“Just admit your politics are tribal-partisan.”

Politics does create strange bedfellows on certain issues. Glenn Greenwald Liberals are now allied with Rand Paul Libertarians over the NSA spying. Today at the Stop Watching Us rally, Liberals and Libertarians united in opposing the NSA spying n Americans.  Charles gets into an Ayatollah mode and attacks Liberals who ally with Libertarians, He then gets into it with a member of the Libertarian leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is on the sponsors of the rally.

Stop Watching US Stop Watching US2 Stop Watching US3 Stop Watching US4 Stop Watching US5 Stop Watching US6

Charles is a simple minded fool. He can’t grasp that on some issues, people who normally are ideological opposites make common cause on issues they agree with. Charles views politics as some life or death struggle.

Charles then takes a shot at Weasel Zippers.

Stop Watching US7

Charles is upset Weasel Zippers called out his hysterical reaction to the Stop Watching us Rally. It’s obvious Charles views himself as a Progressive Ayatollah who demands people on the Left can’t make common cause with those on the Right over certain issues. This shows his immature mindset when it comes to politics.


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  1. Abu oyliM says:

    Brad of Weasel Zippers is still living rent-free in Chucks head. I know Brad’s busy but I wish he’d join in the bashing here for old times sake. I remember him announcing the start of his blog back at LGF.

  2. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

    What? He didn’t call them creationists? Chucky’s slipping.

  3. Whatever man says:


    Wait, what? He’s a Dem?

    • dwells38 says:

      This guy sounded like Dana Carvey doing Church Lady. Even looks like him. Like Chunk Boy he knows what the GOP are really about:

  4. Octopus says:

    The sad thing is, this is the happiest day Fatass has had in a long time. He’s getting some attention! It’s all negative, because he’s a dumb cluck with no integrity on the wrong side of every argument, but that doesn’t even matter anymore. He’s still plumping for “global climate science denial OMG, for God’s sake. His defense of unchecked, unregulated NSA spying is tied solely to his True Believer-Devotion to Unicorn Messiah, because he really doesn’t give a shit about national security anymore.

    The nice thing about the current kerfuffle is that he is being exposed once again for all the world to see, as an unthinking maroon with 12 blog-members and 3 “friends” on Twitter. Keep showing yourself, Chunky. 😆

  5. Frank Sinclair says:

    “This shows his immature mindset when it comes to politics.”

    This from the publisher of a stalker blog. One thing the dittohead right never lacks is irony.

    • kbdabear says:

      Unlike your bloviated boyfriend, most here understand what irony is

    • Octopus says:

      You should post as yourself, Fatass. Show some intestinal fortitude, for a change. You read here religiously, as we are your only “fans,” so just stop pretending. As if there’s anyone, anywhere, who cares enough about you to create a fake user named “Frank Sinclair, brother of Peter Sinclair, famous non-scientist.” 😆

    • dwells38 says:

      Really Stanky? And no irony in you coming over here to stalk the stalkers? Face it Stank, Chunk’s hell hole is just that fricking boring. But that’s commie shills for ya. No surprises or anything of interest shows up there anymore. Just Gubmint approved party narrative. Same reason no one watches AMESSNBC anymore just to see host after host mindlessly and stupidly claim the other side’s refusing to join them in Communism only because they’re racists. It’d be comical except it’s really sinister Alinskyite Big Lie commie tactics that you LIVs and useful idiots fall for every time.

    • trebob says:

      When did this blog ever purport to be anything but immature. We exist to mock someone, the whole concept is childish and immature. No one ever said this was a blog to post about politics or anything other than mocking the death throws of that racist hate blog Little Green Footballs.

      I figured even a true totalitarian like yourself could see the difference.

      • Octopus says:

        The fact that they don’t get it is one of the funniest parts of the whole silly enterprise. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Aw Frank, you’re getting so boring. It’s either your sexual fantasies or dittohead.

  6. Octopus says:


    The whore has the nerve to flat-out blame the GOP for the Obamaflop 404Care Fiasco. She really does. 😆

    • dwells38 says:

      Yeah she’s a pathetic scrunt. She’s been doing that for days now and of course the left scum media repeat that assertion unquestioningly. As if the GOP made her fuck up, made her lie about it and are now making her look like an idiot. She and Fat Stupid Chunk Johnson are two peas in a pod, making enemies then trying to blame them when the enemies point out they’re useless and lame.

  7. dwells38 says:

    Ironic innit? Chunk starts insulting the Tweeter as a “shill” after the guy tried to talk to him as an adult. It’s no wonder no one takes him seriously except the weak minded LGF dork squad.

  8. Frank Sinclair says:

    dwells38 :
    Really Stanky? And no irony in you coming over here to stalk the stalkers? Face it Stank, Chunk’s hell hole is just that fricking boring. But that’s commie shills for ya. No surprises or anything of interest shows up there anymore. Just Gubmint approved party narrative. Same reason no one watches AMESSNBC anymore just to see host after host mindlessly and stupidly claim the other side’s refusing to join them in Communism only because they’re racists. It’d be comical except it’s really sinister Alinskyite Big Lie commie tactics that you LIVs and useful idiots fall for every time.

    Communism? “Alinskyite Big Lie Commie tacts?”


    The cold war ended in 1991, dittohead.

  9. dwells38 says:

    Oh looky here!! Another leftist Big Lie! Peaceful modern Christianity is worse than murderous, violent radical Islam!

    You believe it doncha FrStank??? Sure you do! You know you do. Hate those Christians Stanky. Then you’ll be as smart as Fat Chunk.


    • Frank Sinclair says:

      Christian conservatives and the tea party are America’s Taliban.

      Their firearms must be confiscated because they have delusions of being the next Paul Revere, and good Americans will be killed if they act out.

      • Kurt's demon offering a warning says:

        PISS OFF !!!!

        better watch your back. the demon is NOT fucking pleased. NOT ONE BIT

      • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

        The only good prog is a dead prog. And tell yormama I gots a new toy for her.

      • Frabby Stinclair says:

        Christian conservatives and the Tea Party are America’s Dittoheads.


      • Flabby Chinpair says:

        And they smell funny too!!!!!11 AHAHAH AHAHA AHHHAAHAHHAAHA AHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!1@

      • Arachne says:

        Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. Your meds are on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet. Take them.

  10. Octopus says:

    People who talk that kind of mind-rot should be inquisitioned by Spanish experts. 😈

  11. dwells38 says:

    Actually I mispoke. The Big Lie technique originates with Hitler’s Mein Kampf and was instituted in Nazi Germany. Not Alinsky although it’s clear the left is using Alinsky tactic’s as well.


    Here’s another example of how the left uses it: http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/10/i-cannot-even-stand-to-look-at-you-lie-spurs-hardball-to-call-gop-racists-anyway/

    And of course the tactic of calling the GOP racists merely for opposing leftist policies promoted by a half-black President is a particularly hateful and evil Big Lie.

    • dwells38 says:

      Hey lookie what I did there. I got something wrong so instead of using “Rules for Radicals” I used my rules for normal decent human beings. I used the technique of “When you’re wrong admit it”. Then I used the technique of “Correct my mistake”.

      I could’ve blamed the leftist Dems since they use so many evil propaganda techniques it’s hard to keep them straight. That’s what weaselly liars like Obungler and Chunk Johnson would’ve done.

  12. Whatever man says:

    I’ve been shopping for health insurance for a single, healthy 26 year old non-smoker with no past or current medical conditions and minimal expected medical/prescription expenses. I found a couple of high-deductible/100% after deductible plans.

    $5500 Deductible, premium $105/mo.
    $3500 Deductible, premium: $160/mo

    Then I poked around on the “state marketplace” for comparable coverage. Actually, I think I found the exact same coverage. Same deductible/100% after deductible. Same provider network.

    $5500 Deductible, premium: $200/mo
    $3500 Deductible, premium: $245/mo.

    So a healthy 26 year old who only wants some low-cost insurance against the possibility of a major medical event will soon have to pay a 90% surcharge above the actuarial risk they present to the insurance pool.

    And millions of people think this is a good thing. It’s insane.

  13. Octopus says:

    And millions of people think this is a good thing. It’s insane.

    I’d wager that 90% of the people who think Obamacare is “a good thing” have no idea what they’ve been sold by this pack of lying, ignorant incompetents. They’ll get the picture in the next couple of months. It won’t be pretty. It will be insane, as you say.

    • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

      Specially the 20-somethings. They’re in for an ice cold shower. The college grads with $100k in student loans delivering Domino’s, and now having to reach deep for $400/mo. They’re gonna just be hopenchanged to the max.

  14. Octopus says:

    It’s critical to the pro-abortionists that they dehumanize the baby, even into the third-trimester when the babies are viable if delivered early. Kill them with a scissors, right, Fatass? Like your good doctor?

  15. dwells38 says:

    No that’s not Miley Cyrus. It’s a scary Halloween skeletal hotty!! I’d jump her bones!! Well, if they’re covered with lady skin.


    • iSpeakJive says:

      It showed some purple leather pants, then some poor chick getting it up the butt. Beware. Unless you’re into that or whatever.

  16. dwells38 says:


  17. Octopus says:

    It’s still kind of freaky to consider that inside of every person, no matter how attractive or hideous, thin or fat, old or young, is a creepy Skeleton Dude/Gal/Baby, moving around, opening and closing its skull-mouth, driving a car, sitting on the toilet, playing with the dog (also a skeleton), occasionally pleasuring itself or another skeleton in some pretty weird positions… 😯

  18. dwells38 says:

    With my local RAID system I couldn’t care less about hackers. 1 hour ago

    Like you have anything hackers want?

  19. dwells38 says:

    Oh for crying out loud. And Chunk still has no opinion about this other than to call the media stupid for reporting on it?

    From The Smartest Man On The Internet’s site:

    Figures. Obamacare Website Developers Plagiarized Code – And It Still Doesn’t Work


    Reports are emerging that not only is Heathcare.gov completely dysfunctional, it’s plagiarized.
    Obamacare Website Violates Licensing Agreement for Copyrighted Software
    Even a cursory comparison of the two scripts removes any doubt that the source for the script used at Healthcare.gov is indeed the SpryMedia script.
    THE WEEKLY STANDARD contacted SpryMedia for comment. A representative for the company said that they were “extremely disappointed” to see the copyright information missing and will be pursuing it further… (h/t @abnormousnox)
    Enjoy entering your private health and income info into this hacked together disinterface.
    What are the odds the Chinese have already hacked it? What are the odds a low level 3rd party outsourced security tech like Edward Snowden has already hacked it?
    The lifted code can be seen below. (via TorrentFreak)

  20. dwells38 says:

    Chunk’s favorite Crazed Sex Poodle bores 707 gluttons for punishment online for 24 hours:


    And to think those people could have been trying to get onto Healthcare.org all that time and never have made it far enough to enroll.

    Anyway it’s good that the Sex Poodle has stopped heaving his girth onto CO2 belching jet airplanes to fly to lands afflicted with blzzards and sub-zero cold snaps to repeat his global warming flawed model based hoax lies.

  21. Octopus says:

    Stanky is holding his own march, a one-man protest against Diary Of Daedalus. “Stop Watching Us!” And, “Stop Noticing Chunky’s Fat!” 😆

  22. Whatever man says:

    Why The Government Can’t Delay the Individual Mandate

    The government cannot delay the individual mandate because the mandate is the counterpoint to the other major part of the Affordable Care Act: Guaranteed Issue. Guaranteed issue means that beginning in 2014 insurers must offer policies to applicants regardless of health status… To summarize companies must take all comers, and also charge someone that is sick or has a preexisting condition as much as someone that is healthy.

    To make the math work, the insurance companies have to raise the prices they charge healthy people, in order to reduce the price they would normally charge someone who is sicker. For those who with high healthcare costs, or were previously locked out of the health insurance market, this is great news. You can now get insurance and only pay as much as someone who has no health care costs. If you’re healthy however your expected costs to the insurer havent changed, but the price you pay has now gone up.

    What happens then if people are free to decide whether or not they want insurance? Being rational and incentive driven, people that are sick and have high healthcare costs would rush to sign up for insurance as they would pay less in premiums than receive in actual cost of care. Meanwhile those who are very healthy… and are now getting less value for their premiums would have a higher likelihood of opting out. Insurance companies could possibly be left with a large number of people who cost more than they pay. This would make the insurance pools insolvent as there would be insufficient funds to pay for all the costs.

    Here is where the individual mandate comes in… The mandate is integral to the ACA because without it the math simply doesn’t work. The insurance pools need healthy, less costly and “risk profitable” individuals to buy insurance in order to offset the guaranteed losses from accepting sicker consumers. Without the mandate the system would potentially fall in on itself.

    Madness! Madness!

  23. Octopus says:

    Even with the mandate, the system is doomed to fall in on itself. The numbers don’t work in any optimist’s fantasy, if they’re looking at actual possible figures. It’s a death-spiral before it even starts.

    Speaking of which, check out this Russian daredevil’s work, if you dare. I hate unsafe heights, and this video really got to me. Help!

  24. JimboXL says:

    Most of the civilized western world has united against the National Stasi Agency. I guess all of Europe suddenly became libertarian. The only thing the Euro papers get wrong on the NSA is when they put the headline “US spies on allies” when in reality it should say “Fascist paranoid smacktard Obomber illegally spies on allies and US citizens.”

    I don’t think there is anything Obomber could do that would not be acceptable to LGF.

  25. Bunk X says:

    BTW, there’s a new player on Twitter. Let’s all give a round of applause and welcome @Kragar_LGF! Here’s his first Tweet, 2 October 2013:

  26. dwells38 says:

    Obungle-ator (Sung to the tune of Jim Croce’s ‘Operator’)

    Obungle-ator, oh, could you help me place this call?
    See, the website address you gave me seems degraded
    I’m calling from L. A., and lookin’ for some rates to save
    And doctors that I knew well, would not be traded
    Isn’t that the way the left wing goes?
    Forget the truth and lie
    And give me a website like you tried it
    So I could sign up and then feel like I’m kind of enrolled
    I’m going to pay the dough, I’ve learned to say it’s swell
    I only wish my words could just convince myself
    ‘Cause it’s me that will eat it, and others will get to steal
    Obungle-ator, oh, could you help me place this call?
    Cause I can’t log onto the website you just gave me
    There’s something in my eyes, you know it happens every time
    I think about the money you said you’d save me
    But isn’t that the way you commies roll?
    Say, let’s forget all that
    Alinsky says to lie ‘cause you’re a bandit
    So I can I can find that I’m totally screwed and to cry
    My overpaying blows, I feel like I’m in hell
    I only wish these turds had coverage like myself
    But they don’t want to be real, socialism’s just a spiel
    Oh, no, no, no, socialism’s just a spiel

    Obungle-ator, oh, let’s forget about this call
    There’s no one there who can enroll me.
    I’ve wasted my time
    But you can still make the tee time
    JayZ says you have a spine.
    Isn’t that the way progressives go?
    Say, let’s forget all that
    Let’s tell a Big Lie if they will stand it
    So LIVs can be completely fleeced and will know
    They’ll find it really blows, but live inside a shell
    I only wish those herds, chose to defend themselves
    Their children’s fate are sealed, they’re just like baby seals

    Crotchety, James J
    Lierycs, Universal Fleecing Group, DNC

    ASSCLAP 2013

  27. Pakimon says:

    Feeling lonely in the basement?

    Tired of your parents duct taping oven mitts on your hands to keep you from incessantly “gratifying” yourself to Hentai pron?

    Rejected by a corpulent, ponytailed fraud of a blogger?

    Then trolling blogs is for you!

    You say that you’re too unimaginative and stupid to troll blogs?

    Nonsense! It’s easy!

    When you use the Frabby Stinclair Method™ ** !

    The Frabby Stinklair Method™ ** is guaranteed* to make you popular and get all the girls! (At least the ones with droopy boobs, hairy armpits and stink of patchouli oil and sweat)

    Just use these four simple steps:

    1) Make sophomoric sexual comments about wives and mothers

    2) Call everyone a “dittohead”.

    3) Type “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” until it runs off the right side of the comment box and into oblivion.

    4) Ignore the spellchecker.

    Follow this formula and you’ll be King of the Blogosphere* in no time!

    *Results may vary

    **Ponytail, Cheetos, urine and empty Mountain Dew bottles not included

  28. stabby says:

    As long as Chunky can’t allow attacks on Muslims who want to slaughter all Jews, (remember him calling bringing that up “ugly”?) then he lacks standing to attack others who make deals with the Devil.

    • trebob says:

      Stab, I know this goes against the whole totalitarian/Nazi mindset, but why does this have to be making “deals with the devil”? Why can’t this simply be some people who disagree on a subject getting together?

      You and Charles seem to be cut from the same cloth on this one. Not everything is left or right, some things are both/neither.

      • iSpeakJive says:

        He believes in cooties, taint, stains, etc.
        Is he OCD? Is that why he won’t leave the house? Hmmm.

      • Because 1-800-MILYO says:

        I’m beginning to think Octo’s right. Stanky is Chunk. Can’t stand to not come here and pitch a fit.

      • stabby says:

        Seems strange coming from the same right that’s currently debating whether Obama is a harbinger of the Anti-Christ.

      • stabby says:

        By the way I was responding to trebob, not to the people who already responded to him.

      • Pakimon says:

        The Right isn’t debating whether Obama is a harbinger of the anti-Christ.

        Nowadays they’re debating if Obama is going to display even more of his utter incompetence in the coming months.

        Also a subject in the debate is how long the Kool-Aid drinkers will hang on to the “Hope and Change” meme.

        Not to worry. Ever since The Unicorn Messiah came out with Mountain Dew flavored Kool-Aid, Chunkles has sworn allegiance for life. 😆

      • Al-Cheezeera says:

        Frabby Sinclair is back on his main account to try to argue, but don’t worry, he’ll be back on his other account to hurl “I had sex with your mom/daughter” insults.

  29. Juan Epstein says:

    Weasel Zippers?

    You mean the guy that gets hat tipped by Mark Levin every other day?

    To his 8 million listeners?

    No wonder he hates him. Another one that was banned and is now much more successful.

  30. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

    dwells38 :
    Bunk, these videos just reinforce my prejudice that Russians are scary people.

    So you and Chuck agree on something.

  31. rightymouse says:

    Marc Scribner took Chuck to the woodshed & pounded his sorry ass. LOLOL! Hey, Chuck! How does it feel to be schooled in public by a smart Libertarian? He also looks like he’s around half your age, you fossilized turd. 😆

  32. Kurt's skid mark detection device says:

    Charles criticizs progressives who are working with libertarians on issues of privacy because of their alliance

    says the man who allies with CAIR

  33. Minnow says:

    Barry, you are such a disappointment to your mother and me….

  34. rightymouse says:

    Chuck’s not up & tweeting his foolish nonsense yet. Am shocked!! 😯

  35. rightymouse says:

    And that he blows! 😆

  36. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

  37. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

    Obamacare is saved.

  38. dwells38 says:

    The Megyn Kelly Show: Brutal Attack on U.S. Citizen by Muslim Gang in London

    According to the report, these are Anjem Choudary’s thugs that attacked the student in a sharia enforced enclave of London for drinking beer, permanently disfiguring him.

    Remember this? Charles Johnson Defends Anjem Choudary


    There seems to be a double standard of leniency when Chunk is defending violent thug jihadists. If you went to dinner but left before someone with white supremicist previous ties (though since denounced) showed up to the same place then you must be a raving racist. But if you’re an imam with violent and murderous associates and you espouse sharia and fail to condemn violent Jihad and now even enforce it violently with street thugs against innocent people, then that’s not a strong enough tie to impughn someone’s motives as “not moderate”

  39. Pakimon says:

    Only 5 tweets today from The Chunkster, including this retread from yesterday.

    And once again, the ponytailed emopotamus is nursing his swollen bruised ass with a soothing Cheetos dust salve to relieve the massive stinging butthurt from the paddling he received yesterday. 😆

    • LGFisputrid says:

      That’s a ht to VB. What’s interesting about that is that according to Jewish law (something which VB says she follows) that is precisely what is believed. In fact, where abortion is legal in Jewish law, the law of the trespasser is one often cited. That is that a trespasser, unwittingly threatens the life of a host.

      I think it’s comical she labels her own beliefs as derp when spoken by Christians or others. Anything to please her master.

      VB is a slave to her lizard master.


  40. Pakimon says:

    Here’s where nobody gives a shit. 😆

  41. Pakimon says:

    As an aside, Kudos to the Detroit Lions for punking the Dallas Cowboys!

    Watching the smug and arrogant posturing of the Cowboys on the sidelines turn into shocked disbelief and finger pointing after the winning TD made my day.

    Watching Dez Bryant meltdown into a full blown temper tantrum was icing on the cake.

    The topper was the FOX announcers commenting that Bryant was once again acting like a “petulant spoiled child”. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Just watched the highlights, after driving Miss Gracie to Connecticut today (12 hrs straight thru, with 2 breaks for gas, food and bathroom). We’re doing a little touring of the east coast this week, and moving her into her NY apartment Nov.1. Big doings.

      Bryant looks a little unstable, from here. Never celebrate too soon! 😆

    • dwells38 says:

      I saw half that game before I was taken hostage by two teen girls insisting basketball shoes and a trip to Dick’s sporting goods is suddenly Sunday afternoon priority #1. It was supposed to be a shootout but that didn’t happen ’til after I tuned out. I actually enjoy watching both teams and both QBs. I call Romo Romo the Homo but just to entertain myself. And anyway NTTAWWI.

      I got back in time to watch our Bengals CRUSH some pathetic puny humans called the Jets. 🙂

  42. trebob says:

    stabby :
    Seems strange coming from the same right that’s currently debating whether Obama is a harbinger of the Anti-Christ.

    Who is this mysterious “right” you talk about? I think I stay reasonably well informed and from my understanding of the “right” anyone thinking, let alone debating, Obama was a harbinger of the antichrist would be considered a nut bar. Do you have any links to some one credible debating that theory, or this another revelation gleaned from that evening session on PJ Media three years ago?

    You prove my point better than I can say it. To you it’s all or nothing. If someone doesn’t agree with you all the way down the line, they can’t have any credibility on any subject. You don’t have to think to determine the best path to follow or what might be best for the country, you simply choose the opposite of what our perceived “right”. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to do that, independent thought is teh hard.

    You and Charles and many of the other sheep who frequent LGF would allow, even support, the government removing the right of assembly for groups you don’t agree with. Look at Charles’ sorry tweets this weekend. All he could say is that someone shouldn’t protest something they feel is government over-reach. Tell me after reading those that he wouldn’t have stopped them “for their own good” if he had the ability to do so. Once you allow that, you may be in one of the “unapproved” groups someday.

    • rightymouse says:

      Mega uptwinkles!!

    • dwells38 says:

      Tribal-partisan. Leads to things like arguing that the Trayvon Martin verdict was unjust having not even watched any of the trial, for instance.

    • gizbot7 says:

      Once you allow that, you may be in one of the “unapproved” groups someday.

      Exactly. I don’t get how the left doesn’t get that. It ain’t all that complicated Stabs. Oh wait, History is boring right?

  43. Flabby Chinpair says:

  44. Octopus says:

    Sad to see Lou Reed passed today, but he had a good long life, for someone of his rock/drug crowd. He was a huge junkie early on, and he somehow survived that. Went on to write some great, painfully-human lyrics throughout his career. I like a LOT of his stuff, but here’s one we used to play at high decibels in college:

    When you’re all alone and lonely in your midnight hour and you find that your soul it’s been up for sale and you begin to think about all the things that you’ve done and you begin to hate just about everything. But remember the princess who lived on the hill who loved you even though she knew you was wrong. And right now she just might come shining through and the glory of love just might come through.

    • Kurt's car fax says:

      another life bonus for Lou : charles icarus johnson never stole a volkswagon from him

    • Minnow says:

      that brought a tear to my eye. Ahhh the memories…Thank you bro’. (I had this cranked up then too………)

    • Flabby Chinpair says:

      Nu-uh! It was that creepy Islamophobic video from that Christianist terrorist! There was no Al Queda! It’s all a right-wing propaganda myth thing! CBS is owned by the Kochtapus!

      • Frabby Stinclair says:

        and dittoheads!


    • Octopus says:

      Wow! They’re not pulling any punches, right there. So much for Chunky’s “fake scandal,” eh lolwut?

    • dwells38 says:

      Me hate you! Me tribe say it was video that make Islammys go heap big cuckoo. Evil right wing tribe say terror attack which is non-troversy. That heap bad voodoo talk.

  45. Minnow says:

    Tomorrow we’ll see that Barry has added “Lou Reed” to the bands he played with….

    • Octopus says:

      Well, Lou was experimenting with a little jazzy-rock during that “Take No Prisoners” period, so it only makes sense that he contacted a pimply reject in Cali to help him out with some noodling, give it a little surfin’ safari vibe. I think Chunky wrote “Street Hassle,” too, about the chick who OD’s at the party, and they dump her body in an alley to protect themselves. He has that kind of integrity now, so it stands to reason he was the same gem of a guy back then.

  46. Because Can you figure out how to turn it off? says:

  47. Minnow says:

    Here’s one I played until the record was all scratchy and skippy…..

    • Octopus says:

      These are all hitting me, too. Lou made it personal, in a way very few others have done. Here’s another one I used to like a lot, from a time when my own family was going through some rough changes:

  48. Minnow says:

    Dedicated to my youth….. which I have concluded was not a waste…. Thank you Lou.

  49. OLT's Laughing At You, Not With You says:

    Frank Sinclair :
    Christian conservatives and the tea party are America’s Taliban.
    Their firearms must be confiscated because they have delusions of being the next Paul Revere, and good Americans will be killed if they act out.

    I live for the day you come for mine.

    Oh, wait, you’re a ball-less troll trolling a “stalker” blog to support the stalker blog. You do nothing but pound your shriveled pud on a keyboard. Do please carry on, LOL.

    • Bunk X says:

      What’s Frank’s problem with silverware?

    • dwells38 says:

      Stanky Frinclair knows only insidious communist pinko scum like his ilk would close memorials to war heroes who may never get another chance to see them in their life. And harrass innocent Americans trying to take planned vacations by closing Nat. Park sites that have NEVER been closed during any previous shutdowns. He knows they SPENT money to do those shutdowns and just to hurt people. And the reason why is they’re leftwing communist thugs. That’s what they do. Big Lie after Big Lie.

      Like Christians are the Taliban. Big Lie.

      Mein Kampf – tell an audacious Big Lie. Then keep repeating it. LIVs and useful idiots will believe it and repeat it because no one would be so audacious as to just make it up.

      Although I think that stuff I read about Stank Frinclair’s sister in the bathroom stall are likely true.

  50. Octopus says:

    Dis is pretty darn good:

  51. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s career, with his favorite pastime of trolling after righteous women who ignore or laugh at his clumsy advances and feeble attacks, reminds me of the words of warning from a famous German philosopher often blamed (mostly unjustly) for the mental-aberrations of Hitler and his rotten crew:

    “He who fights too long against frauleins, becomes a pussy himself;
    and if you gaze too long into the, ah, piss…the, ah, piss will get into you. You will drink piss, dummkopf!”
    –Friedrich Nietsche

  52. Because 1-800-MILYO says:

  53. dwells38 says:

    Chunk pushes all the Big Lies. It’s part of the deliciousness of it to them. Notice how Chunk whines about Nazis even while he’s taking a play right out of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s very own own playbook? Here’s one of the Aministration’s Big Lies that Chunk has been militantly adamant about, even talking about the video causing the Benghazi attack within the last week or so:


    CBS likely has some political agenda as to why they would report the truth on this. The report is nothing new so I would guess they feel it won’t hurt the overall dominant commie wave which they favor. There are several other theories, jounalistic integrity laughably not being one of them.