Glenn Greenwald rips MSNBC for Pro-Obama bias!

This is a Glenn Greenwald story Charles Johnson has not posted. Glenn Greenwald went on MSNBC and when questioned about his support of Snowden, he points out that MSNBC defends Obama’s agenda 24/7. That observation by Greenwald fits LGF perfectly as well!

GREENWALD: I think that’s ludicrous, is what I say to that. Every journalist has an agenda. We’re on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified. The agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn’t mean the people on MSNBC aren’t journalists, they are. I think every journalist has a viewpoint.


A clearly flustered Welker tried to backtrack, declaring “”the point is not so much about MSNBC,” but that Greenwald’s defense of Snowden’s actions may “cross a line.”

“Sure, I do defend him,” Greenwald snarked back, “just like people on MSNBC defend President Obama and his officials and Democratic Party leaders 24 hours a day.”
I am not a huge Greenwald fan, but I respect him for being an honest Leftist. Charles Johnson is a hack that views Obama as a some divine entity who is beyond criticism.
Update: Here is the video clip of Greenwald’s smackdown of MSNBC.

25 Comments on “Glenn Greenwald rips MSNBC for Pro-Obama bias!”

  1. Doppel B. DeMilyo says:

    According to Charles he’s a right wing moderate libertarian tea bagger.

  2. HaikuMan says:

    Charles Johnson is pissed
    Missed an opportunity
    In Carolina

  3. Daedalus says:

    Arachne :

    Charles lives in The Enchanted Kingdom.

    More like the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea.

  4. swamprat says:

    Still denying the twitter gulag activities he participated in, bragged about and encouraged.
    Before he deleted, disavowed and who-me?’d.

    Now that twitter has once again allowed gulaging, he “wonders” why his name keeps coming up.

    There’s a real mystery, all right.

  5. Doppel B. DeMilyo says:

    Charles did I mention grenwald is now worth a fortune and you ruined a good blog. Not since gameel al
    Batouty have we seen a self imposed nosedive like you took

    • Abu Milyoquetoast says:

      Before that, Icarus. Things get clearer now, don’t they? Charles ruined his successful, possibly lucrative blog in order to preserve his stupid nickname from his alleged auto theft days. That’s why we’re ‘stalking’ instead of enjoying the company of his 12 douches and 24 socks. Suck on it. LGF!

  6. iSpeakJive says:

    I feel sorry for Gus. We should take up a collection. Send him a honey-baked ham and a gallon of gin.

    • calo says:

      Gus_807 offered to put up a Paypal drive on DoD so Gus802 could get his ankle fixed, but that thought was rejected. Maybe the addition of a gallon of gin will make him reconsider.

    • doppel milyo says:

      before you all get the idea to help this cat, let me remind you of Irish Rose that gave some sob story about her kid shipping off to war and her inability to get to san diego to hug him farewell, and how many old lizards donated money and shug even paid for her flight with frequent flier miles and her thanks was to send realwest a FUCK YOU email because he decided to go to CC instead of stay with the moonbat Charles.

      those people are ungrateful scum. let gus go and give free blow jobs to get his dinner

      • livefreeor die says:

        Have to agree. Lots of people who know Gus have apparently tried to help him but all he seems to do is bitch about how it isn’t good enough.
        He should try putting his big boy pants on and finding a job, ANY job. I’d flip burgers before I’d sit around whining all day.

      • Octopus says:

        That offer from Looser Poops to spend the winter together in a cozy little cabin is definitely the best offer Gus is going to get this year. Never saw his answer, but I assume he declined Poops’s generous offer, as it would be too dizzying a step up from his current pad in Sis’s garage. Baby-steps, is the key. Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, now.

      • trebob says:

        Quite concur

      • Because says:

        If you got to give them to get your dinner, they’re not free.

        Gross, but not free.

  7. Octopus says:

    This little slice of Americana was posted over at Ace’s, where I steal most of my stuff. It’s a little long if you’re ADHD, but stick with it. To me, it was very redolent of the remodeling job done on a certain formerly-wildly-successful blog, now gone entirely to shit. Also, I laughed out loud, more than once.

  8. Grinning Cat says:

    Well ya gotta admit, he’s right this time. Credit where credit is due!

    • Octopus says:

      NSA spies assigned to Gus keep killing themselves, due to severe boredom and depression. One was quoted as saying, “I thought following Charles Johnson was brutal. It was, but that was a Playmates Picnic compared to this sordid mess.”

    • Because says:

      Junior doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of bulk data collection, does he?

  9. Octopus says:

    Detroit Lions’ QB Matt Stafford’s lovely girlfriend sent a tweet out chastising the home-fans for booing the team’s putrid performance last Sunday, and got nailed with an epic reply. 😆

  10. Octopus says:

    I see Rodanski has already posted about Miley’s “masturbation video leak” over at Blogmockery, so we’ll let that go. The chick is outsmarting the competition, and raking in the cash. You go, girl. 🙂

  11. Octopus says:

    Don’t be askeert, Fatass. It’s just a gentle little joke, from a good country man who wasn’t always well-behaved, like he is now. A man whose life has taken a real turn for the better, since he found God. What kind of turn has your life taken, Chunky? Are you real happy?
    Happy happy happy? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  12. trebob says:

    Think Charles is posting on the comics he is selling? What other reason to take them out? Hulk #102 on eBay for $50-$250