Wait, Over 20,000 Blocked Accounts at LGF?

A recent battle that appeared in the Lizardoid Twitterwarrior Theatre got teh Johnson a little defensive about the number of banned netizens on LGF. One of CJ’s responses got past me, but our BRC Engineer #6 caught it, and made an excellent point:

Late last year, we updated our list of confirmed blocked accounts to 16,027. But this revelation, if true(*), means that we are still missing thousands more. It’s just some simple math.

See, a couple years back, we verified that there were 35,578 total user accounts registered (since it was implemented in 2004, and of course there’d be a few more by now). If there’s about 15,000 still active (or more accurately, not banned), that means that there’s roughly 20,000 that have been banned, or about 4,000 more than we’ve confirmed.

That’s quite a number.

An interesting corollary is that with CJ’s spin and deflection, he’s not disputing that our numbers were at least in the ballpark. In fact, in the prior tweet, he attempted to justify these huge numbers:

This is a real howler, for a couple reasons. First, since CJ doesn’t venture outside his own virtual castle, it’d be pretty tough for him to know what “many other sites” do. I’ve never run across it. And why would they? Second, the data the BRC gathered on a previous expedition does not show a nice, even, phasing out of old accounts “automatically”. On the contrary, we found that about 10,000 disappeared virtually overnight:



It’s possible that CJ has implemented something like this recently, but that looks like an obliteration done manually. So given the context and our experience, we’re gonna throw out a fat BS on that tweet as well. I mean, he claims these things but offers up no evidence or examples, and it’s completely contrary to what is found when someone decides to fact check him. *And there’s certainly little reason to take him at his word, the guy who swore up an down he’d never uttered “Saint Pancake“.


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  1. swamprat says:

    Spinal Tap: the blog

  2. HaikuMan says:

    This is Spın̈al Tap
    Gotta get the umlauts right
    Lick my love pump LOL

  3. HaikuMan says:

    This is Spın̈al Tap
    Gotta get the umlauts right
    Without italics?

  4. stabby says:

    Wait, so he has about 1000 “active accounts” for each person who actually posts?

    That’s an amazing ratio, he sure knows how to keep people excited about his blog! How does he do it?

  5. Noticing a whole lot of 11’s on that graph.

    By that I assume Charles Johnson is turning the Cheeto’s and Little Debbie snack cakes up to 11.

  6. windbag says:

    I was banned for disagreeing. Must have been the exception.

  7. stabby says:

    If you have a site walker that keeps tracks of recent posts it would be funny to query unique posters per month.

    • Bunk X says:

      That would be stalking, and the BRC has posted similar stats before. Might be due for an update.

  8. Pakimon says:


    Flyers beat the Rangers 2-1 to even the series!

    • Abu says:

      My racist Blackhawks are are tied 14 mins into the 3rd.
      Ahhhh!! A win tonight in St. Lou and its over. Or not.

      • Pakimon says:

        and the Blackhawks er, “hawks of Color” win it in overtime!

        Now we just need the Red Wings to win this afternoon to keep this party rollin’!

  9. swamprat says:

    The growth rate of this blog cannot even be charted.

    Does this mean uh…the popularity of the blog is waning?
    Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no…no, no, not at all. I, I, I just think
    that the.. uh.. its appeal is becoming more selective.

  10. Pakimon says:

    Here we go again!

    Yet another edition of “How Many Tweets Does It Take To Get To The Center of a Nontroversy”! Brought to you by Cheetos and Mountain Dew!

    Let’s find out!


    • Pakimon says:


    • Pakimon says:

      Tha-ree 😆

    • Pakimon says:

      The Chunkster is so giddy about sharing something that he rather then one of his handful of sycophants farted out.

      Too bad the incessant retweeting of the same link repeatedly makes him look like a brain-damaged chimp with Alzheimer’s. 😆

    • DudeBro says:

      Fact: The Republican party is more diverse than LGF. Hey chuckie REMEMBER banning Afrocity and Baldilocks? And conning George Duke out of his $$$? Our chuckie just another white privileged gated community(people of color need not apply) ‘progressive’

  11. Because Quotations from Chairman Chunk, extended edition says:

  12. poopshovel says:


    when Charles says FACT he is bullshitting

  13. Octopus says:

    Congrats to Paki and Abu, the swarthy fans of teams to the east and west of Hockeytown. Both looking strong!

    • Abu says:

      Octo, Your boys are still playing. Bringing it. Time to take Bahastan down, one game at a time.

      Congrats to Paki’s Flyers. Fighting back to all square is a great feeling. My guys reached back to find the stuff that makes them defending champs. Beware Montreal. They are on a 10 day vacation waiting for the next round.

      • Octopus says:

        If we win tomorrow, in Boston, it’s a series again. Not overly optimistic, given the last couple of games. We’ll see.

  14. Octopus says:

    The only thing smacking your drooling gob is your palm, as you shovel in fistful after fistful of cheesy goodness. Artisanal, and crunchy-fried varieties. A lot of cheese.

  15. Octopus says:

    Chunky is confusing “amused dudebros” with “followers” again…all while getting his ass kicked up and down the superhighway by girls. Lookin’ good, mang!

  16. swamprat says:

    Fact: at LGF, just as at many other sites, we automatically suspend accounts if they’re inactive for a certain amount of time.

    ‘Nother “fact”: those inactive accounts are account of people going away and not coming back.

  17. Pakimon says:

    The Red Wings journey back to Beantown to take on the Bruins and given the importance of this pivotal game, some ice girl type mojo is just what Octo needs to get in the “positive waves” frame of mind.

    No videos since the Red Wings don’t have ice girls but Paki will improvise… :mrgreen:



    Now Go! Fight! And Win!

  18. Octopus says:

    Today’s workout is for everyone who’s feeling a bit “broad across the beam,” or would like to join this latest fashion fetish. Put on your sheerest Lululemons, and prepare to put the backfield in motion.

    Beam me a broad, Scotty! 🙂

  19. rightymouse says:

    Here’s a nostalgic look at REAL exercise. 🙂

  20. Juan Epstein says:

    I was wrong.

    There are people defending Bundy.

    Apparently there’s an un-edited video.


    • swamprat says:

      Oops! But we know from Treyvon Martin that facts don’t matter.

    • stabby says:

      He doesn’t need to be unedited. You just run with this though. You can make him your next “God, why don’t these people just die” icon after Donald Trump.

    • swamprat says:

      Ok, this is stabbysincla(at)yahoodotcom
      You can experiment a bit before you post and see the Icon first.
      I started taking letters away, then clicking on the name to watch the icon appear. You can mess around to get triangles, squares, etc, or try to make a scarey one.

  21. Juan Epstein says:

    • rightymouse says:

      His full contextual statements were edited out. Fancy that. Typical MSM. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
      I still don’t knpw what the hell they have to do with BLM’s ass-hole behavior.

      • rightymouse says:


      • Because Racist says:

        All roads lead to race.

      • rightymouse says:

        It’s all the left has left in their bag of lies, obfuscations & character assassinations.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        Yeah, what is he saying that isn’t true? The slave thing is a bit of hyperbole, big deal.
        Now they get to dismiss his entire argument out of hand. So convenient.

      • stabby says:

        Oh for Christ’s sake! The man makes a profit stealing $7100 a year from the government for 21 years on an average of 50000 cattle, then says that blacks would be “more free” as slaves because they mooch.

        So obviously he and his sons would more free in chains in a dungeon somewhere. We just need to find him a wealthy Saudi gay slaver with a fetish for cowboys and we can give them the “freedom” he’s begging for. He can lick boots in take whips.

      • stabby says:

        Sorry typed wrong in the calculator and didn’t use an accurate number – he stiffed the gov $52000 a year on fees of $1.5 per head (someone said it used to be $1.2 per head) so the number of cattle was right.

        Hey if I steal $52000 per year am I a mooch?

        Also do you think black folks could hold federal agents off with guns after stealing $1.1 million and be heroes on Fox News? :3 Don’t all of the diary of Daeldus’ black posters want the same standards on your favorite media as pasty face cowboys get?

      • swamprat says:

        900 head
        Using the gov’s figures, they either overcharged by several thousand head, or by three times the going rate for PRIVATE GRAZING ($15.50 vs $1.35) which is why they backed off their ludicrous claim of one million dollars.
        They also pulled the document explaining how to figure the charges for the solar company, (deal fell though, I know) and tactics regarding the Bundy Ranch which was named.
        Bundy was the last guy standing after the other ranches were driven out of business.

        You might want to start digging into this. Looking at facts rather that regurgitating the talking points from either side might open your eyes.

        Reid is no Allen Foster Dulles, but he sure is trying.

        Must be nice to have an actual army at your disposal.

        You can’t see the fire for the smoke, but there sure is a lot of smoke.

      • stabby says:

        No one who has a real business is going to be driven out of it for $1.35 per head per year – and the gov services to the land are worth more than that.

        I can believe that people were driven out of business by refusing to pay (I think Bundy started this over turtles) and then being hit with 20 years of back dues or even penalties. But that’s just a supposition.

      • swamprat says:

        At least the United Fruit Company ran roughshod over them nocount furiners.

        Dulles had the CIA helping his business deals; poor Reid has to make do with grown, armed Boy Scouts playing park ranger.

        Still, not a bad deal having the government help you out. Corporate Welfare for the rich. Oh wait. Bundy is the one using government facilities for private gain, right?
        Reid’s used the desert tortoise to his own advantage before this, but you had no way to know because that wasn’t what you were prepared to see. I just wanted you to know that you were defending a tinhorn John Foster Dulles, only this guy is pissing on his own countrymen while Dulles operated overseas so he could sell the US bananas washed in bloodshed and tyranny.

      • stabby says:

        “which is why they backed off their ludicrous claim of one million dollars.”

        when you italicize “one million dollars” i hear it in Dr. Evil’s voice.

        Do you have a cite for them backing off?

      • swamprat says:

        The rates they charged came to $45 dollars for what he could have gotten privately for $15.50 or what they were supposed to be charging for $1.35.

        No doubt they tacked on a few fees and fines but they haven’t been exactly forthcoming in their bill of lading.

      • swamprat says:

        No. But it is supposedly now around 200k.
        However if Bundy feels as he claims (no Idea) then this amount is a matter of degree and still would be objectionable.

      • swamprat says:

        Bundy is the last rancher in the area; the blm “managed” to run all the others off. It is telling that 27 other ranches (from memory) quit doing what they had been doing for generations. And tortoises get along very well with cows, the turtles benefit.

      • stabby says:

        In that case Bundy could have er communicated that info clearly himself instead of holding a white-only woodstock and complaining about the lack of slavery.

      • swamprat says:

        I don’t know if Bundy is correct. I do know that the visual of citizens walking defiantly towards armed goverment squads is exactly the sort of spirit praised by Jefferson, Che, the French Revolution, Marx, Democrates, you name it.

      • swamprat says:

        In honesty, Bundy lost in court. Twice. If there was politics involved those cases will now be examined. My suspicion is that both sides honestly felt justified, which is why we have courts and judges. The ranchers I talk to feel the BLM is overbearing. Most side with Bundy but I get the feeling that all side with him in principle but don’t know the law and specifics enough to come out and say that he was legally justified. I do know a man who said he knew a JAG (military) who felt Bundy had a good case.

      • frabby stinclair says:

        Ron Jeremy puts his “white-only woodstock” in stabby’s mom’s ass.

      • swamprat says:

        That looks very close to my Icon and I had nothing to do that. These icons are generated by some program that uses the email addy and he must have hit pretty close. i will usually Identify myself when I post Nom-De-Plum-ally.

      • swamprat says:

        posted accidentally above

        April 26, 2014 at 7:57 pm
        Reply | Quote

        Ok, this is stabbysincla(at)yahoodotcom
        You can experiment a bit before you post and see the Icon first.
        I started taking letters away, then clicking on the name to watch the icon appear. You can mess around to get triangles, squares, etc, or try to make a scarey one.

  22. Juan Epstein says:

  23. Because spanking that monkey says:

  24. rightymouse says:

    Back on topic…..
    Charlie must be feeling particularly peevish to tweet such lies.

  25. Because Death Threat says:

  26. rightymouse says:


  27. Abu says:

    The “quote” feature isn’t working for me, odd. I wanted to LOL at Bunk’s #broneydopes.
    That is funny!

  28. Because does LGF really have 12 lizardim? says:

  29. Achilles says:

    They are finally attempt to dig up all of those destroyed E.T. Atari 2600 cartridges – right now as I type this. I wish that they were streaming it live.

  30. Because let's see if we get a tweet says:

    Flash the race signal! Flash the race signal! Race detective alert! Race detective alert! Real racism sighted! Repeat. Real racism sighted! That is all.


  31. Because breaking: Goose goes dumpster diving says:

  32. Abu says:

    Sorry ’bout your Wing, Octo. Was a tough year due to injuries. Next year!

  33. Pakimon says:

    Yeah, sorry Octo.

    If it’s any consolation, if Pakimog was at Boston Garden, he would’ve chucked a big slimy octopus right in the mug of some fat Boston fan sporting a Bruins cap and wearing an “I ❤ Ted Kennedy" t-shirt.

    • Pakimon says:


      Abu and I saved you spots on the Flyers and Blackhawks bandwagons so you can have some cold ones and continue to enjoy playoff hockey if you want.

      Just for this year’s playoffs though…after that, back on the Red Wings bandwagon you go. 😀

      • Abu says:

        Damn straight. Or you can adopt the Canadiens since they’ll now battle teh overrated Bruins.
        Plus your Tigers are off and running.

      • Octopus says:

        Thanks, guys. I’ll be rooting for both your teams.

        Wings were lucky to make the playoffs, given the state of their team most of the year. Dats and Z just got back, but they’re both about 60-70%, at best. We just didn’t have the horses to compete with Boston, which team I feel is going to make a serious run at the Cup.

        Go, Tigers! (also lost today) 😆

  34. Pakimon says:

    Especially when you buttchug it with Mountain Dew, right Chunky?

  35. Because hashtag is legal in CO, isn't it? says:

  36. Bunk X says:

    Amazing. The Bundy Ranch standoff was all about white supremacy according to Linane.

    100 Lidane Apr 25, 2014 7:29:36pm
    re: #80 EPR-radar

    I know you’re rooting for your team here, but really “Go GOP” seems awfully strange after a week in which the neo-confederacy that has been imported into the GOP and movement conservatism as part of the civil rights realignment has rarely been more clear.

    Seriously. For anyone who’s a Republican and not a complete batshit Neo-Confederate loon, all this Bundy Ranch shit should be a serious gut check. Do you really want to keep cheering for this team when they’re determined to start another Civil War and they’ll use any pretense to do it?

    For fuck’s sake, the militia snipers that we saw photographed aiming at the BLM were bragging about having several federal officers in their line of sight. They’re all part of this Posse Comitatus, white supremacist bullshit and they’ve been openly supported and cheered on by the RW blogs, Fox News, several elected officials with an (R) after their name and most of the talk radio loons. What more does it take for someone to finally realize that the Republican party is completely insane?

    • swamprat says:

      Disputes about government controlled land are civil war skirmishes?
      So how does this work? Did Bundy have black sharecroppers who had a claim ?
      Or were the peasant farmers in South America, fighting the government-backed United Fruit Company goons, showing their racism?

      • swamprat says:

        Oh right! Bundy is racist because he postulated that government handouts were a worse form of slavery than the type the Republicans fought in the late 1800’s.

      • swamprat says:

        which is like comparing heroin and arsenic for toxicity

  37. Because Chunky, this is complete, 100% cacapopo, there's no 'rape epidemic', you're a dope says:

  38. Arachne says:

    Al Sharpton owes $2.6 million in back taxes. Let me know when the IRS SWAT team surrounds his house and starts grabbing his property in an effort to get it paid.