“Jumping Up And Down Clapping.” Pheeeew.

On 31 May 2014 brilliance happened because Glenn Greenwald.

Snopes Coopting

Giggling like 10 year-olds about to put a snail in their teacher’s coffee cup, they concocted their brilliant plan. Never mind that a little birdy told us that Snopes.com and Mad Magazine were both given a heads up on possible copyright infringement.

As of this writing it’s been 10 days since that clever plot was hatched, so we decided to check on their progress and clicked on http://www.snowpes.com. Don’t know how they did it, but they pulled it off:


Although the website domain name is up for grabs, at least the children won’t need to design a custom banner.


138 Comments on ““Jumping Up And Down Clapping.” Pheeeew.”

  1. Octopus says:

    Speaking of “jumping up and down clapping,” I would like to continue this discussion from the last thread: http://pandawhale.com/post/16730/are-kate-uptons-breasts-real

    97% Consensus: They’re real and they’re spectacular!
    Crusty Curmudgeon Sez: They’re too saggy to be fake. 😉

    • rightymouse says:

      Only fake boobs can do these things:

      “They can sing opera flawlessly
      They can feed entire villages of impoverished,
      3rd World Children
      They can tell who’s the guilty one after only 10 minutes
      of a Law & Order episode
      They can eat more hot dogs than Kobayashi
      They taught David Blaine everything he knows
      They are skilled pointillism painters
      They can complete high level Sudoku puzzles
      They help Nic Cage bury his treasure on the weekends
      They can juggle chainsaws”

      • Octopus says:

        I’d like to see some of that pointillism painting…a very exacting craft, requiring extreme patience and attention to detail. 🙂

      • rightymouse says:

        Yeah? What about the mole, huh????

      • Octopus says:

        The mole is fake. 😆

      • Bunk X says:

        “I wanna be a mole.
        I wanna be a big mole.
        I wanna mole the world around.
        I wanna be the biggest mole to ever mole the world around.”
        –Stan Ridgway, kinda sorta.

  2. rightymouse says:

    Snopes.com will not take kindly to Charles & his minions riffing on their website name. Nope.

    • Bunk X says:

      Snopes responded and asked for home addresses so that they could post them on the internest with photos.

  3. Octopus says:


    Chunky’s Channel gets a major diss from Americans. 😦

    Even libturds think it’s a pos station. 😆

  4. Doppel milyo says:

    unfortunately, when it all doesn’t work out like they planned

    kurt, this is for you specifically

    • rightymouse says:

      That’s just sad. I have a nephew like that. He’s now 19 & headed to have no life at all & he doesn’t care. My SIL is too busy drinking her life away to give a crap. 😦

    • Bunk X says:

      I think that was busted as a hoax, but it’s pure Dork Falcon.

  5. Juan Epstein says:

    Asian Slave Labour Producing Prawns for Supermarkets in US, UK lgf.bz/1l51sYP

    Forget the bloody prawns, Bru.

    You’ve got Asian Sex Slave Labor advertised on your site.

  6. Doppel milyo says:

    hey Charles

    your prediction that the tea party is dead was spot on as usual


    • Octopus says:

      The pit…the pendulum…the pit…the pendulum…

      Tea Party be comin’ to get ya, Gus! 😯

    • Arachne says:

      Fatass should offer his services as campaign manager to the other Porky McSmearJob, Mike Dickinson, a lying sack of crap who tries to convince people he’s running for Congress as a Democrat in Cantor’s district. If you look at his Twitter timeline, you can see he is more delusional and in need of a rubber room than Chuck or Harry Reid. He’s the dip that told people to write down TEA Party members license numbers so they can be harassed. He’s had his Twitter account suspended a few times.

      His new thing is that the TEA Party hates Jews and that’s why Cantor was voted out. The scary thing is that the REST of the Democrats are trying out this as well.

  7. Octopus says:

    McDumbth doesn’t keep up the #nowplaying charade that much anymore, but I know what song was playing in his head while he was disrespecting the noble effort of the man who was killed at Wal-Mart trying to stop the two loons from killing people. I bet it’s one of his all-time faves.

  8. Octopus says:

    By tomorrow morning, Dear Fatass will have his Waddling Orders from MM on the demonization of this man: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/10/who-is-dave-brat-political-novice-who-beat-house-majority-leader-eric-cantor/

    In the meantime, he looks like a solid conservative, without any real baggage. HE MUST BE DESTROYED!!1! 😆

  9. Because flamin' hot cheetos will do that says:

    • livefreeor die says:

      Oh, here we go…
      Welcome to the big leagues, Dave Brat-you are about to be drama queened by a blog owner who can’t pronounce “mileu” and only has nine real blog commenters.

      • livefreeor die says:

        Oh, yes. You will now officially be declared a climate denying, polar bear hating, racist, sexist, homophobic creationist. And then they will call YOU crazy.

      • Octopus says:

        They aren’t waitin’ until mornin’! DESTROY THE BRAT!!1!

        There will be a lot of retweets, in case you miss any in real time. Because they’re stupid, and can only come up with so many vile slanders in a day.

    • Bunk X says:

      Snow peas or salmon?

  10. Because uh-oh Green Lizards from Alpha Centauri says:

    Green (football) Lizards in Michael Mann’s brain?


    “You wonder whether more level-headed upholders of the global consensus are at all embarrassed by this sort of thing. The “big oil conspiracy” theory of global warming scepticism seems to thrive among people like Mann, seemingly requiring absolutely no evidence to sustain it. The left-wing media seems to lap it up without question. But is the tale of sceptics feeding off Exxon’s millions any more credible than green lizards from Alpha Centauri taking over Michael Mann’s brain?”

  11. livefreeor die says:

    What a great day!
    Military doctors note that the most famous deserter in America is in fine health, thus directly refuting Bammy’s attempt to justify ignoring Congress.

    Judge in California declares tenure at public schools constitutional.


  12. Pakimon says:

    Time to play Name That Bog Sycophant! 😆


  13. Pakimon says:

    The question that has baffled people for millenia…

    How Many Tweets Does It Take To Get To the Center of a Nontroversy?

    Let’s find out!


  14. Octopus says:


    The Waddling Orders are clear. Chunky never violates them.

    Today we will hear about Brat, Ingraham, Hannity and maybe a little George Will-promoting-rape, for good measure. 😆

  15. Octopus says:

    Ever notice how when the Left declares a debate to be over, there was never any real debate in the first place, and the position the Left has declared unassailable is always on the verge of total collapse?


    The Short Unhappy Life of ObamaCare
    By 2024 there will be more than 40 million uninsured, roughly 10% more than today.

    June 10, 2014 7:06 p.m. ET

    President Obama claims the debate over the Affordable Care Act is “over,” but in coming weeks and months expect it to intensify. Health-insurance companies will soon begin releasing preliminary rate estimates for next year’s plans. Industry experts say consumers should once again brace for significantly higher premiums.

    Fearing the political fallout before November’s elections, the administration last month quietly increased by billions of dollars the “risk corridor” funds that insurance companies can use to staunch their losses.

    Yet since premium growth has averaged at least 5% over the past five years, it is unlikely the law’s federal subsidies will increase enough to make up the difference in out-of-pocket premium costs. As this happens, lower- and even middle-income consumers will be forced out of the private insurance market. As my colleague at the Medical Industry Leadership Institute, Michael Ramlet, and I show in a paper published last month, the law’s structural problems will take years to fully manifest.

    Using the 2014 health-insurance exchange enrollment data and a micro-simulation model funded in part by the Department of Health and Human Services, we estimate the national and state impact of the Affordable Care Act on insurance prices and enrollment from 2015-24. The average premium for an individual exchange health plan (Silver) will increase by $1,375 by 2019 while the average family premium for the same plan will increase by $4,198—outpacing the average increases from 2008 to 2013. Consumers who saw spikes in their health premiums last year will experience the same trauma this year. But the steepest price increases will not occur until 2017 and after, when three things happen.

    First will be the Affordable Care Act’s “essential benefits” requirements. All plans—including those currently exempted for hardship and old plans extended for various reasons—must provide all of the law’s mandated benefits from Jan. 1, 2017. On average roughly 15% of plans offered in 2013 will not qualify for sale on the insurance exchanges once all extensions are completed. Depending on the state, as many as 60% of the plans sold in 2013 would not be permitted for sale.

    The law’s “reinsurance” program will also expire in 2017. Health insurers will no longer be able to bill the government for 80% of a patient’s health-care costs when they make more than $45,000 in annual claims. The multibillion-dollar risk corridors for insurance companies will also sunset in 2017—ending the taxpayer bailouts that kick in when insurance companies providing ACA plans lose money. Insurance companies will have neither option by 2017, leaving consumers to pick up the tab through premium payments. Federal subsidies will be unable to keep up with such dramatic rate spikes.

    Confronted with this cost crisis, consumers will react the only way they know how: by looking for cheaper options such as the remaining high-deductible health plans offered by private companies and the exchanges as well as plans with very limited physician and hospital networks geared to achieve maximum efficiency for the average patient. These plans are likely to provide no or limited access to specialized facilities and physicians. Rising premiums will create a cyclical exodus from insurance plans, with each wave of departures fueling premium spikes that cause even more departures.

    Employer-sponsored coverage will also come under pressure. The data show that an increasing number of businesses are likely to cancel their plans in favor of letting employees get coverage on the exchanges—the same exchanges many will be fleeing. My research indicates that over five million will lose their employer-based insurance by the end of the decade. This is consistent with the Congressional Budget Office estimate that the ACA will lead to a seven-million person decline in insurance provided by employers by 2020. The penalty when an employer drops a health plan is typically cheaper than providing the plan.

    This leaves the newly uninsured with two options: If they qualify by their income, sign up for Medicaid or stay uninsured and face a penalty. Many will choose the first option. In a newly completed, as yet unpublished paper by George Washington University’s Bianca Frogner and me, we estimate that Medicaid enrollment will increase by 2%-3% annually through 2024. Yet this will not capture everyone. Many will not be eligible for the program, because either they earn more than 133% of the federal poverty level (currently $11,670 for an individual, $23,850 for a family of four) or their state did not expand Medicaid.

    Either way, there will be a significant number of uninsured Americans unwilling or unable to pay for the inflated insurance available on the exchanges and forced to pay penalties, which for 2016 and thereafter will be the greater of $695 or 2.5% of income. More will choose this option every year. By 2024, Ms. Frogner and I estimate that there will be more than 40 million uninsured, roughly 10% more than today.

    So perishes the Affordable Care Act’s promise to deliver universal health care—its fatal conceit. The autopsy will show that it died from a lack of affordability, leaving behind millions of Americans who were sold a bill of goods. One thing is painfully clear: that isn’t what the doctor ordered.

    Mr. Parente is associate dean of the Carlson School of Management and director of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota.

  16. Octopus says:

    As an antidote to the depressing story above, here’s Hemingway’s classic short story from which the above cribbed the title: http://www15.uta.fi/FAST/US1/REF/macomber.html

    Moral Of Story: Never take your wife hunting. 😉

  17. Octopus says:

    He’s even managed work Greenwald into today’s obsession. Bravo, Fatass!

    Note: Greenwald is now on the Far Right, in Chunky’s Bizarro World.

    Dave Brat is an Ayn Rand admirer, and also a Calvinist – the most extreme sort of Christian fundamentalist. How does that work?
    10 minutes ago
    Dave Brat’s Batshit Wingnut Twitter Feed lgf.bz/1oLg9Gd
    12 minutes ago
    Big fans of Dave Brat: Ann Coulter and Glenn Greenwald. Always a treat when Greenwald’s sympathy for the far right becomes evident.
    30 minutes ago

    • Because says:

      Is a Calvinist anything like a Hobbsian?

      • Octopus says:

        Hobbes said of man’s plight, in his natural state: “No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” The only salvation is a social contract.

        Calvin wrote of man being plunged into “total depravity” by Original Sin, and the only salvation is God’s mercy after a person acquires faith. You might have to endure a few hundred Sunday sermons involving a lot of fire and brimstone, too. Oy.

        The Left is particularly incensed at the new-ish popularity of Calvinism in conservative enclaves around the country. It’s funny when the Left gets all hot and bothered. 😆

      • dwells38 says:

        Hobbes is the tiger. Calvin’s the little kid.

  18. Juan Epstein says:

    Far rightghazi.

  19. Juan Epstein says:

    Grand Papa Shmear has a new muse.

  20. Juan Epstein says:

    Money where your mouth is Big C.

    Commenting on a blog/tweet is not actually doing anything.

    Pride not pity.



    • Because says:

      Donate what? A free subscription?

      • Octopus says:

        He’s got nothing to donate that anyone would want, but if he had a scrap of decency he’d have refrained from attacking the only man who stood up to the murderous lunatics at Wal-Mart that day. As we’ve learned endlessly, there is no such scrap in his makeup.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Yeah, the guy died trying to help and Chuck shits on him. Classy.

      • Octopus says:

        Those guys who died trying in Benghazi got the same “Screw ‘Em” treatment from Fatass. I guess you’re supposed to just lie down and die quietly, in his worldview.

  21. dwells38 says:

    Noticed Chunk shooting his mouth off about “GOP rebrand” again in Twitter. How’s yours workin’ out as Media Matter’s piss boy, Chunk?

    Other “rebrand fails” Chunk ignores:

    Deserter Bergdahl as Honorable and Distinguished
    Obungle’s Corrupto/Klepto/Waste-oCare as Affordable Care
    Benghazi as Just A Bump in the Road (actually four)
    Politicized IRS attack machine as 2 rogue guys in Cincy
    Obungle’s numerous foreign bumbles as World Leadership
    Susan Rice the clueless as Condi Rice except a liar and stupid
    Hillary Clinton’s horrendous non-record as Sec of State as Fixing America’s Damaged Image

  22. Juan Epstein says:

  23. Because here we go says:

    • Because says:

      Now that you just stepped on your pannus,

      what kinds of Christian fundamentalists aren’t the most extreme kind?

      Think hard.

  24. Because spank that monkey says:

  25. OLT's A Turd That Floats ... They ALL Float Down There says:

    The party of Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson is griping over the “batshit crazy” conservative that defeated Eric Cantor in a primary. It is to laugh.

    May I assume that Stalker Charles, were he eligible, would have voted for Cantor over ANY Democrat in the general election? Let me say now that I would never make that assumption, because the answer is NO. Stalker Charles would vote for a pile of his own stool over Mahatma Gandhi, were his stool listed on the Dem side of the ballot and poor Mahatma a hated RepubliKKKan.

    So why whine about who the RepubliKKKans voted to run against the Dem (whoever that is)?

    BTW, I’m not saying Stalker Charles’ stool isn’t better-qualified than Sheila or Hank; in fact, given a choice, I’d vote for it over either one.

    Good luck, you knee-jerking ignorant stool-voters. I think you’re going to need it for these mid-terms, I really do.

  26. Octopus says:


    Who gives a flying f#@%?

    Suddenly, Fatass is interested in Virginia’s elections. There must be bigger frozen salmon to fry, somewhere in the fridge. Behind the 2-gallon Picnic Family Fun Size tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      I’ve never seen them in such a tizzy over one election. Awesome!

      • Juan Epstein says:

        Still not NY-23.

        Delusions of grandeur were born that night.

        We’ve never recovered from that election of a guy The Big C had never heard of and today can’t even remember.


        The horror. The horror. The horror.

  27. rightymouse says:

    Hey! Charlie, you ignorant putz! Here’s a video of Jerad Miller dressed as ‘the Joker’. Maybe you should wait before tweeting stupid stuff.


  28. KGB says:

    Oh boy, this is like crossing the streams in Charles’s world: Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks ‘an important service’, says Al Gore. We have the master monger of climate junk science praising one half of al-Chuki’s bête noire. Will Charles throw Gore under the bus?

  29. Because olo says:

  30. Because maybe rightymouse can explain this one says:

    • Arachne says:

      You watch – Boehner is enough of an sniveling asshole sore loser that he will appoint the biggest pro-amnesty RINO dirtbag in his place.

  31. Because Onose says:

    • Arachne says:

      Because, of course, no one who is actually ON Twitter and using Tweetdeck would have this information if Captain Obvious didn’t relay it to them.

  32. Because olo says:

  33. Arachne says:

    Using the California Chrome owner logic regarding Cantor’s defeat, we can only assume it was because Brat did not run in the previous seven races and was therefore “fresh.”

    • Abu says:

      Well done! Mind if I use that at work tomorrow? I’ll credit a brilliant lawyer from a stalker site.

  34. Arachne says:

    I’m sure Charlie the Champion Clown will have LOTS to say about this, since he believes only law enforcement should try to stop crime:


  35. Because Uh-oho! Death threat! says:

  36. Because Eww. says:
  37. Because olo olololo ololololololo hahahaha hohohoho lolol lolololol says:

  38. Because ICYMI when my blogfuhrer said it says:

  39. Because olo says:

  40. Because swamp dweller talks about cave dwellers says:

    • Arachne says:

      And that comment got you three retweets. Wow.
      And you should know all about CAVE dwelling, Cheetos boy. My guess is you’re now reduced to stealing power from your neighbor.

  41. Because go to hell, Barry. I hear the surf's up down there. says:

  42. Because chicken pot pie - three squares a day says:

  43. Octopus says:


    “When they came for the artisanal cheese, I said nothing, for I was too fat to get out of my chair.”

  44. Octopus says:

    Sports Report: Last night’s huge road-win for the Spurs over Lebron was the finest moment in basketball in years. 🙂

    Also, the LA Kings look to sweep the Rags tonight, to win the Cup. I’m rooting for them. You don’t root against The Team Of Destiny.

    • Abu says:

      I’m with you, Octo. The Kings have earned their way into the conversation of great teams in the new salary cap era. They join my Hawks in that debate. And their coach, Darryl Sutter was captain of my Blackhawks back in the day.

      • Octopus says:

        Sutter is a classic. I remember when he was a gritty captain with Chicago. His whole family, about six boys if I recall, played in the NHL. Imagine the basement hockey at their house, when they were young. 🙂

        The Kings simply refuse to lose hockey games, as your Blackhawks discovered in that epic battle. Never out of it. You don’t want to go to OT with them, either.

        If they sweep, they’ll be the first team to sweep in the Finals since Detroit in ’97.

  45. ISTE says:

    True love is no longer wearing your glasses to visit Walmart.

    Why? you ask…..

    No longer any desire to lust after women with muscular butts straining to push heavy laden shopping cars for hours.

    Now I just go in, buy book choy and tofu, pay and leave.


    • ISTE says:

      Carts not cars and bok not book but you all knew that

    • Abu's Just Having Fun, ISTE says:

      Dude, that reads like a cry for help. It really does. Tofu? Really?
      Take a moment to see if the twins are still attached.
      Screw Walmart, you could go to a library and take out book choy for free 🙂

      • Octopus says:

        I just pray that ISTE’s love is true. I mean, the object of his affections. If she breaks his heart, no amount of listening to Nightwish’s “Phantom” is going to help. 😯

      • ISTE says:

        It is true.

        Just got an email…

        “why are you buying that tofu shit? what does it taste like? Get me a steak and eat your own bean curd crap!”


        P.S no more tofu to impress the hot chick, she wants fillet Mignon.

      • Because says:

        Better make sure the ‘hot chick’ doesn’t have a penis penis penis lol.

      • calo says:

        Because…. As I am sitting here groping my own bits (and rather enjoying it), I can assure you I dont have a penis penis penis lol

      • ISTE says:

        Because, not going to ask about the “downstairs” equipment because whatever is there does not change anything…

        True love is genitalia blind…

      • ISTE says:

        Calo, You don’t have one?

        Just say the word and you can borrow mine any time you want 😉

    • Kurt's big dream says:

      men who buy tofu are pussy whipped
      that’s what my Dad just said. I really would love to be pussy whipped. that would involve getting some
      tee hee

      • ISTE says:

        It appears read meat is the choice of modern day hot chicks.

        I was a horny male in the ’70s…

        Things are different now it seems.

        Oh and the last time i mentioned lentils she puked….

        Metaphorically, and it was not lentils it was split pea and ham, same color same taste.

      • Octopus says:

        “Read meat” is similar to “book choy?” 😉

        I had such a delishus steak for dinner tonight, with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. It just made me so happy. (sniff)

        We try to limit our red meat consumption — not even sure that’s medically advisable, this week. Advice is always changing.

        It’s very nice to see another ’70’s survivor finding love in the Age Of Cyber. 🙂

    • Octopus says:

      I heard that tonight on TMZ, where they were wailing and gnashing their libturded teeth about the “74 school shootings” whilst decrying a photo of the young Duggar girl holding an assault rifle and looking cute doing it. Oh, the unmitigated horror! Making guns look sexy, while our schools are a veritable shooting gallery! 😯

      Never mind that the 74 number is bullshit, or that practically every Hollywood movie makes guns look sexycool. Just wring your hands, and cry about gun-toting white kids. 😆

  46. Juan Epstein says:

    State Dept cellphonegahzi.

    • Abu's Quick Justice (5.& 1/2 years ain't quick) says:

      Can’t wait to read more about that. The terrorists had State Dept phones, if I heard correctly. Real time stuff and no rescue was implemented? Time to prosecute O’bastard.

  47. Juan Epstein says:

    Oh and if you here clapping when you’re jumping up and down, it’s your fat ass.

  48. Octopus says:

    Gonna watch it now, too. Kiss my ass, too. You blubbering idiot. 😆

  49. Octopus says:

    Lunkfish steals one for the Rags. Back to LA.