last month after it emerged that Husting chose to regularly fly between his home in Luxembourg and work in Amsterdam, leaving a massive carbon footprint.

  25. Because blind squirrel says:

  26. rightymouse says:

    Reported for spam? Are you asking people to lie, Mr. Spamaholic???

    • So what if you weren't a fat moron says:

      But it’s OK that he spams on Twitter many times a day directing people to LGF in hopes of getting money.

  27. rightymouse says:

    You bragging or complaining, a-hole??

  28. ChenZhen says:

    LOL “had to”

    Dammit people! You left him with no other choice!

  29. Because Captain Code says:

    olo 😆

  30. ISpeakJive says:

    This is epic, read the whole thing: