“I am an ex-wingnut.”

It saddens me to see another human being create an alternate universe not grounded in reality. After his latest humiliation at the hands of Glenn Greenwald and Mona Holland, the once significant blogger acts as if he is now significant again. Charles in a delusional moment introduces himself to what he claims are new followers on Twitter.

This just shows how out of touch Charles is. He is a obscure online cult leaders no one really cares about.

Living in reality and not being a shut in, I am going on vacation the next few days. I will return next Tuesday into the mad world of Charles Icarus Johnson. I will be at the beach drinking a Mai Tai, something Charles should be doing!


A very sick comment

One reason Charles Johnson has some serious mental issues is that he surrounded by some very nasty people. Just like a druggie has enablers,  the once great Jazz guitarist and former influential blogger associates with people who are not helping him with his issues. One such vile person is goddamnedfrank , who made an evil comment. He claims abortions have reduced the crime rates.

Abortion is cool

Regardless how ones feels about the abortion issue, this is pure evil. This vile cretin is one of the reasons why Charles has fallen from his once stellar heights.


“Ways to be passive aggressive.”

Ever since my epiphany last week about realizing that I may have contributed to Charles Johnson’s mental issues, I do not view his rants in the same light. He tweeted this out and did not realize he engages in the very behavior he is condemning.

This tweet is just sad in many ways. Charles, due to his mental issues, does not realize his tweet describes himself perfectly. It is sad to see the deterioration of another person’s mental state before our very eyes.

Update! Update!

I say “Update!” twice because, well, we have updates for TWO classic threads made previously here at DoD!

Are these groundbreaking? Not exactly, but they do encapsulate rather well the lies and general douchebaggery that we’ve come to admire from the one who flew too close to the sun, and that’s what we do here.

First, I’m going to bring us way back to November 2010, to a thread that demonstrates the scope of CJ’s love for the ban-hammer:

The Cursed “LGF Operative”

Within, I summarize the rather high casualty rate among those LGFers who achieved the rare, CJ-bestowed honor of becoming an “LGF Operative”. It’s been a few years, and back then we didn’t have the huge list of those we could confirm as banned commenters. So now, I decided to take a peek and update our list of known LGF Operatives with their confirmed status, with the updates shown in red:

Cursed indeed.

(Note: Obviously folks like Killgore and Gus are still around, but if anyone knows the status of, say, Kasper or Summer, let us know. After all, CJ basically told us that there are thousands more banned that we haven’t confirmed yet.)

Next, we have an update for a thread that is near and dear to all our hearts:

Fact Check: Johnson’s “Saint Pancake” Comment Stood for Years

In this thread, we really showcase the Johnson bullshit machine in its full glory, as we see him go from having to admit that he actually did say “Saint Pancake” (and effectively christening the term that would come to be associated with LGF for years), to doubling down and lying again, stating that….and I quote:

cj pancake deleted quickly

The timestamp! LOL

In any case, we blew that lie out of the sky in epic fashion, noting that the Wayback Machine had caught the “Saint Pancake” comment still sitting there unmolested for a few years after it was posted. It was obviously deleted much more recently, perhaps not long before we actually discovered its existence.

In response to our discovery, Johnson made the move to block the Wayback Machine again, so the best evidence we had was that the comment was still live until at least Feb. 2, 2006. In other words, it got deleted sometime between then and Jan. 2011. That’s the best we could prove.

Today, I can announce that, whether intentional on CJ’s part or not, the Wayback Machine is back! So, I decided to check it out again, tinkering around with the url a bit in the search, and I was able to grab this beautiful specimen of a screenshot:

218822 2007

Just look at it! Comment 218822 complete with updingy buttons and everything. Ahhhh…

Now, after you wipe the tear from your eye you might notice the date the Wayback Machine captured it puts it about a year and a half after our prior screencap, or over 4 years after the comment was posted. That narrows our window a bit further, and reiterates what a laughable load of BS we were shoveled before.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to narrow that window any more than that (barring an admission from Johnson), as at some point shortly afterwards CJ changed the format of his articles, prohibiting webcrawlers from peeking into the comments sections. My theory is that both the comment’s deletion and the original blockage of the Wayback Machine were probably tied to the challenges he was receiving from commenters about the “St. Pancake” term in that Guardian article he penned back in October 2010. He was issuing denials again, but this time well outside the safety of his own site, then scrambled to cover it up once he realized where he was. That’s what I’d wager on.

Oh, and in case CJ decides to block the Wayback Machine from accessing his site yet again, we used the WebCite service and backed up this precious nugget here. Feel free to share with friends and family.

Charles Johnson’s Reaction that Donald Sterling IS a Democrat

It is sad to see how Charles Johnson’s mental issues are effecting his reasoning abilities. Normally he would be among the harshest critic of racist rants like the one Donald Sterling was recorded doing. Instead he’s angry that people are pointing out he was a Democrat donor.

Although the Left has thrown Sterling under the bus for his comments, Charles is there downplaying his ties to the Democrat Party. I really do not know who Charles is trying to impress, but it makes him look like a fool.

Welcome, Hatchlings!

Charles New Followers

LGF Welcome New Hatchling

Welcome to LGF Little Green Hatchling!

As a new member of Little Green Footballs there are some things you need to be aware of. I suggest you copy and memorize them so that your LGF privileges are not suspended without warning.

1. Read the LGF Comment Rules and follow them. The LGF Comment Rules are enforced randomly and may change without notice. Non-compliance may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

2. Do not link to, or comment on, websites that are not approved. You are expected to know which websites to avoid. Linking to, or commenting on, such unnamed websites may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

3. Do not mention The Stalkers by name, even if you don’t know who they are. This may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

4.  Do not contradict my opinions, nor those of the majority on LGF. Always “upding” me, always “downding” Killgore Trout. Doing otherwise may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

5. Do not advertise adware pop-up blockers. This may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

6. Contribute to LGF to reduce adware pop-ups. Failure to do so may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

7. Enjoy your probationary status as a new member of the LGF Community. Probation ends one year from enrollment, although it may be extended or reduced at any time. Violation of any of  Rules 1 through 12 may result in your LGF privileges being suspended without warning.

8.   Change “may” to “will” in items 1 through 7 above.

9.   [Pending]

10. [Pending]

11. [Pending]

12. [Pending]

Cordially, Charles F. Johnson

Wait, Over 20,000 Blocked Accounts at LGF?

A recent battle that appeared in the Lizardoid Twitterwarrior Theatre got teh Johnson a little defensive about the number of banned netizens on LGF. One of CJ’s responses got past me, but our BRC Engineer #6 caught it, and made an excellent point:

Late last year, we updated our list of confirmed blocked accounts to 16,027. But this revelation, if true(*), means that we are still missing thousands more. It’s just some simple math.

See, a couple years back, we verified that there were 35,578 total user accounts registered (since it was implemented in 2004, and of course there’d be a few more by now). If there’s about 15,000 still active (or more accurately, not banned), that means that there’s roughly 20,000 that have been banned, or about 4,000 more than we’ve confirmed.

That’s quite a number.

An interesting corollary is that with CJ’s spin and deflection, he’s not disputing that our numbers were at least in the ballpark. In fact, in the prior tweet, he attempted to justify these huge numbers:

This is a real howler, for a couple reasons. First, since CJ doesn’t venture outside his own virtual castle, it’d be pretty tough for him to know what “many other sites” do. I’ve never run across it. And why would they? Second, the data the BRC gathered on a previous expedition does not show a nice, even, phasing out of old accounts “automatically”. On the contrary, we found that about 10,000 disappeared virtually overnight:



It’s possible that CJ has implemented something like this recently, but that looks like an obliteration done manually. So given the context and our experience, we’re gonna throw out a fat BS on that tweet as well. I mean, he claims these things but offers up no evidence or examples, and it’s completely contrary to what is found when someone decides to fact check him. *And there’s certainly little reason to take him at his word, the guy who swore up an down he’d never uttered “Saint Pancake“.