On The Anniversary Of Killgore’s Midnight Run

Four years ago today, Little Green Footballs operative Killgore Trout began posting racist comments at Hot Air in order to discredit and dismiss Ed Morrissey, Allah Pundit and other contributors and commenters as right-wing racists. Posting from the west coast, Killgore Trout decided to spew his garbage in the early morning hours of 18 September 2009 while the blog owners were asleep, in order to PROVE that a right-wing blog that Charles Johnson didn’t approve of promoted racism.

Killgore Hot Air Racist Rant 18 Sept 2009

This is the Liberal Mind in action. Little Green Footballs’ Killgore Trout had to lie to promote a fallacy.


Not a single commenter on that Hot Air thread echoed Killgore’s racism (in fact they dismissed it immediately) yet Charles Johnson supported his loyal minion with the argument “Yes, he was wrong to pull a Moby, but he was right to do so.” Johnson was embarrassed enough that he had to write a script to defend himself and attack Patterico on 15 April 2012, over three years later.

There’s also a little known tenet called the 9th Commandment that applies to all Judeo-Christian religions. Charles Johnson and Killgore Trout both ignore that one even though it’s embedded in US Law. It’s something along the lines of  “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.”

Bonus: Courtesy of LGF Lizards Jimmah & Asswhistle Productions, there’s this classic vid:

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Killgore Hot Air Racist Rant Johnson Defense

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  1. Bunk X says:

  2. Pakimon says:

    When Killgore Trout aka Moby Dickhead pulled that stunt, he thought it would forever enshrine him as Chunky’s “right hand man” and king of the LGF imbecile pecking order.

    Instead, the corpulent Jazzy Ponytail distanced himself after the fact and ended up replacing him with an unemployed, manic-depressive, garage dwelling alcoholic.

    No wonder the Trout is so contrary and bitter these days over at the ol’ Bog. 😆

  3. Pakimon says:

    Looks like Chunky tired to adopt a neighborhood stray and it took a shit in his bowl of Cheetos before running away. 😆

    The immortal dog diary vs. cat diary lgf.bz/14gA2vl 7 hours ago

    How to give a cat a pill lgf.bz/14gBnCh 7 hours ago

    Let’s face it. Cats are assholes. Think about it. They really are. 7 hours ago

    Cats will break your heart and never look back. 6 hours ago

    • Arachne says:

      Cats, Fatass, are discriminating creatures – witness they use a litter box, and the dog uses the backyard. Cat probably took one whiff of your house and ran for its life.

  4. Frank Sinclair says:

    Four hours ago, two Muslim’s DP’d your wife while another dumped a load on her face.

    • trebob says:

      Frank (Kilgore),

      Your cuckold fantasies are, well weird but not as weird as you popping by to show your stupidity with your one-liners. How about you do something really unique and post an intelligent missive on why Charles is so great and we are wrong in how we portray him here? Use your real LGF nick too. Charles won’t ban you for posting on an unapproved blog will he?

      It is bizarre to me that you will come over here where you are free to post as you please, for the most part, and defend Charles’ blog where you can only post things that Charles agrees with.

      Anyway, your posts are stupid Frank. They don’t insult anyone and each time you do it you are only made fun of for being a dork. (I know, a dork spooged on my wife’s face right?)

      • Arachne says:

        I guess Frank got his five minutes on the computer over at the Enchanted Kingdom. Then back on with the jacket with the pretty arms in the back and returned to his room with the walls that prevent injury. He directs his comments to no one, I notice, unless it’s Daedalus, in which case the “wife” remarks have no meaning.

        Personally, I think Frank may be Fatass engaging in his little sick sex fantasies – since we know that no self-respecting XX-chromosomed human would allow him anywhere near her. Even for money.

        Back on topic, this also marks the moment that Fatass and his Idiot Farm lost any credibility in the left wing media that they may have cultivated. And are still being roundly ignored.

      • dwells38 says:

        Also weird and creepy that he always posts them extremely early as though they’re inspired by something he’s been up all night feverishly er…perusing.

    • Doppel Milyo Sunday Haiku Service says:


  5. Doppel Milyo says:

    is the violin man even posting at LGF anymore?

    poor Kilgore. He is so weak that Charles had to come to his rescue back when grownups were in charge over there. Now the grownups have all gone and the kids are all that’s left. I think Kilgore must be bored being the smartest one at the kid’s table

  6. dwells38 says:

    Not surprising antics coming from a frequent commenter of the blog of someone who backstabbed an entire community that supported him for close to a decade. When Chunk went left he also adopted all of the liberal commie loathsome and underhanded tactics such as calling anyone who reports on Jihad racists, anyone who disagrees with Obama racists, anyone who has traditional values insane, radicals and of course…racists. All of it disingenuous, knowing it’s just a way to dehumanize and villify those who don’t agree with communism and libtardism. This “Moby” stunt just stems from that.

    Chunk has to be one of the most hateful, vindictive and dishonest bloggers out there. Thankfully you can tell by his cratered numbers no one’s buying the turd piles he’s trying to peddle. As a left-wing unoriginal hater he’s third rate at best. And the few attempts to wander off the commie farm usually result in his being dreadfully wrong and wrong-headed to the leftists who only merely tolerate him now. Each attempt results in suspicions that he hasn’t really changed much and that he’s always been a liar. His guest blogger attempts have been particularly amusing. The latest where he tries to masquerade as a mild-mannered Father Flanagan/concerned boy scout internet security nerd was quite a howler. Everyone knows he’s a hateful prick so no one bought his pretentious and condescending unctuous pedant act. And as usual, the comments reminded everyone of this and also what a vitriolic, dickheaded and hateful critic of the left he’s spent MORE time being than what he’s now pretending to be.

    • trebob says:

      Little Green Footballs is a racist blog. Skin colour is the only thing that matters to them and Killgore Trout (with Charles Johnson’s approval) took out his little racist fantasies on Hot Air. He got to use the N-word and all kind of monkey comments about our first lady and that racist Charles Johnson sent him over there to do it.

      So Charles Johnson, Killgore Trout and Little Green Footballs aren’t only hateful, vindictive and dishonest, they are all also a bunch of racists.

    • PeteP says:

      People also forget that Charles is a militant atheist. They have no moral standards. Everything is relative. That’s why Fatso has no problems lying and accusing people falsely.

  7. Speranza says:

    The douche bag was obviously drunk and he definitely has mommy issues.

  8. Speranza says:

    Now Kilgore realizes what a swamp LGF is (finally) and is one of the more
    (for LGF at least) sensible commenters there.

  9. dwells38 says:

    OK now Chunks has put up a poll to try and pretend everyone doesn’t think O-bomb-uuh’s initial instinct to threaten unilateral bombing of Syria wasn’t a stupid idea.


    Why would anyone do this? Naturally the Yeses were something like 99%. But it’s not even the question in anyone’s mind. All the questions are about his handling of the situation which most feel was dreadful for the US and free countries for various reasons.

    Why doesn’t he put up this questionnaire instead?:

    Do you approve of Preezydent O-bomb-uuh speechifying about “HIS” red line. Then when it’s crossed insisting it’s everyone else’s red line, not his? And that they should act, not necessarily him?

    Do you approve of O-bomb-uuh threatening to bomb Syria when red line is crossed, but merely as a message? Not to remove the murderous dictator from power or even remove his weapons or give the rebels an advantage.

    Do you approve of O-bomb-uuh threatening with steely resolve and then backing away when no one agrees with him?

    Do you approve of O-bomb-uuh going along with Putin’s suggestion even after his own Sec of State stated that said suggestion (to disarm Assad’s regime of chem weapons) is impossible at this point because any idiot can see they’re in the middle of a civil war?

    Do you approve of O-bomb-uuh’s Sec of State John Kerry saying any missile strike would be “incredibly small” in a ham-fisted attempt to appease the left’s concerns of collateral damage while fecklessly assuring Assad there’s nothing to fear?

    Do you agree with Garry Kasparov that O-bomb-uuh and John Eff Kerry have already lost the strategic game to Putin and Assad by 1) showing there’s no consequences to using chem weapons 2) letting the thug Putin appear statesmanlike whilst protecting an equally thug-like client state and 3) getting Assad into a legitimate process in which he can stall and game and manipulate?

    Would be fun to see the LGF responses to these.

  10. trebob says:

    Is there anyway that Stabby is our Frank Sinclair idiot?

    • Arachne says:

      Nah, Sinclair is such a pervert that I think it’s either Fatass or his underboss Gus. If slammed together, they don’t come out with a full deck.

      • Octopus says:

        Frank is such a “One-Trick Donkey,” it’s probable that he’s Fatass himself. Same simple-minded style. No humor or relevance to anything. Gus is the secondary suspect…we know for certain that both of them read this blog obsessively, so it makes sense that they would feel the need to spew some half-baked profanity on occasion. They do take a well-deserved drubbing! 😆

      • gizbot7 says:

        We sure it’s not Jimmah or his pron “star” wifey? His comments seem right up their… alley.

  11. Hera says:

    Heh. Poor old Sharmie. Long time. Luckily she finally woke up to the tactics of the fatass ceej. Girl was crazy as a loon but did not deserve the shit he gave her.

    • rightymouse says:

      They were a great match – the arrogant narcissist & the sycophantic worshipper.

      • Hera says:

        LOL! Agreed. I did end up feeling sorry for her though*. She was delusional and he fed right into it KNOWING that she was delusional.

        *only where cj was concerned – the way she turned on her “friends” when they didn’t lick cj’s balls on command was absolutely despicable.

      • rightymouse says:

        Lady creeped me right out. The sycophancy was really obsessive.

      • Octopus says:

        I’m so sorry, Sharmuta.

    • Doppel B. DeMilyo says:

      Fuck sharmuta. Sideways.

      She stabbed a LOT of good people in the back. Lots of people that were her friends.

      She deserved whatever agony she received when Charles treated her like she treated so many others.

      • Octopus says:

        Okay, not sorry, Sharmuta. 😆

      • Arachne says:

        Shows the difference between us and them. Even though several people here were badly mistreated at the hands of Fatass Monitors, when they were given the size 11 boot (but not before being completely belittled) by Fatass and Company, we had human sympathy for them. Okay, most of them. Sharm was, frankly, so amored of Fatass that poor thing just couldn’t see how she was being used and that she was being sent out to take the hits that Fatass is too chicken-livered to deal with. I mean all you have to do is look at how he pouts like a 5-year-old on Twitter when people with actual smarts bat him around like a shuttlecock. He wasn’t going to deal in real time on his blog with those that disagreed. But Sharm would.

        And for that….she has to in many cases reap what she sowed. And frankly, I would not be surprised that that “fiancee” mentioned in the article was a friend or whatever agreeing to pose as same so that Sharm would get the hint and back off. Because we hear about her once. Just once. And that is all. And let’s remember that Fatass let us mock her with a heavy hand over here – I would at least have perhaps sent a private email saying “Okay I get it about you wanting to go after me, but please – my fiancee has nothing to do with this.” You can bet your ass if they did that to Speranza’s or Daedalus’s girlfriend/wife or my husband, I’d be sticking up for them. But notice Noodle Spine never did.

  12. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Even after the Killgore Hot Air incident, Chunky still probably wonders why some left wing blogs can’t stand him.

  13. dwells38 says:

    Hmmmmm. For Chunky’s Obummer decision for diplomacy poll there’s this:

    16 hours, 7 minutes ago • Views: 6,152

    Yet only 947 have voted. Over 6000 people navigated to the page but some 5200 didn’t vote even though you don’t need to be registered and it’s just a click of a radio button. I would think either stats are off or it’s just confirmation people find it the dumbest poll question ever.

  14. And it never occurred to any of these retards at the Bog that Trout’s posts were left there precisely so that readers could see for themselves what a raging imbecile is Trout?
    Takes a special kind of stupid to not realize when one has been played like a cheap guitar.

    • dwells38 says:

      And also to demonstrate that no one at Hot Air gives two shits what Chunk or his demented commenters think. Since they’ve made it clear they also think blogging about militant Islam means you hate all Muslims and disagreeing with O-Blah-mm-uhhh means you’re a big mean racist.

  15. Speranza says:

    Because Milyo :
    Which douche?

    Killgore Trout

  16. Captain Death says:

    Hera :
    LOL! Agreed. I did end up feeling sorry for her though*. She was delusional and he fed right into it KNOWING that she was delusional.
    *only where cj was concerned – the way she turned on her “friends” when they didn’t lick cj’s balls on command was absolutely despicable.

    She was warned many times by her friends what a disgusting man Charles Johnson had turned into. He held her back from improving her life as she spent all day on the computer commenting on LGF and playing “monitor” for him – instead of actually seeking work or more educational training.

  17. snowcrash says:

    Happy Anniversary LGF!

    • Octopus says:

      I can so relate to that! 😆

      In college, the one year I lived in a dorm, there was a guy on my floor who had Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits on perpetual-play, usually with his door open. I was fine with it for a couple of days, until suddenly it started to bug me. That collection is pretty much ruined for me forever, along with most other reggae music.

      Then I got the job at Borders Books, where the soundtrack was classical, mostly Vivaldi’s Four Seasons — I have that whole thing memorized permanently, down to the last nuance. Occasionally the manager would go nuts, and allow a raucous party of Simon And Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits. Hey, it’s Friday night, let’s get a little crazy!

      • Pakimon says:

        I got through about two minutes of Vivaldi and the mental image of pretentious peons wandering about a book store slurping coffee and spewing inane bits of pseudo-intellectual tripe at each other was just too much.

        Time to fire up some rockabilly and get the brain right. 😀

      • Octopus says:

        One of our best-sellers then was this weighty tome: http://www.amazon.com/Peoples-History-United-States-Present/dp/0060838655

        Of course that anti-American opus was a big, big hit in Ann Arbor, in 1980. The hardcover sold out repeatedly, all year. How many minds were twisted, by the books sold out of that one outlet? 😯

        Okay, let’s party, Borders-style…”Hello Darkness, my old friend…” 😆

  18. dwells38 says:

    So what do you think the sarc tag is there for? Because it’s the most imbecilic thing to imply that Republicans are war mongers? Or to imply that Democrat aggressions are all reasoned and thought out with exit strategies and low death counts and only foreseen outcomes? Yeah right.

    Kragar Tue, Sep 17, 2013 5:29:12pm
    • 12
    • down
    • up
    • report

    Everyone knows we can only rush blindly into war without fully exploring other options when we have a Republican in office. To do otherwise is insanity.

    Everyone knows we can only rush blindly into WWI, WWII, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Bay of Pigs and Bosnia and Herzegovina without fully exploring other options when we have a Republican in office. To think otherwise would mean I’m not a moron LGF commenter.
    You wouldn’t want to look at the death tallies either Kragar. Just Vietnam alone dwarfs deaths from Republican initiated conflicts.

    • Arachne says:

      I see Krager has fact-deficient history going for him. I will remind numbskull that in BOTH the cases of Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush issued a “request” – Afghanistan was to turn over bin Laden and they had a month to do so, or we would invade. Period. Afghan didn’t, we invaded, but Bush got the resolution from Congress to do so.

      In the case of Iraq (agree with it or not), Hussein was defying U.N. Resolutions and we had credible intel that he was trying to obtain yellow-cake. Bush said “confirm to the resolutions” or we’ll invade. And he went to Congress not once but TWICE to request sanction. Which they gave. He also put together a coalition of other nations for both ventures.

      BTW – I believe at the time of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and B-H – DEMOCRATS were in office, weren’t they?

  19. Octopus says:

    That’s one of the dumber things spewed by a sycophant this week. Good one, Kragar. 🙄

    Of course, he’s referring to the Iraq War, which was the culmination of a decade or more of hostilities and trying to contain a powerful rogue dictator in pursuit of nuclear weaponry and more territory. To call any part of that “a rush to war” is to be an ignorant imbecile.

    You can argue the strategery all day long, what we could have done differently here and there, but the bottom-line is if we hadn’t intervened in the Gulf War, which never really ended and culminated in the Iraq War, Saddam would currently be sitting on at least half of the oil in the Arabian Peninsula, possessing nukes, vast stores of conventional and chemical weapons, and bossing everyone around with an army of millions. That’s where he was headed, and only we could stop him.

    • Pakimon says:

      Funny how they forget that Bush spent about a year jumping through all the correct hoops with the UN and Congress before the troops actually went in while the whole time mysterious and unexplained convoys of trucks were making trips to Syria. 🙄

  20. Octopus says:

    Regarding Killgore’s Midnight Cross-Burning, it must be noted that he did succeed in destroying Hot Air, and restoring credibility and popularity to the flatlining LGF. Once he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could post racist bilge at 3am in the comments over there, and nobody was around to immediately delete it, the whole blogosphere rose up in outrage and banished Allahpundit and Ed to the wilderness forever.

    What a triumph!

  21. Octopus says:


    Sometimes even a blind projectionist finds an acorn, and presents it aloft, after breaking a tooth trying to get to the nutty goodness inside. 😆

  22. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s poll-results bear a striking-resemblance to the election percentages that used to be posted by Saddam Hussein, in favor of his “re-election.” Funny how that works, when you’re the one who gets to count the votes.

  23. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    Filled with beer
    The N Bombs flew
    Charles approved
    He says them too

    closet racist shave

  24. Because Haiku Milyo says:

    Kilgore rides in sheets
    Something about lesbian
    Neighbor bothers him

  25. O Nose! says:

    The great irony of Killgore’s excursion to Hot Air is that it was Chucky, not Hot Air, that was proven to have no standards above that of a gutter rat.

    • Gutter rat says:

      I resent that comparison.

    • trebob says:


      • Because Milyo says:

        You think cats like rats. I have my yorkie mix in Petsmart yesterday. He saw a rat in a cage. I’ve never seen him stand on his back legs like that before. He wanted rodent.

        They were bred for the Yorkshire textile mills, because they’re better at ratting than cats. And mama don’t have to train him to kill, either. It’s bred into them.

    • Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

      Charles was just giggly with the chance to actually say the N word publically. He says it all the time when nobody is looking

      damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  26. trebob says:

    Because Milyo :
    You think cats like rats. I have my yorkie mix in Petsmart yesterday. He saw a rat in a cage. I’ve never seen him stand on his back legs like that before. He wanted rodent.

    But you didn’t buy it for him? You are a cruel, cruel person flaunting tasty treats in front of your beast like that. Next time your beast has an ‘accident’ on the carpet, you’ll know what he’s really saying.


    • Arachne says:

      That reminds me of the time I got my son a hamster. Bought the Habitrail for it and everything. Wouldn’t let the cat near it. Said feline looked at me as if to say “I’m very confused. If it’s in the garage you want me to kill it, but if it makes its way into the house, you’re going to get it a CONDO?”

  27. Arachne says:

    I had not seen the “Lightworker/Meese” hubbub over at Ace’s place before. OMG – how effing stupid are those guys? If you’re going to try to pass yourself off as some kind of concern troll, maybe you shouldn’t spell the name of the guy you’re asking about (Trout) correctly after EVERYONE at Ace has spelled it incorrectly. And SOOOO busted. Disappeared after that, I think.

    • Pakimon says:

      That was the one and only thread that “Lightworker” and “Meese” appeared. I think Killgore and/or Obdicut were surprised at how fast the “morons” and “moronettes” had them pegged.

      The snark and mocking of Chunkles and LGF started so fast when he/they started their racist/concern troll routine, I thought I was back at DoD. 😆

      • Arachne says:

        Did they run back to LGF after a couple of hours to brag? Nah, I think not.

        And let’s not forget Hoosier Hoops moment of infamy over at Ace, either. You do not f**k with the guys over there. Not only will they give you both barrels, but I can guarantee that it will be cross-posted over at Freep and then the whole effing conservative WORLD reads about it.

  28. Because Milyo says:

    I think I know where Chucky got his dumb tweeting point about all the gunz at the Navy place:


    Original thought from Chunk? 😆

  29. Because No shit Milyo says:

  30. Voltaire's Crack says:

    He’s alive with an entry in the bottom comments.

    Killgore Trout
    9/17/2013 6:07:48 pm PDT
    C’mon Dissagrees and Don’t Knows. State your case. Afraid you’ll get a little outrageous outrage on ya? The stuff just washes right off.

    • Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

      formerly the biggest oaf at the joint KT struggles with being the only adult sitting at the kiddy table at thanksgiving while all the other smarter grownups are at the bar watching the Cowboys game.

      the fact that he stays reinforces to me that he never could hang with the big kids. he;s a pussy. Charles used to come to his rescue.
      Now he’s pretty much ignored and mocked by a bunch of zit faced retards

  31. Abu Ben Jealous penis penis penis lol says:

    Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo :Her fat clitorisputs his wrinkly dick to shameshe gets more pussy

    We have a winner!