The Price of a Certain Blogger’s Dignity

A couple weeks ago, our own Daedalus put up a thread about an LGF post where Johnson was singing the praises of Amazon Prime (as well as mentioning that anyone who signed up for the service thru his link wound up putting $10 in his pocket*):

Amazon Prime

At the time, those of us here in the Boiler Room took a quick glance and assumed this was yet another ordinary Amazon-pimping thread from our old pal. But then something surprising happened shortly after: he “stickied” the entire thread at the top of LGF’s front page (any new thread simply showed up below it). The Crew here looked at each other in bewilderment, as none of us could remember Johnson doing anything quite like that before**.

Indeed, this caused some confusion over there as well, to the point that CJ felt the need to tinker with the formatting a little in an attempt to clear things up:

cj confusion sticky post

Regardless of these efforts, after a few days, the discomfort with it even escalated to the level of irking LGF member Bubblehead II, leading to this rather hilarious exchange:

cj amazon sticky exchange

We then saw that CJ took a bit of umbrage in this (as he usually does when faced with the slightest pushback from members), as evidenced by his need to immediately sound off in the main discussion thread:

cj amazon pay bills

And why shouldn’t he be miffed, right? I mean, he spent the time writing, then coding, re-coding, formatting, adjusting and even re-fonting this special sticky thread that shouts to the world the wonders of the magnificent Amazon Prime (along with the fact that he’ll make a quick 10 bucks if you sign up, of course)! Charles be like “F*ck you you unappreciative lizard b*tches”!!!

In any case, after that, commenting activity in the sticky thread itself ceased completely (ending with just 35 comments). Reading LGF’s discussions going forward, one got the vibe that what remains of the site’s commenters knew it was there and what was going on but had chosen to quietly ignore it. But there it still sat at the top of the front page…And sat…. And sat….Charles boldly panhandling to visitors for $10 “bounties”, forcing them to scroll down a bit past ads and pop-ups if they wanted to see a current article.

So of course we decided kept an eye on it, and the thread actually wound up staying up there for a couple weeks, only disappearing when CJ took it down at (what appeared to be) precisely midnight Jan 10/11th. Why for that long you ask, and why take it down with such clinical precision? Well, we asked Google to look it up, and it leads to the really interesting part (cache):

  • Amazon Prime Instant Video Free Trial BountyYou will earn a $2 bounty for each Qualifying Purchase consisting of an Amazon Prime Instant Video Registration. An“Amazon Prime Instant Video Registration” occurs when an Eligible Customer successfully registers (as determined by us) for an Amazon Prime Instant Video Free Trial via the Prime Instant Video landing page located at or (or any successor pages). You will not earn the $2 bounty for any other free or paid registration for Amazon Prime, including registrations through any other web page. You will not be eligible to earn any other advertising fees for free or paid registration for Amazon Prime (including an Amazon Prime Instant Video Registration). An “Eligible Customer” is a customer who meets the eligibility requirements for an Amazon Prime Instant Video Free Trial (as determined by us). An Amazon Prime Instant Video Registration is a “Digital Product.”
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, from December 26, 2013 through January 10, 2014 (subject to our right to modify this Schedule in accordance with the Operating Agreement), you will earn a $10 bounty, rather than a $2 bounty, for each Qualifying Purchase consisting of an Amazon Prime Instant Video Registration.

I say this is the interesting part because, according to Amazon, they’ve been offering these $2 bounties for Prime registrations since July 1, 2013, but we don’t recall CJ saying a peep about it. We should assume he was aware (as he’s made himself quite an Amazon spokesman), but we could find no thread, comment, or even a link in the sidebar mentioning the opportunity. The conclusion is, I suppose, that begging your readers to sign up for something that will make you 2 bucks seems kinda petty or even downright pathetic, even if it doesn’t directly come out of their pockets.

But hey, if it’s $10, CJ had better make a thread all about it, then sticky it, tweet it, facebook it, tweak it, pretty it up, leave it plastered up on the front page for two weeks, tweet it again, and then only take it down at the last possible second.

Apparently, the price of a certain blogger’s dignity lies somewhere between 2 to 10 dollars.

* Impossible to know for sure, but try as we did, we could spot only three LGFers who publicly admitted to taking Johnson’s offer.

** The sticky thread was of interest to us for another reason, as it inadvertently gives us some clues as to WHY Johnson’s getting more aggressive with his Amazon shilling behavior. Stay tuned for more analysis.



Now, About Those Breaking Stories, Charles…

Occasionally we take a leisurely stroll through the LGF Strawberry Patch, and while kicking the dead vines off the path, we rediscover some fun little scraps of swampsuckage, like this one from 2009:
090914 CJ 150k and LGF News Breakage
The amusement comes not from Sharmuta’s blistered drooling lips, but from Charles’ own:

“…during some of the major stories LGF broke…”

That phrase leaves many of us Lizardoidophiles scratching our fuzzy little heads. What story or stories did Charles “I Am Little Green Footballs, It’s Only Me” Johnson actually break? His hair-part from the right? The unveiling of Mouse-Ka-Mania? Certainly not RatherGate.

Did The Big Boy break ANY news that didn’t qualify as bloviating gastro-intestinal ego-centric wind, or did he merely co-opt and promote the work of others who brought it to his attention for a flatulence-enhanced exposé? We’ll give credit to Charles for exposing ShoeshineGate, NeoNaziFlagGate, ObamaFlagGate, ConfederateFlagGate and the infamous BreitbartLaptopMenuboardWeinerPicsScandalGate, but we can’t recall any others. Regarding what Charles didn’t say:

“…during some of the MINOR stories LGF broke… “

We got nothin’.

“I actually met Kenny G”

Darthstar posted a picture of Kenny G meeting Miles Davis.

Kenny G

Charles mentions he met Kenny G, when he was involved in the Jazz scene.

Kenny G 2

Charles reminiscing when he was someone of significance. If they met again today, Kenny G would probably think Charles is some fat stalker fan.