Charles mocks Snowden interview audience size

It never ceases to amaze me how Charles still thinks he’s important.

When was the last interview Charles had on TV?


Prolific Little Green Footballs Racist Commenter Alouette, aka Vicious Babushka, aka Pie-onist Overlord, Claims Racism

Okay, look at this first:

Alouette on Maya Angelou

I wonder if Maya Angelou ever saw these delightful graphics created and posted on Little Green Footballs by the same person who is now screeching about fabricated racism, aka Alouette.

Alouette Condolezza Rice Racismsaintjemima
Yeah, we got you sussed, Alouette. Keep fabricating lies, and we’ll keep making fun of your competition to outweigh Charles Johnson by January 2012.

Oh wait.