Alouette (aka Vicious Babushka) Defends Al Sharpton

Ben Shapiro made the following Tweet about race hustler, Al Sharpton.

This created anger at LGF and their resident Islamic loving Kapo defends Al Sharpton.

Sharpton Sharpton2

Yeah that Al Sharpton is really a nice guy. The victims from the Freddy Fashion’s Mart massacre would disagree.


15 Comments on “Alouette (aka Vicious Babushka) Defends Al Sharpton”

  1. OLT's Baa BOOOOOSHka says:

    Lessee, if I wanted updings for choosing “worst American human being to reach a position of prominence”, I would kiss Stalker Charles’ ass by typing in:

    Pam Geller
    Glenn Greenwald
    GW Boooooooosh
    Dick Cheney
    Ted Cruz
    Sarah Palin
    Dick Nixon
    Allen West
    Clarence Thomas

  2. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Holder is talking to the NAACP right now.

    Saying how this event reminds us of the conversation that needs to take place.

    Telling stories about how his father told himself to conduct himself as a black man to the police.

    We need to talk about stereotypes, judgements, laws, etc.

    Reminds everyone how peaceful the protests have been.

    and so on.

  3. LGFisputrid says:

    Freddie’s? Sharpton’s looking to make this a national Crown Heights. He must still be broken hearted that this Zimmerman wasn’t Jewish after all.

    • Kurt's inside info says:

      at least yankel rosenbaum learned who’s BOSS!

      • LGFisputrid says:

        Sharpton is such a vile piece of shit with blood on his hands. Jewish blood, black blood, Italian blood and Hispanic blood. Alouette you should be ashamed. Shanda.

  4. Because Creepy Asscrack says:

    So allouette thinks the “diamond merchants” are to blame?

  5. Because Creepy Asscrack says:

    Here we go…

    This time, he’s linked to one of the old lizards.

    • Daedalus says:

      Look what that Neo-Nazi had to say about Brevik.

      On his website, Vikernes discusses Breivik’s manifesto, but in a post called “War in Europe: Part V – Breivik Unveiled” he also criticizes the murderer for killing more innocent Norwegians than Muslims.

      Vikernes describes himself as a “pagan” and accuses Breivik of being a Zionist agent and “Christian loser”.

      That Neo-Nazi really is linked!

      • Because EuroNazi Milyo says:

        Given that Breivik is one of Chuck’s guys, and was inspired by LGF…

  6. Octopus says:

    “Help Obama repeal the Bill Of Rights?”

    Of course, bro. Where do I sign?

    • Pakimon says:


      Those zombies just hear the name “Obama” and their eyes glaze over and their jaws go slack.

      They’d sign a petition to make it mandatory to stick their heads in a wood chipper if Obama was lobbying for it. 😆

    • Kurt's bill of goods says:

      this is racism for starters as most of those people were people of color, and they were all just trying to be nice
      second, there doesn’t need to be permission for Obama to repeal any bill of “rights”, he can just use executive orders to get what he wants like when he gave gays marriage and closed gitmo

      nice try wingnuts