Envy is not good, Charles.

10 years ago Charles was on the cusp of being a giant player on the political scene. His posts on Islamic terrorism were gaining him fans and his big break via Rathergate put him on the map. Now he is just a fringe figure obsessed with the Paul family, Nazis, Glenn Greenwald and Tobacco companies. It eats away at his ego that he’s irrelevant to the political discussion, and that causes him to lash out.

One of his former allies, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is an activist for the rights of Muslim women, and is a Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy Law School. This prompts a bit of jealousy from Charles.

Hirsi Ali

Charles really needs to stop dwelling on the successes of his former allies, enjoy the golden years of his life and let his jealousy go.

The resident Jihadist supporters at LGF are not pleased at the successes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hirsi Ali 2 Hirsi Ali 3

Charles, Curious Lurker and The War TARDIS have an agenda, and it’s not in your best interests to associate with them.