A few weeks ago everyone noticed that the “Quote” button went missing in the comments section, and that the comments were no longer numbered. Kind of an odd bizarre drag, yet we adapted. Meanwhile, we contacted WordPress to suss the problem. They’ve got great tech support, but couldn’t forward a viable solution until we asked if it might have something to do with the template we’ve been using. BINGO.

WordPress offers a variety of templates (Themes) as part of the package. Pre-formatted modifiable graphic layouts save the layman the trouble of writing html script to create a visual “cage” for a website such as Diary Of Daedalus. The pre-scripted Theme is usually chosen based on the purpose of the website and the image the website owner wants to project.

After talking with WordPress, we learned that the Theme we’ve been using is no longer supported by WordPress, and indeed some html code was stripped out. The solution is to choose a new Theme and reinstall Widgets. (Widgets are the things that populate the right side bar.) Changing WP Themes is easy, but Widgets are tedious things that you set up and leave alone, at least for me, so I deferred to the more confident Admins to make the changeover. I’d shove a stick through my front wheel spokes if any of the valuable widgets got vaporized accidentally, because they provide such great subliminal ambiance to Diary Of Daedalus.

As for the present *ahem* Theme, consider it a preliminary test. We need a more solid Theme than “WhisperingFooFoo,” and it’s being taken care of by The Duchess of The Mothership.

[Update:  Okay, we’ve tried several new WP Theme templates, and none had the Quote Button or numbered comments that we’re looking for, let alone a cool comment-formatting toolbar. This contradicts what the WP techs said.  It appears that although the Themes are offered at no cost, some template authors demand some bucks to allow us to customize the ugly out of them. Before we cough up bucks, we need to verify that purchasing a Theme template does what we want it to do. Film at 11.]