Charles now claims to be Pro-Palestinian

The Tweet speaks for itself.

Charles then plays the martyr role.

Charles, remember the car swarms and rage boy? No matter how much Charles throws Israel under the bus and pretends to be Pro-Palestinian, the Left will never accept him. The only way Charles will get real Pro-Pali cred is by going to Gaza and joining Hamas or ISIS. He could become the new St. Pancake of our time!

(Hat Tip: ChenZhen)


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  1. doppel milyo says:

    arafish could not be reached for comment

  2. Octopus says:

    Pro-Palestinian Child Abuse, too.

    Funniest part, is Chunky thinking he’s “deep.” LOL! Only your bellybutton, Fuckface.

  3. livefreeor die says:

    No, you can’t philosophically be pro-both sides.
    If this was WWII, he’d be asking if he could be both pro-US and pro-Nazi.

  4. Octopus says:

    Not being able to support the Axis, along with the Allieds, would give Fatass a very deep sadness. How deep? This deep:

  5. beeed says:

    I’m generally pro-human, so I can sympathize with Charlie on this one. Still, if I have to choose sides, I usually come down on the side of civilization.

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      I usually come down on the side of civilization = Palestinians aren’t civilized = Savages = Racist!!!

  6. Pakimon says:

    Chunky needs to quit waffling and pick a position and go full steam ahead!

    Like this guy! 😆

  7. Daedalus says:

    I hope the bRC can report some of Charles’ anti-Pali posts.

  8. Just poop says:

    Google search results
    “Palestinian car swarm + Littlegreenfootballs

    about 86,000 results in 0.56 seconds


  9. Just poop says:

    So Charles, let’s get to the bottom of a few things

    After 9/11 you had an awakening of sorts. Now you say you were misled and fooled into being a party to the war on terror. whatever
    so what role did the Palestinians ever play on 9/11 that you had all those hateful posts over years ?

    it would seem if you really only had a war on radical islam that attacked America you would have gone after al Qaeda, but thousands of car swarm posts. seems like you just hated Palestinians

    nobody forgets that dude, no matter how many tweets and retweets you send out now

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      Palestinians = Car Swarmers = Dehumanized Insects = OMG I’m a racist!!!!

  10. Arachne says:

    Blubber Butt doesn’t want to alienate all those new Looney Tune Moonbats that recently followed him by blasting Hamas but it’s really in conflict with his last remaining shred of decency that says Israel has a right to defend itself. I think Looney Tunes will eventually prevail. He trolls too much for followers.

    • Because olo says:

      Cuz they’re such hawt babes.

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      It won’t be long before he’ll just start calling the Israelis Nazis just like the rest of the Progturds. I’m not sure what he’s waiting for. His mealy mouthed act is merely irritating his lefty pals, no doubt. He’s 60 yrs old and he’s been blogging on this issue for close to 15 years. Acting like he only just now thought seriously about it just makes him look like a bigger dumb assed liar.

  11. Because bring back LvQ! says:

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      Awsome! Just think of the energy that must’ve taken. So really this headline should be:

      Physicists Recklessly Burn Energy On Silly Experiments That Contribute To Teh Warmening

      They should have used windmills to crush the diamonds.

    • Pakimon says:

      Corpulent ponytailed blogger crushes Cheetos with giant ass cheeks.

  12. Because I defer to your expertise says:

    • Arachne says:

      What’s the percentage of dipshits on LGF who complain about TEA Party wanting lower taxes who don’t actually PAY any income tax?

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      I’m offended they didn’t make Thor a transgender midgit with Downs syndrome. I mean really. They make him into a hot chick? That’s not even Progturdish. That’s just pandering to horny teenage boys who are leaning nothing about tolerance of alternative lifestyles while wanking to a hot blond with big hooters.

      • Because racist says:

        And now Captain America will be black. He’ll be a big advocate of Black Liberation Theology so of course he’ll be known as Captain God Damn America!

  13. Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

    The Chunk will be greatly relieved that our Preezydent Obunble, who’s bored with Preezydentin’ and all the boring grown ups is getting a much needed vacation! Hopefully the “Bear” will get some serious chillaxation. And go on the loose to get ice cream and yummy snacks and talk to the little people on and about the $12 million estate where he’ll be.

  14. Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

    Chunky has a sad!!!


    He cwinin’ for all da widdle Palestinian cheerdren. They won’t get ta gwow up and go kaboom.

  15. Juan Epstein says:

    No a tweet about Johnny, yet?

    • Because no one's surprised I'm changing my story on this too says:

      Yup. Chunk’s on it. Now Twitter knows.

      RT @GuitarPlayerNow: Guitar legend, Johnny Winter, has died:
      28 minutes ago

      • Arachne says:

        No doubt to be followed up by how he once met Winter in so and so club/venue. As if your artistic career has no validity u less Blubber graces you with his patronage.

  16. Speranza says:

    It’s like being both pro-British and pro-German in 1941.

  17. Because racist says:

    Whew. Good thing they got this big racist out of there. He hates the Guatamalan cheerdren and the Preezydent too. He’s blaming him because he’s teh black man.

    That’s my Progturd imitation. Do I sound like Chunky?

    Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: ‘All of the Good That Was Done after 9/11 Up to Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly’

    “We’re back to a pre-9/11 situation basically, and this administration did that in the past five years,” he says. “All of the good that was done after 9/11 up to now has been reversed singlehandedly.”

    Colburn, who spent more than 30 years working for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, says the resulting national-security risk has to do with the “clutter” of people at the border. He says all of the gains made since 9/11 came as a result of reducing the number of people crossing the border. The Border Patrol’s task is to sort through the haystack of people as they come across, he says. “What this situation on the border is doing is growing the haystack, is adding clutter, so that those dangerous needles get through because we’re tied up capturing, instead, juvenile children from Guatemala and El Salvador,” he says. “When you see the cartels — the Zetas and MS-13 and the Gulf Cartel — laughing about this on the Internet, you know what’s behind it.”

    Colburn says the “gangsters down south” enjoy social media, taking selfies, and talking about one another online. Border Patrol officials monitor the cartels’ online communications along with officials from the Department of Defense and intelligence community, he says.!

  18. Juan Epstein says:

    I can’t believe the Joos shot down a Muslim plane over Ukraine to distract from their ongoing genocide in Palestine.

  19. Because racist says:

    Chunk you and Gus must take a stand and boycott the racist Twitter company now!!! Do it for the black cheerdren they are hurting with their racism.

    Responding to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s digital initiative and public appeal, other Silicon Valley tech companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn took the historic first step to release depressing data about the racial and gender composition of their staffs; but Twitter has remained silent, resisting and refusing to publicly disclose its EEO-1 workforce diversity/inclusion data.

  20. Because racist says:

    Confirmed. Most Americans are vicious hater racists. Who knew? But Chunky and Gus will fight the racism on Twitter…..oh wait. Crap.

  21. Just poop says:

    has gus issued a final report yet on the downed jetliner over Ukraine?

    what’s taking him so long?

  22. Because racist says:

    Chunk is going to be literally blubbering like the sentinel at the entrance at the front gate of Oz, he’ll be so saddened and distraught.

    The charts in this article shows the great disparity between Israeli vs Palestinian deaths since around 2000. It’s thirteen to one Palestinian’s getting offed. Especially since Israel put up effective barriers and left Gaza in 2005. Israeli deaths have been really low (only 4%) since then. Which begs the very obvious question why do most Palestinians want this ongoing war? Israel doesn’t shoot at them when they aren’t shooting.

    Of course only Progtard liars are pretending that it isn’t because of the following obvious reasons:

    The reckless and ruthless terror groups like Hamas that use Israel as a scapegoat to remain politically powerful while essentially doing nothing for the average Palestinian. And care nothing for how many Palestinians die in their personal forever vendetta against Israel, especially if it can be used for propaganda.

    Islam itself of course plays a huge role too in that one can find justification for suicidal violence that pleases Allah in the Koran. And so suicide/murder, murder, mayhem and constant warfare are smiled upon by Islam and admired in Palestinian society. Just as helping the elderly and giving to the poor are smiled upon by say, Catholics or Jews.

    And of course the endless supply of weaponry by Islamic theocracies in the region like Iran. Again because mass murder of infidels, especially those who deign to defend themselves is totally justified according to Allah’s and the violently lunatic Prophet Mohammed. And hence the approval of murder and hatred of all things not Islamic, whether or not they’re even hurting anything Islamic.

    And then Islam once again’s total lack of tolerance of other religions has caused endless war and a refusal to allow the free and democratic and hence growing Israel to expand even a little bit, branding them bigoted words like Zionists which is so much more hateable than neighbors or fell humans.

    This makes Chunky super sad.

    Hey Chunky maybe Pat Condell will cheer you up!

    • Because says:

      Hamas can stop the Gaza killing any time they want. All they have to do is cease and deist with the bottle rockets.

  23. Because says:

    Somebody send this guy an invitation to LGF:

  24. Because Captain Goos reporting says:

  25. Because racist says:

    Obungle heard about the Malaysian downed jet in Ukraine containing nearly 300, 23 of which were Americans. So he LET THE BEAR LOOSE!! And had a hamburger at the Charcoal Pit.

    Now THAT’s Preeeeezydential!

    Now why isn’t Obungle sad? Not about the murdered jet passengers or about the teddible, teddible disparity of Palestinian to Israel deaths. Or even the poor sickly gang memb…er immygrant cheerdren.

    Chunk still doesn’t get that a good Progturd liar doesn’t ever really get sad. Not if every crisis is GW’s fault or the GOP or the Tea Party or Christian business owners or racist nativists.

    Chunk is the Debbie Downer of dhimmi libtards.

    • Arachne says:

      Did he cut in front of everybody else or reach over the sneeze barrier there, too? Or maybe he just made all the people on their lunch hour wait while he and his detail took over the joint and kept them from getting their lunch. He does this for one resason only — he thinks if he’s out in public he’ll get the adulation and oohs and aahs of the public. If you look at the photos from that Texas BBQ joint last week, it didn’t appear folks were all that pleased with his asshat behavior.

      • Because channeling Chucky Cheeto says:

        But … MLK at the lunch counter! They didn’t want a black guy at their white BBQ joint! Racisisisisists!

    • Because racist says:

      I saw fist bumps in the picture. One thing’s for sure Obungle isn’t foregoing red meat to help address the greatest threat to our planet. Teh Climate!!!

  26. Because says:


  27. Because racist says:

    It’s obvious the racist denier anti-science weather forecasters down in Mobile are in the pocket of BIG OYUL.

    • Because channeling LvQ says:

      That’s where Roy (creationist!!!) Spencer and John Christy are. It’s denier central!

  28. Because racist says:

    Here’s a bunch of bad crazy anti-science wing nuttery bizarrely pointing to the decrease in solar activity and sun spots cooling the Earth possibly for the next few decades. Similar to Maunder and Dalton mini-ice age solar minimums of the past.

    How stupid can you get!!! The Earth is burning up due to CO2 poisoning. Everyone knows it. Preezydent Obungle, Algore, James Cameron, Chunky Boo Hoo (the Cryin’ Man blogger) and many other super intelligent people. Such as Gus. The sun’s just some big dumb light in the sky. It doesn’t have any real consequences like too many SUV’s that other people shouldn’t drive. It’s like saying clouds could affect climate!! Ha ha.

  29. Because says:

    2001-11-30 08:47:41

    There’s a big difference between “debating” and “denying reality.”

    Palestinian textbooks now in use contain numerous racist and hateful statements. This is reality.

    If I seem angry about this, it’s because I am. It’s disgusting and evil to indoctrinate children this way.

    And it’s intellectually dishonest to deny it, or to toss a bunch of contradictory arguments out there to obscure it.

  30. Because says:

    2001-12-01 17:48:46

    Quote:The entire cycle of violence in Israel is such a needless and cruel use of force by extremists on both sides.

    With one crucial difference — the Israelis are not teaching their children to strap bombs around their bodies and walk into Palestinian neighborhoods.

  31. Because multiculturalism poisons everything says:

    2002-01-17 12:31:35

    Quote:I’ve always wondered: Why haven’t the Palestinians tried non-violent Gandhi-style protests?

    Because it�s a horribly dysfunctional society. Their children are inculcated with hatred of Jews from their very first days in school, and told that there is no higher goal than to become a martyr for the �cause��which is to wipe out the state of Israel. How can there be a movement toward non-violence in an atmosphere so drenched with hatred, constantly inflamed by the Palestinian Authority itself?

  32. Because and so on says:

    2002-03-10 09:42:38

    In case it wasn�t obvious to you before, I�m on Israel�s side. I�m on their side because there is a very clear moral difference here, a difference that comes into sharper focus every single day, as Palestinians launch one suicide bomber after another on missions to deliberately kill women and children.

    I choose not to engage with you because you�ve demonstrated that this is a difference you�re unwilling to acknowledge.

    Do I think there are innocent Palestinians? Yes. But how innocent is Palestinian society, when a majority support suicide bombings? The medieval mindset that drives their savagery is exactly the same as Osama Bin Laden�s.

  33. Because and so forth says:

    2002-03-20 04:16:25

    Right. Maybe all those Palestinians who are buying Mein Kampf are working on doctoral theses in German history.

    We must be careful not to draw any conclusions from this. After all, it�s only a book, right?

  34. Because olo says:

    Charles 2002-07-14 15:59:55

    this site is an arab hating site.No, it isn�t.the jews control the media in the usa…No, they don�t. (And by the way, do you have any idea how sick this kind of statement makes you sound?)america should cut off all aid to these murderous thugs.No, we shouldn�t.sharon was guilty of killing hundreds of people in beruit.No, he wasn� he is trying to wipe out every palestinian.No, he isn�t.and bush sits by and watches it all happenIdiot.

  35. trebob says:

    By saying he’s pro-Palestinian, Charles now supports “murderous thugs” indoctrinating children, encouraging them to strap on bombs and walk into Jewish neighbourhoods?

    That’s what he’s saying isn’t it?

  36. Because olo says:

    2003-03-24 17:54:56

    Fool me once, shame on you.Fool me twice, shame on me.Fool me 1,457 times, I must be a Palestinian.

  37. Because St. Pancake says:

    Charles 2003-07-07 09:24:04

    Please note: The bulldozer in the Rachel Corrie incident was not destroying anyone’s house that day. It was clearing brush — nothing more. The story about destroying a doctor’s house is just more of the pro-Palestinian spin.

  38. Because bloated toads? says:

    Charles 2004-03-13 18:06:13

    Ariel: well said. As long as the Palestinian sore festers, the bloated toads who rule the Arab world can use it to keep the people’s rage focused on an “other” — supported with citations from the Koran.

  39. Because shilling for Obama at LGF? Never! says:

    Charles 2008-05-12 18:42:56

    re: #291 Eri

    I think it’s pretty clear that he was referring to the conflict, not to Israel itself, judging by the context of the question and his responses to previous ones (where he heaped praise on Israel). Even Israelis recognize the conflict as an “open sore” that the Arab states have no interest in resolving because it keeps political pressure on Israel. I once took a graduate course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict with an Israeli professor who frequently used such terminology. “Why do you think they keep the Palestinians bottled up in camps?” he’d ask. “To keep the sore open.”

    Yes, but those of us who are paying attention also know that you’re shilling for Obama at LGF.

    • Because I get to flip flop but no one else does. says:

      Nothing Chunk hates more is a shill for Obungle.

  40. Because Chuck is in favor of "beating the living crap out of the Palestinians" says:

    Charles 2008-05-15 14:04:21

    re: #184 Tom Kratman

    Yes, they met the forms. But they did so knowing it was a safe bet because the Arabs’ fantasies would ensure they never would accept. How it would have gone if the Arabs were less fantasy driven? Dunno. If they were less fantasy driven maybe there could have been peace.But they are, and there isn’t. Given the indefensibility of the ordained borders, and the Arab fantasies, there still had to be expansion, which meant war.By the way, does anyone here have any solution to Israel’s problem with the Palis that isn’t either a) assisted slow suicide, b) pious (or perhaps even impious) and ineffectual platitudes, or c) simply beating the living crap out of the Palestinians and driving them further into the desert, demonstrating, in other words, that attacks on Israel have _immense_ costs, short of genocide but very severe indeed?

    That’s a pretty good summation of the choices. I’m in favor of option C.

    • Because I get to flip flop but no one else does. says:

      Hmmmm the genocide, it is strong in this one.
      – Yoda

  41. Because Killgore said "St. Pancake" says:

    Charles 2008-12-27 15:04:08

    re: #15 Killgore Trout

    Hey Charles, They updated to Koskiz diary with a link to Electronic Infitada (always a good source for information) and a tribute to you…Israel’s ongoing war on Palestinian self-determinationThou shalt not insult St. Pancake!

    I’ve never understood what the point of that quote is supposed to be, but in some dark corners of the web, moonbats recycle it endlessly. I think it’s supposed to prove I’m a racist because I used the word “Caucasian,” referring to Rachel Corrie, who was, of course, Caucasian. Is that a racist code word now?The point I made was that she was being exploited as a “martyr,” by the ISM and Hamas/Fatah, specifically because she was more Western in appearance and presumably more appealing to the Western audience. There’s racism in that, sure — on the part of the groups exploiting Corrie’s death.

  42. Juan Epstein says:

    ” I once took a graduate course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict”


  43. Because says:

  44. Because I get to flip flop but no one else does. says:

    See Chunky you really don’t need to pretend to be sitting on the fence. Let your Jew hate out into the open. CNN doesn’t hold back.

    CNN international correspondent Diana Magnay called a group Israelis “scum” Thursday as she says the group was cheering as Israel continued its aggressive action against Gaza.

    “Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong’. Scum,” Magnay tweeted. She quickly deleted the controversial post.

    The CNN reporter has been silent on Twitter ever since.

    After all the videos of Palestinians over the years cheering the deaths of innocent Israelis and Americans this useless scrunt still sides with the cynical fuckers that hide missiles in schools and place children and other civilians in the midst of their weaponry while shooting at innocent civilians. She is seriously a POS traitor to Western civilization. She should lose her right to live in the West and be forced to move to Pakistan and wear a body sack.

  45. Paging Sergey Romanov, Sergey Romanov, come in please! says:

  46. Because Cap'n she's a gonna blow! says:

    • Because I get to flip flop but no one else does. says:

      Or you could just never return and not have to deal with the cantankerous lying asswipe or his pop up ridden hell hole ever again. Hey great idea!!!!

  47. Because Mother of all tweetfarts says:

  48. Because Mother of all tweetfarts says:

    Everything you

    ever didn’t

    want to know

    about LGF

    • Because Mother of all tweetfarts says:

      in five



    • Because I get to flip flop but no one else does. says:

      Argue a cause? He failed to mention if you argue against Chunky he yanks your account, deletes everything you ever posted or commented, lies that you threatened him and potentially outs your identity on the internet in hopes of getting you fired from your job if you go to sites to tell others what a DICK he is.

      • livefreeor die says:

        Wow! LGF sounds great! Where do I sign up?

        Oh, wait. I DID sign up years ago and then got my account deleted because I posted on a forbidden site! And then watched as Chuckles lied about why he deleted 15K+ accounts.

        And, hey, if you sign up now and don’t pay Chuck’s special fee, you can see ads where Asian women are being exploited! Maybe he’ll even steal your ideas from your pages which post so fast and tweet them as his own!

        It’s CRAPTASTIC!

  49. Because says:

  50. Because aww... says: