Charles hurt that Rand Paul uses “war on women” meme back at The Clintons

The war on women theme is one of the most potent political weapons used by the Democrats against the Republicans. Sadly some Republicans don’t know how to counteract this line of attack and fall all over themselves and end up giving Democrats ammo. Rand Paul on NBC today turned the war on women theme back at the Left by mentioning that Bill Clinton took advantage of a 20 year old woman. Charles got angry and went on the attack against Rand Paul.

Mad at Rand

Mad at Rand 2

Charles is just angry Rand Paul did not trip up on this question and turned the tables. The real reason Charles hates Rand is because he is the son of Ron Paul who according to the shut is behind some global 4th Reich plot with Glenn Greenwald. Charles can’t handle a Republican who punches back effectively.

Update: Charles goes on Twitter rant making fun of Rand Paul’s hair.


Charles is no one to mock the appearance of anyone else.