New commentator calls LGF a safe haven!

This was one of the funniest comments I have ever seen at LGF. A new member named missliberties calls LGF a safe haven for Moderates.

Radical Moderate

LGF is no safe haven for Moderates, it’s a Far Left Marxist cess pool.


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  1. ‘radical moderate’? How’s that for derp?
    I detect a Jazzy Sock-Puppet.

  2. Doppel milyo milyo says:

    Safe haven is what she thinks it is.

    This is what it REALLY is

  3. Because New Wig Milyo says:

    Another New Whig. Wowzers.

  4. OLT's Must Be An Airhead says:

    Four more years of Dem rule and we’ll all miss liberties.

  5. OLT's Buy Sturdy Bras - You'll Thank Me Later says:

    On the positive side, missliberties (what a dumb name for a proggie), you’ll never be lonely again.

    Because the day you make Stalker Charles upset, he’ll follow you around forever. After banning and badmouthing you, of course.

  6. snowcrash says:

    She is an old person. I can tell.

  7. Octopus says:

    Standing Waddling Order #327 — After any incident involving mass killing, attack the NRA. Never mind who did the killing, or what their motives may have been. We must go after the NRA…”for the children.”

    • Arachne says:

      How many ICYMI will this one engender, do you think?
      Of course, I guess Fatass missed the gun control dirtbags immediately taking to Twitter so scream about gun control. The fact that DC has some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the country was lost on these assholes. Because, you know, statutes against murder won’t stop them but OOOOOO! Gun Control! will.

      Henry Winkler and David Frum had their asses handed to them after being sliced and diced on Twitter today.

  8. Arachne says:

    Someone tell li’l pumpkin that LGF is a safe haven for morons and imbeciles who have no clue how the world works. Judging from that first post, she’s going to fit right in. Moderate my ass. Unless she means moderate numbskull – then I concede the point.

    And puleeze – “safe haven”? Seriously? Are you twits being chased all over the interwebz by people? Or are the liberals who can’t stand you kicking you off their sites simply because they no longer wish to deal with the stoopid.

  9. Octopus says:

    This piece of reality may shatter Chunky’s world, and destroy his will to live, such as it is. Scientists aren’t noble paragons of objectivity? NOOOOOOOO!!!! 😆

    • dwells38 says:

      I don’t know if Chunky’s will to live is even relevant. Since it’s obviously impossible to destroy his will to eat.

  10. Arachne says:

    Of course, don’t worry folks, 12 dead in the Navy Yard but tonight’s White House party will go on as scheduled. And not a single MSM outlet will say a thing about it, I’ll wager.

    • rightymouse says:

      Another person just died. Toll is now at 13. 😦

      • rightymouse says:

        That number also includes the gunman.

      • gizbot7 says:

        rightymouse :
        That number also includes the gunman.

        Too damn late, but thank God. More people there should have been able to be armed and bust a cap in his ass way before those 12 innocent people had to die.

      • rightymouse says:

        Can you imagine the horror of not being able to defend yourself? I have friends connected to the Navy so emails have been blistering back & forth. So far, all friends are accounted for. Thank God.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Yeah. Who thought of that stupid rule to not allow soldiers to carry weapons? Bizarre.

    • dwells38 says:

      It’s just the Navy! What difference does it make?? Besides if they cancel they might make JayZ and Beyonce mad at them. And they probably have Robin Williams or Chris Rock or someone all set to drop some F-bombs on the 10 yr olds. It’s the Demoncrap way!

  11. she’s got a recently-aquired twitter handle too. @missliberties

    and she is a little feisty!

    • OLT's Like "Racist" says:

      By “feisty”, do you mean she speaks independently and fearlessly, or that she’s shrilly repeating talking points?

      Because I’ve noticed a lot of words have changed meanings lately.

  12. OLT's Gun-Free Zone Successes says:

    I’m really confused. The people killed at Ft. Hoood were disarmed by Clinton-era rules, same as the people at the Navy Yard.

    That’s what we want, right? To be safe because no guns?

  13. Al-Cheezeera says:

    Oh my goodness. This freakshow is all Greenwald stalking, 24 hours a day. I’d include one of her tweets but they’re all just even more boring versions of Chunky’s tweets. Just block the freak of nature, Glenn.

    Radical moderate? Quit spouting gibberish. Just say you think Obama is the greatest president ever, and that being part of a cult makes life easy, cuz thinking is hard!

  14. Al-Cheezeera says:

    In case you missed it, retweet my garbage!

  15. rightymouse says:

    Ten quatloos sez that missliberties is a Charlie sock. Why? Derp, self-identification as a moderate liberals & brand new twitter account.

  16. Because Seriously, you can't be this stupid, can you? says:

  17. Pakimon says:

    Let the “investigation” into this guy’s backround begin as the MSM and the moonbats are praying feverishly that he turn out to be a conservative Tea Party libertarian of some sort and not yet another leftist lunatic. 🙄

  18. dwells38 says:

    Fat Stupid resident moron at LGF continues to drive the Christian-hate train at full speed:

    So classy and at a time when Christians are being persecuted, attacked and murdered daily in the land of his most favorite religion EVAH!!

    He’s a real moderate. If moderate = hate mongering idiot.
    Search Results
    1. Christians Being Slaughtered in Egypt by Radical Islamists – Townhall…/christians-being-slaughtered-in-egypt-by-radical-islamis…‎

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    2. News for Christians being killed

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    Muslims in southern Egypt killed two Christian men for failing to pay them protection money. Muslims in the area are demanding Christians pay …
    2. Jihadists ‘killed, threatened Christians’ in Syrian town of Maalula‎ – 5 days ago
    3. Christian Woman Murdered in Syria › Home › Fauxtography › Politics
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    Ad related to Christians being killed
    1. Christians Under Attack

  19. rightymouse says:

    This guy Alexis was either a recent Muslim convert or was mentally ill. No sane person just goes ‘off’ like this without motivation, real or imagined. I’ve seen some commentary about his attraction to Buddhism – he worked at a Thai restaurant in Texas. I’d be hard pressed to believe Buddhism had anything to do with the guy going bonkers like this. It’s a pacifist religion. My 02 cents.

  20. rightymouse says:

    For what it’s worth, the Daily Mail has extensive coverage. Remember that it’s still early and a lot of this is still speculation.

  21. Octopus says:

    Looks like another mental case, with a history of crap behavior. Wonder what set him off.

  22. dwells38 says:

    Chunk has a hilarious pattern.

    First, post a Christian hating piece
    2nd, comment on how the universe could make Christians so stupid that they don’t even know how stupid they are er something. But there they are looking and acting stupid.
    3rd – hey looky – neato retard LGF feature you never wanted so you can pretend I’m not using you to click my adds and maybe hit the tip jar so this whole thing isn’t a total loss.
    4th – hey looky – neato photo any moron can look up on the interwebz
    5th – deign to respond to some idiot about the photo only to try and showboat and one-ups that you know more about photography.
    6th – post a non value-add cut paste about news of the day (in this case the Navy yard massacre)
    7th – find something statist to marvel at such as the NSA’s fucking boring organizational structure chart and call it neato!

    Wash, rinse, repeat, penis, penis, penis.

  23. windbag says:

    Okay, I was going to call bull on that, but checked out urban dictionary first. I think their definition validates her point.

  24. Because WTF? says:

    • Al-Cheezeera says:

      This interview completely puts my mind at ease about the surveillance state. Thank you Charles.

    • livefreeor die says:

      Is that like dehumanizing all Republicans and conservatives? You know, by harping on creationism as if all of the right believe in it? Or calling people with a knowledge of real science who question the AGW “research” deniers?
      Using Chunkle’s favorite brush, he dehumanizes groups of people so he is just like Glenn Greenwald which means he is a Nazi and stuff.

      • Arachne says:

        He might want to check in with the Muslims, Blacks and Latinos on the LEFT. They believe in creationism as well. I believe that we can say, since he disagrees with minorities, that he is raaaaacist.

  25. OLT's Yes, Living Room says:

    windbag :
    Okay, I was going to call bull on that, but checked out urban dictionary first. I think their definition validates her point.

    I recommend the floor or the coffee table.

  26. OLT's The Show Of The Fox News Sluts says:

    Because Milyo :
    Fox sluts?

    There is … a channel … on TeeVee
    It’s fuuulll of lyyyyyinnng sluuuuuuts
    And they’ve BEEN the ruin
    Of many a young boy
    And God knows
    Every bad guy
    Is one

  27. ISTE says:

    No new graphs.

    Oh well.

  28. Minnow says:

    Wow….. how hip. How edgy…. Fatass tweets the music he is playing! I can just imagine the number of people (say 2 or 3) who fall all over themselves trying to achieve the magical ambiance that his “stream” is creating. We know one of those is Kurt… with his Mom (painting figurines and knitting). The other two? Probably that idiot Protard whatever his name is – and the other one is Gus.

    • Octopus says:

      FWIW, he’s not actually playing any of the shitty “music” he promotes with the #nowplaying nonsense. It’s just another desperate attempt to get Amazon hits, by begging you to follow the link, such as “” (do NOT follow that link, unless you are in desperate need of sleep-inducing muzak from some closeted artiste) 🙄

    • ISpeakJive says:

      It was pretty funny, back in the day, when he started posting what he was listening to, people would wonder how to turn the speaker on to hear the song, which was reasonable. When he told them it wasn’t streaming, he just felt like the world needed to know what he was listening to, ( and eating and drinking and taking pictures of) it was a mini red-flag: Serious megalomaniac!!!!!!.

  29. livefreeor die says:

    By the way,
    has Protard Liberal been seen around the Swamp today?
    Just wondering…

    • ISpeakJive says:

      I always got the impression he was closer to the albino end of the complexion spectrum.

      • Octopus says:

        Yes, he is. Very pale, and thin as a rail. But full of rage and bad thoughts, balanced by angst and loneliness. Planning his next move, as we speak. Luckily, the FBI is onto him. 🙂

  30. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    Power to the penis penis penis LOL

  31. Octopus says:

    The ever-shifting paranoid craziness of Chunky’s politics and personal feuds, the brief friendships and bitter betrayals, along with his own outing and doxing behavior on people who donated their time and money to building his rotten blog, all came to mind when I came across this quote in a book I’m reading about the Kosovo bombing-and-peacekeeping mission of the Gay Nineties:

    Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell but that friend may hereafter become an enemy. And bring not all mischief you are able to upon an enemy, for he may one day become your friend.
    — Saadi, Persian poet (1184 – 1291)

    Words to live by.

    • Pakimon says:

      Another example of Chunky’s “How many tweets does it take to get to the center of attention? Let’s find out!” Twitter method. 😆

  32. Doppel milyo penis penis penis LOL milyo says:

    I had a dream last night that gus got a job and worked 65 hours a week, busting his ass and then he saw his paycheck and saw how uncle sam stole his money to give it to guys like gus and he was pissed

    then I woke up and realized that I am the first gus and gus is still gus

  33. Because Milyo says:

    LGF is a safe haven from those AR-15 shotguns.