Black Panthers were a good cause!

It amazes me how the race obsession over at LGF overlooks obvious racists. The Black panthers who formed in the Mid 60’s were the answer to the KKK. Just like their White counter parts they had a Black supremacist ideology and later on adopted the Black Supremacist Nation of Gods and Earth ideology commonly known as 5 percenters.  Later the Panthers would turn into a criminal enterprise that worked in collusion with Communist Cuba’s intelligence. By any standard, they were not fighting for a good cause.

Ghost of a Flea responds to Gus802’s speculation about what the reaction would be to an armed Black militia. This commentator claims the Black Panthers were a good cause.

Black Panthers

If a group of Blacks formed a Militia to fight back against the criminal thugs who are parasites on their community and to defend their Constitutional rights as Americans, I would 100% support them. The Black Panthers do not meet this criteria and actually spawned some of the criminal elements that sadly are damaging Black neighborhoods. They were no different than the KKK or Neo-Nazis groups. There was nothing good about this vile and racist organization.

Sadly it seems Charles and his gang give passes to non-white Nazis, racist white Democrats and the racist Black Panthers. This inconstant stance by Charles on the race issue which he has staked so much of his tattered credibility on is why no one takes him serious.