Now, About Those Breaking Stories, Charles…

Occasionally we take a leisurely stroll through the LGF Strawberry Patch, and while kicking the dead vines off the path, we rediscover some fun little scraps of swampsuckage, like this one from 2009:
090914 CJ 150k and LGF News Breakage
The amusement comes not from Sharmuta’s blistered drooling lips, but from Charles’ own:

“…during some of the major stories LGF broke…”

That phrase leaves many of us Lizardoidophiles scratching our fuzzy little heads. What story or stories did Charles “I Am Little Green Footballs, It’s Only Me” Johnson actually break? His hair-part from the right? The unveiling of Mouse-Ka-Mania? Certainly not RatherGate.

Did The Big Boy break ANY news that didn’t qualify as bloviating gastro-intestinal ego-centric wind, or did he merely co-opt and promote the work of others who brought it to his attention for a flatulence-enhanced exposé? We’ll give credit to Charles for exposing ShoeshineGate, NeoNaziFlagGate, ObamaFlagGate, ConfederateFlagGate and the infamous BreitbartLaptopMenuboardWeinerPicsScandalGate, but we can’t recall any others. Regarding what Charles didn’t say:

“…during some of the MINOR stories LGF broke… “

We got nothin’.


14 Comments on “Now, About Those Breaking Stories, Charles…”

  1. Pakimon says:

    The hilarious part is that Sharmuta and Chunkles had no idea what was in store for themin just a couple of short years… 😆

    Here you go Chunky!

  2. rightymouse says:

    The only news story I remember from those days that I thought was attributed for realsy to CJ was the Rathergate blinking menu. And that turned out to be a freaking rip-off that he didn’t attribute properly at the time. Asshole liar.

  3. dezes157 says:

    Chuck did break the code on LGF, and most of his posters are broke… WIN!

  4. Octopus says:

    I would venture to guess that he holds the record for going the brokest, after owning a blog that once owned the conservative blogosphere. I doubt if there’s any such comedown to compare, anywhere. So, I guess that’s a big story, “he broke.”

  5. PeteP says:

    And we all know Chucky’s page view counter is totally bogus.

  6. Medchemmer says:

    The only one that I can remember besides Rathergate was the fauxtorgaphy by that stringer for the Arab press during the Israeli-Hamas battle. I think he was interviewed on CNN for it.