In Which @Green_Footballs Helps Spread Misinformation



CJ really doesn’t have good luck with the flags, does he?

Update: After many hours and well over 500 retweets:


Update: It was interesting to watch the twitterverse react to CJ’s little oopsy, and downright hilarious to see him double down on the fail:

Update: A day later, even after termination, CJ’s tweet continues to make the rounds, through the convention of the copy/pasted retweet:


155 Comments on “In Which @Green_Footballs Helps Spread Misinformation”

  1. OLT's LOLWUT Stalker Charles? says:

    It’s a live update from 2010???

  2. OLT's LOLWUT Stalker Charles? says:

  3. OLT's LOLWUT Stalker Charles? says:

    I went to the little sewer rat’s timeline. He’s bragging about what he did. Think’s he’s ironic but not ironic. Looks like a white privilege weasel.

  4. After a half hour of getting his followers all lathered up, we finally get:

  5. Doppel milyo says:


  6. Doppel milyo says:

    Just a friendly observation. You suck as a reporter. A good reporter is objective and seeks the truth in the story.

    your extreme bias clouds your judgement. It makes you look like a fool time and again. This is just another in a long string of FAILS on your part.

    you should just stick to commentary about things you know like




    On second thought you should just shut the fuck up

  7. Because wow says:

    Ok, who’s dinking with WP?

    • OLT's Because Screw Those Jackasses says:

      BTW, this is yet another FLAG FAIL, as the child is waving a Christian flag, you fucking Libturd Obama sucking moron.

  8. Octopus says:

    You’d think any story involving flags would be like a “red flag” for Fatass by now, given his tragic history of misidentifying them. Instead he is drawn to these stories, and the red flags become a slalom-course of error, down which he tumbles ass-over-teakettle. 😆

  9. Arachne says:

    No one disputes the Klan exists. They are an ugly, despicable, sub-human group of people. That being said, Bumpy Britches has never SEEN a Klansman up close. I have, as a child. They SMELL evil, Fatass, and you’d pee your pants if you ever came face to face with one. Show me ONE, just ONE, TEA Party candidate, member or supporter that has come out in favor of the Klan, Just ONE. Meanwhile, the liberals welcome them into their party and make them Senate leaders.

    • Because wow says:

      Oh, and those guys at the Tea Party rallies with the Obama-with-Hitler-mustache pictures?

      Proud Linden LaRouche groupies. Not even trying to hide it.

      It’s called protected speech. Google it, Chunk. You don’t get to police Twitter, and the Tea Party doesn’t get to police people attending their rallies.

      • Arachne says:

        Actually, we DID get to – we paid for rental of the Fairgrounds, and hired private security for the rallies. Media was obnoxious. But a few people started marching through with the racist crap and were escorted out.

      • Because wow says:

        The only one I ever went to was at the state capitol. The smokey bears there were bored. Nothing to do.

      • dnd - cuz Chunky fight da Nazis cuz dey ain't socialists! says:

        Of course Charles conveniently didn’t notice the ever present Jew hating contingent of OWS.

    • Octopus says:

      In Chunky World, Tea Party = KKK. It’s all racism, gun-crazies, Science-hatin’, Bible-thumping War On Wimmensk in his muddled excuse for a brain. There is no logic or thought behind any of it.

  10. Arachne says:

    If only Fatass did his homework, did his research, did anything resembling actual fact-checking. Gee, Porky, remember when you had 15,000 people that used to stop you from making a fool of yourself?

  11. Juan Epstein says:

    Fucking moron.

  12. Because wow says:

    This looks like Chunk’s “Germans bombing Pearl Harbor” moment. He’s on a roll, because that’s all he can do.

  13. Octopus says:

    In the 1920’s, there were millions in the KKK. Today, their numbers are estimated at 3000-5000. Oh, scary. Such an upsurge.

    By comparison, the nasty, anti-Semitic, racist Nation Of Islam had 30,000 members together for a February meet-and-greet in Detroit, this year.

  14. Octopus says:

    There’s that silly term you never use again, Fatass. Get some rumpswab on that!

  15. Arachne says:

    What is “Operation American Spring” anyway? Don’t recall anyone talking about it. Not Rush, not Hannity, not Levin. But of course, it’s TEA Party! It’s gotta be TEA Party! Except not as far as I can tell. And the left is all over the gloating. Hmmm…..don’t recall them talking about those five-person rallies that fizzled. Who has been promoting this anyway?

  16. Octopus says:

    His glaring mistakes get him the only attention he ever receives. 😆

  17. Octopus says:

    P.S. Run, Elle!!

    • OLT's Growing Pains says:

      No, let her stay and enjoy her friends. I read the timeline.

      Hey, Elle, you know what’s really “racist as fuck”? It’s not who you think.

      It’s the fascist assholes you’re helping. Oh, I know you think you’re a feminist anarchist. But hon, you’re just a tool.

      Good luck, kid. One day you’ll grow out of it. Maybe.

      • Octopus says:

        I should have known she was a waterhead, responding to Fatass McDumbth as she did. I see a lot of cats in her future. Possibly a hoarding situation, with a few deads in the freezer.

  18. Arachne says:

    Hey Fatass – please check out what your new friends are up to:

    • Octopus says:

      Furious Burka and P-LOL will have their apologist justifications for this brave freedom-fighting operation in an hour or so. If they’re done sending hate-screeds to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I mean. That takes a lot of time, and they’re both supposed to be out job-hunting.

    • dnd - cuz Chunky fight da Nazis cuz dey ain't socialists! says:

      Dead Jewish girls. It does an Allah good!!

  19. dezes157 says:

    Now Chucky has decided to double down on stupid and claim the photo was from last October from the million vet march.

  20. Because ahem says:

  21. Arachne says:

    Okay, I must be missing something, then. I thought I was in on all the TEA Party stuff but I have never even HEARD of Operation American Spring, and apparently they’ve been doing it annually since 2010? From what I’ve read it’s some militia group that wants to take back the U.S. by force? They were going to march on Washington and wrest the government away from Congress and Obama? Okay, now that’s weapons-grade googoo.

    • OLT's Math Is Hard For Progs says:

      They are *much* less successful than Occupoopers … hmmm … that tells ME something about the concentration of batshit crazy on the right vs. the left.

      Of course, their numbers *were* similar to the “Million Man March”.

      Why the lack of coverage? Could it be that they failed to meet the media standards for defaming a “right-wing” group???

      • Arachne says:

        You would think if this was a genuine “TEA Party” gathering, you would have heard about it on the Conservative media talk radio. I haven’t heard squat. I’ve heard that it’s Glenn Beck, and that it was promoted by TEA Party Nation. (I’ve never heard of TEA Party Nation, by the way – TEA Party Express and TEA Party Patriots, but Nation? No.) I’ve seen no one from the right even talking about speaking at it. And yet supposedly this occurs every year? Guess I’m out of the loop.

        Although that piece of crap candidate in Virginia is making it sound TEA Party organized and led. News to me.

      • OLT's Flags Are Hard For Progs says:

        Beck doesn’t seem to be behind it.

        Sorry, Stalker Charles

  22. OLT's Flags Are Hard For Progs says:

    BTW, for the asswipe on Twitter that tweeted the old photo as a live update, a few comments:

    1) Congrats on duping Stalker Charles. You are now one of the 49% of the country that did so for years.

    2) I hope you are that smug in a bar one day, and that you heal nicely in a reasonable amount of time.

    3) The kid’s waving a Christian flag, you booger-eating moron. Yes, I agree he is being poorly taught. But you seem to be doing OK with what had to have been a childhood spent deprived of sufficient oxygen, so I think there’s hope.

    Keep this level of performance up, and you’ll be the next Stalker Charles success story.

  23. Octopus says:


  24. Doppel milyo says:

    Charles I’ve just booked my reservations for dinner next month in NYC.
    Gonna be supping at Daniel, Tamarind, Le Bernadin and North End grill. Plus a night of boozing it up at the spotted pig after an afternoon of getting sloshed in the village

    So many Michelin stars. Gus, I know when you hear Michelin star you think, beans in the garage.
    well it ain’t

    • Octopus says:

      NYC is everything it’s cracked up to be. 🙂 (good and bad)

      Violent crime is down 90% since the ’70’s. Stop-and-frisk is working like a charm, much to the chagrin of street thugs and above-the-fray libturds. The subway is clean and safe, and incredibly convenient. The food everywhere is fantastic, and restaurants have their inspection ratings prominently displayed on the front door. The people-watching is unreal.

      • Because he ain't Rudy says:

        That’s not gonna last with deBozio. Just watch.

      • Because says:

        Remember when Chunk was a Rudy fan? Thems were the days oh … 8 years ago?

      • Doppel milyo says:

        when I was a yute in the DFW area I had a job with a subsidiary of American Airlines which gave me flight benefits

        so for $3.40 or less I could fly space available to NYC and I would do so every Saturday and sunday. I would catch the 7AM DC10 to LaGuardia, take the airport bus to 88th and broadway, then the train into grand central. then down to battery park and just walk and watch.
        that was way before Rudy and I marveled at the 3 card monty and the times square peep shows and the filth everywhere.

        and the street food.

        there was a lot of cheap flying in those days. Good times with no money. It’s nice now to actually eat froofy food mixed in with the good eats of the people

      • Because says:

        That’s mean, talking about good times with no money in front of Gus. The Obama years have not been kind to hobos.

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      Like all big cities NY has it’s goods and it’s bads. I was there circa 1980. Remember the dudes handing out the geisha girls flyers in Times Square? Not that different from Chunk’s scumhole with promises of deep political analysis but really cheap retread cut and paste and promises of slutty girls for a price.

      Went to the top of Chrysler building. That’s damn way up. I saw Jazz greats Sonny Stitt at Fat Tuesdays and Zoot Sims at the Vanguard. Also the Vanguard resident band Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Big Band. Means nothing to you Rock & Roll meatheads 🙂

    • Juan Epstein says:

      Tres Bougie.

  25. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    So pathetic. What’s jaw dropping Chunky is how everyone you get into a piss match with (or try to) is suddenly a raging racist. And GG said the exact same thing about you and you’re a ghoulish fat white fucker. I think the common thing here is having your nose stuck up Obungle’s ass (which I’m sure Baquet does) and your total unquestioning incurious statism that makes GG say these things. Not one’s ethnicity. And since when does anyone give a shit about what color the NYT editors are? It’s 2014 you fucking moron. That’s such a pinnacle of achievement to be exec editor of a libtard rag that is so into the progressive crap swamps that they keep printing lies and having to retract them later when someone points out they’re supposed to be kinda objective.

    .@TaritaC It’s a jaw-dropping statement to make about the NYT’s first African American exec editor. 9 minutes ago

    Glenn Greenwald: new NYT exec editor Dean Baquet is “incredibly subservient to the national security state.” 11 minutes ago

  26. Because says:

    Gus’ last tweet was 19 hours ago. Did he fall in the dumpster? Virgin Mobile cut him off? Lost the neighbor’s wifi password?

  27. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Wrong as usual Chunky McFatfart:

    -The new IRS Revelations
    -The VA scandal
    -Obunglecare causing hospitals to close
    -Obungle’s ME envoy is a raging Jew hater
    -Global Climate Hoax continues to be disproven


    -Benghazi lies and coverup scandal!

    Please try and keep up.

    And now let’s get back to a subject that really matters: Benghazi. 1 hour ago

  28. Over 500 retweets on Johnson’s post now. Wow. (and those are actual retweets, not like his fake twitter counter retweets)

    He can try to save some face by pinning a correction to his timeline, but it doesn’t do much. The damage has been done. Another fail.

    • Arachne says:

      Interesting. He must be dying for the retweet attention since I would have deleted that tweet rather than let it continue.

      • dezes157 says:

        He actually said Twitter wouldn’t let him delete it, yhe man is actually unable to tell the truth.

      • Doppel milyo says:

        I think even he’s dumb enough to know we save them all and showing he’s either smarter or less arrogant than his lord and savior Obama, he knew the cover up was worse than the fuck up

        so he got on the right side of the equation. tweeted a retraction and got credit for the sort of accuracy and then allowed the incorrect tweet to live forever. he knows that 90% of the people reading it and retweeting it don’t know it’s wrong. it falls into their preconceived belief system so they believe it. and if this one tweet is wrong, it was fake but accurate

        Charles has become Dan rather……without the salary and the standing reservation at Le Circ

      • Updated the thread. He finally managed to delete the tweet.

        What a buffoon.

      • Because olo says:

        Ya, Chunk. You the ninnernet man!

      • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

        At last it worked! That darn Twitter!!

      • Because olo says:

        This is a whole thread right here ^^^. King of the innernet and javascript magician can’t delete a tweet. olo. olololo. ololololololo.

        Dod gods … make it so. Please.

    • Because says:

      But such a glorious fail. He’s not likely to fail this gloriously for another five years.

  29. JimboXL says:

    An actual American waving any flag that contains less than 3 colors and they get hysterical.

  30. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Hey Chunk. This…..

  31. Because olo says:

    And now, some real twitter wit from a master of the art of twit:

  32. Because snort says:

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      Because you hate gays? or Jews? Why would you care so much? He’s just a journalist. And a lawyer. And an author. And a pundit. And a 250 million dollar sponsored media figure. And a defender of the public’s right to privacy. And a Jew. And a gay married guy.

      Gus, do you have a problem with GG or are you just such a Chunky McFlipflop loozard minion that you can no longer tolerate people who are both successful and different?

      How could Chunky be better than GG when Chunk never has never known who he even is?

    • Because says:

  33. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    An off topic aside. I just cooked a kick ass lamb stroganoff. Wife picked up ground lamb instead of ground chuck like I asked. So I ran searches for 3 days because I’ve never cooked with lamb. This came out really well. My wife always says I’m a great cook but I suspect that’s just because she wants me to do it more and her to have to do it less. :/ I’m competent and I can follow a recipe. But I usually stick to my old hats like Chili or Stir Fry. And I’m bonkers because no one’s here to eat it but me. Wife and one daughter at a track meet and other daughter at a mixer. I keep texting “when are u gonna b done?” At least I’m not like Chunky, puzzling over the frozen salmon that comes in a box with directions.

  34. Abu says:

    Great post, Chen. You really bring the bumf to #rumbswab

  35. Because bum virgins says:

    • Doppel milyo says:

      Gus let me tell you about my problems

      I couldn’t get my table at le bernadin until 9PM. I hate that.

      they will just have to sell me another martini before I start my 7 course with wine pairing

      we all have our problems Gus, so stop complaining all the time !

      • Arachne says:

        I lures me some Eric Rippert. I couldn’t get over the number of great chef s who have restaurants in Vegas when I was there. I would have loved a chance to neat at Joel Robuchon’s but the Flyboy took one look at the prices…….

      • Doppel milyo says:

        that menu is a bit pricey. it helps to eat there on somebody else’s expense account

        but I hear if you are going to splurge that’s the one place to do it

  36. ISTE says:


    Still in love.

    Who is this Charles person? I have been distracted.

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      Don’t even think about the pannus laden one. Just keep on shaggin’! Even if he finally implodes into a neutron star of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, XXXXXL sweatpants and hubris, you can always read about it later.

    • Abu says:

      Is she ready to be Mrs Internet Septic Tank Engineer?
      The thought makes me throw-up in my mouth.

  37. kbdabear says:

    Here’s a little educational tool that could be helpful to Chucky Cheetohs

  38. kbdabear says:

    Uh oh, the only thing that distract Bike Boy from Greenwald is …..

    • livefreeor die says:

      Let’s get ready to Paaaammmmmtrum!

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      Sean Hannity is even more disgusting and bigoted than usual tonight

      Translation: Sean Hannity is even more effective and persuasive usual tonight

      He’s really hyping that hate-monger Pamela Geller a lot lately.

      Translation: Oh God I fucked up so bad and now Pam’s on TV as the Uber Supremo anti-Jihadist internet Goddess and I’m just the old fat loser misled libtard clown on Twitter retweeting lies. And everything I do is a mistake! Oh God Oh God how will I ever retire??? Mommy!!!!!

      • Octopus says:

        Heheh…Pam’s career and mind make Chunky’s look like the ramblings of an addled half-wit, which is what he is. She’s writing books, giving speeches, appearing on talk shows, traveling around the country telling the truth about Islamist barbarism. He’s squatting in his fetid bunker, with only Gus to keep him company on the neenernet. It’s so sad! Why is it also so funny? 😆

    • Doppel milyo says:

      I fed that tweet into the universal translator and this is what is spit out


  39. osprey1 says:

    Did someone say CJ and flags?



  40. Because he has electricity? says:

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      What a Global Climate Disruption denier PUTZ you are Gus. There’s a man made Climate crisis going on and you’re WASTING precious resources heating your abode?????? Gus, throw open the windows. It’s warming more and more every day. Glaciers are melting. Permafrost is gettin’ all ….temporary. Put on your swim trunks and camp out in the back yard and sleep au naturale! Man has created a runaway heating nightmare scenario that only people like us can right with our righteous behaviors. Never mind the Chinese. and the rest of the Third World that want big TVs and computers and heated swimming pools and big picup up trucks and so forth.

    • Octopus says:

      Keep moving, Gus!

      You’re going to want to drift off, from the cold and booze, but that’s not in the cards tonight, unless you want to wake up a frozen popsicle. Just walk around in circles, or put on the radio and dance to the oldies. The Frug, the Watusi, and the Philly Freeze are good ones to keep the blood pumping. Detroit Breakdown, if you’re feeling frisky. If all else fails, the Benghazi Boogaloo is hot this year.

      Have fun with it, man. 🙂

    • Doppel milyo says:


    • Doppel milyo says:

      Hey Gus

      Space heaters are Pernicious

      / KARMA BITCH——sideways

  41. Juan Epstein says:

    Define non-abrupt quit.

  42. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Remember Chico and the Man? Is there any doubt Chunky would have denounced the Man as a raving racist??

    Oh and what’s the other tie in? Oh yeah, there was that guitar player who played the theme song. He sang pretty good too. Oh wait he blows Chunk out of the water in every conceivable category as a musician (and a man, and a human). Plus he’s handicapped. He’s blind.

  43. Octopus says:
  44. Octopus says:

    Today’s Inspirational Video Series focuses on a middle-aged woman who’s not going down like that. You don’t have to give in to gravity and unplanned-obsolescence, folks…but it’s going to take some work. A lot of work. Is it worth it? You be the judge.

  45. Doppel paragraph 18 says:

    Re: the update.

    Charles it’s not hard to understand how people believe fake photos when scumbag liars like you are constantly spreading false propaganda.

  46. Octopus says:

    Irony Alert!! WOOT-WOOT-WOOT!!

  47. Octopus says:

    Pretending to be an Indian is racist? Somewhere on the Trail Of Tears, a lone tear courses down the cheek of Fauxcahontas. 😥

  48. Octopus says:

    Another fine and funny piece on his continued battle with Mann and the guardians of Teh Warmening:

    Michael Mann won’t “share the stage” with Judith Curry, Roger Pielke Jr, Hans von Storch, Richard Tol, Steve McIntyre, Nigel Lawson, Matt Ridley, Lennart Bengtsson or even me, because we’re all anti-science oversimpletons, and the false balance would only give us a credibility we don’t deserve. So instead he gives exclusive interviews to blokes who think Centigrade temperatures can be expressed as a percentage. Mann’s Climate Cult depends on credulous rubes and fawning groupies, and he’s running low.

    Who’s our favorite credulous rube? Why, here he comes now…Ladies and Germs, I give you the one, the only…Fatass McDumbth!

    Keep carrying that flag proudly, Chunky. Even though it’s the national flag of Banana Republic, which is actually a store, technically… 😆

  49. Because says:

    Sound the batshit alarm! LvQ pick up the courtesy phone!

    “After all, most published science ends up being wrong anyway.”

    This is not a drill. Repeat: This is not a drill. Blasphemy alert! Blasphemy alert!

    • Octopus says:

      “Ross Brisbane” is carrying the Ludwiggian-torch very ably, in the comments of that article. 😆

      To wit:

      Roy, Your treatment of the scientific community is appalling. I’d lock you in a closed room with the best with a please explain your very generalized attack on nearly everyone. You sound bitter and twisted. Many of your paper releases & submissions by you were questionable data fitting curve exercises – Your own climate models.

      “Bitter and twisted,” he says. Another comment refers to vague “industry-funding.” Attack the messenger. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!1! 😆

  50. Octopus says:

    Haven’t seen this for awhile…talk about teh warmening… 🙂

    • rightymouse says:

      Good thing I wasn’t here this morning or I would have posted this. in rebuttal. 👿

      • Octopus says:

        I am concerned about the future of our British allies’ military. 😯

      • rightymouse says:

        Not me. I’m so peaceful, am headed to the kitchen to make a veggie/pasta/andouille sausage soup for dinner. Because? IT’S EFFING COLD AND RAINY HERE!!! That’s because. O_o

      • Octopus says:

        Going down to 37 degrees of warmening tonight…hope the space heater can still bring the BTU’s! 😯

  51. Because says:

    An interesting conspiracy theory that actually makes some sense.

  52. Check the update. Johnson’s tweet continues to make the rounds, and we assume each time showing up in his notifications. LOL

  53. CroMagnon says:


  54. rightymouse says:

    Charles continues to be super putz. LOL!

  55. CroMagnon says:

    Indeed, I think we for once we can agree with you… you can also be a jerk and fail, right, CJ? :mrgreen:

  56. Juan Epstein says:

    Setting up the false dichotomy to undermine the genre, Bru.

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      And I shudder to think how he’s pronuncing dichotomy in his mind. Any doubt it starts something ditch?

  57. rightymouse says:

    Teh Peevish A-Hole Striketh. LOLOLOL!!!

    • Octopus says:

      Newsflash: There are lonely, angry people on the innernets! 😆

    • dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

      He never had a single problem with OWS squatting on public lands, vandalizing businesses, harrassing innocent bypassers, creating disgusting bio-hazards, destroying property, demanding attacks on banks and their JEW masters, pissing in doorways, groping, even raping females, attempting to blow up a bridge, and shitting on police cars just to name a few things that happened. The entire time they were threatening and trying to gin up support to march on Wall Street and string up the power brokers.

      To top it off, no one’s even heard of these nutjobs. None of this has even been in the news.

  58. Juan Epstein says:

  59. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Way to go LGF. Another scoop on that hot topic of obscure Canadian politicians charging meeting snacks to the taxpayer explosive controversy.

    Oh the hypocrisy, oh the injustice!! Seriously WTF?

    Hypocrisy goeth before the fall?

    Canada • 1 hour, 4 minutes ago • Views: 25
    The hypocrisy of the Dip­pers seems to know no bounds. Hard on the heals of sto­ries from Ot­tawa about ques­tion­able prac­tices of Thomas Mul­cair’s New De­moc­rats, we see a dis­turb­ing re­port on the Sun News Net­work’s web­site about On­tario NDP leader An­drea Hor­wath’s prac­tice of charg­ing tax­pay­ers for her snacks and even a 25-cent Os­hawa park­ing tab.

    Bear in mind this is the same An­drea Hor­wath who has made CEOs and con­sul­tants work­ing for pub­lic agen­cies tar­gets for her barbs fol­low­ing re­ports that they charged tax­pay­ers for their snacks such as tea or cof­fee.

  60. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    The real reason the lying progressive rag NYT fired Abramson. Also explains why they gave Baquet the job (no Chunk it wasn’t to fight Teh Racists). Hardly likely he’d crtiticize Obungle or bitch about his pay.

  61. dnd - cuz Chunky no GG b da RACIST! says:

    Chunky never misses an oppurtunity to bash successful black men, especially if they’re Christian. Claims the brilliant neurosurgeon is deluded and hallucinating.

  62. Because no comment says:

  63. Because lolwut? says:

  64. Caitlyn says:

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