Charles actually does a post on Islamic terror

Charles returns to his roots by reporting al-Shabaab’s attack on an Israeli owned mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

Shabaab Shabaab2

This post hurts Charles chances to get rid of his Fatwa.

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  1. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Chunky is much more concerned about the fatwa he issued to Greensnow.

  2. Al-Cheezeera says:


  3. Arachne says:

    Oh man. I mean, I’ve tweeted re the same subject but only in response to another’s tweet to me. I have never had to use in “ICYMI” – hell, if all I had to do was that, I’d be in 5-figure tweets now, too.

    And here I thought I was going to be able to say something NICE about Tweety Turd.

  4. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Chunk, did you ask furious burkah if it was okay to post this? These people aren’t any different from any other criminals, you know. You’re racially profiling! Julian Assange, Greenwald, and Snowden are the real terrorists!

  5. dwells38 says:

    So what’s he trying to do? Make Mulsims look bad by posting about extremist Muslims? Last time I checked he called everyone racists who made similar posts. The dickhead can’t have a double standard for himself.

    Chunk “Shieking Harpy” Johnson is an anti-Islam racist scumbag.

  6. Voltaire's Crack says:

    The real point of his post is to discover if he has any banning clout at Twitter.

    He’s reflexively more miffed by the misuse of his revered Twitter (revered, of course, since it is natural evolution of mouse-ka-mania) than by the actual acts.

    It’s misdirection.

  7. Chunky's unatractive, too says:

    Penis penis penis lol

  8. Minnow says:

    omg! Thank you God! If it weren’t for ChazFatAzz, I never woulda’ known….

  9. Because Fat Old White Guys Can't Dance says:

    • Because Fat Old White Guys Can't Dance says:

      And no, I don’t feel like dancing. Bozo.

    • Octopus says:

      I did enjoy that one, Fatass…no thanks to you! 😆

      The Tigers pulled out a win after tying it up in the ninth with a miraculous 6-run outburst, and then the Wolverines scraped out another win over an uppity-upstart, after looking doomed as doomed can be. What a great night of sports!

    • Juan Epstein says:

      Must have seemed like an appropriate time to mock Africans.

  10. Minnow says:

    FatAzz has a tin ear in all respects.

    But hey FatAzz, keep practicing the facial moves when you are playing your horrid guitar licks that have no sense of composition or form… Remember, you’re still in eighth grade.

    • Arachne says:

      Look out – we’re only a minutes away from Tweety Turd sending out an ICYMI that BRC_807 is affiliated with a blog run by someone who 20 years ago went on a rant against radical Muslims that was caught on audio.

  11. rightymouse says:

    Looks like Chazz-the-Spazzman was more concerned that the barbarians were using Twitter than with the barbaric attack. A-hole.

  12. poteen2 says:

    rightymouse :
    Looks like Chazz-the-Spazzman was more concerned that the barbarians were using Twitter than with the barbaric attack. A-hole.

    Block and report, Charlie. Block and report. That’ll fix ’em.

  13. poteen2 says:


    1. The same contractor that cleared Navy Yard mass murderer Aaron Alexis cleared Edward Snowden

    2 The same Penn State investigators that cleared Michael Mann cleared Jerry Sandusky

    3. Charlie’s still an idiot

  14. rightymouse says:

    And he’s still perseverating this morning. #8 tweet i believe.

  15. Because WTF Milyo says:

  16. Because Java Milyo says:

  17. Minnow says:

    ICYMI Charles Johnson is still a washed up, half-rate musician who had no discernible form or composition when he played his guitar that left the listener itchy and scratchy and somewhat nauseous.

  18. rightymouse says:

    You keep on telling yourself that, big boy! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  19. rightymouse says:

    LOLWUT???? 🙄

    • Arachne says:

      As opposed to Democrat talking points which are not only taken up by Tweety Turd and the MSM, but they all use the same “Key Phrase” in their reports:

      “Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”
      “Kabuki Theater”

      There are others…..

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      Wow that’s rich. Chunky doesn’t waddle until someone tells him to.

  20. Arachne says:

    You may have seen an uptick in hits yesterday — dolphincatcher and I were holding forth on the ignorance and fact-deficient posts of our resident troll on Twitter yesterday.

  21. Octopus says:

    This post in the book thread at Ace Of Spades today about the Matthew Shepard murder actually shocked me, if it’s true that the whole story has been misreported this badly. I mean, the case started a movement. It was all bullshit?
    …here’s a story we’ve been telling ourselves for the last 15 years or so: the story of Matthew Shepard.

    The story got started when Shepard was murdered in 1998, and the murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, argued at trial that their actions were due to “gay panic”, because Shepard, who was homosexual, had come on to them. And then, according to Wikipedia:

    McKinney and Henderson subsequently drove the car to a remote, rural area and proceeded to rob, pistol-whip, and torture Shepard, tying him to a fence and leaving him to die. According to their court testimony, McKinney and Henderson also discovered his address and intended to steal from his home. Still tied to the fence, Shepard, who was still alive but in a coma, was discovered 18 hours later by Aaron Kreifels, a cyclist who initially mistook Shepard for a scarecrow.

    From this, it was widely reported that Shepard was targeted because of his sexual orientation, and this was a hate crime against homosexuals. It inspired books, music, movies, and legislation. The wikipedia section on this is too extensive to list here. And of course, The Matthew Shepard Foundation was formed by Matthew’s parents in support of homosexual rights.

    But what if all of this was wrong? What if it simply didn’t happen this way?

    There’s a book coming out next week that claims precisely that. The Book of Matt by investigative journalist Stephen Jimenez argues that the Shepard murder, as brutal and horrific as it was, was not a sex crime, but rather a drug crime. The perps were not “strangers”, but rather known by Shepard, himself a meth dealer, who even had meth-fueled sex with the lead perp. Said perp was on a five-day meth binge when he killed Shepard. Jimenez’ book is based on over 100 interviews he conducted with Shepard’s friends, friends of the killers, and the killers themselves.

    “The Book Of Matt”

    I notice that the wiki entry on Matthew Shepard as yet contains none of this new information, but rather still reflects the original narrative. But it’s still early.

    • rightymouse says:

      I had seen something about this at Drudge not long ago. They’re still sick bastards either way, but ignoring Matt’s drug use and sexual relationship with one of the perps is an utter travesty.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        The media made it sound like it was a random attack of gay hatred?
        He probably owed them money, and when threatened, he threatened back that he’d tell everybody they had sex. Then the attack of paranoid meth-fueled “gay panic.”

        There’s ALWAYS more to every story. I don’t trust anybody these days to just tell the damn truth.

      • Octopus says:

        Yes, we sure do like to tell stories. Stories that just happen to fit our social, psychological and political desires. Screw the facts, ma’am.

        Another myth we’ve been sold, is the one about AGW. Look at how bitter-clingy the true believers are, these days. Look at Fatass (use some kind of eye-protection, like a welder’s mask). 😆

        One of the loudest whistleblowers on the AGW-boondoggle was the author Michael Crichton. I was just starting to question the “facts” behind the “crisis,” when I read this lecture by Crichton, as well as another interview he did where he really took “politicized science” to the woodshed. Still worth reading…”ICYMI.” 😉

    • Because Lame says:

      Meanwhile in Treyvonland…

    • Because Lame says:

      You knew that Bach wrote the St. Matthew Passion after Shepard, didn’t you?

  22. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Alma REVILLE (pronounced Re-vull with the accent on the first syllable) is just one of the many victims of Chunky’s blog. Alma would think Chunky is pure nightmare fuel, and not in the good way either. She’s got more creativity, imagination, and cooking skills in one of her toenails than Chunky even if he lived a thousand years.