Arithmetics Is Hard When Charles Johnson Doesn’t Count

Interesting that there’s been a noted absence of deleted comments on Little Green Footballs  recently, so this one caught our attention. Oddly enough, The Boiler Room Crew knew about this particular deletion days before it was posted. Heh.109 10mil
Good thing that The BRC was on the spot to screencap Comment 110 prior to deletion because it is significant.

Johnson announced gloated about the LGF 10,000,000th comment over a month ago (proffering a book autographed by Rachel Maddow that he got for free and didn’t want, so he offered it as a *ahem* prize) but here’s the problem. Charles never deleted the 32,531 duplicate comments in his archive, even though we stuck it directly under his unkempt hirsute nostrils a mere 1 million LGF comments ago.

Here is the TRUE 10,000,000th Comment on Little Green Footballs.

BRC110Of course there were reactive comments by clueless lizards. [Fact checker‘s polite posts are embedded in lieu of the deleted comments below. Image differences are due to different screencapping methods only.]113 114
BRC 116117
119 120
122 123BRC 124

And the top response goes to Charles “FuckFace” Johnson for bein’ a dick.


No, Charles. It was The Boiler Room Crew, and you just published someone’s personal information for pointing out your blatant errors. Again. That’s the reason nobody trusts a dickhead like you, regardless of one’s political affiliation.

BTW, here’s the post that Charles rigged for 10 Milyo, highlighted in urine yellow by Mr. Blobfish himself:

10 M Comment According to CJ

Penis Penis Penis LOL indeed. Embarrassing Stats coming up.

119 Comments on “Arithmetics Is Hard When Charles Johnson Doesn’t Count”

  1. I noticed that CJ didn’t attempt to dispute the claim, instead opting for a stupid ad hom.

    Direct hit.

  2. Because Milyo says:

    Bam? Is that a reference to the POTUS?

  3. Because Milyo says:

    Brilliant. FOAD, Derp, and Bam. Sounds like a web development company.

    • Arachne says:

      Or the firm that houses Fatass’s crack legal team.
      Likes to publish personal information, does he?

  4. Medchemmer says:

    How sick in the head do you have to be to wish someone dead because of a dispute about a comment number?

  5. Medchemmer says:

    So that brings up a question for me. Do the deleted comments count towards these magic numbers that Chunk promotes with books by hosts from failed radio networks?

  6. LGFisputridChucksadouche says:

    What’s great is that it’s so dead there you were guaranteed the 10millionth slot. DERP. Seriously that grating as fuck, Vicious and her fucking derp.

  7. gizbot7 says:

    That was priceless. Great job Fact Checker & BRC!

  8. LGFisputridChucksadouche says:

    I correct myself. It was Gus’ derp. I’m glad the meds are helping him socialize more.

  9. Because Math is Hard says:

    • garycooper says:

      Miss Ssss? Is that you, my sweet darling? I’m here, baby. We can go over algebra problems all…night…long…we’re gonna conjugate some asymptotes, girl. Ever tried working a double root? It’s not just for degenerate polynomials, anymore. 😈

  10. Juan Epstein says:

    Operation Oklahoma should be a lesson for Americans. That is the response from Allah to the supplications of Muslims being oppressed by them

  11. garycooper says:

    Tearjerker: Elderly woman finds lost dog trapped in rubble during CBS interview 1 hour ago

    You could have given me a hat-tip, Fatass. Or given one to Ace, where I stole it from. You never give credit! It’s another Ratherian Memogate, up in here. 😡

    • Pakimon says:

      What you don’t understand is that it was Chunky himself who pushed that little dog into view from beneath the rubble!

      He responded to the disaster with a gallant bicycle ride across the country, aided by his magical Jazzy Ponytail, to give those poor victims much needed Cheetos Relief!

      As he was handing out half eaten bags of Cheetos and autographed copies of Rachel Maddow’s book, he spotted the little dog and dove underneath the debris to push the doggie into the cameraman’s view.

      If you look closely, you can see two orange handprints on the dog’s backside.

      • Because Milyo says:

        Now if you could only splice some scenes from “The Wizard of Oz” with some scenes from “Pee Wee’s Great Adventure”, you could produce “Cheetoman: the Great Adventure of the Wizard of Flash Animations and Shit”.

        And you could put a little callout in there when the witch takes Toto away that says “Pam”.

  12. Because Really? says:

  13. Juan Epstein says:

    Does the word, “Vagina” make you uncomfortable?

  14. garycooper says:

    Trim the hedges, while you’re at it.

  15. Daedalus says:

    ChenZhen, as The Minotaur :
    I noticed that CJ didn’t attempt to dispute the claim, instead opting for a stupid ad hom.
    Direct hit.

    Good job!

  16. trebob says:

    Anyone know WTF Charles is bleating about, or do we care?

    A Profanity-Free Rebuttal to All the Poor Dears Whose Feewies Got Hurted When We Did the Tornados— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) May 21, 2013

    • OLT's Hillary's Grey Briefs x 3 LOL says:

      I don’t click on spam links to virus-laden pr0n sites. That “lgf” place is a sewer of penis penis penis lol.

      That’s “penis penis penis lol”.

      Once again, that number is PENIS PENIS PENIS LOL. It’s a toll-free call.

      What, you may ask, is “penis penis penis lol”?

      The fact is that it’s something different to almost everyone.

      But I like to think of a picture something like this:

      Charles, Alouette, and Gus as The Donkey Show. The “lol” is the donkey laughing at the penis penis penis.

      • Because Don Quesho says:

        I saw Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi Sunday. I never knew there was an opera about a donkey show, but there is was, right on stage, a big, prize-winning donkey. Or mule or something. I really didn’t mean to go to the donkey show, but this almost-100-year-old opera was about the donkey show. And a mafia plot to cheat the church and other donkey show stuff like that.

    • Bunk X says:

      That baby-talk bullcrap is from a page posted by Viscous Bouche. She cut and pasted a steaming pile of Wonkette.

      • garycooper says:

        Ugh. I just waded through that muck. I’ll never be clean again…or get back my time.

        It’s so sick, the way Vicious B has followed Fatass’s conversion to all the idiocies so perfectly. That’s certifiable behavior, right there.

  17. OLT's Hillary's Grey Briefs says:

    rightymouse :

    No one can sneak a snuke in your snizz if you don’t have one. Just sayin’.

  18. O. Nose! says:

    LGFisputridChucksadouche :
    What’s great is that it’s so dead there you were guaranteed the 10millionth slot.

    Good point! In the olden days, the chances against it, even in the dead of night, would have been slim.

    Great job, BRC and obsessed loons everywhere!!!

  19. OLT's Bite My Nondescript Grey Ass, Loozards says:

    Only one blog has ever stalked me, and that’s LGF.

    That’s the blog with the most penis penis penis lol available without a prescription.

  20. Doppel penis penis penis LOL says:

    10 million comments and 98% of them are meaningless

  21. trebob says:

    Didn’t ProTard whine how he is a socialist? Here’s one of the few remaining bastions of socialism and their economic situation is improving. The ban on air conditioners (an item that would be nice to have in Cuba) and microwaves has been lifted. Citizens can now buy two. Not two of each, but two. And after only 8 years.

    ¡Viva la Revolución!

  22. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Did you know……

    32531 is a prime number (pretty cool)

    It’s also…..

    – the zip code for Baker, Fl.
    – the industrial code (NAICS) used for fertilizer manufacturing
    – the index number for some really cool Ashlee Simpson wallpaper at

    All bow to 32531

    Thus saith the Lud.

  23. OLT's Voglio vedere l'asino performante, papà. says:

    Because Don Quesho :
    I saw Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi Sunday. I never knew there was an opera about a donkey show, but there is was, right on stage, a big, prize-winning donkey. Or mule or something. I really didn’t mean to go to the donkey show, but this almost-100-year-old opera was about the donkey show. And a mafia plot to cheat the church and other donkey show stuff like that.

    Had to Google it. Apparently a Donkey Show plot to defraud the family of a dying man, featuring a mule.

    All we need to add is a guy with a fork in his buttock.

  24. Because Don Quesho says:

    What? C.F. Johnson wasn’t invited?

    • Voltaire's Crack says:

      He was invited to the carny meeting, not the Carney meeting. Something to do with donkeys.

      • garycooper says:

        He looks like a carny. 😆

        I remember when he tried to feel up Pam on the Tilt-A-Whirl, one humid evening in 2008. She gave him a slap you could hear over the screams from the Zipper, located nearby.

  25. Because Don Quesho says:

    Hello, Chucky. You know, don’t you, that you can’t plead the fifth unless you’re at risk of criminal incrimination? Right? You know what ‘criminal’ means? It doesn’t mean ‘bogus’.

    • garycooper says:

      Another nontroversy goes ‘splody. Here’s a graphic representation of the way one of Chunky’s pet nontroversies commences to wake him up.

    • OLT's Pleading Gus' Fifth Of Jim Beam says:

      Hey, Stalker Charles – is this the usual reaction to a nontroversy?

  26. beed says:

    Hey, new site! Brilliant.

  27. beed says:

    ‘Justified’ is probably the best TV-show ever made. Timothy Olyphant is making me slightly gay.

  28. beed says:

    The ‘arithmetics makes me hard’ is the best title for a blog post ever.

  29. JimboXL says:

    Pleading the 5th now, we know it was criminal and it came from one person. Just like Holdergate, Benghazigate, and now Foxgate. 4 scandals, and now we here the whispers of an Al Qaeda groups weapons buyback, oh my my my this is very bad.

    • garycooper says:

      JimboXL :
      Pleading the 5th now, we know it was criminal and it came from one person. Just like Holdergate, Benghazigate, and now Foxgate. 4 scandals, and now we here the whispers of an Al Qaeda groups weapons buyback, oh my my my this is very bad.

      DOWNDING! It’s another nontroversy, dammit. Nothing to see here, move along. Hey, is that a fuse hanging off that thing…no, don’t light it!

      • Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

        Downding? Is that all you can do is downding? Get with the kool kidz. You’re sposta say FOAD Derp Bam. Heavy on the Bam. Bam gets lots of updings because bam.

      • garycooper says:

        My derp. Gonna foad now. 😦

  30. Arachne says:

    Of course, in his defense, if Fatass does try to count, it involves removing his socks; when that happens, neighbors complain and the guys with the Hazmat suits show up.

    • Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

      Shit, he’s gotta worry about SCAQMD (aka ‘Sasquatch’). You don’t want to piss them off if you don’t want some serious Southern California FOAD Derp Bam.

    • garycooper says:

      Carny socks never come off! 😯

  31. Someone wants to ride the rail…

    Sol Berdinowitz  Tue, May 21, 2013 1:09:13pm
    • -20
    • down
    • up
    • report
    re: #123 Bert’s House of Beef and Obdicuts
    I’m asking a serious question. If Al Gore was the wrong guy to step up, whatever damage is long over. Why are you talking about it? Is there anything you hope to gain by doing so, and if so, what?
    I forgot what a serious place this is…
    I hope that the good Al Gore did with embracing Climate Change outweigs the damage over the long run.
    And I hope that he will finally be regarded as an elder statesman, above and beyond politics, some day.
    But still think his wife was a jerk for trying to censor rock music, and I will never forgive a man who can’t keep his woman in line.

    Sol Berdinowitz  Tue, May 21, 2013 1:14:36pm
    • -8
    • down
    • up
    • report
    re: #143 FemNaziBitch
    I HAVE ISSUES when one person is considered another’s PROPERTY.
    Rock and roll is our heritage, we belong to it.

    Sol Berdinowitz  Tue, May 21, 2013 1:22:47pm
    • -9
    • down
    • up
    • report
    re: #160 GeneJockey
    Now you’re just fuckin’ with us.
    I forgot what a serious place this is…

    • Arachne says:

      Interesting patter from a dumbass who has always relied not only “on the kindness of strangers” but also on mattresses in their garages.

  32. Thomas de Bohun says:

    Ah, respect…

    27 darthstar Tue, May 21, 2013 2:15:48pm


    Speaking of baboons, Ted Cruz just said, “Reserving the right to object” and got shouted down “There’s nothing to object to!”

  33. rightymouse says:

    garycooper :
    My derp. Gonna foad now.

    Is it ok to laugh? I about bust a gut when I read this. 😆 😆

    • Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

      I’m gonna go to the Korean place and have some FOAD Derp Bam.

    • garycooper says:

      Well, if it makes you happy to see a broken man, broken by cruel acronyms on the internet, then laugh away. Words can hurt, but acronyms can kill…

      • Bunk X says:

        Like, “3M 3T18”?

      • garycooper says:

        That’s so clever, it hurts. Ouch. I saw a car with that license plate number on the internet, once.

      • Bunk X says:

        “3M TA3” is the classic.
        I put that one on a request for information postcard a long time ago, and the salesguy called up to demand what the company name meant. I told him something like, “our company was founded by 3 guys named ‘Mark’, a girl named ‘Teresa’ And we had 3 employees. The explanation satisfied him.

  34. Bunk X says:

    206 Charles Johnson Mon, May 20, 2013 10:13:05am
    Glenn Greenwald is NOT a “lefty.”

    From conservative website Wikipedia:
    “Articles in The New York Times and The Nation have referred to Greenwald as “liberal”, an example of “liberals [who] wonder when Obama’s team will reflect them”, and a “liberal commentator”; polls have ranked him as a top liberal (Forbes) and progressive (New Statesman) commentator.”

  35. Bunk X says:

    William Standish Knowels :
    As we remember and comment on important numbers, let us not forget little 218822 (sniff)


  36. garycooper says:

    Buenos dias, amigos. I have here a blast from the not-too-distant past, that would seem to contradict Fahty’s proclamation today that “Glenn Greenwald is NOT a “lefty.” Unless he means Glenn is right-handed, and I’m reading into it too much.

    Come with me, on a voyage in time, through the spooky interstices of the tubular netverse, to a place so bizarre that Chunky McQueeg is linking Herr Obersturmfuhrer Ace…truly, a strange and wonderful realm, over the unicorn-shit rainbow.


    The Glenn Greenwald Sock Puppet Story, From Start To (Almost) Finish
    Charles Johnson
    BLOGOSPHERE • 5/18/08 9:53:39 am • Views: 177

    The left’s most dishonest blogger, busted as a liar and a fraud more than two years ago, now lying at

  37. garycooper says:

    Bunk X :
    Greenwald –> Doesn’t praise Obama –> Racist –> Right Winger.

    Ah, yes. Now it makes perfect sense.

  38. Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

    Chucky’s twitterbabbling about “tornado truthers”. Is he referring to Boxer and her whacky “climate change” theories?

    • livefreeor die says:

      I think the pressure of trying to portray four (and soon to be five) major scandals as “nontroversies” is getting to Chuck.

  39. Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

    First the FOAD.

    Then the Derp.


  40. garycooper says:

    “Teh science of climate change”…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH STOP, PLEASE, YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME HERE, BABE! 😆

    How long, oh Lord, how long?

    • Because FOAD Derp Bam says:

  41. garycooper says:

    For those keeping score at home, the kid’s ex-boyfriend is back, and not an ex anymore. Love conquers all. Glad I kept my mouth shut about it (mostly). 🙄

    • Abu bin Larmer says:

      Your plucky Red Wings are helping repair the damage done to the NHL by the strike. Their players have been gelling all season long. They can take that prideful feeling to the golf course next week.
      I thought six games at least before the first puck dropped.

      • garycooper says:

        They are plucky, aren’t they? It’s like they don’t know they’re supposed to lose, almost. 🙂

        I thought six or seven games, based on how the Wings handled the big, fast, angry Ducks. I knew the Hawks had coasted past the weak Wild, and enjoyed a very smooth sail of a season, short as it was. I had a feeling the Wings would steal one in Chicago, but I didn’t anticipate the kind of dominant performance they threw out in game two. That woke me up!

        Chicago is suddenly faced with a must-win situation, Thursday. They go down 3-1, they aren’t coming back.

        I used to bet on sports, until it became a slight problem and I quit, back in the late ’80’s. If I was betting now, I’d put my money on the Wings to take this series. I think they have the Hawks’ numbers. I think we have a rising tide of youthful enthusiasm, gelling perfectly with the veteran leadership and awesome skills of Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Our defense is much better than anyone realized, Smith’s gaffes notwithstanding. Howard is the real deal.

        I might have to go back to my real online name, which served me well for years in the hockey forums. The creature that flies in the night, when the Red Wings are winning playoff games. Who lands on the ice, with a fearsome splat.

    • poteen2 says:

      Toldja. When it’s all loud and out front he’s in good shape. If she gets aloof or pensive, unnaturally quiet,,,, there’s a Hell’s Angel hiding in the closet. 🙂

  42. Abu 's Unofficial Sock says:

    Abu bin Larmer wants it known his account was hacked. He is not responsible for anything that might offend anyone anywhere at anytime. Especially Gary. Hacked!, I say.

  43. swamprat says:

    Interestingly, charles tweeted this;

    Top IRS Official Will Invoke 5th Amendment 6 hours ago

    5th admendment good
    2nd admendment bad

    ‘course that 5th admendment probably don’t matter when you have a drone targeting your butt,

    next time the IRS has some questions for you, just tell them that you are invoking your 5th admendent rights…see how far that gets you!

    What is surprising is charles admitting he noticed this new developement in a saga he doesn’t acknowledge as being worthy of notice.

    Nontroversy and all that.

    This whole thing is probably just the result of someone hacking into the IRS twitter account.

    • swamprat says:

      It isn’t the weight on the thighs that poisons the eyes.

      It’s the hate on the face.

    • garycooper says:

      Something tells me FemNaziBitch is fast closing in on three bills. And has some nice tats.

      • LGFisputridChuckhatesA&F says:

        She doesn’t need to conform to your male ideals of beauty whether they be physical or behavioral. You are just a man anyway. What do you know. I’m taking a similar approach at home. No more gym, or family activities. Dad will be on the couch drinking beer, watching porn and getting out of the house only to go to strip joints.

  44. Bunk X says:

    Gus needs a waffle iron with an image on it.

    • garycooper says:

      That would make a lovely Che-style t-shirt, too. For the Eleven to wear, on their way to the welfare office.

    • Bunk X says:

      Guaranteed to make you puke.

      374 122 Year Old Obama5/21/2013 8:22:19 am PDT
      re: #372 Vicious Babushka

      Wingnuts think they’re helping.
      Red Cross, first responders are telling people to STAY AWAY from the affected areas, that they will just get in the way, and Red Cross needs cash, not water bottles.
      Reminds me of Mitt Romney loading a case of water bottles into an SUV for Hurricane Sandy.

      They’re like children, deliberately doing what they’re told not to do.

      • Bunk X says:

        Dumbass got 3 fukkin’ updings for mocking those who are helping out in the aftermath of the OK storm.

    • Pakimon says:

      Moonbats are content to sit on their asses.

      After all, helping out requires work and effort.

      Two words that are anathema to the moonbat species

      Especially to those of the overweight, sedentary variety.