Dark Falcon gets a post promoted by attacking Republicans

I just laugh at some alleged Conservatives who still hang out at LGF. Dark Falcon still claims to be a Republican despite hanging out at a Marxist blog. The self described Mountain Lion wants the love and adulation of Charles who he views as his substitute father. Dark Falcon will even throw his own political side under the bus to get the attention of Charles. The resident loser finally goit the attention he wanted and had one of his posts promoted to the front page. Dark Falcon’s post trashes the Republican plan to limit debates for 2016.


Dark Falcon is  a pathetic individual. Here you have an adult trying to please some washed up Jazz guitarist who could care less about him. Smarten up Dark Falcon.



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  1. Doppel milyo says:

    kurt is wrong as usual

    the democrats have party purity. they are all beholden to soros.Those that do not toe the Pelosi , Reid line are purged.
    Like LGF there is no room for free thinkers

    the republicans have RINOS , tea party, pro choice, pro gay, etc etc

  2. Bunk X says:

    Dork is just one confused sycophant out of 12.

  3. Marsha Lahwe says:

    Weeny is uninformed and underformed.

    How is media access limited, and wasn’t part of the problem standing in front of numerous lefty moderators fielding endless questions on their view of condoms?

    The theory he proposes telegraphs his ignorance and is a public service announcement warning us all of the danger of sniffing too much action model paint.

    The move is aimed steering the debates away from being a constant stream of when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife-paloozas. O’ collector and wearer of Garanimals, have you ever considered why Britt Hume never moderates a democratic primary or presidential debate?

    This is what happens when one is anchored down by constant and deep feelings of inadequacy.

    I sometimes feel sorry for the little nipper.

  4. d says:

    Dolt’s link is to Roger Simon’s smash mouth distortion of Peter Hamby’s report. Roger Simon, who Johah Goldberg points out pretends to be unbiased but is really just a leftwing Dem knee capper hack (http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/361200/roger-simon-and-media-bias-jonah-goldberg#! ) lies and says the GOP are just trying to hide from the public because no one likes them.

    But Hamby’s report doesn’t say that. It says, according to the GOP the primary process is too long and allows little known candidates too much early traction causing undue damage ultimately to the likely candidates. Remember the acrimony and bad blood between Gingrich and Romney? And too it allows what is essentially a hostile media to make hay and fun and do maximum damage. The GOP is frankly looking to protect their likely candidate while still allowing viable challengers to continue. And yes that means blowing off the leftwing Media’s paid assassins like Candy Crowley who eagerly drops all pretense of objectivity and starts telling lies with the lying left-wing candidates on national TV. Hamby didn’t say that but it’s implied.

    For Dolt to ascribe to Simon’s view just shows he’s some kind of long ago failed fake conservative that was supposed to provide Fat Chunk cred with his previous right crowd. Give it up Dolt and Chunk no one believes Dolt’s a conservative because no real conservative would frequent a Marxist site and kiss ass to the resident Commie liar blogger.

    Hamby’s actual report is here and not a bad read: http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/11/politics/rnc-2016-changes/

  5. d says:


    Has Chunk’s brain filled with Cheetos fat to the extent he doesn’t understand that Brazil is not an enemy of ours? So what if Snowden helps them protect themselves from intrusive, illegal and unconstitutional metadata gathering.

    Chunk’s whole online existence is an open letter offering to help Communists destroy the Capitalism that built our country, made it a world leader, an enforcer for peace and security, a technological innovative giant, a bringer of food and medicine to the Third World needy and much more. But he wants to wreck that for leftist lies, corruption, cronyism, mediocrity and eventual public apathy and the destruction of the American dream due to top down Commie fecklessness.

    He shouldn’t be pointing the finger at Snowden who, by the way surely surpasses him by dozens and dozens of IQ points.

  6. Bunk X says:

    It doesn’t take a high IQ to realize that Charles is that word that I can’t think of right now. Oh yeah, I remember. It’s #Rumpswab.

  7. St. Pancake says:

    Republicans aren’t going to allow democrat stooges (aka journalists) to run their debates. The horror!!!! Obama has been limiting media access, investigating reporters, spying on reporter’s PARENTS, chuckles yawns.

  8. Bunk X says:

    Overnight wtf

  9. ImPaki says:

    The theory he proposes telegraphs his ignorance and is a public service announcement warning us all of the danger of sniffing too much action model paint. – Marsha Lahwe

    All he wants is a pat on the head and a “Cheer up little guy. Here. Have some Testors.” – Bunk X

    All this talk of sniffing action model paint has The Chunkster sounding the alarm!

    Especially if you only have one or two left, right Chunky? 😆

  10. ImPaki says:

    I think it’s also safe to say that any segment featuring Glenn Greenwald is going to enrage Chunkles Johnson.

  11. Barry Soetoro, esq says:

    Marsha Lahwe :The theory he proposes telegraphs his ignorance and is a public service announcement warning us all of the danger of sniffing too much action model paint. .

    I can have the EPA do something about that, for say, a 10 million dollar contribution to organizing for America

    wink wink


  12. OLT's Use In A Well-Ventilated Area says:

    HaikuMan :
    What are “Testors”?
    I think you mean Dork Falcon
    needs to have testes.

    Model airplane glue. Of course, it hasn’t been sniffable (or worked worth a damn on model airplanes) since I was a teenager.

  13. Octopus says:

    Dark-sided, the cats. I’ve been trying to warn you.

  14. Octopus says:

    Very Important Post got nabbed by NSA — please barter for release!

  15. Because Moobs says:

    Chunk should retweet ths.

  16. Arachne says:

    Can someone photoshop Chucky Three Chins into that Pajama Boy Obamacare ad? I lack the mad skillz.

  17. Arachne says:

    In other news, Beyonce uses Challenger audio as “background noise.” Bitch. And that the NICEST thing I can think to call her.


  18. Arachne says:

    Because :

    For those who don’t know who PJ boy is:

    The scariest thing about this is that grownups thought it was a good idea,

    • Because says:

      Grownups? Where?

    • Octopus says:

      No, the scariest thing is that the dude looks just like my gay nephew, who is not officially out of the closet but posts pics of himself with his boyfriend on vacation together, on his Facebook page. NTTAWWT, but the resemblance is uncanny! 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      I had to stifle my snorts & giggles at work when I saw the original tweet. I thought it was a put on at first, but noooooooooooo. Someone actually thought it was a good idea. ROTFLMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Arachne says:

        In fact, in the Twitterverse, it took awhile for us all to grasp that this WASN’T a put on by Scrappleface or the Onion – it was that silly and ridiculous.

        My thought is – the only way he lives down that ad is to go into the witness protection program. Or substitute for Rachel Maddow

      • rightymouse says:

        Is this ‘male’ the liberal’s vision of what a grown male looks like & wears to bed? LOL! What self-respecting male would be caught dead in onesie pajamas? None that I know of!

      • Because says:

        Waddayou want? Fire engines?

    • Because says:

      I love this twitter comment:

      “Does he pee sitting down?”

    • doppel milyo says:

      rock fucking bottom in the history of The American Presidency

      we’ve had our drunks, our crooks, our adulterers, our philanderers but never ever have we had this

      every dead POTUS is spinning in his grave!!!

    • ImPaki says:

      It’s the anti-Pakimog!

      That footie wearing girly man is happy in the kitchen making sammiches.

      Avocado sammiches… 😆

  19. d says:

    OT: great Cavuto today with Stuart Varney hosting. Dr. Ben Carson commenting on Obunglecare from a doctors POV and John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) after giving a retail business owner’s take. Carson says he talks to lots of doctors and can hardly find any that think it’s good. Mackey confirmed it’s driving up costs and expects his ratio of full to part-time to increase to the latter to meet the “escape clause”, as he puts it. And Mackey’s not a conservative. Allen West up next!

  20. d says:

    Since we were talking cats earlier I thought I would impart some cat stories from my childhood until I can think of a new reason to berate Chunkles.

    When I was a kid we lived in a (now) 250+ yr old, 2 story farm house rented out by a Catholic Franciscan college that owned the property. The college was behind our house beyond some privacy pines about 2 stone throws away. To one side of the house was a huge yard and a tree that had obviously been planted when the house was new (judging by its 5 foot wide trunk girth). On the other side of the house was a vast field. Because of that field and it’s mice we began to accumulate pet cats that were often dropped off near our property. Most were outside cats but a few were favorites that got to stay inside. The outside cats lived in overturned Tupperware trash cans and other makeshift cat houses filled with old blankets to provide shelter on the back patio. We named them all but I only remember a few like Grey Baby, Mrs. Calico, Tigger, George, Blacky, Ginger, Flatty. At one time we had 20 cats. I was allowed to name a favorite who was sort of a dusty off white. I named him Mayonnaise (I was 9). Naturally my older sisters quickly declared that the dumbest name on the planet. The back patio was made of creek stones and completely hemmed in by 6 foot high hedges and the L shape of the back of the house. The hedges met a one story house addition built at a right angle to the house proper. So the cats could climb the hedges and climb up or leap to the roof and then jump over to my 2nd story window sill. One, I think it was Grey Baby used to come to my sill and put her fore paws on the window and bat the window, standing upright until I would let her in. One day she batted a little too hard and tipped backward as I was opening it. I got the window open and my head out just in time to see her land on one of the overturned Tupperware trash cans positioned only luckily below, collapsing it and completely breaking her fall. If you’ve ever seen a cat so terrified that it’s going to die, paws splayed out, unable to decide which way to run or if or not to run. After a couple beats she scampered off. Pretty comical. I was so relieved.

    I’ve seen a cat leap 5 feet in the air and bring down a song bird and have it for lunch. Our cat George was one of those surly unfriendly cats. A big male, he would often scratch us and not let us pet him. One day George left and for 3 solid days we didn’t see him. We had about given up hope when he finally showed up with an apparently very dirty back leg. Upon closer inspection half the leg was completely missing and the dirty was actually dried blood. It was obvious old George had been trapped in a hunter’s trap until he could gnaw through his leg to get free. He was just fine after that. You would be surprised how well a cat can get around on just 3 legs. Interestingly too, he was much more docile, even affectionate after that. As if he’d had some epiphany after his brush with death and decided he wasn’t going to waste any more of it being angry.

    Mrs Calico had to be shot. She showed up with one back leg at the hip dragging and hanging by a thin thread of flesh. The hunter who’s dog had attacked her tracked her back to our house and explained what happened and apologized. The injury was horrific. My dad dispatched her sadly with his service revolver. There was one other cat that had to be put down. One we hadn’t had long, I think his name was Haley. He had wandered up to the college and they had a little garden for the brothers and friars to meditate and pray. There were a couple of sort of C shaped enclosures with benches and fresco-ish looking biblical scenes within. 2 of the brothers came breathlessly to the door and said Haley had gone insane in one of these enclosures. They couldn’t get near him and he wouldn’t come out. They wanted my dad to destroy him. I didn’t witness the behavior but I never understood why he couldn’t have been coaxed out and returned to normal. It’s possible he’d gone off the deep end and that’s why he holed up in that place.

    We had one dear little kitten who was probably about adolescent who got very sick. It was some kind of respiratory thing and I remember his nose was obstructed and he was just a sad little kittie. He had been very sick for about 3 days when he went to the basement door (it was one of those floor doors that you pull up from the floor). He went to the basement floor when we opened it and circled and circled, so we set up a little comfy box with blankets there for him. He died a few hours later in that box. We realized at that point how curious it was because that was the very spot his mother had had the litter in which he was born.

    One more cat death story. Our outdoors cats would often climb up the car wheel wells in the winter and enjoy the dissipating engine heat. One frigid morning my mother drove me to kindergarten. We heard a faint meowing sound along the way. When we got there she opened the hood and lo and behold was little Tigger, still a kitten with a big cut on his head. I went on in to school and Mom took Tigger in the car. Turns out on the way home Mom saw 4 dead kittens in the road and it began to dawn her the horror of what had occurred. An entire litter of 5 had climbed into the engine and had been probably laying on the radiator. When the car started moving they must have panicked and ran into the fan of the Impala. Tigger being the sole survivor. Mom was a blubbering guilt ridden mess the rest of the day. Tigger grew up but always seemed a bit titched in the head as they say.

  21. Because NTTAWWT says:

  22. Abu Doesn't Care - Stop Talikng About it !!!!!111!1!1 says:

    Why is it allowable for such a small percentage to force me into accepting their lifestyle? I’m pretty sure I respect ghays more than libs respect conservatives. Damn sure!

    • icekoldebassman says:

      Because we’re evil incarnate, and they’re the epitome of secular humanist enlightenment, dontcha know?