A picture worth 1000 words

I laugh when Charles does posts and does not realize the irony of what he just posted. Yesterday he had a picture of an abandoned bicycle in a post.

Abandoned Bicycle

This picture reflects Charles Johnson’s abandonment of bike riding.


Charles calls for Democrat unity

Colbert’s anti-Asian joke has not gone over well with some of the Left. Normally the Race Detective would be calling to have Colbert fire and ostracized from society. Instead, Charles is calling on Democrats to overlook his racist joke and focus on the elections.

It seems the Race Detective puts the good of his party over doing his job and going after racists!

“The Psychopathic Stalkers”

All around loser Alouette  (aka Vicious Babushka) takes a shot at us again.

Psycho StalkerAlouette must be describing herself when she is discussing trolls who make up stories and try to scam money. She is always promoting her online store at LGF.

[Updated with links to Viscous Bouche’s greatest hits.]

“this Ace of Spade guy”

Obdicut goes on some weird rant about Ace of Spaces blog and their opposition to Obamcare.

ACe of Spades Guy

Obdicut is an ignorant clown.

Update (ChenZhen): on a related note, here’s a little flashback:

Rescued from Memory Hole: 2005: Ace of Spades Interviews LGF’s Charles Johnson

It’s Only Shari’ah: Will Johnson Apologise to Geller & Spencer? Nah.

[From KUSI San Diego 25 March 2014]

EL CAJON (CNS) – Jury selection is scheduled to begin Wednesday in the murder trial of an Iraqi man accused of fatally beating his wife in their El Cajon home after she asked for a divorce.

Opening statements in the trial of Kassim Alhimidi are expected next week.

Alhimidi, 49, was arrested on Nov. 8, 2012, by El Cajon police in what was first thought to be a hate crime. His wife, 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi, was found mortally injured with at least six head wounds in their Skyview Street residence on March 21, 2012.

First-responders found a note in the home that read, “This is my country, go back to yours, terrorist.”

When the murder hit the news in March 2012, Charles Johnson jumped on it as undeniable evidence of U.S. anti-Muslim bigotry, linked to some Think Progress propaganda, then named the perpetrators:

Muslim Woman Beaten To Death 2012
Really, Charles. They “…played a large part?” The Lizards jumped into the echo line behind Johnson. Here’s a sample:
Muslim Woman Beaten To Death 2012 2

Yeah, that’s the same Think Progress that posted mass murderer Anders Brevik’s top influences, yet kinda sorta forgot to mention the 3rd runner up in the “Manifesto” was
Charles “I AM LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS” Johnson himself.


[Hat tip to @markhumphrys for reminding us.]
UPDATE: Contributor Hercales posted the story on Diary of Daedalus on 15 November 2012 and included this quote from Nina Burleigh of Time Magazine:

New information in the Shaima Alawadi murder case in El Cajon, Calif., suggests that the family was cracking over a forced marriage for daughter Fatima, 17, and that Alawadi herself was preparing to divorce her husband. If female freedom turns out to be at the heart of the murder, it will highlight not so much the intolerance of Muslim immigrants by Americans, but the cultural restrictions on women in those communities

This was not a run-of-the-mill domestic dispute. Kassim Alhimidi beat his wife to death with a tire iron…

Castration rhetoric scares Charles

Sarah Palin adopted the castration rhetoric used by several female Republicans when discussing cutting spending. This rattles Charles and he does a post on it.


Charles has no balls, so this castration rhetoric should not bother him.

Update: Militant Feminist Laura Levites tweeted out that she wanted to to castrate Christian makes in America. It was not a rhetorical reference to the budget as Joni Ernst or Palin, it was a call to literally castrate Christian males!

Charles has not condemned this call for violence.

(Hat Tip: Twitchy)

Charles Summons the Mighty Lizard Army

In the throes of yet another anti-Greenwald snit, Charles sent out a call to action for all loyal lizards to help him spread the word throughout the land.
tweetpowerAnd the amazing part is, all 12 of them did.