Charles attacks Bloggers for mentioning Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat

Charles today has tied Frazier Glenn Miller to his favorite boogeyman Ron Paul. But his ire was towards bloggers who are pointing out that Frazier Glenn Miller ran a Democrat for office.

Charles mad at Bloggers Charles mad at Bloggers2 Charles mad at Bloggers3

Nowhere in his rant, does Charles contradict the fact that Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat at one point. At the end he once against ties Ron Paul into this whole shooting to prove Miller was not a Democrat. Charles presents no evidence an once again just flings poo.



Neo-Nazi in the news makes Charles Johnson’s day

Reading LGF on a dilay  basis one would think that its the 1930’s and Nazism is on the rise and a threat to the world. When an incident occurs and there is Nazi involvement Charles does a post as if his paranoid worldview is being confirmed. There were 2 shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas involving a Neo-Nazi named Frazier Glenn Miller. Always happy to report when a Neo-Nazi is in the news as if its vindication, Charles happily does a post on the shootings.

Glenn Miller Glenn Miller2

If the attacker was an Islamist, I highly doubt Charles would have done a post. This Nazi made Charles Johnson’s day and expect a series of posts about the Nazi threat.