Truthful tweet from Charles

From time to time, Charles tweets out funny statements.

He described himself perfectly!


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  1. livefreeor die says:

    It’s certainly the recent past and the present of LGF.

  2. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

    Man has he got teh ghey for Greenwald. Pammy is so 2012.

  3. Abu bin penis penis penis lol says:

    Charles is self-unaware. He’s a douche, yet has no idea he’s a douche. However, if he read here he’d know what a fuckstick he really is.
    But he never, ever reads here. Fap.

  4. Doppel ICYMI says:

    For all his blubber, Charles has a very thin skin

    NOT TO WORRY Charles,
    it’s about to get cold and only the fat will survive

  5. buzzsawmonkey says:

    Mad King Yertle should get wise. That’s not “the future of journalism”—that’s journalism’s present and its recent past.

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Charrrrrrrles! I an the ghost of journalism paaaaaaast! Remember the throoooooooobbbbbing meeeeeemmmmmoooooooo?

    • poteen2 says:

      That’s the ghost of Charlie’s past. The ghost of Charlie present has his tallywhacker stuck in a Mtn. Dew bottle. The ghost of Charlie future,,,,,,,,,, no future there.

  6. Doppel DOH! says:

    the future of journalism is that Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, and Glenn Greenwald make huge stacks of cash, Charles

    and you make jack squat

  7. dwells38 says:

    is this the future of the Preezidency, right? you can keep your plan if u like it except my law probbly outlawed u useful idiot moron. lol!

  8. He’s actually describing the guys who bang your daughter.

    • Frabby Stinklair says:

      I like to drive my “agenda” abusively into frank’s mom because she’s “fast and loose”.


    • Arachne says:

      Oh so tedious Frankie baby. Get some new material. Must be tough going through life with your sick puppy pedophile fantasies.

    • snowcrash says:

      I’d say the wife joke is stale but I’m still laughing at fat jokes. Obvi not the best judge of these things.

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      Stabby Sinclair is the 2 dollar hooker of the troll world.

  9. icekoldebassman's practice sock pup-it says:

    Hey Frank? I’ve had wittier kids in my Resource Room. Is this REALLY the best you can do? You sit alone in the cafeteria, right?

  10. trebob says:

    So, when if Charles going to tell us about his experience on the health insurance exchange? Surely since Charles is such a huge (no pun intended) supporter of the regime and Obamacare he was one off the first to get in there and sign up.

    Charles would never be one of the deadbeats who simply paid the tax and didn’t sign up for insurance, would he? Maybe he is on Medicaid.

  11. Juan Epstein says:

    Al Gore’s father was a racist segragationist.

    • dwells38 says:

      You mean Al Gore the jet setting millionaire nickel miner with multiple mansions that sold his media co to Islamist apologist Arab oil ticks?

  12. dwells38 says:

    Hey Chunk. They spied on the pope. The pope, dude. And people still got blown up in Boston by Islamist jihadists.

  13. Doppel Boo Milyo says:

    Today for Halloween Charles is dressing up as a productive citizen.
    He might even answer the door for a wayward trick or treater.
    he has no candy for them but perhaps he might ask them to hit his tip (jar)

  14. dwells38 says:

    I thought I heard on NPR the proggies are discontinuing Trick or Treat because it’s insensitive to ferners. Plus the FLOTproggyUS doesn’t approve of sugary sweets. What’s good little Commie to do? Oh I know! He’ll just whip up some Cheetos encrusted Salmon fillets for the little devils. Now, how to defrost these darn things….. Good thing he’s starting early.

  15. dwells38 says:

    Hey Chunkles, your retarded proggy government is so stupid they’ll probably have to fine themselves:

    However, the system sends some personal information to 3rd party analytics and advertising companies. For example, the following two images show my username and password reset codes being sent to a couple of 3rd parties:

    (shows picture of username and password reset code being sent)
    Not only does this violate’s stated privacy policy, it likely also violates the privacy policies of these 3rd parties. Even if the 3rd parties receiving the data can be trusted to not abuse the data, they may not protect it as personally identifiable information should be protected — especially if they are not expecting to receive personal information.

    UPDATE 10/30: The FTC has previously fined MySpace, Facebook, and others for doing just this: sending private information to 3rd parties that they promised to not share. For example:

    The F.T.C. asserted that from January 2009 through June 2010, and again from October 2010 through October 2011, Myspace, a social media Web site, transmitted information, including internal identification numbers of users, and their ages and genders, to outside ad networks that served ads to Myspace.

    Using that information, the F.T.C. said, third parties could obtain the user’s name and other personal information and use a file placed on the user’s computer to view a history of Web sites the user had visited.
    – New York Times

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Just a hunch, but I don’t think that was intentional. Think about it. A half billion lines of code in 6 months? They had to steal chunks of other websites wholesale to amass that much code in that time. That’s a lot of monkeys with typewriters. This thing is a Frankenstein monster stitched together with big chunks of Amazon, Ebay, and probably some phishing sites from Russia. They’ve already been caught using open source code without proper attribution.

  16. dwells38 says:

    Didn’t the Preezydent just encourage people to log on and shop for insurance just yesterday?

    From Ben Simo’s blog (the guy assessing it for Consumer Reports)

    Is there a problem here?

    I am Appalled! reveals usernames, password reset codes, email addresses, and security questions without any authentication — and connects all this info to the username.

    If an attacker guesses a username (or intercepts it, as I’ve also seen my username sent without encryption in parts of the site), the site will:
    1. confirm existence of the username
    2. reveal the password reset code without access to the user’s email (Maybe fixed?)
    3. reveal the security questions (not answers)
    4. reveal the email address

    The site also sends usernames and password reset codes to 3rd party web analytics and advertising companies.

    This information could then be used to identify the user’s real name and security question answers based on their online social activity, and/or to engage in social engineering to get the owner of the account (or their friends) to give up information needed to access the account.

    I am not providing details as to how this is possible. Although what I’ve learned is something any competent web security professional (malicious or ethical) can find within an hour, I do not want to enable (or give the impression of enabling) others to attack the site.

    This level of security is unacceptable. I have only used the site as intended (with my browser’s developer tools showing me the requests it makes to the site and the responses received). I have not attempted to gain unauthorized access or provide input through interfaces other than the one displayed in a browser without developer tools enabled. We can only imagine what additional security flaws exist that might be easily found by someone with malicious intent who tries to provoke the site into revealing info.

    I am now of the opinion that no one should trust with any information. The externally visible lack of security is appalling and suggests incompetence on the part of those who built it.

    • dwells38 says:

      That was just logged last Friday, btw.

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      And guess what happens to your info if you call 1-800-FUCKYO? Yep, it goes into the same seven-peckered billygoat of a website.

      There is no safe way to apply for Ocare. None.

  17. OLT's Get Some Kneepads says:

    So, Proggies: Yesterday the President and Ms. Sebelius both basically stood up in front of their employers/overseers, unzipped their pants, pulled out their schlongs (hers is bigger) and told you all to SUCK IT.

    In the immortal words of rednecks everywhere, HOW YOU LIKE DEM APPLES?

    Do you feel, I dunno, STOOPID? Because you are. 90% of you will defend the spin given yesterday in place of the apologies and resignation(s) that would have been de rigeur in a corporate environment after the lies and all-around clusterfucking. You all, however, will suck it happily and with no sense of loss. After all, we all should all just take it and support the President, as was noted here yesterday.

    Pardon me if I pass on yet another Democrat wiener, Weiner, whatever (oops, that’s Sebelius’ educated response to a question).

    I saw a neat factoid yesterday – we entered, fought, and won WW2 in LESS time than the site took to be developed. I checked it out, and it was TRUE!

    You people SUCK, which I suppose is why your leaders reward you with Braveheart salutes.

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Yes and no. They had that much time to sketch out the basic architecture, but they only had since after the erection to actually start writing code, because the administrative rulemaking wasn’t finished. For some weird reason, they stopped issuing detailed regs the summer before the erection. And then the day after, they started up again. Wonder why that was?

      • OLT's I Can Work WWI And Star Wars Refs Into One Post says:

        LOL, no credit for sitzkrieg in my world, Progs.

        Do or do not. There is no try. 😉

      • Because 1-800-MILYO says:


        Give me an X! … X!
        Give me an L! … L!
        Give me an A! … A!
        Give me an X! … X!

        What’s it spell? … XLAX!
        What’s it mean? … Go team Go!

  18. dwells38 says:

    Christian Science Church Looks Like a Giant Dick From Space 12 hours ago

    Gigantically Fat Commie Blogger Looks Like a Giant Penis penis penis lol from everywhere 12 hours ago

  19. dwells38 says:

    Daily Kos Diary: Glenn Greenwald Once Again Proves He is a Hate-Oozing Douche… 12 hours ago

    Ha! I still get a kick out of Chunky Boo Boo cut and pasting from Kos’ stinkin’ hate hole. Even more comical it’s about what a hater someone else supposedly is.

    Here are some of Chunk’s Kos related post titles accusing them of being a hate and racist website.
    -Kos Kids Sympathize With Virginia Tech Mass Murderer
    -Daily Kos: Antisemites Welcome
    -The Protocols of the Daily Kos
    -Daily Kos Passover Greetings
    -Daily Kos: British Hostages Are Payback

    Then one day in late 2008 he suddenly discovered he’s JUST LIKE THEM!! LOL!

    • Doppel B. DeMilyo says:

      Charles is just like Markos if Markos gained 200 pounds, lost 1,999,977 followers, all his money and sat around in his own feces.

  20. Because Ohh! Ooh! Chunky is all techy and shit! says:

    Now go fix the Ocare website.

  21. dwells38 says:

    Chunk links to a funny Colbert bit then bizarrely claims that the comedy central show is increasingly doing the best reporting on TV. Kinda sad the founder of one of the most popular at one time national security related blogs is reduced to linking to vids of a show college kids watch because they’re too bored by real news.

    Increasingly, it seems like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are doing the best reporting on television.

    • Arachne says:

      Well, it’s the kind of reporting that the Wonderwall of Blubber can understand, since they don’t use big words and they don’t pretend to have any actual depth.

  22. dwells38 says:

    Decatur Deb Wed, Oct 30, 2013 1:43:51pm
    • 4
    • down
    • up
    • report

    re: #35 Backwoods_Sleuth
    Pawlenty on Martin Bashir is saying that it’s reasonable for people to be upset to pay more for coverage if they don’t smoke or need mental health care.
    What. An. Idiot.

    Insurers can charge non-smokers up to 1/3 less under ACA. It’s one of the few ‘discriminations’.

    I actually did not know this which is shocking. Of course, we the taxpayers are on the hook for all the obese diabetics who won’t exercise and triple by-pass receivers. Or the moron mother who has a minimum wage job but is on her 5th kid by 4 nowhere-to-be-found fathers. But we’re also subsidizing the health of people who engage in known cancer causing habits! And LGF denizens think that’s just hunky-dory. Hey we should all be responsible for the stupidest among us despite having no control over their behavior. Because to do otherwise would be discriminatory?? These Commies really are insane.

    • snowcrash says:

      I think it’s reasonable too! That’s why my plan doesn’t meet ACA standards. I bet a rehab stay costs a hefty chunk of money.

  23. dwells38 says:

    Megyn Kelly destroys drama hamster Frank Pallone:

    Pallone knows what Capitalism is really all about:

  24. Because Onose says:

  25. Pakimon says:

    Anybody know why Chunky changed his Twitter name from “Charles Johnson” to “Snarls Pondscum”?

    Is he trying to be clever?

    Is it brain degradation due to sniffing Cheetos dust these past years?

    And I thought he couldn’t get any more stupid with “Stinky Beaumont”. 😆 🙄

  26. Because I'll help you, since nobody sniffs ... err ... reads your tweets says:

    • Arachne says:

      Notice he also tweets that Zimmerman threatened his wife with a shot up target. Really, you DO know the bitch was convicted of perjury, right, Blubber Butt? And that the last time she accused him of wrongdoing, it was found she was full of shit? But you keep quoting her – after all, liars done love themselves more liars,

  27. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

  28. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

  29. Juan Epstein says:

    Was an easy call.

    Clinton’s father was a southern white alcoholic abuser.

  30. dwells38 says:

    Hitler finds out about Obamacare website problems

  31. rightymouse says:

    What a pussy. 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      Here’s some advice for you Charlie. Chicks won’t find you the slightest bit interesting if you brag about eating exotic food, but obviously aren’t man enough to handle it. Face it. You’re a food wimp.

      • OLT's No Metrosexuality At All says:

        Manly version:

        I had Thai green curry shrimp over rice that may have been the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. Don’t go in the hall bathroom, I melted the commode! Had to use all your face cream on my bunghole! Gawd it was on FIRE! Anyway, we got any beer???

      • OLT's A Little Green Paint And Some Snacky Frogs says:

        Advice #2: Troll for strange at Star Wars conventions. Look for chicks with a Jabba the Hutt fetish.

      • OLT's A Marketing GENIUS says:

        The preceding post brought to you by Snacky Frogs, now available in Frozen Salmon and Slug-Eaten Kale flavors.

        Remember, when we say Snacky Frogs, we really mean “How high are you?”

      • dwells38 says:

        Not to mention the image of what’s going happen a few hours when that’s coming out. Any snarky tweets will likely be submitted between howls of white pain and cries of “Why did I eat that???!! Not terribly attractive.

    • Because Lulz says:

      Stanky’s mom is the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten…

      • dwells38 says:

        Yeah I hear she’s a walking advert for Obamacare. One encounter with her and your shopping for a good clinic.

    • Pakimon says:

      Must’ve been the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos he sprinkled over it that got him sweating. 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        When the Thais at the restaurant saw Chuck walk in, they knew immediately that they had the Putz of all Putzes on their hands, so when he asked for the curry hot, they just snickered and made it so spicy hot, his asshole will need to be iced for a week. 😆

      • dwells38 says:

        Yeah that was payback for last time he was there when they had that “All you can eat” special. Chunk wouldn’t leave and finally they had to tell him “You go now! You been heeah four owah!”

  32. rightymouse says:

    OLT’s No Metrosexuality At All :
    Manly version:
    I had Thai green curry shrimp over rice that may have been the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. Don’t go in the hall bathroom, I melted the commode! Had to use all your face cream on my bunghole! Gawd it was on FIRE! Anyway, we got any beer???

    😆 Now you’re talking!!

    • OLT's Scratching As I Type This says:

      REAL women want a REAL man, not a girlfriend with a penis penis penis LOL.

    • Pakimon says:

      Reminds me of a vacation I had last year.

      Was in St. Augustine with my girlfriend for the weekend doing the tourist thing.

      Dinner that night consisted of various “five alarm” hot Mexican dishes (Hot sauces, jalapenos, the works) along with lots of beer and rum drinks which I chowed down and chugged down with nary a bead of sweat or twitchiness and thus displayed my manly prowess.

      The evening went fantastically but early the next morning, things “took a turn”.

      I woke up around 5 AM with ominous rumblings and gurglings emanating from my belly.

      A quick run to the commode was required and let me tell you, after parked there for fifteen minutes, the paint was actually starting to blister on the bathroom walls by the time I was done.

      It was so bad, I was actually almost gagging myself from the cloud of funk released by my intestines.

      I had to trap the beast before it spread out into the motel room and suffocated my girlfriend who did not deserve such a horrific fate.

      No defunking air spray was available so I did (what I thought) was the next best thing.

      I turned the timer knob that runs the “fart fan” and set it to an hour and figured by the time my girlfriend woke up and went to use the bathroom, the funk would be dissipated.

      Unfortunately, the “fart fan” was connected to a heat lamp (as most motel “fart fans” are) and “unbeknownst” to me, the heat somehow cooked and mutated the paint blistering funk cloud into a demonic gaseous miasma of stench.

      Twenty minutes later, I’m sitting at the table having coffee and my girlfriend stirs and gets up from bed and heads to the bathroom.

      She opens the door, takes a half step in and recoils like someone hit her in the face with a two by four.

      She slams the door shut and is literally gasping for breath.

      What a terrible thing for a nice lass to confront when half asleep first thing in the morning.

      A kind and sensitive soul would have rushed to her aid and offered apologies and comfort but me being a manly man, I did what any red-blooded manly man would do….

      I burst out laughing. I laughed so long and hard, I spilled my coffee and about fell on the floor.

      It was the look on her face when she stepped into the bathroom that had me on the floor.

      Her loud exclamation of “That’s just…..NASTY!!” was the clincher.

      Needless to say, breakfast was consumed in relative silence punctuated with dour, sidelong glances at me and myself letting loose with occasional snickering.

      As a postscript, our weekend outing supplies now include a large can of Lysol NeutraAir Funk Eliminator which is prominently displayed in whatever motel bathroom we happen to use. 😀

      • rightymouse says:

        Am glad everything came out all right in the end. 😆

      • Pakimon says:

        She’s a good sport, has a great sense of humor and after twenty plus years of dealing with my hijinks, she kinda rolls with the punches. 😆

        For my part, I always strive hard to make it worth her while to put up with my antics.

        As a sidenote. when I go into “Pakimog mode” for fun and laughs, I’m the one who usually ends up in the kitchen, making sammiches.

        But once in a while, The caveman charm wins through … 😉

      • dwells38 says:

        I won’t say that was a nice story but I will say it was a funny story.

      • gizbot7 says:

        Although I can sort of relate to your girlfriends situ (the hubster’s bad, but not THAT bad), that story was hysterical! 😆

      • Because Lulz says:

        Better living through chemistry.

  33. rightymouse says:

    Give up trying to be amusing, Charlie. You just come across as being very, very weird. 🙄

    • OLT's Sing It, Former Guitar Picker says:

      Stalker Charles’ greatest stolen hit: One (Is The Loneliest Number).

    • Pakimon says:

      Now he’s using that “Farmer Gerbil” picture for an avatar?!

      Actually, it’s a good choice given that he’s so far up Obama’s ass it isn’t …er, wait it minute … it is funny. 😆

  34. rightymouse says:

    Dude needs a straitjacket! Pronto!

      • rightymouse says:

        It no likey remote linking…..

      • Pakimon says:

        It want money!

        Upgrade account and give us your credit card number and personal information!

        Comply now or be subjected to Husky Ponytailed Blogger virus which make you wade through endless ads for sex toys and Thai shemale dating services! 😆

      • Because Lulz says:

        Or just refresh your browser, and view the image.

        Is Chucky going to accuse me of stealing intellectual property?

  35. Because Lulz says:

  36. Pakimon says:

    I’m wondering if Chunky is actually going to subject the unwary little “trick or treaters” of Culver City to him wearing a hideous gerbil mask and passing out stale bags of Cheetos. 😆

  37. dwells38 says:

    Bengals and Dolphins happening right now! And down goes Geno Atkins. Let me help ya sit down there fella. 🙂 I love NFL football in HD. Signing out for awhile. I usually pause and get snacks and drinks so I can ff thru the ads. Then I’m in delay and in serious risk of hearing what happens. Had a friend at work who foolishly befriended some self absorbed ass from Mass we work with who was only using my friend anyway for info on what it’s like going to Paul Brown station. Of course he worships the Patriots who are fucking cheaters and puke media darlings. He went to the recent game down here in Cincy in the rain to watch them lose and was calling and texting my friend throughout the game. My friend wisely has a policy of not taking calls during the game for the same reason I’m signing off. I’m not in real time! My friend explained why he wouldn’t take the obliviot’s calls on Monday morning.  Pats suck. Go Bengals!

    I work remotely with a lot of good people from up in Mass and Boston but this one’s a narcissistic turd from up there. He’s a walking stereotype. He wouldn’t say hello unless he thought he needed something from you. But many of them are the salt of the Earth, of course.

  38. Abu Vince Evans says:

    Monday is my 51st birffday and I’m trying to figure out how to insulate myself from the Bears v. Packers unless my Bears are not getting blown out. Making this more difficult is I still use my trusty VCR.

    • Because Lulz says:

      There’s still a working VCR somewhere in the world? And tapes that still work?

      • Minnow says:

        I just threw out a box full of 8-track tapes! I had (back in those “poor” days) bought a 1980 Ford truck for cheap and it had an eight track tape player in it. A couple of guys I worked with at the time got together and everyone brought in a few old 8-track tapes. Then they surprised me one day with a box full!

        Talk about cool! They all sounded horrible…. but it was so much fun (and it spoke so highly of the people I was working with).

        My sons and I (who were really struggling at the time – having just been through a divorce – grrrrr….) played those tapes over and over in that crappy old truck. Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Queen etc. All kind of crappy – but so much fun.

        We ended up tiling the canopy on that truck in a red/white and blue themed mosaic. Definitely a one of a kind….. We got a lot of compliments! (it was butt ugly….). But again…. a lot of fun.

      • Because Lulz says:

        Show me a truck that isn’t butt ugly, and I’ll show you a virgin.

      • Abu Half-inch Tape says:

        Bwhahahahaha! I have several 8 hour tapes which means my recording doesn’t stop after the ‘scheduled’ sporting event goes long. However, if CBS switches the conclusion of the golf so they can show 60 Minutes, I then have to watch the rebroadcast on the Golf Channel. Somehow I muddle through!

      • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

        And a dork who still uses them!!!!11!! I have 2 VCRs, 3 if you count the TV w/ VCR that only plays but doesn’t record.

      • dwells38 says:

        Yep i still have a VCR player and a bunch of tapes.

  39. Minnow says:

    And here, was one of my favorite from those tapes….

  40. Because Lulz says:

  41. Because Lulz says:

    • dwells38 says:

      Whines the puss hole who labels everyone on the right racists and Nazis despite that they’ve never uttered a racist sentiment.

      It’s really rich that a smearing scumbag of the worst kind tries to claim he’s been smeared. Oh boo hoo Chunky Boo Boo, why don’t you call the entire GOP insane and racist one more time and see if the left Commie scum you tried to befriend come to your rescue. Don’t hold your breath fat boy.