A few weeks ago everyone noticed that the “Quote” button went missing in the comments section, and that the comments were no longer numbered. Kind of an odd bizarre drag, yet we adapted. Meanwhile, we contacted WordPress to suss the problem. They’ve got great tech support, but couldn’t forward a viable solution until we asked if it might have something to do with the template we’ve been using. BINGO.

WordPress offers a variety of templates (Themes) as part of the package. Pre-formatted modifiable graphic layouts save the layman the trouble of writing html script to create a visual “cage” for a website such as Diary Of Daedalus. The pre-scripted Theme is usually chosen based on the purpose of the website and the image the website owner wants to project.

After talking with WordPress, we learned that the Theme we’ve been using is no longer supported by WordPress, and indeed some html code was stripped out. The solution is to choose a new Theme and reinstall Widgets. (Widgets are the things that populate the right side bar.) Changing WP Themes is easy, but Widgets are tedious things that you set up and leave alone, at least for me, so I deferred to the more confident Admins to make the changeover. I’d shove a stick through my front wheel spokes if any of the valuable widgets got vaporized accidentally, because they provide such great subliminal ambiance to Diary Of Daedalus.

As for the present *ahem* Theme, consider it a preliminary test. We need a more solid Theme than “WhisperingFooFoo,” and it’s being taken care of by The Duchess of The Mothership.

[Update:  Okay, we’ve tried several new WP Theme templates, and none had the Quote Button or numbered comments that we’re looking for, let alone a cool comment-formatting toolbar. This contradicts what the WP techs said.  It appears that although the Themes are offered at no cost, some template authors demand some bucks to allow us to customize the ugly out of them. Before we cough up bucks, we need to verify that purchasing a Theme template does what we want it to do. Film at 11.]



96 Comments on “YEAH, IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY [Updated]”

  1. Pakimon says:

    It’s so…spacious. 😀

  2. Pakimon says:

    As for the present *ahem* Theme, consider it a preliminary test. We need a more solid Theme than “WhisperingFooFoo,” and it’s being taken care of by The Duchess of The Mothership.

    Could the new theme incorporate random explosions and peevish, gangnam style dancing, ponytailed fat guys wearing bicycle helmets?

    That would be cool.

  3. rightymouse says:

    Where are the doilies??

  4. Pakimon says:

    Like your “architect career”, right Gus? 😆

    • Because says:

      And Roger-Dodger Wilco, 10-4 good buddy. Don’t let the smokey bears catch you in that garage.

  5. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Where’s the quote button?

  6. Macker says:


  7. trebob says:

    The Donkey Show has arrived at DoD!! Run for your very lives!

  8. Because says:

    Still beats the snort out of the green blog.

  9. Doppel Milyo says:

    It’s only temporary like most memberships at LGF

  10. Because says:

    Where are the kittenz? A blog that looks like this is sposed to have kittenz!

  11. Bunk X says:

    Too much white space, you racists.

    • Because says:

      You could always try one of those charcoal themes with white letters the gamers seem to like. But then you’d have to have some games. Maybe something like throw-the-pie-at-Icarus.

  12. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Testing to see if I get a big head when I comment directly to the post.

  13. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:


  14. Juan Epstein says:

    Example #3483 of the similarities between the Left’s Secular Jihad (Revolution) and Islamic Jihad.

    Do they wear bike helmets in Pahkistahn?

  15. Because meanwhile back at the swamp says:

    Three guesses what the topic of discussion on Twitter is >>>

    • trebob says:

      Do you hear this in the background while you’re reading? Then it’s Charles talking about his latest love interest, Glenn.

      • Because it's complicated says:

        Ghey love is like climate science – if you gotta ax, you’ll never know.

  16. Because olo says:

  17. We could screencap a few options and put it to a vote

  18. Zeus Crankypants says:

    Anyone notice all the white space?

  19. Octopus says:

    In white space, nobody can hear you scream.

  20. Octopus says:

    Wait…you just noticed? After six years?

  21. Octopus says:

    We all float down here. U jelly?

  22. Oh gus…

  23. I don’t think it’s the theme. There’s no quote buttons or comment #s in this theme either.

  24. Because olo says:

    Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww! It’s puke colored!!!!!!!!!

    • Briareus says:

      One thing at a time…

      • Briareus says:

        Crap. They’re asking for $$ to customize fonts and colors. No wonder it looks like puke.

      • Briareus says:

        Gonna let this one sit for now. Maybe another Theme has the missing button with modifiable fonts. I’m done experimenting before I break something.

  25. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Chunky’s on another big Greenwald pout: Greenwald has once again used….WORDS to describe his thoughts. And that is just so wrong to Chunk because…..well….because he’s so much damn better and accurate with words than Chunk can ever hope to be and is completely and totally correct in his take down of Michael Kinsley as a liberal lacky and doe eyed asskisser of Washington libturd hacks and the crooked White House kneecappers. Ya see GG (who Chunk secretly wants to be his GF) has described Kinsley as:

    …consummate establishment “liberal” insider…

    among the …jingoistic media courtiers…

    …too close and subservient to the U.S. government and its officials…

    …U.S. journalists are pitifiully [sic] obeisant to the U.S. government…

    And that’s just so teddibly, teddibly wrong because……Oh wait!

    • Octopus says:

      It’s posituvely awesome to see the Left eating its own offal, like this. Yes, I’d rather it weren’t the nation’s security in the balance, but what the deuce? We elected a Unicorn Messiah TWICE! We’re lucky to be alive at this point. Wait…we are still alive, right? Not just a bad dream?

  26. Abu Milyo says:

    Is it me or has Minnow not been posting? I clicked on a link to DoD in 2012 about Cro-Mang-Man and saw lots of Minnow. Just wondering. I hate it when beloved posters go on leave without letting us know. Whatever happened to Beed?

    • Octopus says:

      No, Minnow’s been around. Beed has gone missing, though. I think his mother-in-law might have had him taken out, after discovering he’d been rifling her panties-drawer. Either that, or a piece of overly-fermented fish might have put him into sepsis.

  27. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    19 thedopefishlives
    May 23, 2014 4:17:37pm replyquote 2downupreport
    re: #18 wrenchwench
    Enforced stupidity.
    [Embedded content]
    What the… Why the… I don’t get it. Look, I’ve made no secret that I’m agnostic on the “A” part of AGW, but even I think it’d be stupid not to allow our national security forces to spend money to study its consequences. Anti-science? This goes beyond that, this is … I don’t even know WHAT to call it besides anti-Democrat-ism.

    Wait. He’s agnostic about the anthropogenic part but is totally convinced we should blow national security bucks studying warming predicted by debunked models and which stopped some 17, 18 years ago now? Only an LGF pinhead would say that instead of being concerned about the very real and data backed possibility that we’re entering another solar minimum induced mini ice age. But then again he must grovel and act all innocent and wide eyed hoping to get a doggy biscuit kudos from Chunky McFatFarter instead of a rolled up newspaper banning. Don’t hold your breath Dope, that admission you don’t buy the whole AGW hoax lie is enough to alert Chunky to start the inquisitions and harrassments. You may be forced to roll over and expose your belly to the commanding corpulent canine. Esp. since things haven’t been going well on the GG front for him, par usuale.

  28. Octopus says:

    Call me prescient or something, but I always suspected a poster known as “thedopefishlives” might just be a little off-track. Unless it’s one of ours, in which case, “Well done!”

  29. Octopus says:

    National Geographic bought into the Stupid Science in a big way, with their adoption of AGW-Boondoggle Theory, but this series is actually quite informative. Haven’t seen all of them, but the ones I’ve seen have been pretty solid. I’m sure there must be some boondoggle-buggered ones, somewheres.

    • Because olo says:

      Here’s some titanium-core climate physics. This is as diamond-tipped as it gets. Notice how tongue-tied the usual suspects are in the comments.

      • Octopus says:

        That’s a classic article and comment-field, btw. Very representative of what goes on every time a real scientist attempts to address the boondoggle in real scientific terms. The True Believers can’t deal. It’s just not part of their world.

    • Octopus says:

      Oh, man…just got a blast from the past. There was a mean old crusty nun in 6th-grade, who used to rant about having to try to reach “these simplified babies,” with the most simplified lesson-plans and whatnot. Every attack on us poor Sixties’ children featured a bit about how “simplified” we were, with the advent of TV and our parents being pagan morons themselves.

      Mind you, this is a 60-year-old nun, in ’67 or so, so her frame of reference being a refugee from Poland’s slums or hinterlands, stuck in a Michigan suburb, working out her sexual-frustrations on her knees in church or behind a desk in front of 30 nose-picking imbeciles…well, it’s not all her fault she once slapped a penny out of my mouth, saying that for “all you know, that penny was in a n—–‘s mouth yesterday!”

      • Bunk X says:

        I never once had a penny slapped out of my mouth. I’m impressed, but then I’m also a heathen in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

      • Octopus says:

        I converted to Greek Orthodox Christian, to cool things out with my wife’s family prior to our wedding. Not Catholic, but pretty close. Not quite pagan-baby or heathen. 😉

    • Bunk X says:

      Nat Geo was a great apolitical magazine once. Now they won’t even post pictures of naked humans anymore.

  30. Bunk X says:

    At least the foofoo and big heads are gone…

  31. might as well switch it back to the original theme. This isn’t the first time WP makes a change that hoses everyone, and it probably won’t be the last.

  32. Minnow says:

    Abu Milyo…. you get a big fat electronic wet willy for your “beloved” comment above. Thank you.

    I am here.

    Struggling between working too much and trying to spend time outside in the summer with my ex-wife’s two sons who are now home from college.


  33. ISpeakJive says:

    Hmm, I could live with this- it’s getting there. It doesn’t offend me upon sight and that’s a good sign. 😉

    • ISpeakJive says:

      LOVE the lizard giving the high five at the top, BTW.

    • Bunk X says:

      Let’s let it ride for a day or so. If it makes sense to cough up some bucks for modification rights, I’ll do it.

      • Octopus says:

        Don’t break the bank, Bunk. If someone needs to quote, they can copy-and-paste, like Our Chunkster does. I think this isn’t a bad look, overall.

  34. Bunk X says:

    From what I can tell, purchasing the Theme html with modification rights is about $30, but I don’t know if it’s a one-time thing or if it’s a yearly subscription ripoff. I don’t blame the script writers for trying, but script writing isn’t too tough.

  35. Because well, ain't that a kick in the Koch... says:

    • Octopus says:

      What a load of bullshit! You can always tell when a complete idiot is discussing Detroit’s problems, because they ALWAYS blame suburban whites for leaving the corrupt, crime-ridden hellhole. They never mention the hundreds of thousands of blacks and other minorities who fled the sinking ship as soon as they were able. They never mention the fact that the welfare state has destroyed the black family, and encouraged generations to resist work and have babies in their unwed teens. They never assign one iota of responsibility to the criminals and thugs who have looted the city and driven away the good citizens of all races, colors and creeds.

      … the state and its residents bear a huge responsibility for Detroit’s plight. State officials allowed fleeing white residents to hide behind suburban boundaries that depleted the city’s tax base while cutting revenue sharing. The think tank Demos found that revenue sharing cuts amounted to a third of the city’s revenue losses between 2011 and 2013.

      This is a lie, which I would explain but I’m not going to spend another second of this lovely morning talking about the lies of libturds regarding Detroit. The attempt to blame the Kochs is laffable silliness, of course.

      • Because well, ain't that a kick in the Koch... says:

      • Because says:

        Whether it’s a lie or not,

        “State officials allowed fleeing white residents to hide behind suburban boundaries that depleted the city’s tax base while cutting revenue sharing”

        Implies that the state should have the power to control where people live and travel.

        Back to the USSR.

      • Bunk X says:

        Alouette’s idiocy garnered exactly one comment.

        1 nines09 May 23, 2014 7:01:05pm
        It’s the Koch Way. When you can absolutely crush people and pensions and have your own cheering section cheering you on….That’s Citizens United. There is enough blame to go around, but just allow one sane voice to enter the arena from the GOP side and the Trust Fund Bastards From Hell will have none of it. There is no “us” in Kochville. Only “Me”. Mine. Ours.
        Oh and Bryan Fischer can blow a dead goat.

  36. Frank Sinclair says:

    New design, same lame website.