Charles blames “Right Wing Media” for Bundy Ranch showdown

Being the totalitarian loving hack he is, Charles blames conservative leaning news outlets for the crisis between BLM and Cliven Bundy.

Charles blames people supporting Bundy in his standoff against the Fascist tactics of the BLM. The Great Investigator ignores reports that Harry Reid and a Chinese solar firm were behind this showdown as they wanted Bundy’s property for a solar wind farm. The BLM has since retreated from the area so no violent showdown is imminent as of this writing.  If it had come to violence, Charles would have been cheerleading the BLM aggressors.

If he ever had any real power, Charles would be a Mao-like violent dictator.



74 Comments on “Charles blames “Right Wing Media” for Bundy Ranch showdown”

  1. livefreeor die says:

    You can just see him salivating over the possibility of people dying.

  2. Because says:

    Too late. The feds went chicken.

  3. swamprat says:

    Pretty sure those BLM agents developed a true understanding of the situation that Custer faced.

    Also pretty sure the “protesters weren’t the usual group of teaparty people, soccer moms and drum circle groups.

    I’m thinking retired law enforcement, veterans, farmers with a grudge and people you really wouldn’t want to cross.

    They were just there to help the government avoid being too hasty. You know, just to help out.

  4. swamprat says:

    The Bundy Ranch situation did indeed turn violent, at first. Then some people stood up and peace broke out.
    Amazing really.

  5. Juan Epstein says:

    One thing’s for sure:

    In the 3 minutes the Big C has been following the story, he’s become more informed than the cattleman who’s been on that land for centuries.

  6. Macker says:

    By the way folks…today is ‘selrahC birthday! Crappy Birthday Chunk!

  7. swamprat says:

    Showdown was set to take place on Saturday so the bureaucrats involved would have plausible deniability as was done at Waco and Ruby Ridge. But the playbook has been turned to that page a bit too often to come as a surprise. Also, Rancher Bundy demanded that all peace talks be announced directly to the crowd and would not negotiate the BLMs’ terms of retreat.
    He acted like General MacArthur accepting the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri.

  8. swamprat says:

    Overheard at a BLM briefing somewhere in Nevada;

    Head Ranger Douglas MacDipwad is winding up his preraid peptalk:
    And so, in conclusion, I am not asking you die for the Nevada Desert Tortoise: I expect you to make sure that those OTHER poor saps die for the Nevada Desert Tortoise! And the Rory Reid Chinese Walmart Solar Energy Consortium! Really! I do!
    I …
    There’s overtime!
    Hey! Come Back!

  9. d says:

    Macker :By the way folks…today is ‘selrahC birthday! Crappy Birthday Chunk!

    Way to go Chunky Boo Boo. You’ve spent your late 50’s and now early ’60s being a fat moonbat licker of Demoncrap ass crack and admirer of the Religion of Splodey Idiots that visits violence and hatred on millions all over the world as much today as when you wuz misled after 9/11. After spending this week applauding Hirsi Ali’s undeserved and cruel, pointless persecution in order to protect Muslim hatred and intolerance, please have a crappy and disappointing birthday. Maybe that purplish mole means melanoma or that bowel pain leads to full blown colon cancer. We can only hope.

  10. d says:

    So the reason Chunk has been raping Tommy Emannuel for guitar videos and otherwise missing in action is because he’s been a rassilin’ with that there PHP code for the small mobile screen. He’s finally put up an orignal post.

    A SQL sequel if you will that no one cares about and where he pretends he’s some kind of web coding pedant, guru that everyone’s paying attention to, when they aren’t. In reality it’s pretty clear the kids have left him in their dust and he truly is nothing more than a mediocre guitarist with no formal training in anything, trying to reverse engineer what everyone in web design actually truly understood years ago.

    Chunk, every one’s yawning at your pathetic geriatric attempts to bend your ossified bad guitarist brain around established web techniques and well-known and well documented tools. Quit trying to pretend you’re anything other than a petty hater and aging attention whore.

    • d says:

      Also note he keeps saying “we”. Which probably means one of the moonbat sycophants is doing any heavy lifting and Chunk is taking credit for it.

      Truly a sad fucker. So Chunk, tell us who “we” is aside from your fat lard ass? Name them at least by nic. Or is it your 16 yr old neighbor kid who cuts your grass and would never visit LGF since he’s not into old dude stuff.

  11. Pakimon says:

    If Private Crypto Keys has access to “heartbleed hackers”. he’d better bring Corporal Punishment and Sergeant Slaughter along as backup. 😆

  12. d says:

    Ha ha Densewench! What do you suppose Trinity is in reference to? Was this college founded to glorify Allah?

    22 wrenchwench
    Apr 12, 2014 4:48:57pm replyquote 1downupreport

    In other news, the Johnson Lab is hiring:

    Research technician position: lizard behavioral evolution

    No, really.

    A full-time, NSF-funded, technician position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Michele Johnson at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Projects in the Johnson lab focus on behavioral evolution in lizards, using approaches from the fields of ecology and neuroscience to study the physiological traits underlying social behaviors. We are searching for a motivated, team-oriented technician to join our dynamic research group.

    I saw it on Facebook.

    To apply for the position, please send the following materials to Dr. Michele Johnson at CV or resume, including contact information for 2-3 references, and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position. Review of applications will begin immediately, and the ideal start date is May 12, 2014. We strongly encourage women and minority candidates to apply, as we value working with a diverse team. Trinity University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    23 IntoxiNation
    Apr 12, 2014 4:51:27pm replyquote

    • Pakimon says:

      We strongly encourage women and minority candidates to apply, as we value working with a diverse team. Trinity University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

      TRANSLATION: Creepy ass cracka’ guys need not apply.

      It’s good to know that Trinity College values “diversity” over selecting the best possible candidate for the position regardless of their sex or race.

      • Pakimon says:

        *Trinity College University

      • d says:

        Yup. Because outcome trumps merit. Like top down decree trumps competitive outcomes. It’s the Venezuela model and all the rage among the progressive set. They just leave that Trinity moniker there for quaintness and to bait in the clueless who might think that’s part of some kind of traditional American Christian ethics or values.

  13. Pakimon says:

    The difference between 8.3 and 7.6 is huge, (not that The Chunkster would know) according the ladies.

    Yet they say size doesn’t matter…go figure. 😆

  14. d says:

    Trinity University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    23 IntoxiNation
    Apr 12, 2014 4:51:27pm replyquote 1downupreport

    Nice trick, but it seems like at that point you really aren’t responsive. For example, you set that cookie and redirect back to PHP to get the page based by size, but what happens if I have that cookie set in my tablet and I’m in landscape, then I decide to rotate to portrait? You could hook into window.onresize and do a reload when need be, but that really hurts the user experience (ie: You have a YouTube video in a post. Someone is watching it and tilts their device a bit too far. Well now the page reloads, restarting their video)

    Honestly the best thing for responsive is to try and accomplish it in pure CSS and then throw a bit of javascript in if need be. That way the presentation layer stays client side. The whole “mobile first” design meme didn’t click with me at first, but if you do try and accomplish that, then it is relatively painless to achieve a responsive design through css, and if you really need something server side, then AJAX load it (not a concern like it used to be with search engines like Google now processing Javascript when scraping sites).

    Crooks and Liars, while a CSS mess (rushing to get it done because of other pending projects), is responsive. I’m slowly going through and cleaning things up as I have the time, but we’re running about a 1/2 dozen media query rules in there (hard to see them as I have Drupal set to aggregate all the CSS files into 1 on demand). I’ve even got the banner ads responsive, through a bit of Javascript magic. We also support IE8+, though the site is usable for the less than 1.5% of visitors we get in 6&7.

    24 wrenchwench
    Apr 12, 2014 4:53:32pm replyquote 4downupreport

    re: #23 IntoxiNation

    Welcome, hatchling.

    Yeah densewench, like he cares.

    25 Charles Johnson
    Apr 12, 2014 5:00:08pm replyquote 1downupreport

    re: #23 IntoxiNation

    In this case I’m using it to avoid loading some content that doesn’t go in the mobile version, and a couple of other content-related issues. Hopefully, if you’re designing for tablets already, it will able to display correctly in both portrait and landscape modes anyway — but you’re right that this could also be achieved by loading size-dependent content through Ajax.

    Hopefully if you’re designing for tablets already? Is this a new thing Chunk? Wow, that’s kind of a short, terse reply there Chunky. Where’s all that expansive smarty talk from your original post. Seems like you might be a little afraid this guy knows say, 100 times more about this subject than you? Time for a guitar video!

    • Because says:

      BTW, why was he all worked up about Heartbleed? What part of his site is ‘secure’? The ‘secret threads’?

      Is he really so paranoid that he uses SSL for a blog? I mean, who would try to steal his strawberries?

  15. d says:

    Pakimon :*Trinity College University

    Oh yeah. My bad.

    • Pakimon says:

      Naw. You were right.

      I had just typed college instead of university in my comment by mistake due to habit because there’s a Trinity College here in Florida and didn’t catch it until I posted it. 😀

  16. d says:

    So in the comments, and especially after the new guy Intoxination tries to engage him on high tech web design he suddenly only makes friendly, goofy comments. This being the last before he bails:

    Project Blue Mold. Unidentified Food Object.
    36 Charles Johnson
    Apr 12, 2014 5:50:36pm replyquote 3downupreport

    re: #31 RealityBasedSteve

    What the hell do you call that hair style. It’s not a mullet… what the hell is it?


    That’s what a mullet looks like after you’ve been sleeping in an underpass for a couple of weeks.

    Really Chunk, you’ve gone from self proclaimed web geniushood to commenting on some idiot commenters goofy picture link about funny hair?

  17. rightymouse says:

    Looks like “We the People” won. You a-hole.

    • Pakimon says:

      Funny how Chunky fails to mention that the BLM bailed when it became clear that Harry Reid was working out some scheme with a Chinese company to turn that public land into a solar farm.

      Don’t think the BLM was willing to risk a potential violent confrontation so ol’ Harry could line his pockets with chinese supplied cash.

    • Pakimon says:

      I haven’t been paying too much attention to what’s been going on.

      However, if the BLM had been messing with the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, I would’ve been pissed off.

      Hootie too….

  18. Pakimon says:

    And here’s the entirety and culmination of Gus_802’s contributions on Twitter the past year or so in a nutshell.

    Well done. 🙄

  19. Juan Epstein says:

    ‘People were polite, parents would shake my hand’: Canadian college blogger who wore a hijab for 18 days to reveal how racist her community is – finds people are actually NICER to her

    • rightymouse says:

      Good grief!! O_o

      “Rawhani discussed her findings with a psychology professor at her univertsity – she calls the interesting phenomenon an overcompensation.
      ‘It can be that someone actually does harbour racist tendencies but doesn’t want to look racist to others so they overcompensate in that way,’ she says.
      She also says that it could stem from people who might think they have a bias but are trying to suppress it by being overly accommodating to people of other races or religions.
      ‘In general, just from my interactions, I think people honestly believe in equality and have those values but they just don’t know how to interact with minorities,’ she says.”

      • swamprat says:

        They felt sorry for someone who was oppressed.

        Probably imagined that when her husband is present, she is only allowed to say “Death to America” in public.

    • trebob says:

      Being Muslim isn’t a minority and it isn’t a race, so this says nothing about racist tendencies at all.

  20. Because Science!!! says:

    “We can deduce that, irrespective of all empirical conditions, our diagnosis (and what we have alone been able to show is that this is the case) are what first give rise to the Psychopathologies. Therefore, the psychopathaological manifold (and to avoid all misapprehension, it is necessary to explain that this is true) can not take account of peer reviewed literature. Applied logic excludes the possibility of our conclusion. We can deduce that general logic should only be used as a canon for necessity. Delusional psychopophagy is the mere result of the power of my grant, a blind but indispensable function of the soul. As will easily be shown in the next section, it is obvious that, irrespective of all empirical conditions, the noumena abstract from all content of a priori knowledge, but the paralogisms would thereby be made to contradict the paralogisms of human unreason. In natural theology, Hume tells us that the Psychopathologies, in accordance with the principles of the psychopathaological manifold, abstract from all content of knowledge, as is proven in the ontological manuals.”

  21. swamprat says:

    Enough information has come out about the BLM/Bundy issue that charles may not want to go there. If he posts the official story, the facts might crop up here and there and get in the way.

    • swamprat says:

      I was wrong, but it is only on the “pages” so far.
      Here is a thoughtful commentary:

      20 steve_davis Apr 13, 2014 7:44:40am

      re: #5 theheat

      The BLM had to eat crow, lest we had another martyr spectacular like Ruby Ridge. Unfortunately, I expect this method worked so well, it will become S.O.P.

      I’m not actually that worried about this. BLM radically underestimated the pushback on this. They’ll simply regroup for a week or so, let all the militia folks go home, and then they’ll show Bundy what it looks like when the Feds decide to come in hard. They’ll set up a perimeter with folks in uniform who will have shoot to kill orders for anyone who tries to penetrate it, and they’ll have a 3 a.m. roundup with Bundy getting hogtied and taken into court.


      All of the comments were in favor of the BLM seizing the land for the Walmart and Chinese financed solar energy company owned by Harry Reid’s son Rory.

      Actually the facts aren’t completely clear yet, but the Nevada Desert Tortoise was apparently not the real issue.

    • rightymouse says:

      This is an interesting read about what’s going on in Nevada. Also, check out the map on just how much land in the U.S. the Gummint owns.

  22. Abu Bumf says:

    He forgot “penumbra”.

  23. Because Twosies says:

    • swamprat says:

      Those comments at lgf reflect everything I’ve come to expect from that site. Shallow, leftwing, uninformed, and framed for whatever issue they are pushing that particular day.

  24. Because since you're such an expert on welding, why don't you get out there and fix them? says:

  25. swamprat says:

    Dirt on Reid
    Shockingly, a politician in Nevada who is accused of ties to the mob. In Vegas, this happens when you deliver newspapers or mow lawns. Still, an interesting read.

  26. swamprat says:

    Got a WalMart coupon for Reid Solar Farms brand canned Tortoise meat.

    Recipe on the back for “semi-mock turtle soup”

    I’m told it tastes like a cross between Bottle-nosed Dolphin and Bald Eagle.

  27. Because that's hilarious says:

  28. Because sterno and Mountain Dew says:

  29. d says:

    I just had to comment on this since this statement by Van Jones is exactly what our Chunkles is saying everyday. It’s a viciously bigoted generalization to the point of absurdity. Since when are Libertarians all white? Since when have they ever been known to have any racial agenda whatsoever? Since when is it anti-black or hispanic to be against government intrusion and for individual rights. Minorities like gov’t intrusion and think rights of the individual is overated? Really?

  30. swamprat says:

    Things I learn from LGF:

    Cowboys don’t take very good care of their horses.

    Dominionists are behind the Bundy Ranch standoff.

    By refusing the management fees for land which the ranch had grazing rights for over a hundred years, Cliven Bundy is the moral equivalent of a welfare cheat.


    • Because says:

      Question for the swamp: what if Bundy was an Indian? Would that change anything?

    • d says:

      I think it’s clear the current government doesn’t like white people. If this guy was Mexican all they’d try to do is get him free health insurance and college tuition.