LGFers wanted BLM to use violence against Cliven Bundy

The totalitarian supporting comments speaks for themselves.

Cliven Bundy Cliven Bundy2 Cliven Bundy3 Cliven Bundy4 Cliven Bundy5

Ignoring the calls for violence on the part of his commentators, Charles plays the victim role.

Cliven Bundy6

Charles, I highly doubt anyone is going to bother looking for you. If you want sympathy, call out the calls for violence against Cliven Bundy on your blog.

Bonus: Dark Falcon accuses your truly of being behind the alleged threat to Charles.

Cliven Bundy7

I have some bad news for you Kurt, I don’t have a Twitter handle.

Update: SpaceJesus  joins the wish for violence against the Bundy Ranch and their supporters.

Cliven Bundy8

Keep it classy there loser!