Where is Sergey?

Our old friend Sergey Romanov has disappeared the last 2 years from the internet. Although gone, the LGFers have not forgotten this fraudster.

Sergey gone

Smear merchant  Sergey is long gone, but not forgotten.

55 TedStriker  May 7, 2014 2:17:29pm

re: #31 wrenchwench

Looks like our old friend Sergey knew what he was doing when he went quiet a couple of years ago.

That (and this) fucking sucks.

I want Sergey back in the LGF fold, but not if it puts him in peril.

Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/43365_Putin_Signs_Law_to_Restrict_and_Monitor_Bloggers_Thanks_Edward_Snowden_for_Inspiring_It#KhZCOwI1s29cDTCR.99


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  1. Just poop says:

    5 bucks he’s in jail on a pedophilia conviction

  2. rightymouse says:

    Coming from you, Charles, this is hilarious!!! 🙂

    • dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

      Um yeah, because only real WINNERS assess hashtags and then Tweet about it. Don’t forget to RT and ICYMI’d it! Better put up a post on LGF just to make sure no one missed that gem!

    • Juan Epstein says:



    • Just poop says:

      Iowahawk = hilariously funny and clever, yet cool and down to earth

      Charles Orange blimp Johnson = hysterically unbalanced, yet incredibly boring

      • Arachne says:

        Plus Polar Coug – if you have a Twitter Account, definitely worth a follow.

        Meanwhile, Chuckie’s friends think making jokes about Benghazi is hilarious. BTW, Fatass, why are you reading tweets from the right anyway? Don’t you worry about STALKING?

    • Octopus says:

      Flabby-Stabby should NOT be judging the quality of anyone else’s humor. He’s the unfunniest person on the ‘net, aside from the unintentional hilarity where he blunders around getting everything ass-backwards. 😆

  3. ISpeakJive says:

    Wrenchwench is lecturing NdGT as if he is incapable of doing his own thinking! Oh my.

    • Just poop says:

      tough spot for her, given Neil is on the global warming team.

      must not cross Charles though.

      so how do you handle it when people that Charles support are at opposite ends?


      Wrenchwench you are thinking for yourself without the blessing of Charles. living dangerously!

  4. Octopus says:

    “Why oh why does the Mighty Greenwald continue to make massive bank, while I beg for donations and collect cans along the highway?” 😦

    • Arachne says:

      Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer/Glen Greenwald/Michele Malkin/Sarah Palin/Andrew Breitbart
      All wrote books – best sellers
      Where’s YOUR book, Fatass? Shouldn’t you be penning that “Stalkers Who Have Stalked Me” tome we’re all waiting for?
      Except not.

      • HaikuMan says:

        “Where’s your book, Fatass?”
        The calendar does not count.
        Nor does the cookbook.

  5. ISTE says:

    Tastes are more subtle,
    Smells are more exotic,
    Touches are more sensitive,
    Sounds are more crisp,
    Sights are more clear.

    Love sharpens all ones senses…..


  6. rightymouse says:

    Sergey is an effing commie a-hole.

  7. Octopus says:

    No, but fortunately Glenn makes a lot of money, and can afford them himself. Without begging for donations, or pimping Thai ladyboys.

  8. DudeBro says:

    “Those Caribbean vacations don’t pay for themselves, you know.”
    WTF is babbling about now? NOTHING pays for itself. At 50+ years of age, this is a big revelation? But please go on quadruple chin, please enlighten us on the errors of those tweets from “any popular right wing hashtag” Mooby Dick

  9. Bunk X says:

    I’m scheduled for a blood draw tomorrow. Do I sketch red cells, white cells or antibodies? I’m told the test will be later, so I guess I have time to study. The urine tests are too easy.

  10. kbdabear says:

    Google Adsense has cancelled Weasel Zippers account for “not having original content”

    “I’ve been using Google ads for years now as the site’s nearly sole source of income. Suddenly I get hit with a policy violation for not having original content, the only problem is according to their vague guidelines this would make almost every news website on the Internet that uses Adsense (and the vast majority do) out of compliance. Hard not to see that I am being unfairly singled out, almost certainly because of my political views. I wouldn’t be surprised if lefty trolls have been reporting us to Adsense, it wouldn’t be the first time.”


    Bet they won’t cancel Chuckie Cheetohs Thai Ladyboys ads even though his contribution to “original content” amounts to “LOLWUT”

    • kbdabear says:

      “Our policies are uniformly enforced across all sites. If you notice another site in violation, I strongly recommend that you report it here:


    • Bunk X says:

      Interesting that zip got some radio kudos recently from Rush, same guy who kickstarted YKW.

      • Arachne says:

        Mark Levin constantly references Zip. Chuck’s “user pages” probably qualify as “original content” so he and his $76 a month are safe. However, I have let Adsense know that he wants his users to get around the ads by paying him a stipend.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Why would Adsense want to limit where their ads are shown? Plus I would think the comment sections of every blog qualify as “original content.”

  11. Because says:

    Back in the USSR.

  12. Frank Sinclair says:

    Where’s Sergey?

    Well see that old van in the 76 parking lot?

    Hear your daughter?

    • frabby stinclair says:

      Where’s Ron Jeremy?

      See that truck stop gas station with the gloryhole?

      Hear stabby’s mom?

      • Arachne says:

        Check out Frankie’s new avatar – mouth in a perfect shape to give Fatass the blowjob Frankie lives for.

      • Doppel milyo says:

        Franks avatar actually looks like a puckered asshole

    • OLT's Shar Us Ur Muta says:

      Dear Frank:

      I’m so sorry, Charles.

      /no, I don’t really think you’re Stalker Charles, but it’s a pretty good insult IMO

  13. whatjamjamloves says:

    Wasn’t that dick a raging anti semite too? Frank, you fuck, you gonna support Jew hate. Disgusting little person.

    • dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

      The only Jew StabFrank likes is Ron Jeremy’s dick. He obviously has a gigantic porn collection comprised largely of this subject material since he refers to it here so often after masterbating through the night.

  14. dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

    I believe Chunk tweeted on this recently and called it a word salad. Palin’s trying to say maybe Clinton will change her position on abortion upon realizing how precious her grandchild is. The only flaw I see is that such a conversion should’ve happened when she had Chelsea. So I don’t see her veering from her politically and sadly humanly expediant position. I think it’s clear had Bubba and the Hillbeast not wanted Chelsea they would have gleefully terminated her in the womb without the slightest remorse. Progressives are happy to kill those in the way of their ambitions. Which is why when they get real power people start dying. (I’m not calling all abortions murder BTW. I’d just like them to be rarer and not used like birth control)

    Chunk just had to trash Palin’s life defending words. He’s probably a little bitter that no woman ever considered him father material (because he clearly isn’t). He’ll bash Glenn Greenwald for not saying he’s explicitely in favor of kidnapped Nigerian girls but has Chunk ever helped a child? He hates Zimmerman for killing a violent teen and gave him no slack for helping black kids to read. I think Chunk wants more children to die in the womb so they won’t vie for gubmint resources he’ll need as a broke, lonely old man with no family or friends to take care of him in just a few years.

    On Tuesday, former Gov. Sarah Palin was interviewed by “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at her home in Wasilla. Lopez asked Palin about current affairs including Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, a potential 2016 presidential run and Hillary Clinton becoming a grandmother.

    While commenting on Hillary’s new family member Palin said, “It’s a real baby! It’s not some disposable something… They’re in this position now as a parent or grandparent, they realize that sanctity of life, how innocent, how precious it is, and of all places, it should be in the womb that these babies are protected, so maybe even on a social issue like that, she’ll open her eyes”


    • OLT's Beam In Your Eye, Stalker Charles says:

      If that’s word salad, what do we call the brief mangled phrases that spew from Stalker Charles’ keyboard? Has he ever typed an original sentence as long as and sensible as Palin spoke? Not in my memory, except for his Dew and Cheeto-fueled “Why I Parted Ways With My Blog” screed.

  15. dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

    Chunk thinks he’s teamed up with Wonkette on Twitter. How sad.

    RT @Wonkette: You’ll Never Believe Which Inhuman Monster Doesn’t Care To Find Nigerian Schoolgirls (It’s Glenn Greenwald) http://t.co/SU01z… 13 hours ago

    It’s apt company for him though. Here’s Wonkette mocking a retarded baby because she’s so hip and cool:

    Why just celebrate tax day today, April 18th? It’s also Trig Paxson Van Palin’s 3rd birthday. His mom went to a lot of trouble to leak amniotic fluid over 8 states to make sure that he arrived in this world somewhat alive,” writes Wonkette operative “Barbara_i,” reminding us of the occasion. “Sarah went to a whole lot of trouble to name him ‘Van Palin,’ a ‘Van Halen’ reference he will never get.” Indeed.

    Enjoy yourself today, Trig. Have fun! Get drunk (on purpose this time)! We can hardly wait for 15 years from now, when you will finally be able to vote and will be sent off by your mother’s junta to fight the Union in the Great Alaska War. It’ll be quite a loss. You’re the smartest one in that family.

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/04/20/liberal-website-wonkette-disgracefully-attacks-trig-palin-his-birthda#ixzz31EWPFjUN

    • Arachne says:

      Jack Steuf is a morally bankrupt pig of an individual, an decrepit little toad. Why he isn’t a top commenter at LGF is beyond me, since his smarmy brand of humor and intellectual level is on a par with everyone else inhabiting the bog.

  16. dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

    But if you’re progressive (as Gus is), wouldn’t there be equal congratulations had they decided to abort? “Congratulations on the death of your unwanted child!!! Can I get a high five on your awsome defiance of woman hatred???”

    RT @haaretzcom: Congratulations to @BarakRavid on the birth of a son! Mazal tov from @haaretzcom! 9 hours ago

  17. dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

    Chunk’s Unicorn Messiah, can-do-no-wrong Preezydent, a lying deceitful progressive like Chunk himself, is purposefully wrong by a factor or 10.


    We realize that Senate rules are complex and difficult to understand, but the president did serve in the Senate and should be familiar with its terms and procedures. Looking at the numbers, he might have been able to make a case that Republicans have blocked about 50 bills that he had wanted passed, such as an increase in the minimum wage. But instead he inflated the numbers to such an extent that he even included votes in which he, as senator, supported a filibuster.

    Chunk just couldn’t live with himself until he was on the same side with lying freedom hating progressivism.

  18. Arachne says:

    BTW Can anyone remember if we have Cleveland Browns fans over at the Mother Ship? Reason is, I effing loathe Johnny Manziel.

    • dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

      Not sure. I had an exchange with someone over there about how the Browns are named after Paul Brown, father of Mike Brown who owns Bengals. And how there’s a lot of animosity in Cincy toward Mike Brown because he thinks he knows football but in actuality can’t fill his dad’s shoes, etc… We hate him when they’re losing (which is most the time) and tolerate him when they’re winning. He had no clue so maybe he’s not a Browns fan.

      Anyhoo, that kid Manziel is gonna have to stay in the pocket or he’s gonna get hammered. Lotsa big, mean, fast grown up guys just waiting for a scampering little guy with the ball and o protection. I’m pretty sure that’s why he was passed up for so long last night.

      • Arachne says:

        They were comparing him to Aaron Rodgers (Rodgers was drafted late in the first round), to which a LOT of people took exception on Twitter. While I’m not a huge fan of Andrew Luck, the kid finished up his “contract” with Stanford, and played an extra year. I believe Rodgers, McCoy and most other quarterbacks did the same. Manziel did not play four years for the Aggies, and I think those extra years of quarterback seasoning are going to come into play.

        And sorry, but to me Manziel is nothing more than just another overhyped, arrogant asshole. Oooo – but he’s the first freshman to win a Heisman! Yeah, except the next year, another freshman won it, was younger than Manziel was, and led his team to the National Championship, beating Auburn.

    • livefreeor die says:

      We’re Redskins’ fans who live in the Philly area and we are LOVING the whining about them trading away the opportunity for Manziel for Marcus. Marcus is getting as much love as Donovan McNabb and Santa Claus got from the Philly faithful.

      • livefreeor die says:

        Yeah, and I know, Eagles’ fans, that you think RG3 is overrated and can’t carry Foles’ jock, DeSean Jackson will be a pain in the a— and it’s good that he’s gone, you won’t miss Vick, blah blah blah.

      • Arachne says:

        I was emailing/texting back and forth with a friend last night, who is an erstwhile sports writer and who knows his stuff. He said the biggest disservice the NFL does is allowing these college players to enter the draft without completing their education or at least after completing four years. He said there is a lot to be said for players getting four years of seasoning – for instance, I may not be so fond of Andrew Luck (after all, I went to Cal) but he believes one of the reasons he and Cam Newton have done well is that they did play four years. He also said that ideally, no QB should come out of college and start – the NCAA and the NFL are two different animals altogether. Rodgers had it best of all, he thinks — four years of college playing and a couple of years watching Favre. I understand that Favre wasn’t a nice guy (I can be sympathetic – who likes to work seeing your eventual replacement on the bench) but Rodgers was able to see the mechanics and what worked and didn’t as an observer.

        He also doesn’t buy the Manziel is the greatest! college! quarterback! ever! He said while Manziel had an excellent first year – no doubt about it – his second year wasn’t as great. He thinks he entered the draft because by year four he would have been getting stomped by the SEC and wouldn’t have been the hot prospect he was last night (which ESPN would not let us forget – five minutes didn’t go by but we were looking at poor dejected Manziel that didn’t get picked). I asked his assessment of Manziel’s chances for success. He said “contrary to what they think, the SEC is still not the NFL. He might want to ask Colt McCoy about that.”

    • Doppel milyo says:

      Manzel is the next Ryan Leaf!

      His style will not work in the NFL.

      He’s basically Michael Vick without the wheels. He will get CLOBBERED in the AFC North when he thinks he can scramble and run on every play.

      The Browns took Brady Quinn, somebody else I already forgot who sucked but sucked less than Quinn, and now Johnny Bigmouth with the 22nd pick

      they never learn

  19. dnd - cuz we b denyin' and chickens b dyin' says:

    Looking at the link you’re thinking he was never caught and punished. Think again! First he murdered his cousin/wife when he was 17, then released early for that (4 yrs). Later he murdered his lover and was released early for that. Yeah really. That’s what happens in a “moderate” Muslim country like Turkey. Murdering women over there is like considered bad form. Overkill, maybe. After knowing he murdered his first wife, they let him off early for killing his girlfriend. Hey what are the odd of it happening three times??? And now he’s on a dating game show! Just a wild and crazy guy looking for love!

    In defense of the Turks he was decidedly unpopular with the game show audience after explaining it to them.


    I’m sure Chunky would find this to be a very racist comment.

  20. dnd - cuz Rand Paul, he b a radical opthamal says:


    Wuh hun!

    Rand Paul, one of the most extreme right wing libertarians in Congress, is now trying to dress up as a moderate. twitter.com/SenRandPaul/st… 1 hour ago

    Tuh hoo!

    Rand Paul, Libertarian Extremist in Moderate’s Clothing lgf.bz/1mIw75j 40 minutes ago

    • livefreeor die says:

      Oh noes! Rand Paul’s campaign is doomed now that Chuckie “Can’t Buy Attention” Johnson is on the case!

    • dnd - GG i berate, cuz he don't no who ta hate says:

      Funny how he had no problem with Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis suddenly being for guns and abortion bans when she’s trying to get elected in Texas.

  21. dnd - GG i berate, cuz he don't no who ta hate says:

    RT @allanbrauer: .@Green_Footballs Related: Greenwald’s sycophant @MonaHol explains who @ggreenwald hates. Hint: not the GOP. https://t.co/… 1 hour ago

  22. dnd - GG i berate, cuz he don't no who ta hate says:

    Chunk is more fat and stupid.

    ISTE May 8, 2014 at 8:58 pm Reply Tastes are more subtle,
    Smells are more exotic,
    Touches are more sensitive,
    Sounds are more crisp,
    Sights are more clear.

    Love sharpens all ones senses…..


  23. Paki the Eagles Fan says:

    Yeah, and I know, Eagles’ fans, that you think RG3 is overrated and can’t carry Foles’ jock, DeSean Jackson will be a pain in the a— and it’s good that he’s gone, you won’t miss Vick, blah blah blah.


    RG3 is overrated especially now with that bum leg.

    Just wait until DeSean Jackson goes into TO mode and the cancer tumors start growing in the Redfskins’ locker room.

    I’m glad Vick went to a team where he can compete for the starting position. 😛