Greenwald was mean to me back in 2006

Charles dislike of Glenn Greenwald goes back to 2006. Today he  is consumed by obsession with Greenwald and does his poor me routine on Twitter. Charles digs up a 2006 post at LGF he did attacking Greenwald for being mean to him.

 Greenwald 2006Greenwald 2006 2

Poor Charles, his jealousy at Greenwald’s relevance is eating him alive!


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  1. WTFHappenedtoLGF says:

    Ok, I’m genuinely puzzled by something, so help me out. What, exactly, does “libertarian” mean in Charles’s swollen cranium? Because so far as I can tell from various posts here, his definition of that word does not comport to any use of it as practiced in the real world.

    • Because Lulz says:

      He uses the word interchangeably with “anarchist”. Which produces another twist; that anarchists are all “right wing”.

  2. dwells38 says:

    All we know is Chunk HATES Libertarianism and says routinely that it “ruins everything”. So one can assume he embraces it’s opposite. Authoritarianism. Which his posts seem to confirm by his constant support for more gov’t control of everything and his approval of greater gov’t surveillance and monitoring. And of course his vicious attacks on anyone who question the use and abuse of said gov’t tactics.

  3. trebob says:

    Given that GG is an American, living in Brazil with a Brazilian boyfriend and working (at least used to) UK paper, I’m not sure either of them (Waitomo11 or Charles) knows what “xenophobic” means.

    Those LGFers sure seem to know the words but not the meanings.

  4. rightymouse says:

    This is what Greenwald said about Chuck back in 2006. I don’t see any lies about Fatso, just truthiness.

    • Arachne says:

      You have to laugh – Blubberwall really believed the blogosphere revolved around him. Hell, his credit grabbing for Rathergate pissed off everyone at Freep as I recall.

    • dwells38 says:

      Wow! It was a very good takedown of the Chunkster. I particularly liked the part where Chunk gets all medieval on GG for his having held him to account for commenter’s sentiments. And then points out Chunk routinely did the very same thing to Daily Kos on an almost daily basis. It was a good portion of Chunk’s “content” (hah!). IOW GG showed very clearly why Chunky’s a big stupid talentless hypocrite with a double standard only for himself. I also liked GG’s observation that Chunk’s nothing more than a cut & paster, two sentence hack. I think this really cut him good back then and led to his hamfisted attempts to rehabilitate his site and his image as a lib. Also shows how petty Johnson is too that he still hates GG with such passion for so effortlessly skewering him and with dry boredom, no less. This earlier spat that GG easily won is clearly the root of Chunk’s furious GG obsession. And now GG will barely acknowledge him because he’s such a lowley pissant now in the blog world.

    • Because Lulz says:

      Fascinating that he lumped CJ together with Moran back then. Moran never went completely nuts like Johnson, but he does have that weird tic that makes him have to attack the Tea Party as racist, etc. Moran is kind of like CJ on meds.

    • trebob says:

      Charles hasn’t changed, he only changed targets and his ‘style’ (for lack of a better word) remains the same. Allow me to mangle a quote from GG here and see if you agree:

      It used to be the case that in order to be considered a “liberal” “Libertarian” or someone “of the Left,” “of the Right,” one had to actually ascribe to liberal Libertarian views on the important policy issues of the day […] These days, to be a “liberal,” “Libertarian,” such views are no longer necessary.

      Now, in order to be considered a “liberal,” “Libertarian,” only one thing is required – a failure to pledge blind loyalty to George W. Bush Barack H. Obama. The minute one criticizes him is the minute that one becomes a “liberal,” “Libertarian,” regardless of the ground on which the criticism is based.

      What’cha y’all think? Charles could write himself a little script (or swipe one off the net) and re-work all his past posts to say what he wants them to say today or just delete the ones he doesn’t like anymore…Wait a minute….

  5. rightymouse says:

    As a reminder, Greenwald is no angel himself. He was busted in 2006 for sock puppetry. Here’s Patterico’s marvelous outing of Greenwald:

    • Because Lulz says:

      Here’s the difference.

      Greenwald: penis.

      Johnson: penis penis penis lol.

    • OLT's Screw All Of The Lying Batsards says:

      Believe me when I say I hate a lot of white people.

      Call me racist.

      • Because Lulz says:

        Problem with white people is that nobody can excommunicate them from their race, like the MSM can excommunicate Zimmerman from the Hispanics.

    • The Osprey says:

      Wasn’t Greenwald known as “Socky Sockpuppet” back in the day?

    • dwells38 says:

      Seems pretty clear he’s guilty of at least some sock puppetry. It did occur to me though that his being gay, some of the other names might have been live in boyfriends also commenting.

      But I by no means am a Greenwald fan. I like him most when he’s handing Chunk his ass on a platter and demonstrating how outclassed and intellectually outgunned Chunk is by many bloggers with he tries to tangle.

  6. kbdabear says:

    Charles Johnson stars in …

    “Glengreenwald Glenbeck”

  7. Liz_Ardoid says:

    • rightymouse says:

      Zing!!! 😆

    • doppel milyo says:

      I did a bing search and it said

      Charles Johnson is……who?

    • Grinning Cat says:

      Here’s what I got on google (it appears another musician names Charles Johnson is more popular)
      Charles Johnson is a sociopathic narcissist
      Charles Johnson is a liar
      Charles Johnson is an idiot
      Charles Johnson and the revivers

  8. dwells38 says:

    Because Lulz :Problem with white people is that nobody can excommunicate them from their race, like the MSM can excommunicate Zimmerman from the Hispanics.

    Yeah and we don’t have a cool saying like “Once you go black, you won’t go back”. Because you can’t find a word that means go back that rhymes with white.

    Once you go white, the others will witness your flight.
    Once you’ve tried a person of pallor, you will not return to a person of color
    Once you get some Caucasoid, you won’t return to cock Negroid.
    Once you’ve had beige, ….see I can’t even think of anything.

    They’re all just hideous. The asians have a similar problem.

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Once you’ve had vanilla, no more chocolate fella…


    • dwells38 says:

      How ’bout:

      Once you’ve had it white and hard, you won’t be strayin’ from the yard!

      • gizbot7 says:

        Oooh, a challenge! If the saying were politically correct, it would be:

        Once you’ve gone African-American, you won’t ever go…

        Anywhere again?
        Out with Stan?
        To the Can?

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Once you’ve had honkey, you’ll always be wonkey.

      Once you’ve had cracker, you won’t want no blacker.

      Once you’ve had Aryan, there’s just no comparyon.

      It just don’t work.

    • dwells38 says:

      The literary version:

      Once thou hath felt my Shakespeare’s bore, thou shalt not lay in lust with Moors

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Once you’ve had donkey …

      OLT will tell you all about that.

  9. Liz_Ardoid says:


  10. Because Huh? says:

    • dwells38 says:

      WTF? Someone got shot idiot. (directed toward Chunk)

    • doppel milyo says:

      but but but, trader joes has their frozen salmon flown in through LAX. And their Chimay ale

      oh yeah, sorry to the dead guy’s family.

      /Mr Sincerity Icarus

    • Arachne says:

      So DRIVE to Burbank, Ontario or fucking SAN DIEGO.
      Oh, wait…..sorry, Fatass, I forgot.

      • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

        Don’t think hitchhiking is an option, either. I suppose he might get a ride in the back of a 3/4 ton pickup.

    • iSpeakJive says:

      Compared to a snowstorm in Denver? 1600 flights per day. I don’t think so.

  11. Because Chunk, you're the one with the ban stick says:

  12. OLT's Don't Ever Go says:

    Because 1-800-MILYO :
    Once you’ve had donkey …
    OLT will tell you all about that.

    In Donkey Show, Donkey has YOU.

  13. OLT's Because Dancing In Blood As Always says:

    dwells38 :
    WTF? Someone got shot idiot. (directed toward Chunk)

    He was celebrating that the shooter used an “AR-15”. Happy day for Proggies if so.

    Must’ve been disproved, like every other “breaking” story involving “gun violence” since Aurora CO’s crazy yet well-armed criminal psych-job.

  14. OLT's Because Racist Hypocrites says:

    BTW, if someone had shot been shot in the ‘hood in effing LA, you’d NEVER hear about it.

    /Because only dead if shot at airport by white guy with “assault rifle!!!!!11ty!”, apparently.

    Other people shot in (usually gun-controlled Dem-ruled) locations aren’t really dead. See: Chicago (old Indian word for “Massacre every weekend”).

  15. kbdabear says:

    Reports are that the shooter, Paul Anthony Cianca, wanted to kill TSA agents and “pigs”.

    Hold off on blaming libertarians or tea partiers Fat Man, sounds like he might be one of your far left buddies

  16. Because YUBAN! says:

    • kbdabear says:

      Hmmm, when has one of Bike Boy’s cultists gone to a comments section and then come back to Chunky to report how APPALLED he was at the nature of the comments being allowed there?

    • gizbot7 says:

      I see he failed to mention that if “those people” talked about Chinese food, anything negative (even if true) about Islam, anything positive (even if true) about Christianity, any blog Chunk don’t like (even if he used to), Chunks old posts/views, etc., etc., ad nauseam, they would have permanently suspended accounts.

  17. Because You forgot "fake Indian", Chunk says:

    • Pakimon says:

      Elizahontas became a co-sponser? That’ll “seal the deal”. 😆

      • JimboXL says:

        If a lib is celebrating anything with “Equal rights” in the title, you know it has nothing to do with actual equal rights. Like for instance “Pregnancy Equal Rights” would allow a woman to murder her unborn baby up to a minute before birth.

  18. Pakimon says:

    They stole it from Buckhead at FreeRepublic?

  19. rightymouse says:

    Well, Chuck…they’ll also likely find that he’s a mentally disturbed young man, but because he was over 21, his family couldn’t do anything legally.

  20. Doppel milyo says:

    rightymouse :
    PJ Media is reporting that he was an off-duty TSA employee. As always, the 24 hour rule applies.

    so for sure not an LGF’er as he had a jobby job

  21. swamprat says:

    charles tweet’d:

    @Gus_802 If that shit happened in an LGF comment thread, all those people would have suspended accounts. 4 hours ago

    ICYMI, anti Israel comments are certainly allowed on LGF, as are racist comments posted on charles-vilified blogs. False Amazon reports against Pam Geller are likewise greeted with a Laurel and Hardy handshake.

    Anti christian, anti pope, anti texas, anti tennessee anti Palin, smears, slurs, accusations and unverified conspiracies are most welcome.

    Those posters, and charles himself, still perform these actions

  22. Abu's a Milyo Milyos Away - penis penis penis lol says:

  23. Minnow says:

    Honestly, the bullshit being spread over at the Village of the Damned is amazing. Do these people really believe the bullshit they are spreading?

    I understand Barry’s grandstanding crap…. but the others. Are these people really that shallow and lacking for emotional support that they must stoop to these levels???

    It is amazing and pathetic in the same breath.

  24. Minnow says:

    These people are blaming GG, Snowden, Wikileaks et al. for leaks that led China to having stealth technology, nuclear this and that.

    Hey dumbasses…. thank Bill Blowjob Clinton and his Admin (hey Hillary) for those leaks. This ain’t shit that is developed overnight.

    • livefreeor die says:

      Just remember that you’re using logic with people who paint action figures and wash their underwear in the dishwasher.

  25. livefreeor die says:

    Hey, Chuck,
    Did you check in with Proskippingyourpsychmeds Liberal today just to make sure? Or do you all continue to dismiss all the signs that he’s a mess?

  26. Minnow says:

    and then there’s the misfits there that remind me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Rear Window”… you know… the ones that sit at the table and have romantic conversations with each other (spelled “themselves”) as they change chairs at the table and nervously clutch their (spelled “her”) collar as they/she speaks.

    …just dancing along…

  27. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

  28. Minnow says:

    Meanwhile…. check this video out. My sons went to H.S. with this guy. Remember his name… awesome.

  29. Macker says:

    Snarls Pondscum? WTF!