Stalking 101 – The Johnson Method

CJ Stalking 1

GASP! Abby Martin caught memory-holing tweets? Who would even THINK to do such a thing? Charles Johnson would never stoop to that level of dishonesty, right Charles? Charles?

From the DoD thread “Extreme Irony Alert” 3 August 2013:

✔  Nearly 300 front page posts flushed down the Memory Hole…   Check.
✔  Over 260 thousand comments tossed down the Memory Hole…   Check.
✔  Over 6 million other comments blocked from public view…   Check.
✔  Archive access to LGF through the Internet Wayback Machine blocked…   Check.

For a trip down Memory Hole Lane, here’s a link to DoD’s Archive of Charles’ Erasure Crumbs. What a #Rumpswab.


UPDATE (Briareus): They completely miss the irony.

CJ Stalking 2
Heh. Obdicut, you wouldn’t know shit journalism if it stabbed you in the ass with a fork. (Astroturf Wiki lately?)