Charles Is Happy That Huckabee Leads 2016 Poll For Republicans [UPDATED – NOW WITH 25% MORE SNARK]

A recent Public Policy Poll has Mike Huckabee leading the field for the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016. It’s early, so one must take the poll with a grain of salt. It still is disturbing that Huckabee, who would be killed in a General Election has significant support in the GOP. This poll makes Charles giddy, and he crows about the results.

Huckabee BadCharles asks what is wrong with the Right? Back in 2008, Charles correctly pegged Mike Huckabee as a Leftist due to his economic policies. Now he is on the Right according to Charles because Huckabee is to the Right of Stalin. Glenn Greenwald could testify to Charles Johnson’s weird political labels.



Remember this? Neither did we until we opened up the musty box of BRC Archives.

Charles Huckabee Comments Memory Holed Not sure why Charles Johnson hid all comments on that LGF thread, but there is one that stands out. The following is not a re-creation, but a genuine retro comment screencap of stupid.

CJ Says Huckabee Is A Leftist

Did you catch that? Charles Johnson stated that Mike Huckabee is a liberal. Charles, you’re a mess.


Update 2: Here’s Huckabee’s quote in context, via Chris Moody of *ahem* Yahoo News:
Huckabee Libido Full Context

Intentional omission in order to misconstrue the true meaning of a quote is not just bearing false witness, it’s journalistic fraud, and it borders on slander.