LGF 2013: The State of the Swamp

As disgusting people, right wing loons and basketcases, obsessed freaks, weirdos,  nutjobs, lunatics, and obsessive obnoxious abusive sick deranged creepy psycho stalkers, it is only natural that we should take a moment to reflect on the year that was and assess the State of the Swamp 2013.

5 Consecutive Years of Double-Digit Decline
2013allyearsLowest Comment Activity in 11 Years2013allyearsFewest Number of Front Page Posts Ever2013postcountKings (and Queens) of the Swamp

  • Gus scores a three-peat, though for the first time he had a serious challenger
  • It took only 10 individuals to post 34% of the comments (down from 51 in 2007)
  • Charles is now one of the top 10 commenters on his own blog

2013top10Stay obsessed you deranged freaks and have a psychotic 2014.


Subdued LGF

WHen a place becomes an echo chamber, it tends to get very subdued.

LGF SubduedNo Charles, it’s more likely you have a bunch of non thinking robots as your readers.