Iceweasel has been spotted

It’s been a number of years since we last saw Iceweasel. Once the Charles Johnson’s enforcer, she has dropped off from LGF. Today the failed porn actress was seen leaving a comment.

Ice returnsI don’t blame Iceweasal for not commenting much over at LGF. The content is very thin and very paranoid.


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  1. Juan Epstein says:

    Honey Trap.

  2. dwells38 says:

    It’s funny that she hardly ever posts after having ran Ludwig Van Apenshit off. Guess she didn’t make the transition to the Twitter wars.

  3. Because says:

    Or maybe “muffin” and “cupcake” really mean something else..

  4. Because olo olololo ololololololo hahahaha hohohoho lolol lolololol says:

  5. Octopus says:

    Oddly enough, a few short years ago, Steyn was a hero to Chunky, and those who sought to silence him were siding with evil.

    Funny how one unqualified black man being elected President turned Chunky’s entire world on its head, Bizarro-style. I mean, there was also the Pam-rejection, her “dalliance” with Spencer, and of course the fabled bike accident. What was the Main Event, that changed his every opinion, on every issue?

    The world may never know. Or care.

  6. Because Are. You Frakking Kidding. says:

  7. Octopus says:

    Stupid McDumbth still thinks of South Africa in terms of evil apartheid. 😆

  8. Octopus says:

    Time to shut ‘er down for good, and look for a job?

  9. Octopus says:

    Lewd-Wank Von Claptrap knows what Mann has been through.

    • Because says:

      Loody’s Mann’s best friend. Faithful, tongue hanging out, takes a dump in the middle of the lawn…

  10. Octopus says:

    Michelle Obama _definitely_ knows what Michael Mann’s been through.
    1 hour ago
    Sandra Fluke knows what Michael Mann’s been through.
    1 hour ago
    Van Jones knows what Michael Mann’s been through.
    1 hour ago
    The ACORN employees targeted by James O’Keefe know what Michael Mann’s been through.
    1 hour ago
    Shirley Sherrod knows what Michael Mann’s been through.
    1 hour ago

    His mind is gone. 😯

  11. Juan Epstein says:

    Bergdahzi knows what Manngahzi has been through.

    Climate or Weather? Climate or Weather? Climate or Weather? Climate or Weather?

    Velcro or Zipper? Velcro or Zipper? Velcro or Zipper? Velcro or Zipper? Velcro or Zipper?

  12. Juan Epstein says:

    And Glen Greenwald knows.

    No joke.

  13. wtfhappenedtolgf says:

    Everyone on this site talks about Iceweasel’s former porn star days. Links or GTFO!

  14. Bunk X says:

    47 Charles Tue, Aug 27, 2002 5:49:23am

    Thank you for defending LGF, especially zulubaby and HA. I really appreciate the words of support.
    And now, to make Matt Haughey and Anil Dash happy, and get back in their good graces, I’m banning all of you!
    <grin />
    By the way, just for the record, yes I did call Matt Haughey a “juvenile know-nothing.” And here’s his comment at Meatfilter that led to it (the quote is from Mark Steyn’s article):

    Matt Haughey In His Own Words
    Or as Charles Johnson, whose excellent “Little Green Footballs” Web site turns up dozens of fascinating Islamic tidbits every day…
    muwhahahahahaha. Oh man. I’m supposed to take this editorial seriously with a statement like that?posted by mathowie at 11:33 AM PST on August 20

    Note to Matt: the opinion of one Mark Steyn means more to me than that of several dozen Matt Haugheys and Anil Dashes.

    • Bunk X says:

      19 Charles Wed, Feb 25, 2004 5:44:07am

      Thanks, hans — I was looking for that quote but you beat me to it.
      And by the way, when that MSNBC comment took place, Mark Steyn came to our defense:
      Mark Steyn Backs LGF.

      • Bunk X says:

        Mark Steyn Backs LGF
        Charles Johnson
        10/23/02 9:32:40 am • Views: 774

        I really wasn’t going to write anything more about the smear campaign against LGF (which is still going on, by the way), or about MSNBC’s Will Femia’s non-apology for what some people believe came close to a libelous accusation.

        But I just received a copy of a letter to MSNBC that I know our readers will enjoy.


        Dear Mr Femia,

        Re: “Is this news or hate?”

        There’s only one thing more pathetic than calling someone a hatemonger, and that’s raising the imputation that he might be – a slur whose combination of pro forma namecalling and personal evasion is uniquely repellent. “Is this news or hate?” In the immortal words of Al Gore, “I have not raised those doubts but many have.”

        The question might more properly be asked of MSNBC. Is it news or hate for a major media organization to impugn a man’s reputation without citing a single piece of evidence?

        It is, as it happens, the very opposite of what Charles Johnson does. In the time I’ve been reading Mr Johnson, he’s never said anything as hateful as, say, the famously nice Harry Belafonte. Instead, he unearths hundreds of fascinating tidbits from the Muslim world – quotes from government ministers, state broadcasting outlets and best-selling newspapers. I can understand why those who’ve invested a lifetime in multiculti bromides would rather Mr Johnson stop linking to the A-list imams – “O God, destroy the Jews and their supporters. O God, destroy the Christians and their supporters and followers, shake the ground under them, instill fear in their hearts, and freeze the blood in their veins” (Sheikh Akram Abd-al-Razzaq al-Ruqayhi from the Grand Mosque in Sanaa on Yemeni state TV, Aug 9th). To the PC crowd, it’s not helpful. But that doesn’t make it hateful.

        I think, having defamed Mr Johnson, MSNC now needs to do what he does: provide some examples. Or, to reduce it to the same monosyllabic multiple-choice of “Is this news or hate?”, put up or shut up. Better yet, have the grace to apologize.

        Mr Johnson has an admirable curiosity about the world we live in. I wish I could say the same about, oh, MSNBC’s primetime line-up. Whoops, now I’m being hateful…

        Yours ever,

        Mark Steyn

  15. Pakimon says:

    Chunkles “Jazzy Ponytail” Johnson knows what Michael Mann’s been through. 😆

  16. Pakimon says:

    Kim Chunk-Cheeto knows what Michael Mann’s been through. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Unbelievable as in, practically nonexistent. He’d been off the rails for long enough by then, that most people had already written him off. A few were surprised he was still blogging at all, he’d dropped off the map so completely. The silly list of non-reasons also exposed him further as a ninny of no intellectual consequence, for those who hadn’t been paying attention to his demise (and they were legion).

      • Because says:

        As I recall, DoD picked up the torch from LGFwatch, and shortly afterward, LGFwatch folded their tent and declared Chuckles rehabilitated, or something.

  17. Pakimon says:

    The Corpulent Ponytailed Blogger knows what Michael Mann’s been through. 😆

    • PeteP says:

      Which “obsessed loons” is he talking about? The only people who are “repeating the same smears” (ie call him out on his lies and hypocrisy) are the people here at DoD. Everyone else has long moved on and couldn’t give a shit about him because he’s just no longer relevant. He’s just trying to make himself look important.

      • Because says:

        Pam and Glenn are obsessed with him. Didn’t you know?

      • OLT's Stalker Charles Is A Stalker says:

        I think it;s the ones he stalked all over the Internet after he banned us … I mean THEM, yeah, THEM.


  18. Pakimon says:

    His Royal Chunkiness of the Ponytail of Jazziness knows what Michael Mann’s been through. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Actually, no. That’s the Left. Ask David Horowitz about that, or your old boss at PJM. They dared to renounce their former Leftist ideals, and were viciously attacked by former friends, and shunned by all the cool kids in their Left-dominated milyos.

      Nobody cared when you broke wind, er, ranks. Except us. 🙂

    • PeteP says:

      Fatso neglects to mention that when he broke ranks, he also viciously turned against and smeared many of his friends and associates along the way…. Hoft, Geller, Breitbart, Spencer, Patterico…this list goes on and on.

      If the fat shit wants to see what a real smear campaign looks like he only needs to re-read his posts about his ex-friends. He’s projecting again.

  19. Liz_Ardoid says:

    OT, but I updated my twitter profile images a bit, do you think CJ will like them?


  20. Juan Epstein says:


  21. Juan Epstein says:

  22. rightymouse says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!!!

    • Octopus says:

      Thanks, ‘Mouse, and same to your hubby. It’s a great day for the Dads, especially the ones who haven’t abandoned their families or totally alienated their offspring by being complete dickholes, drunks, bums or garage-dwelling vermin. 🙂

      My older daughter wrote a post about me on her blog today that had me blubbering this morning like Chunky with an empty bag of Cheetos. Just when you think they’ve moved on with their lives, and you’re ancient history, taken for granted, etc. They do remember it all, and they do appreciate what you’ve done, particularly after they’ve moved out and learned to live a quasi-independent life in the Rotten Apple. 🙂

    • Abu says:

      Thank you! And Happy Father’s day to the lucky Mr. Mouse.
      Hoping for a sammich offer while watching the US Open, lol.

  23. ISpeakJive says:

    I bet.

  24. Octopus says:

    Hits bottom, keeps digging.

    What an imbecile.

  25. Octopus says:

  26. Octopus says:

    Your old boss is sick and disgusted with the Unicorn Messiah, like most Americans:

  27. Juan Epstein says:

    Manopause is a bitch.

    • Octopus says:

      Manboobs are also known as bitch-tits, in the bodybuilding world. Chunky is building his body. Putting a new porch on the front, and a big-ass deck on the back.

  28. Because that thumping you hear is not a stereo says:

    • Octopus says:

      It amuses me no end to see people walking around in public with big headphones over their ears, for which they paid $200+. 😆

      I’ve tried them, and they don’t sound appreciably better than my $30 Koss headphones from 1977. Yes, I still have them. They work fine, since I re-soldered the left one. 🙂

      • Because wtf is he babbling about now? says:

        “Way back when high end stereo systems came as expensive components”

        Nowadays, high end stereo systems come as … expensive components

      • Abu says:

        Soldered? The new stuff is disposable. Sad, really some of the best known recordings had a mic sitting between a pair of headphones to add to the mix.
        Rockus Oldtimus

      • Because Luddite von Marshall Amp says:

        Lemme guess. You’re one of those vacuum tube cultists.

      • Bunk X says:

        Being in a band and getting everyone in one place at the same time was tough, so we rehearsed over the telephone. TRUE.

      • OLT's Fat White Privilege says:

        You should have stolen a VW.

  29. Because non-sequitur says:

  30. Because says:

    Chuckles is ahead of his time:

    Out: Sex, tobacco

    In: Fat, futzing with gadgets

    Sounds like our Grand Lizard.