Charles Johnson Needs Money

With the collapse of consultant company and the collapse of LGF’s ad revues, Charles is on hard times. In a desperate attempt for more money, Charles is making a new offer. If you subscribe to LGF, you get 1/3 off the price and no ads!

CJ Begs For Subscribers

If Charles was not a paranoid shut in, he might be able to get a real job.

[Daedalus beat me to this one, so we updated the image with some great ads. Note that AdBlocker is shareware, and you can avoid popups by clicking  STOP  when you see them, then reload LGF. None of you Loyal Lizards need to pay anything to the man behind the shower curtain who created this annoyance with you in mind.  –Briareus]

Update: Charles asks one his commentators to send their paypal information.

He will out you

Interesting Times better not piss of Charles or he will out his personal information.


Stinky Beaumont and Alexa

Stinky Beaumont

Yep, that’s “Stinky Beaumont” with his banning stick circa 1862. Meanwhile there’ve been some folks here axing for graphs, so we plugged some pertinent info into Alexa only to find that their stuff is now a mess.

Alexa Blog Stats

No way no how is Charles Johnson’s Little Green Rumpswabs close to 100K over that span. Alexa‘s got some splainin’ to do.

Aside from the  Alexis Y-Axis Error, Pamela Geller and Jim Hoft are kicking ass on Charles Johnson, and they’ve got a lot to kick.