We hurt someone’s feelings


The owner of the deranged Far Left hate site Little Green Footballs is crying over Stalkers. Charles is angry over the Twitter account Gus_807 whom he either mistakenly claims or outright lies that it is me. Even worse is his deranged meltdown whenever ChenZhen challeges his smears.



Charles, I don’t like you but I am seriously getting concerned for your mental health. You live in sunny California, get out of the house. Go to the beach, bike ride, hit a beach bar and look at the pretty women. You are entering the golden years of your life and should try to make them peaceful. Get offline Charles and enter the real world for your own sake!

Bonus: Comments like these fuels Charles Johnson’s paranoia.

Update: Charles gets called out for being beyond help.

Meltdown continues Meltdown continues2

This situation is not funny anymore. Charles is a man who really needs some professional help for his psychological problems.


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  1. CNN needs to get off of flight #MH370 and find out what happened Charles Johnson’s missing dignity & sense of irony.

    There’s a real story there somewhere.

  2. fatty mcbumf says:

  3. swamprat says:

    Perhaps it would have been better for charles had he not brought this up in the first place. It looks like the buckets of poo he has thrown have been blown back in his face. It had to happen eventually.

  4. swamprat says:

    And let us not forget Reaganite who left because his friends were banned for NOT being anti Muslim. They decried the extremism and were banned when they tried to wrangle the blog away from calls for oppression and violence.

    • swamprat says:

      They formed the blog “gulf coast pundits”.

    • yoshisen says:

      Funny that I remember that. Be “Sir Chuckles” doesn’t, along with the “I don’t ban anyone…” comment that he made some time ago.

    • swamprat says:

      So I am clear. I was swept up in this also. I went center and was attached frequently. No issues there: debate is part of life. I don’t however, remember charles agreeing with me much during that period. When charles swept to the hard to the left, the guys center and right were on the outside. At that point the attacks seemed to get a bit harsher from the insiders and the debate a bit dishonest. This is, I will admit, a matter of viewpoint, but charles’ dishonesty about his past and dishonesty about his blog history is clear to anyone who bothers to look.

  5. Juan Epstein says:

    Take a look how many times Greenwald is mentioned in The Big C’s TL.


    Has Greenwald tweeted anything since that ONE?

    Oh, and once it’s out there on the internet, you have no control over it.

    Hence the meltdown.

  6. Juan Epstein says:

  7. Because says:

    Malevolent children? I get the feeling there’s a reason he never had kids, and thinks abortion is a sacrament.

  8. PeteP says:

    He clearly has mental issues. It’s been 3 days already and he’s still fuming and crying over it.

  9. Bunk X says:

    From downstairs:

    fatty mcbumf :
    sounds like a threat of violence to me.
    “last person to mess with me….DIED”

  10. trebob says:

    Where’s that shrieking harpy rant generator when you need it?

  11. Octopus says:

    Chunky McDumbth & The Giant Cheeto Heist!

  12. Octopus says:

    Desperately sad on so many levels… 😦

    • Minnow says:

      Hahahahahahaha Barry – as if anyone gives a crap….. Hahahahahahahahahahaha….

    • fatty mcbumf says:

    • And for weeks after the “Why I Parted Ways with the Right” screed we were treated to: Exhibit A to Z of all the reasons. ” Exhibit A: Alpacas-Conservatives aren’t down with Alpaca sex”

      “Exhibit B: Bicycle Seats- Conservatives aren’t down with riding their bikes without one and feeling the cool sensation of a rusty seat pole penetrating their squeekholes while riding down to the beach to photograph oil tankers & breakwaters”

      Man we had a lot of fun with that shit….good times, good times.

      • Bunk X says:

        Fun fact: Alpacas are used as sheepdogs and kickass on wolves. One alpaca will protect a flock, but if you have two alpacas, they ignore the sheep and mess around with each other. Sheep be damned.

    • d&d says:

      If the right is so horrible then why did he ever side with them? Why for 8 whole years was he a fascist and a racist and a hater. And why did he bash the left so mercilessly during that time? He acts now as if being with the left is where he always rightfully belonged. But he hated the left with real passion and was openly vicious and mocking toward them. His story doesn’t make any sense unless you factor in that he was either a lying fraud then or he’s one now. That’s the only way to reconcile it. One thing’s for sure he’s a truly vicious, underhanded and dishonest person.

      • Pakimon says:

        Gotta be fair to The Chunkster.

        He as duped…yeah, that’s it…DUPED!

        and misled…can’t forget misled.

    • Bunk X says:

      And Chuck still doesn’t acknowledge that Fascism is a leftist construct based upon socialism that resulted in its creator, Il Duce, being hung by his own people.

  13. Captain Death says:

    Chuckles cries like a little girl. Bwaaahhhh!

  14. Because says:

    There’s an asymmetry about DoD vs LGF. LGF is all about … Icarus Johnson. DoD is all about … Icarus Johnson. The difference is context.

    • Arachne says:

      Johnson banned people then continued to smear them and allow his sycophants to join in after they could no longer defend themselves. He’s a coward of the first water, completely exposed by his whining about stalkers and not being able to control the dialogue on Twitter. Everyone else simple “blocks” those they don’t wish to hear from. Johnson wants their accounts banned…..for imagined slights to Johnson. Sites “stalk” him, yet he goes on a constant barrage at the content of the sites of the target du jour.

  15. Al-Cheezeera says:

    This man has gone off the deep end. If there’s anything fatass hates, it’s the rest of the world knowing who he really is. He is screeching and screaming now more than any other time I have seen it. It’s nothing but three days of lying and outrage porn!!

  16. Because and again says:

    • PeteP says:

      There he goes spamming again. And no, it’s a group blog Chucky. There’s no owner.

    • This guy gets about 5 retweets at best with anything he posts nowadays and most of them are from the sycophants with little or no followers. His soap box/bully pulpit he stands on is somewhere between hell and the bottom of a very deep salt mine.

      No one even knows he exists these days….or cares.

    • Because says:

      The “CONTENT WARNING!” is lulz. Srsly?

    • fatty mcbumf says:

      so this makes the fact that Breivik listed LGF as a major inspiration wrong??

      look, squirrel !!

    • Daedalus, Chunky made sure to link a photo of you to that post just so the sycophants know what their target looks like in their dossier. This guy has now went from being off the rails pissed to barking batshit crazy.

      • Arachne says:

        His sycophants also conspired to contact Chen Zen’s employer to get him fired. I don’t recall Johnson getting all upset at the prospect. Believe me I think if he could out all of us he would. I believe they backed off when WE started making noise over here about contacting Johnson’s service provider and letting those Loozardoid know TWO can play that game.

      • Bunk X says:

        They pulled the same crap on Patterico, L.A. Deputy District Atty. in charge of prosecuting violent gangbangers.

      • Pakimon says:

        It should be noted that the folks here passed on the opportunity to publish Chunkles’ actual address in Culver City for anyone who would be inclined to leave a flaming bag of dog poop at his front door and ring the door bell.

        In fact, the point has been made that it will not ever be posted here.

        Yet we’re supposedly the ones who are “vile” and “malevolent”. 🙄

  17. Minnow says:

    Talk about a red herring. Barry, the argument is about YOU and the influence you had spouting out your hate speech for all of those years on Mr. Breivik, the mass murderer. And frankly, there is no argument. For years, you bashed Muslims every bit as much as Spencer, Geller and others. You know it. We know it. But, instead of acknowledging this and, perhaps, apologizing…. your resort to this amateurish style of debate….. pointing fingers at others for their failings.

    Hahahahaha…. you are really pretty dense old man.

  18. Because Onose says:

  19. swamprat says:

    And in those 4 years, I wrote hundreds of posts exposing the truth about the so-called “anti-jihad” bloggers. Fact: Breivik despised me. 1 hour ago

    I doubt very much that he despised you from the onset. When you finally, ( and believe me, this was not from the beginning) finally, began to mildly protest against the calls for various imagined propositions of retribution and submission Breivik probably saw you as a traitor. But that would have been after he had seen all your vilifications‎ of Islam. He probably saw you as a traitor after he had seen you as being on his side. I am not going to pour through his garbage to check. However; your stance was quite clear, as it is now. The aspect in question is not your former disdain for Islam, it is your willingness to acknowledge it as a previous part of your history and its impact on others.

    Fact: you inspired many people who now comprise the Anti-Jihad community.

  20. swamprat says:

    Charles is posting an audio of some guy claiming to stab muslims.

    Some guy who posted on his blog for a good long while.

    Same as Fjordman.

    Same as Pam Geller.

    Same as the founders of Pajama Media whose website he had formatted and written.

    • Same as Breivik (just don’t know what s/n he posted under)

    • swamprat says:

      Fjordman was frequently used as a source by charles johnson. Pam Geller called charles her “blog daddy”. Zombie of Zombietime was quite self-effacing before he gained experience and fame.

      He was an inspiration to them all.

      • Arachne says:

        Pam Geller spurned him. Let’s not forget THAT little tidbit. And then chided him when he attempted to smear the attendees at an anti- jihad conference.

  21. BlogDaddy says:

    Anyone have the link to Pam Gellar calling CJ her blog daddy?

    • swamprat says:

      no. have a strawberry

      29 Charles 2006-10-12 06:26:02


      Fjordman: Jihad Watch had a serious glitch yesterday, and I’m working with Robert and Hosting Matters to get things restored. It’s probably going to be at least a day before things are back to normal.

      • swamprat says:

        The separation begins;

        “The initiative is necessary. I support the movement against the Islamization of Europe. But once again, I’m disturbed that no one is willing to discuss the problematic nature of some of the participants. Instead, they — and you — attack those who raise the issue and ask reasonable questions.

        It’s a devil’s bargain, Fjordman. I thought you were smarter than this.”

      • swamprat says:

        Here he acknowledges his former respect for fjordman:

        Charles 2007-10-29 20:23:33

        “It’s not just weak. It’s dishonest, and I suspect Fjordman knows that.

        I’ve lost all respect for the person posting as ‘Fjordman’.”

      • swamprat says:

        Here are some possible references to a brevik

        charles 2001-10-31 15:23:55 543,763
        Dean: I thought maybe you were at the tail end of a week long binge or something.

        Kidding! I knew our cute little asswipe wasn’t you, because you don’t live in Norway.
        Charles 2003-12-12 07:19:11 543,763
        “european” is indeed Norwegian, posting from Trondheim, Norway.

        I loved Trondheim when I visited several years ago, “european.” A beautiful city, with an exquisite ancient cathedral.
        Charles 2004-11-15 14:26:12 543,763
        “The_real_american” is in Norway.

        Of course.

    • Bunk X says:

      Sometimes it’s hard to find the strawberry in this patch. Link when you find it.

  22. Juan Epstein says:

    Any shocking video from Olso?

  23. Minnow says:

    How about the fact that Barry has referred to Pam Geller as “babe”… as in, “you’re killing me here babe…” Surely you don’t say such things to people you loathe…?

    (Gads…. that is an icky thing to say… especially in a public forum…. “babe”….)

  24. Arachne says:

    BTW I seem to recall Johnson smearing – was it Geertz Wilder? – by claiming to show him and another guy shaking hands in front of a Neo-Nazi flag? That was later shown to be photoshopped into the picture?

  25. Man, I really need to stop tweeting Charles Johnson/LGF stuff. I start to bleed followers like an artery has opened up…..I mean I can Tweet Reid, Pelosi or even Beiber and Miley Cyrus stuff all day long and gain followers.

    There’s a special irony in that.

  26. swamprat says:

    325 Charles 2007-10-07 19:55:01 543,763
    re: #322 threecoloursblue

    ” What a lot of hyperventilating about al- jaz!Look, when it does the weather forecast for the Middle -East, Israel doesn’t have any weather! In point of fact Israel doesn’t have any Israel!Who, in the name of the risen Christ, is going to be swayed by infantile crap like that ?
    Most of the Islamic world.

  27. swamprat says:

    no, couldn’t be:

    Charles 2007-05-10 12:02:39 543,763

    EtNorskTroll: it is absolutely not OK to post things like that here. Occasional Reader didn’t “censor” you, I did.

    • OLT's Something I Said, Maybe says:

      Occasional Reader, the now-stalker? No way!

      /hey Stalker Charles, remember back before you stalked and defamed a lot of people? I do.

      • Because says:

        He went to an unapproved site. Remember?

        First Commandment of the swamp: I am the Lord, thy Blog. Thou shalt not have strange blogs before me.

        Third Commandment of the swamp: Remember to keep the the Sabbath holy by attending the Donkey Show.

        And so on.

  28. swamprat says:

    johnson never advoked violence.
    Here is one of his non-violent posts about Islam;

    charles 2001-09-11 08:26:52 543,763
    The creatures who did this were not human. Humanity is something you choose; when these things chose their course, plotted their evil, and carried it out, they relinquished the privilege of being considered human.

    Even more sickening are the scenes of celebration coming out of Palestine and other Islamic states. Such hate. Such joyous embracing of evil. It’s just soul-wrenching.

    certainly not a call to violence

    • Minnow says:

      the saddest and most ironic aspect to all of this is that he was exactly correct in his assessment shown in that post. Who can explain his twisted and inexplicable zig zagging off into the never-never land that is how his perspective.

      How would Today Barry assess this now?

  29. swamprat says:

    A very moderate comment

    charles 2001-10-05 09:05:35 543,763

    …..I don’t see Israelis training their children to devote their lives to hatred and murder. And that’s a vital distinction, because a society that has nothing to offer its children but fantastic promises of martyrdom is, by my definition, deeply anti-human, and should be condemned….


  30. swamprat says:

    Charles 2002-03-27 14:49:00


    Hmm. Let�s see. America-hating extremist Islamic fanatics hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings. Saudi Arabia has been spending �astronomical� amounts of money (by their own words!) to promote their version of America-hating extremist Islam around the world … for many years. The Taliban were a direct creation of Saudi Wahhabism.

    You see no connection?

  31. swamprat says:

    Charles 2002-04-16 06:17:46 543,763

    Comes as no surprise, really; the Arab and Islamic world is notoriously murky on concepts like �voting� and �freedom of speech.�

  32. swamprat says:

    Charles 2002-07-02 11:23:49 543,763

    A reader emailed me to note that it’s possible this tribal court was Hindu, not Muslim; he pointed out that an Islamic court would probably issue a more humane punishment, like amputation or stoning.

  33. swamprat says:

    Charles 2002-07-26 12:56:37
    The Saudi legal system is sharia: Islamic law. And I disagree most strongly that we shouldn’t feel disdainful toward it; it’s a brutal medieval system with absolutely nothing we would recognize as due process. Other lovely sharia punishments include amputations and stonings.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree, because to me, hacking heads off with swords in front of cheering crowds belongs in the dark ages.

  34. swamprat says:

    Charles 2002-08-22 11:07:23 543,763

    Jeanne: wow. I hadn’t made that connection, but you’re right; this refers explicitly to the blood libel. Very disturbing. It shows just how much this sort of evil Nazi-inspired nonsense has been internalized by the Islamic community. Remember, these are kids. Who’s teaching them this stuff?

    certainly no blanket condemnation of Islam there.

  35. Because boing boing says:

  36. Because they might bite your penis penis penis lol or steal your cheetos or something says:

    • Juan Epstein says:

      Yes, Because banning people YOU don’t agree with has proved to be a stellar business plan.

    • Bunk X says:

      Charles doesn’t feel safe.
      No one here has ever threatened him.
      Charles doesn’t feel safe.
      Stacy McCain has never threatened him.
      Charles doesn’t feel safe.
      Pamela Geller has never threatened him.
      Charles doesn’t feel safe.
      Jim Hoft has never threatened him.
      Charles doesn’t feel safe.

    • fatty mcbumf says:

      out out damned spot !

  37. Because some of my best friends says:

  38. Juan Epstein says:

    Serious First World Problems for the persecuted white guy. SMH. FML.

    And he’s going afer Greenwald again in Tweets with that annoying tone. He wants a reaction.

    Not a Brevik, reaction, mind you.

  39. Juan Epstein says:

    I mean, he’s constantly stalking Greenwald while complaining about stalking.

    Bro-Self Awareness.

  40. Minnow says:

    Yeah…. if I hadn’t done it so many times before….. I might suggest how much Barry could have been making a month if he had instituted a small annual access fee to his blog – if he hadn’t developed such a pride and ego problem.

    Whatever happened to our buddy Dork Falcon?

  41. whatjamjamloves says:

    But Chunk claims that wingnuts are crazy to think there’s a twitter gulag.



    Such a fat dick

    • Bunk X says:

      If Charles has an itchy finger, it means he didn’t wipe it well.

      • Because says:

        Supposed to use his left hand for wiping, and his right hand for tweeting.

        He’s also supposed to use bumf, but…

    • Pakimon says:

      Funny how Chunky’s constant bleats about the evil stalkers stopped when he finally managed to get someone tossed into the Twitter Gulag.

      Fortunately from looking at the times above it looks like Twitter has turned the Gulag into a revolving door.

      Incarcerated: 8:18 PM

      Released: 8:26 PM

      Sorry Chunky, Twitter has adopted a “catch and release” program. 😆

  42. Juan Epstein says:

    Has Greenwald blocked The Big C?

  43. ISTE says:

    Life is wonderful.

  44. McSwamprat says:

    Ock. Aye do ken when charles made Jay Rue the Dee he crossed charles johnson!

  45. Minnow says:

    time for another can of imported beer…. imported all the way from Milwaukee…. urrrppp.

  46. Pakimon says:

    Pakimog say Happy Easter to all the his “evul stawker” pals!

  47. Pakimon says:

    Meanwhile, I heard that Bunk tried to introduce a new version of The Easter Bunny for his kids this year.

    Unfortunately, the “hippity hoppity hopping down the bunny trail” part didn’t work out.

    Maybe next year. 😀


  48. Because fat, stupid and cranky is no way to go through life says:

    whatjamjamloves :

  49. Because he said 'nipple' says: