A Nazi Charles will not condemn

Nazis are an obsession for Charles Johnson and a favorite topic on his blog. Anytime a Nazi makes the news, Charles gets excited and does a post. One Nazi though Charles will not mention since it destroys the narrative.

NY cab driver Gabriel Diaz has been suspended for wearing a Nazi armband. Mr. Diaz who is an Afro-Hispanic claims that you do not have to be white to support National Socialism. This has created an uproar among passengers which prompted Diaz’s suspension.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A New York City cab driver insisted Friday that it is his right, hands down, to wear a Nazi armband – even if the Taxi and Limousine Commission says otherwise.

As CBS 2’s Lou Young reported Friday evening, Gabriel Diaz, 26, spoke outside of his family’s home in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, after he was suspended for wearing a swastika while driving the cab.

“I am. I’m a National Socialist – what you guys call a Nazi. I am. I’m a believer of it,” Diaz said.

This puts Charles Johnson in a very difficult position. Normally he would write a post condemning Gabriel Diaz’s twisted Nazi beliefs. But not wanting to offending anyone non white and since it does not fit the narrative Charles has not discussed the Afro-Hispanic Nazi. It is s shame Charles feels the need to follow progressive script rather than act on his anti-Nazi impulses. Ignoring this story is just a another nail in the credibility Charles Johnson had.

Update: There is one post on the LGF pages on this story.

Black Nazi

Charles did not promote this Nazi post as he usually does.