Charles Johnson Retweets Iranian President’s Propaganda

The media is fawning over the new Iranian President Rouhani as some sort of moderate. The truth is he was one of the founders of Hezbollah and the President of Iran is a puppet of the Ayatollah. Rouhani is playing the media for a fool and The Corpulent Blogger is going along with it. Always looking to be the opposite of what he once was, Charles falls for The Iranian President’s propaganda by retweeting it.


7 years ago Charles Johnson would have called out Rouhani’s fake act. Now, to undue his fatwa and get love from the Left, he promotes Iranian propaganda.

Another pathetic LGF loser is Hoosier Hoops. an adult who changed his political views to please some washed up Jazz guitarist. He’s fallen for a woman he will never have.

Pathetic Man Pathetic Man2

Hoosier Hoops is a pathetic loser and really needs to get out more.


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  1. ISTE says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!

    I just can’t even….

  2. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    what a fars

  3. Because Milyo says:

    Hey Chuck. You gonna give Pooty credit for this diplomatic ‘breakthrough’?

  4. Abu, Um, What? says:

    Hoosier Hopeless has done gone Jayson Blair on us all. Sure, pal. What hetero woman wouldn’t slit her wrists in the john before going back to her barstool next to Romeo Hoops?

    • Arachne says:

      That this piece of shit is using the term applied to Saint Thomas More as his nic makes me want to kick his smarmy little ass.

  5. Captain Death says:

    Meanwhile the loser H.H.still hasn’t gotten laid.

  6. swamprat says:

    The Breitbart staff might have invested in one of Stranahan’s film efforts.

  7. swamprat says:

    Hang in there, Hoosier Hoops;

    There’s a lid for every pot.

    • Octopus says:

      Mom used to say, “There’s a mate for every old shoe.” Turns out that’s wishful-thinkin’, for a lot of people. Some shoes are just out on the highway, all by their lonesome. Their
      sole-mates are never going to find them.

    • Arachne says:

      Wouldn’t you love to hear HER version of this? “I met this creepy guy at the Broncos game and I can’t believe I was nice to him. Now I’ll probably have to find another bar to watch games at because he’s a complete tool. I gave him a phony name and a phony email and told him a boatload of bullshit about Fox because I could tell he was as stupid as the day is long and I can’t wait to see him print this crap and look like a fool.”

    • Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

      But is there a lid for this particular chamber pot?

  8. Octopus says:

    Remember HH’s last “love-connection?” Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. This one will be even worse, once she figures out the guy she bumped into at the bar is now going on the internet telling strangers he’s “dating” a Fox News insider. 😆

    Let’s take a little stroll down Mammary Lane, with the lovesick sycophant of Swampville:

    Home > Charles “Icarus” Johnson, Little Green Footballs > Hoosier Hoops is in love

    Hoosier Hoops is in love
    February 25, 2012 Daedalus

    Hoosier Hoops is one of the most pathetic figures on the internet. He hangs out at a hateful, bigoted blog ran by a washed up guitarist and failed programmer. Even worse, Hoosier Hoops changed his political views to please Charles Johnson. Being the loser he is, Hoops comments about being in love. He also brags about how he was close to get lucky.

    Clearly Hoosier Hoops rarely hooks up with women. That’s why he is discussing this event with great glee. Hoosier could be making it up as well. Either way, he’s a loser shut-in like his idol Charles Johnson.

    • Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

      I think it’s time to start emailing all the fox news producers and giving him this blog post as well as some of his rantings.

      let’s see if his lady friends turns on for MNF or decides to get a personal protection order instead against this deranged lunatic moonbat

      • Arachne says:

        GMTA – I have a contact there from Twitter.

      • Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

        Personal Foul, hoosier hoops. Bluffing the producer. That’s a 15 yard penalty and automatic first down

        Hoops, since you never read here. I think MNF just got a bit more exciting for you pal. Hoops is it the BW3 on Classen Blvd?

  9. Grinning Cat says:

    Holy crap, Hoosier fell for a FOXSLUT!!! Where’s Lewdy when you need him??!! Don’t let her get to ya, Hoosier! 😆

  10. livefreeor die says:

    Wasn’t Hoosier the one who got divorced because he put LGF before his wife? Or am I confusing him with someone else?

    If it was Hoosier, well dayum, all you single ladies out there. Snap up this one while you can!

  11. livefreeor die says:

    With regard to the main topic, when was the last time we saw that we could put our trust in Iran, Chuck?
    I think it was before the administration run by the second worst president in history (hint, Billy Beer!)

  12. Octopus says:

    “The complexities of sea level?” Srsly? 😆

    The AGW-ship has sailed, Fatass. Find a new hobby.

  13. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    Ryan Leaf has a better chance at superbowl MVP this year than Hoosier hoops has of getting this lady in the sack


  14. Arachne says:

    Sending email to Fox News advising them that on the off chance they do have a producer at Oklahoma for a course, they might want to advise her that there’s a guy she met in a bar spilling BS about her on a hate site. A guy, I might add, that did a midnight raid of racist remarks at Ace of Spades. Anyone got the link handy to his midnight raid over there?

    • Octopus says:

      It’s comment #135:

      Killgore wasn’t the only LGF commenter to have been busted planting racist comments on conservative blogs. Longtime LGF poster HoosierHoops was, too, on an Ace of Spades thread in 2009 that was about LGF:

      LGF Civil War Makes Media Outlet

      A guide, if it’s needed:

      HoosierHoops first shows up using the nickname “me” at comment #258. At #268 he starts to post under the name “HoosierHoops” and begins to argue with the Ace of Spades commenters.

      A racist comment was posted on the thread at #549. One of Ace’s mods, rdbrewer, deletes the comment within a minute and mentions in #550 that “9y4iB is a Moby.”

      HoosierHoops comes in at comment #553, as does a new nickname – “ThisSpaceForRent” at #554, attacking Ace of Spades for allowing racist comments such as #549 to stand, even though it had been deleted nearly 20 minutes earlier. Somehow they have the text of the comment even though it had already been deleted and stood for < 60 seconds. The two posters join up as a tag team to argue with Ace's posters.

      In comment #606 rdbrewer mentions that HoosierHoops has posted the deleted racist comment on LGF and presented it as being accepted on Ace (even though it was deleted 1 minute after being posted). Then, in #623 rdbrewer accuses LGF of planting the comment.

      In his next post after that accusation, #646, HoosierHoops changed his tune completely: he says "things got out of hand on my part…I'm not a troll…I'm sorry to those that I offended"

      That was his last post on Ace of Spades. Hoosier Hoops is still a regular poster at LGF today.

      Comment by Emperor (5fcebd) — 4/15/2012 @ 5:23 pm

  15. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    time for a new name

    How about Hoosier oops

    • Medchemmer says:

      I like Hoosier Herpes better. Of course getting herpes would require intimate human contact, which he’s obviously incapable of obtaining.

  16. Octopus says:

    Or, Boozer Whoops. Loser Droops. Looser Poops.

    • Arachne says:

      I pick “B”! I think we should have a poll – you know, like Fatass does for Syria “Diplomacy.” At least ours would be FUN!

  17. Minnow says:

    what a scream! the MOron thinks he can brag his ass off – and now it will blow up in his face!

    Hey Hoosier, you’re a loosier.

  18. Grinning Cat says:

    Arachne :
    Looks like I missed something interesting. Anyone willing to provide the girl with the backstory?

    Stranny was in a rather strange fight over whether printing a screen shot of someone’s website constitutes doxing if the shot contained a business phone number (which the person chose to put on their public website!). But there were other issues involved too…this is the link

    • Arachne says:

      Grinning Cat – sorry, I gave Octo credit for this link above, mea culpa! What a fascinating blogpost. Also, I guess I’m not as hip as I thought – what is “doxing”? I’m seeing that term a lot lately and not wanting to appear “square” to the vast twittersphere, I thought I’d profess my ignorance among friends and ask for enlightenment.

      • calo says:

        Doxing = Outing an anonymous nics name.

        Please see Miss M or Rodan for further info.

      • Grinning Cat says:

        Yep, doxing comes from “docs” (as in documents) and is supposed to mean putting personal information (like that found in private documents) out in public on the web.

  19. JimboXL says:

    I like how Obomber writes positive and constructive letters to oppressive regimes, is willing to talk to ruthless dictators, YET he would never talk to or write any positive letters to any conservative or Tea Party oriented leader/voter. I actually think he sees the Tea Party and conservatives as a bigger threat/enemy than mass murderers.

    • Octopus says:

      When you look at his past mentors, you realize the Preezy has far more in common with Stalin Grads like Putin than he does with conservatives in America.

      It’s funny when you think about how Fatass was railing against Snowden’s going to Russia and sucking Putin off for asylum, and now his beloved Unicorn Messiah is kneeling in the exact same spot, and looking far worse in the world’s eyes for doing it. Lucky for Chunky, he’s too stupid to see the connection.

  20. Octopus says:

    Loser Droops, I dedicate this song to your new fantasy girl. Good luck with that! 🙂

    (thanks to “Ray Donovan” for the tip)

    Natural High

    Why do I keep my mind on you all the time?
    And I don’t even know you (I don’t know you)
    Why do I feel this way thinking about you every day?
    And I don’t even know you (I don’t know you)
    Take me in your arms
    Thrill me with all of your charms

    And I’ll take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more till the day I die
    Take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more…

    If you have anything to do, call me and I will do it for you
    And I don’t even know you (I don’t know you) (hey, genie)
    If I only had one wish to give, that wish would be for you to live forever and ever (I don’t know you)
    When I see you on the street
    My heart skips a beat

    And I’ll take to the sky on a natural high (I’ll just take to the sky)
    Loving you more till the day I die (oh, natural high)
    Take to the sky on a natural high (loving you more)
    Loving you more… (and I don’t even know you)

    I’m gonna try to do all the things you want me to
    If you just give me a chance (I don’t know you)
    I’m trying to make something out of nothing
    And I don’t even know you (I don’t know you)
    Take me in your arms
    Thrill me with all of your charms

    And I’ll take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more till the day I die
    Take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more…
    And I’ll take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more till the day I die
    Take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving, loving you
    And I’ll take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving you more till the day I die
    Take to the sky on a natural high
    Loving, loving you…

  21. stabby says:

    If you click on “show” on the poll Charles posted yesterday it just says “poll not found”.

    It’s been that way since the beginning.

    It’s a useless poll because there’s more than one way to disapprove or approve of the policy.

    One could want Assad deposed.
    One could want American issolated.
    One could want Assad supported.
    One could appove of Obama policy as the best thing for the country for reasons of domestic politics but wish that domestic politics allows a more force approach.
    One could approve whole heartedly etc.

    • Bunk X says:

      It’s all Charles’ YES BUT bullcrap.

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      Yes, Stabby, one could want “American issolated.” Bye.

    • Bunk X says:

      My opinion is that Obama’s Big Red Line was meaningless, and Putin was clever enough to jump on it, but now that Russia’s a player, the whole game changed for the worse. Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing, except to try to save face, and it’s months too late.

    • dwells38 says:

      What policy? O-bomb-uhhhh doesn’t have a policy. His policy is to just say some shit that he can weasel out of later. He just made a mistake on this red line deal. The weasel words (“it’s your red line not mine”) only made things worse and doubling down (we’ll do it unilaterally….or not) worse yet. O-bomb-uh wanted to bomb Syria…. as a message (yeah really) to get out of his gaffe. That’s it. When people called bullshit he then faked that he had some moral stand which everyone further called bullshit (such as the Brit parliament). When Putin offered that Assad disarm long after it was thought possible that this could be done credibly , and O-bomb-uh grasped at this is the most comical, posture-losing, cave-in of all. Putin has mocked him, disrespected him to his face (by O-bomb-uh’s own description), offered up his own fake evidence that the rebels used the chem weapons, and generally shown nothing but amusement and derision at O-bomb-uh’s entire pony show. Susan Rice and Kerry already acknowledged that you can’t credibly disarm Syria of WMD in the middle of a shooting civil war. U volunteering? Yeah no one at UNSCOMM wants to either. Yet O-bomb-uh has chosen their “diplomatic approach” which is just Putin/Assad saying “how ‘bout you kiss my balls and go find a goat in Afghanistan to fuck, moron?”. How’s that going to work Stabs? You on pain meds again or something? So your sloppy post and Chunk’s weasely evasive feign retardation poll are equally pointless. Next comes Assad spitting in O-bomb-uh’s face and O-bomb-un’s further disgrace or risking WWIII to avert it. Fun Times with Demoncrap wars!

  22. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Loser Poops is definitely not a Hoosier I would ever want to meet. If NYC girl becomes smitten with him, there are some bums in Queens who deserve the attention a whole lot more because they don’t have LGF accounts.

      • Pakimon says:

        Read the “Groupie Love” thread with over 300 comments, most of which were Cato posting as “Sarahlover” and teaching the evil stalkerz a lesson.

        Hilarious stuff as Sarahlover transforms from smug pseudo-intellectual to shrieking paranoid asshat over the course of the thread as the abuse and the “We know it’s you, Cato” comments were piling on.

        Watching the typos and syntax of his comments degenerate over the course of the thread as he becomes more and more drunk and unhinged was a thing to behold.

        The highlight of course was when Sarahlover proclaimed that he was going to have WordPress shut down DoD.

        He even posted the e-mail he sent to WordPress complete with squeals and bleats about how DoD was full of dangerous threatening haters that needed to be removed for the sake of The Children™ or some such thing .

        Over three years later and DoD is still chugging along… 😆

      • Al-Cheezeera says:

        Oh my, Sarahlover, I forgot about that. Eeeeesh.

  23. dwells38 says:

    So WTF is HH trying to say? She has dirt on Fox News people? Why even bring up the “who’s cool and who’s not”? Dish the dirt puss-boy. Who’s a dick and who’s not? Your Lord and savior Chunky the Clown and we mockers want to know the inside dirt. Dana’s beautiful (yeah we know, idiot) and your producer friend is nearly her equal. That’s it? Nothing on those evil murdering Libertarian and GOP scumbag hosts O’Reilly, Kelly, Hannity??? Gutfeld yells at people and makes them get him coffee? Chunky just called Bolling a racist a few weeks back. Born true by your GF??? Got anything?

    And let’s face it, he’s already doomed with her because he’s already started out with a lie by omission or prevarication. Shouldn’t he have issued a personal disclaimer by now “Hey I’m just letting you know I’m a frequent commenter and avid follower of Little Green Footballs who’s proprietor Fat Chunk Jabbason has deemed your news organization as complete racist shit and GOP (aka Nazi, KKK) propaganda”. So let’s move forward from there. Instead he’s like “gee she’s so pretty and awesome and not like a Nazi at all”! Dude, the last thing women want after libtard commie puke is LYING libtard commie puke. Good luck, not.

    Fucking joke, these people. They shoot their mouths off for approval on LGF and then stand nothing. Not that surprising.

  24. dwells38 says:

    Just showing the complete conversion to useful idiot and Israel hater anti-semite.

    We get it fat, stupid Chunk commie. You’re down with “Death To America!” And of course “Death to Israel!” another slogan on Iranian missiles and chanted by the government sycophants. But I’m sure you and O-blah-mmmm-uhhh agree there’s common ground!!

  25. Pakimon says:

    Just waiting for the upcoming and inevitable bleating laments from The Hoopster about how he waited and waited at BW3’s but she never appeared again.

    We all remember what happened the last time HH proclaimed he was “smitten” … 😆

    • trebob says:

      Wasn’t that the red-head who worked for the state that had to go to Stillwater every weekend on “business”? I guess you could call getting long dicked by the football team “business”.

  26. dwells38 says:

    There are some striking similarities between Chunk and his favorite Preezydent. On Syria Chunk runs polls among his poodles. Albeit, the poll question is stupid and attempts to make the weak Preezydent look powerful and decisive. He’s comfortable that the loaded question along with his sycophant’s desire to please will give the answer he intends to get. And probably a few hundred votes he just added to the tally of “Approve”s.

    Similarly O-bomb-uh has consulted with the NY Times editorial staff on Syria in late August, to hear what he wanted to hear from a bunch of his proven media bootlickers.

  27. dwells38 says:

    I can’t believe Lewdy hasn’t come out of retirement to chastise HH for being brainwashed by a Fox News slut. This is how they suck you into thinking Fox News isn’t a racist KKK organization bent on destroying America. They do it with sexy sluts.

    • Octopus says:

      Sometimes they do Community Outreach, in B-Dubs around the country. What a catch for Looser Poops! So jelly.

  28. Octopus says:

    Found a reggae song I like:

  29. Octopus says:

    The Vicious Racists who run Team Obama were outed as the vicious racists they are some time ago (caution: the whiteness is nea-blinding):

    Well, apparently some “uppity n—–” saw this happening, and started to whine and complain. Team Obama, of the Post-Racial Preezy-Duncey, was forced to make a move and hire some tokens:

    Everything Be Racist™ 😦

  30. Octopus says:

    The absurdist and offensive (for playing on Holocaust-tropes) campaign to paint AGW-skeptics as “climate change deniers” is about to implode on itself again, The new IPCC report, from the biased and politicized UN junta, is going to admit the computer models have been wrong in their predictions. They’ve been completely wrong in every respect, but I expect the IPCC will downplay the error, similar to Hitler calling his invasion of Russia “a strategic misstep.”

    The hysterics and gravy-train riders aren’t going to go down without a fight, either — they’ve been preparing for this next phase of flim-flammery for some time, as Gaia (that bitch!) has been refusing to cooperate for 15 years. The media, Hollywood and most of academia is still strongly in their camp. We skeptics will need to be even more pro-active, in spreading the news of this boondoggle’s long-awaited demise.

    We’re coming for you, Stabby! We have pitchforks, torches and some other farming implements. We might even brand you. 😈

    Global warming report could backfire on environmentalists
    BY BYRON YORK | SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 AT 11:08 PM

    Photo – The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s next report will “dial back the alarm,” in the words of a Wall Street Journal preview. (Thinkstock)

    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s next report will “dial back the…
    Talk about bad timing. Last month, environmental activists launched a well-funded new attack on Republican “climate change deniers” in hopes of making global warming a big issue in 2014. But as the campaign gets underway, a new report from the world’s leading climate scientists could leave environmentalists on the defensive, and the “deniers” more confident and assertive.

    “HOLDING CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS ACCOUNTABLE” read the headline of a League of Conservation Voters press release announcing a $2 million barrage of ads aimed at Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, as well as GOP Reps. Mike Coffman, Dan Benishek and Rodney Davis. “We’re changing the terms of the climate change debate,” said an LCV spokesman. “It’s no longer acceptable to be a member of Congress and deny basic science.”

    There’s no way Congress will consider upending the American economy with far-reaching tax or regulatory schemes on the basis of flawed computer projections about a phenomenon that may or may not require any action at all.

    Organizing for Action, the permanent arm of the Obama campaign, joined in, staging events and running an ad — “CALL OUT THE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS” — targeting House Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Marco Rubio, among others.

    The goal is to place opposition to the global warming agenda — heavy environmental regulation, a cap-and-trade or carbon tax program, massive “green energy” expenditures, huge international wealth transfers — outside the realm of polite discussion. But the discussion is about to change.

    On Sept. 27, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release its fifth report on global warming. Earlier IPCC assessments — the most recent was in 2007 — were the foundation for reams of alarmist reporting. For example, after a 2009 update, the Washington Post ran a story headlined “New Analysis Brings Dire Forecast,” reporting that a predicted 6.3-degree Fahrenheit increase in world temperatures “is nearly double what scientists and world policymakers have identified as the upper limit of warming the world can afford in order to avert catastrophic climate change.”

    That was then. Now, the new IPCC document will “dial back the alarm,” in the words of a Wall Street Journal preview. According to the Journal, the report will state that “the temperature rise we can expect as a result of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide is lower than the IPCC thought in 2007.” The computer forecasts used to produce those forecasts, it turns out, were wrong.

    The effect could be enormous. If scientists now predict that the earth will warm less, and less quickly, than earlier thought — and also concede that the planet has not warmed at all in the last decade or so — the position of the environmental activists, and groups like Organizing for Action, will be significantly weaker. They’ll have a harder time arguing for drastic and immediate action.

    The downgrading of the warming threat, writes the Journal, “points to the very real possibility that, over the next several generations, the overall effect of climate change will be positive for humankind and the planet.” It will be hard to argue for a doomsday scenario on the basis of that.

    But after more than a decade of increasingly frantic predictions, the activists will not fold their tents and go home. “The climateers have been doing vigorous ‘battle space preparation’ ahead of the report,” says Steven Hayward, a conservative scholar who writes frequently about the politics and science of global warming. “They’re priming the media to say ‘we’re still doomed,’ even though the case for doom has been badly eroded over the last couple of years.”

    Given how deeply the IPCC is invested in the issue — it shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007 — there’s little doubt the report will give environmental activists at least something to work with. For example, it appears IPCC scientists will declare even more forcefully than before that they are absolutely certain human activity is causing warming. They will repeat previous calls for action against warming on a global scale. There will still be dire warnings.

    But the political debate will change. There’s no way Congress will consider upending the American economy with far-reaching tax or regulatory schemes on the basis of flawed computer projections about a phenomenon that may or may not require any action at all. The activists can produce as many ads as they want. They can call opponents “deniers” all they like. It just won’t work

  31. Arachne says:

    Al-Cheezeera :

    Oh my, Sarahlover, I forgot about that. Eeeeesh.

    After reading that spew from Cato, I need a shower. What an ignorant, racist piece of shit. But I knew that already.

  32. Octopus says:

    It’s striking to see how calm, rational and ultimately correct Ted Nugent was in the pre-trial days of the Trayvon case, when you mainly hear the Left bleating about what a wild-eyed raving lunatic he is.

  33. Octopus says:

    I’m not a hunter, but I’m still inspired by this tune every year about this time. Nugent is a real environmentalist, involved in conservation efforts across the country. He eats what he kills, which is really the most responsible animal husbandry (not Iceweasel’s bestiality-porn…that’s something else, entirely).

    • Minnow says:

      This is everything Chunkwad wants to be. Longhair, cap wearing man with musical talent with the adoration of many.


      So funny, he has never been any of these and never will be. Suck it Chucky.

  34. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s attempt at “going green” blew up in his face:

  35. Minnow says:

    And, oh yeah… “raising the debt ceiling” means NOT increasing the debt.

    Must be some Kenyan voodoo economics – huh Chuck?

  36. Because Milyo says:

    8. Count ’em. 8 RT’s. >>>>>>>>

  37. Because Oy Vey Milyo says:

    • OLT's Plus You're A Toady says:

      Keep on propping up that 1%! Right, Randall???

      /Being a Dem means never having to exhibit any intellectual consistency

  38. Because Demented Milyo says:

    • OLT's I Have More says:

      We do have John “Maverick” McCain. Honestly, it’s painful to watch.

      But Joe “Shotgun” Biden. Nancy “Read the Bill?” Pelosi. Barbara “Trigger Finger” Feinstein. Barack “Attack Syria Now, Except Maybe Later” Obama. Barney “That’s Not My Finger” Frank. Al “If You Thought I Was A Dumb Comedian Oh Boy” Franken. Anthony “The Wiener” Weiner. John “I Was Against War Before I Was For It” Kerry. Sheila “Mars Flag” Jackson-Lee. Hank “Guam-Tipper” Johnson.

      • Arachne says:

        Oh and today’s loon comments are courtesy of Barbara Boxer, who is OFFENDED that we want to investigate Benghazi because we’ve already done that with Clinton’s hand-picked partisan ARB already cleared them and besides, Obama killed bin Laden. There’s dementia for you FATASS.

      • OLT's Thanks, KKKali says:

        Obviously I farked up and put “Barbara Feinstein” instead of DiFi and Babs Boxer, and for that California should be truly sorry.

    • Arachne says:

      Says Charlie Five-Chins, who can’t even publish a CURRENT photo of himself on his Twitter feed. And whose daily childish rants and raves make people wonder if he isn’t a prime candidate for Shock Therapy.

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      “I appreciate that even though we disagree, we’re able to discuss it intelligently w/o ad hominem. Too rare.”
      – Charles Johnson

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      Another nasty attack tweet, accusing the GOP of having dementia. The irony is that this is coming from a man who is PANTS-CRAPPING INSANE!

    • Octopus says:

      “Blind Projection: The Non-Silent Killer”

  39. dwells38 says:

    Oh Happy Day!! The Danes have silenced the Danish-Iranian Screeching Harpy!!

    Firoozeh Bazrafkan was found guilty of racism after writing in her blog that Muslim men use Islam to justify violence against women

    Hey Chunky. This is a BIG WIN for useful idiots like yourself and your dhimm-witted sycophants.

    I’m sure you’d like to pass a law here that makes it illegal to point out the truth.

  40. Arachne says:

    Oh this is rich. He’s bitching on his twitter feed that he’s getting “thousands of emails a day.” I call bullshit. No one is emailing this loser.

    • dwells38 says:

      He appears to be whining about Spam. What mister super nerd, geek cyber-security expert who flourishes his wicked mad coding skillz for all to envy can’t figure out how to filter Spam emails? Chunk’s like the Grinch:

      • Octopus says:

        That movie has so many classic moments. It’s been part of our Christmas Eve Movie Double-Feature for a long time, along with a rotating-cast of other classics, like “Elf” and “A Christmas Story.” Too bad Jim Carrey turned out to be such a libturd-tool. On the other hand, who gives a green shit about what he says?

    • Kurt's straight talk says:

      I know for a fact that Gus sends him at least 10000 emails a day, that suck up!

  41. dwells38 says:

    But the GOP is “demented and sick”

    It’s about a video advising women to avoid Obamacare unless they like government literally looking up their hoo-has. So according to Fat McChunk if the GOP has an opinion about the Obamadon’tcare monstrosity tax then they are creepy. But the Federal Government (yes, the NSA, IRS, DOJ, the DNC, etc…) having a database containing your most private medical issues is SUPER NEATO!!!

    They’d love to be able to things like, accidentally release a conservative woman candidate’s medical records showing whether or not she’d had birth control, an abortion, etc… Just like the IRS Obamadon’tcare will be used as a weapon. At best you can be sure they’ll just screw up and release a whole bunch of people’s private records. It’s the Feds. They just get paid to do shit, not necessarily do it right or fairly.

    • Arachne says:

      Maybe Fatass can run another of his “scientific” polls where his 900 respondents all say they can’t wait for Obamacare to be implemented. Mostly because they know that the 110,000,000 Americans that still have jobs will pay for it.

      • dwells38 says:

        Right, something like –

        LGF Poll: Do You Back Obama’s Brilliant Approach to Healthcare known as The Affordable Healthcare Act (not Obamacare which is dogwhistle-speak for black man is inferior) ? Also you agree the GOP is demented and sick?

        You may only vote once unless you vote Approve in which case I’ll multiply your vote times 50.

        Disapprove and suck to hell and am demented and sick
        Don’t care, why am I even here?

  42. Arachne says:

    OLT’s Thanks, KKKali :

    Obviously I farked up and put “Barbara Feinstein” instead of DiFi and Babs Boxer, and for that California should be truly sorry.

    That’s not a fark-up – Those two witches are interchangeable.

  43. Arachne says:

    I’d also like to ask Fatass if Obamacare is SOOOO great – why is Congress and Obama so desperate to exempt themselves from it?

  44. dwells38 says:

    RUH ROH! Call the down ding brigade!!!
    (in stentorian basso profundo) YOU DARE QUESTION THE GREAT AND POWERFUL CHAZ!!!
    Ends hylariously with a predictable smear that he can’t possibly have a point because of something else unrelated that he thinks. Namely that he disagreed that the Oathkeeper organization is a militia. So he’s not one of us and therefore is lizardona non grata.

    Good Morning Wed, Sep 18, 2013 7:33:25pm
    • -8
    • down
    • up
    • report

    Dude get over it. Snowden is beyond the long arm of American law. No matter what anyone does he’s going to be hang’n with the tyolka’s in his dacha on the Siberian steppe. So why obsess over it. No use crying over spilled milk and all that.

    Charles Johnson Wed, Sep 18, 2013 9:32:27pm
    • 4
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    • up
    • report

    Really smelling like troll in here.

    Good Morning Thu, Sep 19, 2013 2:24:59am
    • -7
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    • up
    • report

    The obsession with Snowden is pointless. He is in Russia so whatever he did or did not do was not illegal, immoral, or even unethical in Russia. Or perhaps what he did was illegal, in the USA, and his punishment is living in Russia. Either way no matter what anyone comes up with, the Russians will not be impressed with it. What’s the point of devoting time to Snowden if nothing can be done other than adding to his fame and reputation?

    Charles Johnson Thu, Sep 19, 2013 10:46:10am
    • 3
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    • up
    • report

    That smell isn’t going away.

    Charles Johnson Thu, Sep 19, 2013 10:49:54am
    • 3
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    • up
    • report

    re: #100 Good Morning
    If you don’t like reading about Edward Snowden, nobody’s forcing you to read these posts. But your pathetic attempt to picture me as “obsessed” with Snowden is noted.

    Charles Johnson Thu, Sep 19, 2013 10:51:03am
    • 4
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    • up
    • report

    Previously seen denying that the Oathkeepers are a militia:

  45. dwells38 says:

    BTW per Wikipedia, the Oath Keepers are not a militia:

    Oath KeepersFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search Oath Keepers is an American nonprofit organization[1] that advocates that its members (current and former U.S. military and law enforcement) disobey any orders that they are given if they believe they violate the Constitution of the United States.[2]

    Organizational history[edit source | editbeta]The Oath Keepers were founded on March 2009 by Stewart Rhodes and incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada as a non-profit corporation.[3][4] Rhodes is a Yale Law School graduate, a former US Army paratrooper, and a former staffer of Congressman Ron Paul.[5] The Oath Keepers as a group have grown to include chapters in many states across America.[6]

    They are comprised of American heros and service men and women. Fat jazzy pony tail sissies who Tweet insults and hysterics all day long need not apply.

    • Arachne says:

      We need “our” Gus and dolphin catcher to continually publish the “current” photo of Five Chins Fatass on Twitter and ask if he’s so interested in truth why he doesn’t start with his avatar.

    • Octopus says:

      Oathkeepers not to be confused with “Otah Keep,” the Native American militia group featured in a recent DoD post. 😉

  46. Octopus says:

    Chunky epitomizes the “Repressive Tolerance” of the Leftist bowel-movement in this country. They claim to be tolerant, but they’re only tolerant of views directly in line with their own. His fascist grip on the opinions allowed at the swamp is probably the biggest pile of stinky evidence, but it extends to his comments on everything in the world.

  47. Octopus says:

    Remember: there are still a lot of good people in the world. I say that because I often have to remind myself, in order to ward off Cranky Old Man Worldview. 🙂

  48. Because Creepy Milyo says:

    • Because Creepy Milyo says:

      • Because Creepy Milyo says:

        Takes one to know one, Chunky.

      • Arachne says:

        Guess Fatass, who does no internet research, didn’t see the report about the extensive questioning about your sex life that will occur under Obamacare. But then again, in Charlie Five Chins case, how long does it really take to say “none”?

      • Octopus says:

        The Death Panels turned out to be a real part of the Obamacare Experience. Who’s to say the speculum-wielding creep in an Uncle Sam outfit isn’t? Or, for men, the fat-fingered Uncle Sam snapping on the latex glove for the finger-wave? We have to pass the bill, in order to find out what’s in us.

      • Because Creepy Milyo says:

        I’m sure Uncle Sam would be more than happy to check her for breast lumps, too. Three times a day, if necessary.

        Where do I sign up for the boob inspector job? I think boobs need to be felt up daily under the age of 40, and only annually after that.

  49. trebob says:

    Bunk X :
    P.S. We found “Frank.” Film at 11.

    OK, so give! 🙂

    • Pakimon says:

      Film at 11?

      Do I tear myself away from the Chieves vs. Iggles game tonight to find out the identity of our drive-by purveyor of 80’s porn reference insults?

      Decisions, decisions… 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      Please make it before 11:00. Please??
      And I think it would be bad form to give a real name unless they’ve outed themselves publically on their own, i.e. Paula Connell as Irish Rose.

    • Because White Milyo says:

      That’s 11 eastern, right? As in 3 hours, 50 minutes from now?

  50. Octopus says:

    trebob :

    Bunk X :
    P.S. We found “Frank.” Film at 11.

    OK, so give!

    Ya, please surrender Dorothy, Bunk. Or Frank.

    • Pakimon says:

      and your little dog too!

      • Octopus says:

        Speaking of dogs, did you get a new one, Trebob?

      • Pakimon says:

        Hey Octo! How’s the new bundle of joy? Hope your new pup is settling in without too much carnage to shoes and carpets and all the usual new puppy addition hijinks. 😉

      • Octopus says:

        George is coming right along, thanks to intensive playing and occasional training from us and our daughter, who is living with us for one more week before shoving off for NYC. He’s almost house-trained already! I mean, if you take him out every 15-30 minutes, you can be reasonably sure he won’t go down the hall and make himself comfortable.

        He’s really very attached to us already, and is sleeping under my feet as I type. He’s gained 3 lbs since we got him, and is now up to 13 lbs. His roundworm is cleared up. In a couple of months, I’m going to take him to obedience training with the same great old dude who helped us with both of our previous dogs — he’s nearing retirement at age 75. Learned his trade training German Shepherds for the Air Force, during the Vietnam War. “Uncle Dan” has saved a lot of dogs from being sent to “the farm,” with his no-nonsense approach. 🙂

  51. dwells38 says:

    Ha! One of Chunky’s dhimmwit squad posted this about some guy named Bryan Fischer, presumably the head of a traditional family values (which equals hate at LGF) organization.

    Evidently Captain Clueless missed this eye-opener from earlier today:

    EXCLUSIVE: Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton, Gennifer Flowers reveals they’d be together now if it wasn’t for Chelsea and how former president confided in her that Hillary was bisexual
    • Flowers’s 12-year affair with Bill Clinton was exposed in 1992 during his presidential campaign
    • She bitterly regrets rejecting him when he last begged to see her and says he’s the ‘love of her life’
    • Launching a career as a sex columnist she says Clinton taught her everything she knows
    • Bill told her Hillary was ‘bisexual’ and that he had ‘no problem with that’

    LGF. The place to go for clueless naivete and wide eyed gullible losers trying to please a washed up bitter asshole has-been.

  52. Pakimon says:

    The House Republicans were so “outraged” at Ted Cruz, they voted to defund Obongocare.

    They didn’t want to do it, but Cruz used the mind control ray he borrowed from Dick Cheney to make them do it!

    I think the people who are actually “outraged” at Ted Cruz are drooling Obama moonbats and fat ponytailed bloggers. 😆

  53. trebob says:

    Octopus :
    Speaking of dogs, did you get a new one, Trebob?

    Nope, that one it Tillie and she is about 1 year and a half in that 2005 picture. She’s a little chunkier, a little grayer and doesn’t fetch her tennis ball absolutely all day but she’s a great gal who had not had a spot in the gravatars yet, so she got the spotlight this week.

    A little old for George though. 🙂

  54. Kurt's description of a man with zero chance says:

    ermagherd!! just reading about my old pal hoosier hoops.
    dude, you and I both know you don’t have a chance. we have discussed our sex lives many times in chat and we both agree hoops couldn’t get laid in the morgue of a women’s prison.

    come on hoops, who you kidding?

  55. Because and Huma can be the first lady says:

    • rightymouse says:

      Ok – well apparently Billy told Gennifer Flowers that Hill’s a bi-sexual. So she’s a half-baked lesbian. Better now, Charlie???

  56. rightymouse says:

    Americans die needlessly & Charlie could give a flying crap. What a complete a-hole.

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      It was just an American ambassador and a few others killed. What’s the big deal? Except if Bush was president all HELL would be breaking loose and a special prosecutor would already by appointed.

      • Because and Huma can be the first lady says:

        It was a ghey ambassador. That makes him special. Where are the LGBTs and their usual selective outrage?

      • rightymouse says:

        Valerie Plame ‘outing’ required a special prosecutor, but an ambassador and other Americans? Yawnsville from leftist a-holes like Charles. He’s just scared like the rest of his fellow a-holes that the facts will make Obama & Hillary look like the incompetent bumblers they really are.

    • Arachne says:

      I’m sure the families of the victims didn’t consider it stupidity you bumbling piece of shit. Or when the Democrats walked out on them. I am so going to love it when you finally have your pathetic ass handed to you for the shit you have dealt to these people.

      If you don’t like it, turn it off, you walking turd. But belittling what happened? Fuck you.

    • dwells38 says:

      Sure nothing to see, right? OK so why are we being prevented from seeing the “nothing”?

  57. Arachne says:

    Gloves are off. After that Benghazi tweet of his, I call him Tweetie Turd from now on.

    • Minnow says:

      What a fucking a-hole he is indeed. What an imbecile.

    • livefreeor die says:

      Definitely works for me. I am spitting mad about what the Dems did to those families today. What a bunch of disrespectful, sociopathic scumbags.

      • Arachne says:

        And look! MSM totally silent. It would be reported on every 10 minutes if there had been a hearing on Iraq like this and Republicans had walked out on Cindy Sheehan.

  58. trebob says:

    We want Frank!
    We want Frank!
    We want Frank!
    We want Frank!
    We want Frank!

  59. dwells38 says:

    Thank gosh Cher has come out and lectured Miley Cyrus on how to do edgy/sexy tastefully. Hopefully young Miley can learn from the Grande Dame of rock and roll. Like how she did it with such class back when she was some 20 years older than Miley is now…..

  60. Octopus says:

    ICYMI: Rep. Trey Gowdy is on the case…oh, and Chunky is lower than whale-poop on Benghazi, as he is on everything else.

  61. Octopus says:

    A momentous day in Chunky’s life, that changed everything:

  62. dwells38 says:

    LGF denizen courageously and righteously saves black family from Teh Racists! The moral of the story is all white people are assholes.

    Amory Blaine Fri, Sep 20, 2013 12:25:03am
    • 5
    • down
    • up
    • report

    Like a year ago, maybe longer I was in line at the grocery store in a white neighborhood. The amount of SNAP aid had recently been lowered in the state. Anyways there was this middle aged black woman with 4 or 5 kids in tow who was checking out and looked like she shopped for the whole month and she had overshot her newly lowered limit. She was very upset and wondering aloud how she was going to feed her family. So she starts taking out food so she can hit the limit and at this point she realizes she didn’t bring her food discount card. Now all the surrounding people almost exclusively white start muttering to each other all these vile racist things because well just being annoyed isn’t enough for the entitled crowd.
    The woman is desperate and asks the clerk to use a store card. No help at the inn. So she starts asking people around her to use their card and every single one of the motherfuckers said no. I was like 5 people deep so I only waited because I was sure someone would do this minimally inconvenient gesture to help this poor woman out if even just to help get her through the line. Nope. Nada. So I walked up to the front of the line and offered my card real friendly like looked her right in the eyes smiling, and said that she could use my card but she had to give me a jar of pickles in return. I tell you her expression changed immediately and we both started laughing. I then loudly proclaimed to all the fuckwads within earshot how it was no big deal and I would hope that anyone would help me out in such an insignificant way. I guess the moral is people are fucking assholes but you can’t let it keep you down.

    “all the surrounding people almost exclusively white start muttering to each other all these vile racist things”. Right, racist things like “what kind of idiot piles up a bunch of groceries they can’t pay for, blocks the line and then has a big crisis while everyone else waits?” Or “I actually have money, but I’m stuck here behind drama queen who can’t be bothered to know the amount given to her by the government, and now I’m late for work.” Or “maybe some overprivileged idiot with too much time and money on her hands and crushing white guilt will just pay this dumbass’ bill so we can all get out of here.” Teddible, teddible racists!

    • KGB says:

      Subtitled: “The Secret Life of Amory Blaine”. Major, major bullshit in this story. The only thing he left out was how whitey stood outside the door and slung a rope over a tree in anticipation of a lynching. What is it with these leftists that they want to imagine the worst in (white) people? It’s nothing more than the sort of racism they pretend to abhor. Particularly disgusting is the White Knight fetish that accompanies it.

      • Octopus says:

        That was a truly soul-stirring tale of personal courage in the face of societal evil. I feel like Amory Blaine would have stopped the looting and vandalism of Kristallnacht, and spent the rest of the week fixing any broken glass in the Jewish shops. He is the lone Chinese student facing down the tank in Tianenmen Square. He’s Alvin York, the pacifist who became the greatest individual soldier of the Great War, and then turned his back on the cheap commercial fame that awaited him back in the States. Greater love hath no man than Amory, who would lay down his life for a stranger in a supermarket. How much better to light a candle like Amory did, than to curse the darkies!

    • Arachne says:

      This story is so full of bullshit it could be Tweety Turd’s diaper. Not only is Mama buying groceries on the dime of the taxpayers behind her to feed the 4 or 5 kids from multiple baby daddies, but when she runs out, she expects everyone to fork over more money. And if they were saying all these vile facist things, you lying dirtbag, why would she then appeal to them for money.

      You’re such a fucking savior. You made this whole asshat story up.

    • trebob says:

      Isn’t SNAP a federal program? From what I am reading on it this morning, D.C. sets the benefits and limits. Does she know that it was Pres. Obama who reduced this poor minority mother’s benefits and his Democratic/progressive regime is the one taking food from her children’s mouths?

      • Arachne says:

        And I’m sure the school breakfast/lunch/dinner/midnight snack program made up for the food her poor children were missing.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Hey, Armory! What diff does it make that she was black? You “looked her right in the eyes?”. Have brave of you. Probably your first time. She’s not a wild animal, you ass.

  63. trebob says:

    Bunk X :
    He’s posting from in Washington D.C. these days instead of Glendale, CA. Go figger.

    That’s great! It really nails down who it is.. Wait, no it doesn’t. 🙂

  64. trebob says:

    Octopus :
    It’s about Science, of course!

    Francesca = Frank, Frank = Francesca. It all makes sense now, it’s so simple, the perfect disguise.

    That’s some damn good internet sleuthing there Ockster! Even if Bunk did give a little hint, damn good.

  65. Arachne says:

    Octopus :

    Do I detect a hint of cynicism, Arachne? :lol:

    Cynicism? Me? Perish the thought!

  66. Arachne says:

    Octopus :

    That was a truly soul-stirring tale of personal courage in the face of societal evil. I feel like Amory Blaine would have stopped the looting and vandalism of Kristallnacht, and spent the rest of the week fixing any broken glass in the Jewish shops. He is the lone Chinese student facing down the tank in Tianenmen Square. He’s Alvin York, the pacifist who became the greatest individual soldier of the Great War, and then turned his back on the cheap commercial fame that awaited him back in the States. Greater love hath no man than Amory, who would lay down his life for a stranger in a supermarket. How much better to light a candle like Amory did, than to curse the darkies!

    Damn! Where is the Nobel Peace Prize Committee? Send them an email! Stat!