Charles loves to retweet the same stories over and over again. He does one of his famous ICYMI over Apple’s CEO telling people who don’t believe in Global Warming to sell stocks in his company

This made Charles Johnson’s day!


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  1. Octopus says:

    ICYMI: Apple promotes human exploitation and slavish labor conditions!!1!


    …and if you don’t like it, why, sir, you can sell your stock to Charles “Fatass” Johnson and then drop dead. Bastard.

  2. Vincenzo Sinclair says:

    I bet it made your day when Sheriff Joe’s “Cold Case Posse,” “ruled” that Obama’s birth certificate is a “forgery. ”

    Betcha thought you had “The Kenyan” cornered then, eh?

  3. Octopus says:

    Remember when Fatass McDumbth posted his geeky opus on how to make a shiny green button, kind of like a kindergarten whiz-kid showing his Mommy a tracking of his hand made into a Thanksgiving Turkey, by the clever addition of color as directed by Ms. April, the cute young kindergarten teacher with fat legs? Oh, weren’t the swampy-minions impressed! Such a shiny green button could only be the work of a serious artiste and codehead. Chunky even played the reluctant teacher, saying he was only acceding to the feverish requests of people who had noticed his shiny green buttons on his site, and were dying to know what strange magic had produced them.

    Here’s the post: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/34167_Graphics_Tutorial-_A_Glassy_Green_Button_in_Fireworks_CS4

    Remembering how tickled I had been by that humble-bragging piece of affliction, I had a notion to hunt it down a few minutes ago in order to enjoy it once more. Then, wonder of wonders, a search for “how to make a shiny green button” showed up elsewhere, and with a much earlier date, as if to suggest that Chunky had stolen the sekrit formula for this bewitching dazzlement from another source! Imagine my shock, knowing what a man of principle and integrity is our Corpulent Codehead. Looking over the formulae, I discerned a very unsettling congruence between the two examples, despite them being created using different programs. I know this uneasiness must be a result of my unfamiliarity with the kind of genius required to create this kind of convergent evolution. Perhaps there is another artist here, who can help us understand.


  4. Octopus says:

    Did I miss Furious Burka’s furious denunciation of this latest RoP atrocity, the public stoning of a young Syrian girl (Arab Spring!, they said…) for opening a Facebook account? I’m sure she must have covered it, under her fetid black tent of modesty and death. Then, she picked up the stiffest-bristled toilet brush in the Home Depot, and took it into the Ladies’ for a good scratch down there.


  5. JimboXL says:

    Watch the Russian helo fleet flying toward Ukraine, now if you add about 20 more air vehicles to that fleet and have all of them headed in the opposite direction, then you have an accurate picture of the Obomber’s vacation fleet. Their dog gets his own Osprey, certainly a newer vehicle than the 22 Navy Seals got when Obomber or someone in his administration sent them to their deaths.

  6. Doppel paragraph 18 says:

    I hear The choomster didn’t even attend the national security briefing yesterday.

    Just filled in by Susan Rice.

    Apparently There is a Ukranian YouTube video critical of Russia and their invasion is just a reaction to the video….

    Who knew.


  7. Pakimon says:

    ICYMI: Obese Ponytailed Blogger Chunkles Johnson Rejects Firefox With Adblocker Plug-In, Suggests Everyone Give Him $80.00 $79.95 Instead.

  8. Pakimon says:

    “The butthurt…it stings so bad! Where’s MY funding miracle?!”, The Chunkster fumes peevishly. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      I would love to donate a couple hundred bucks toward a really good piece of statuary, perhaps a fossil-replica made up of just the bones, of Jesus astride a big ol’ T-Rex. It’s only a matter of time before some scientist finds such an article, but why wait?

  9. Pakimon says:

    This is Gus_802’s optics. http://tinyurl.com/ofrzqc2 13 nanoseconds ago

    • dwells38 says:

      Does that blue camo really blend in better in that region? Or are they just trying to look cool like they just walked out of a first person shooter?

  10. Pakimon says:

    This is Putin’s optics. http://t.co/3Iw7XynIIC 6 hours ago

    This is Gus_802’s optics. http://theclutterfairy.com.au/images/messy-garage.jpg 4 minutes ago

  11. Achilles says:

    Off topic, but this is great. Spike Lee’s former Brooklyn home got vandalized with slogans such as “do the right thing”. It makes one wonder however, why someone threw in the anarchy symbol.

    At any rate it sucks for the new tenant, but it is nice to see that this race-baiting fuckrag who makes a ton of money fostering and nurturing the racial divide is being called out on his bullshit.

    How long until evil whitey KKK Nazi skinhead types are blamed?


    • rightymouse says:

      Spike Lee is a douche-bag racist. Bah!!!

    • dwells38 says:

      This says it all: http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1703122.1393459014!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/spike-lee.jpg

      Lee’s not just a racist fuck. He’s also a raging hypocrite. This regarding Lee’s properties:

      Start with Hatch House, Lee’s 9,000-square-foot palace on East 63rd Street — complete with internal courtyard — which he bought from artist Jasper Johns for $16 million in 2006 and recently put on the market with an asking price of $32 million. My friends in nearby Yorkville have been gnashing their teeth for years, complaining about how rents have risen to insane levels, thanks in part to owners buying and flipping high-end properties.
      Before leaving Brooklyn, Lee did more did more than his share when it came to goosing the changes to Fort Greene he now laments. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lee bought a townhouse on Washington Park for $650,000 in 1990, around the time he was soaring to stardom, cranking out films like “Malcolm X” and “Clockers.” In 1999, he sold the place to a couple (a banker married to an attorney) for about $1 million and moved to the Upper East Side.
      A decade later, the house was back on the market with a $2.75 million asking price, more than quadruple what Lee paid in 1990. And why not? Fort Greene started sizzling in the 1990s and never stopped, thanks in no small part to the area’s international reputation as a mini-bohemia, home to a colony of talented, ambitious black artists.

      Spike, the most commercially successful of the bunch, used some of his earnings to become a significant property owner in the area, buying and renting out residential and commercial properties and marketing the neighborhood with gusto. As recently as 2010, he partnered with Pernod Ricard, a French vodka company, to create Absolut Brooklyn, a booze drink sold, according to marketing materials, “in a specially-designed bottle reminiscent of the ubiquitous Brooklyn Stoop Life,” complete with a label depicting a brownstone bearing the number 165, the address of Lee’s old home.
      By this time, of course, Lee had been living in Hatch House for years, and had long since put his famous 40 Acres headquarters, a converted former firehouse, up for sale (asking price: $6 million). That is what happens when the efforts of a marketing genius like Lee add rocket fuel to the blazing fire of gentrification.

  12. rightymouse says:

    LOLWUT? 🙄

    • Octopus says:

      “I know this from experience.”

      Please, somebody, get Fatass to expand upon that cryptozoological comment!

      He must be talking about PJM, but seriously, what fantastic tale has he concocted to explain to his soggy dimebag of swamp denizens what went down during the early days? For the record, he was quickly shown the door when the others realized he brought NOTHING to the table, and his web design skills were on the level of a junior high school dropout. Even the glassy, shiny buttons were buggy and breakable!

      • rightymouse says:

        I thought he meant PJM too, but since they’re going strong and his bog exists on swamp gas, have no clue what the hell he’s barking about.

      • rightymouse says:

        Is this his reference? If so, it’s hilarious coming from such a loser a-hole like Mr. GET OFF MY BLOG! 😆

      • dwells38 says:

        I think he might be trying to pretend that they weren’t into his super hip Marxist content. Ya know so, ethics and all. Except he continued running a right wing blog for years AS the owner. He’s such a sphincter.

    • Doppel fap says:

      I think he’s referring to George Duke firing him

    • poteen2 says:

      The only independence Charlie has known in his life was when his free Obamacare Depends and Foley catheters were delivered.

  13. Octopus says:

    Reminds me of the ghetto rats in Detroit who were complaining about the young, entrepeneurial white people moving into “their” godforsaken neighborhood last summer, fixing up the storefronts, rehabbing apartments that were perfectly good crack-dens, getting the streetlights fixed, etc. There was racist graffiti aimed at these intrepid whiteys, too.

  14. Octopus says:


    For a millisecond I was concerned about Gus’s safety, until I remembered that even though he lives in a garage, he has no car and can’t even afford bus fare. Phew!

    • dwells38 says:

      If Gus had a car he could at least get in it to warm up. Oh wait, then he would be destroying the planet. It just sucks to be Gus.

  15. Octopus says:

    Cats keep disappearing in the vicinity of Gus’s garage, and the neighborhood is trying to find out what’s happening to them. Among the suspects are coyotes, a Chinese restaurant, and a bum who lives in a garage with no means of support and a raging Twitter-addiction. Somebody said they had heard the bum ranting about making a furry costume and posing as a big cat, so his sister wouldn’t notice him sneaking into the house. She has a lot of cats of her own.

  16. Because olo says:

    I’m an Apple Corporate Stooge
    Chuck Fuckface Johnson

  17. mfhorn says:

    Instead of selling Apple stock, a bunch of (man caused) climate change deniers should BUY Apple stock and vote to kick him out.

    • rightymouse says:

      Excellent idea!!!! 😆

    • poteen2 says:

      That’d be the only way to keep your investment sound. Jobs is dead. Apple is in for a precipitous fall……..Or a gov’t bailout.
      Cook is gonna do ’em in.

      • rightymouse says:

        Cook doesn’t care. Dude is worth over 400 million. He’ll flame out rolling in dough. 🙂

      • dwells38 says:

        Yeah it’s like Miley Cyrus. You can’t make her stop with the porny pop because Disney (oh the irony) made the little skank richer than God.

  18. Because olo says:

    • dwells38 says:

      That’s a little too close to the Emperor’s new clothes parable there Gus. Probably best to stay clear of that these days.

  19. poteen2 says:

    And ‘Editorial independence’? From Charlie?
    16,000 editorially independent at last count.

  20. rightymouse says:

    ‘Cause I’m all hoity-toity and shit.

    • rightymouse says:

      Yeah. And Charlie?? You were pals with Rauhauser & Barret Brown. Live with it.

      • poteen2 says:

        And Osborne blocked Bryneart cuz Charlie, der Twitfuhrer, didn’t want him showing up in his little world.
        Ooooooh. Charlie es muy, muy cybermacho. 😉

    • dwells38 says:

      Chunk wants to be the only nut case in any interactions.

  21. trebob says:

    Octopus :
    Please, somebody, get Fatass to expand upon that cryptozoological comment!

    Don’t need Charles to explain it, it’s patently obvious. He allowed himself, as an owner, to determine the editorial content of LGF instead of the commenters as it had previously been done. Failing to contain himself and his selfish, petulant urges caused him to ruin a promising property in LGF. It even cost him a partnership with a growing world-wide online media firm and undoubtedly vast quantities of money.

    Yes, Charles knows well the perils of allowing emotional rumpswabbing determine your editorial direction. If there was a school of failure he would certainly be a professor.

    • Octopus says:

      Thanks for clearing that up, Trebob. Chunky, you can forget about the question — it’s been answered, much better than you could have done in your current state of paranoid dumbth.

  22. dwells38 says:

    Chunk describes LGF:

    It's an incredibly dysfunctional closed loop.— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) March 2, 2014

  23. Abu Shoveling says:

    Can we get a weather update from Octo?

    • Octopus says:

      Abu, it’s just warm and sunny here. Was about 80 today, and it’s 63 right now, at 2:18am. My hide is all sunburnt, so tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym, and do some shopping with the girls. Eating a little too well, and enjoying the scenery, as our sinus infections clear up. 🙂

      Note: I see it’s 3 degrees in Novi, MI right now. Brr! No warmening there. Got another inch of snow yesterday. I deny this climate!

  24. dwells38 says:

    I’m glad the Climate Change science is settled. Because if not they wouldn’t have been able to predict all these fucking ice storms and polar vortexes and prolonged fucking winters. Oh wait….

  25. JimboXL says:

    Looks like Putin is going to make Obomber look like a chump again and Obomber will respond by taking his frustration out on the American people and purposefully breaking yet another functioning component of our system in order to make everyone’s lives more difficult.

    Forget Russia vs US, it is Russia vs Dims/Libs/Progs and their mad leader Obomber while the US is asking to be left alone.

  26. Because olo olololo says:

    rightymouse :
    The video was marked “Private”.

    Plays for me. You mush have a censorious ISP.

  27. Abu What's That Bastage Want, uh? says:

    Abu What’s That Bastage Want, uh? :
    One of my favorite movies. Sadly, it was denied Oscar consideration as Best Fargin Movie.

    Forgot linky.

  28. Because olo olololo says:

    OLT’s What An Education :
    Must be, like, a Valley Girl, like, Studies, like, major.

    You man, like, there were, like, real English, like, WORDS in that???

  29. Because olo olololo says:

    OLT’s What An Education :
    THIS is how a person with command of their emotions and language expresses displeasure with a committee:

    Or this.

  30. Yo, Charles and or one of Charles gofer’s,

    You guys love my sock now. Its been there for the whole time and you guys love it.
    You for sure Charles as I post most often when I know your active posting.
    You must do something about your tools to weed out my kind.
    I do cheat a bit and use an IP addy from the LA area so it may be a bit hard.

    Keep up the shill work for your King Obama, lot of good its doing as he seems bent on proving you and yours total fools.

    Cheers and chettos all around.

  31. Because olo olololo says:

    Abu :
    I’m thinking of having her as my ringtone.

    That would be more annoying than…

  32. Because olo olololo says:

    Here’s what crybaby BDS girl needs.

  33. Minnow says:

    dwells38 :
    Yeah it’s like Miley Cyrus. You can’t make her stop with the porny pop because Disney (oh the irony) made the little skank richer than God.

    /mmmm donuts…

  34. ISTE says:


    79 Killgore Trout
    Sun, Mar 2, 2014 6:41:09pm

    Cat shit on the floor and the Roomba got into it. I’ve lost my appetite for dinner.

  35. Pakimon says:

    Testes Testes Testes lol

  36. Arachne says:

    By the way, Fatass – I will bet you my next paycheck that before the week is out Tim Cook walks that statement back. You know, with varying degrees of “out of context” or “didn’t mean it to sound that way” or “off the record.”

    This sounds like a pathetic attempt by a thin-skinned jackass CEO trying to get himself some good press since Apple has been slammed by the business community and the media generally recently. I can see him getting a strongly worded text message from Jobs’ widow saying “what the FUCK are you thinking????”

    • trebob says:

      Has there been bunch of folks reminding Mr. Cook that not only does he have a personal carbon footprint larger than most villages globally, but Apple CHOOSES to have it’s factories in a country where the electricity is created in some of the dirtiest coal plants in the world?

      If Mr. Cook was a true climate warrior and not a hypocritical douchebag he would relocate his iPad and iPhone factories to somewhere like say, California where by 2020 33% of all electricity generated in the state will come from renewables. But then that might cost a little more. Instead of the $1.80 an hour you can pay the Chinese workers, you’d have to shell out $10.00 an hour for those in Cali. Not to mention all the Obamacare policies that could be created. Unless of course the factory unionized, then of course they’d have to pay a little more, but it would be great because he’d helping the cause of global warming.

      But no, this sanctimonious putz tells others how they should live. “ROI for me, but not for the”