Nobody loves me!

Charles still can’t over the spanking Pam Geller gave him in one of her posts. He then realizes that one of her comments about him is the truth.

No One likes me

Charles realizes that no one loves him. That must be a very crappy thing to realize.


“O Pamela! Pamela! Wherefore Art Thou Pamela?” [Update: Robert Spencer slams Charles]

Sometimes the 60 year old Magical Jazzy Brasnapper makes things too easy for us.

Pam Pam Pam 29 May 2013

Atlas Shrugs Sidebar Tribute

Mr. Brown Note

Update: Robert Spencer slams Charles Johnson.

Pamela Geller published a piece at Breitbart News yesterday, challenging self-proclaimed moderate Muslim groups to do something effective, beyond vague condemnations, to stop the jihad terror attacks they ostensibly oppose. Not surprisingly, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the notorious pseudo-moderate Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood group, was quick to pounce:

They were linking to a hit piece by Charles Johnson at the blog Little Green Footballs. Longtime Jihad Watch readers may remember Johnson as a once-prominent counter-jihad blogger who, for reasons still unknown, betrayed all his principles and began devoting his time to smearing his former friends and associates. His site still exists, although it is now just a bitter, spiteful hate site wholly dedicated to defaming and destroying those who are trying to defend freedom. Having proven himself thoroughly untrustworthy, Johnson is shunned by the Left and despised by the Right. The only people who still take him seriously are the stealth jihadis at Hamas-linked CAIR, who find his hate screeds useful to demonize voices of freedom and clear away all obstacles to the advance of the bloody jihad that just struck on the streets of Boston, London and Paris. And so they eagerly distributed this piece: “Pamela Geller Spreads Hatred and Lies at,” by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, May 29.

(Hat Tip: Robert Spencer)

Stabby bursts the LGF bubble

No one is allowed to criticize Islam at LGF. It is clear that Charles is trying to work off the fatwas accumulated against him. Occasionally, someone brings in reality about Islam. Stabby decides to go against the Pro-Islamic slant of LGF and speak the truth.

Stabby Stabby2 Stabby3 Stabby4 Stabby5 Stabby6 Stabby7 Stabby8 Stabby9 Stabby10 Stabby11 Stabby12 Stabby13

Stabby is probably on Charles banning radar.

For Those Who Don’t Read Here

Gus Wind 1

I don’t recall seeing anything in BRC_807’s Tweets mocking Gus_802’s physical maladies, only his mental health and general assholiness. Gus_802 hates BRC_807 so badly that he unblocked the guy/gal/whatever for one reason and one reason only: he wants to read more about himself.

Gus Twitter Follow

[h/t @Gus_802]

Charles makes a prediction about the NYC Mayoral Race

Charles Johnson loves to make political predictions. He claims that Anthony Weiner will pull out of the New York City mayoral race.


Besides his lame joke, Charles does not have a great track record with electoral prognostication.


It’s Memorial Day, and the lizards are frolicking, until they find a mirror whereupon the Little Green Echo Chamber eats its own. This is gonna be a long ride, so settle back and enjoy a condensed version of today’s LGF Memorial Day Service.

Memorial Day ADIEU 2013

[We interrupt this program for a brief Public Service Announcement.]

Alouette Fuck Anonymous Post 114

[We apologize for the short interruption, and we now return to our regularly scheduled mockery.]

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NAZIS! [Updated]

Hoft Tea Party 1

Only behind the fevered forehead of Charles Johnson (nestled in the damp darkness somewhere between his blank black bead-button eyes and his Magical Jazzy Ponytail scrunchie) could this photo be construed as a Pro Nazi Rally, but that’s precisely what he claimed while trying to smear Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit.  What exactly is Hoft guilty of? Pulling a Breitbart.

Hoft responded to false accusations by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) that Tea Partiers are a bunch of neo-nazis by offering a reward for proof. Jazzy went scooters.

Hoft Tea Party 2

Okay. So radical grampas and grammas and mommies and daddies are neonazis for wanting to prevent the IRS from becoming a US version of Germany’s SS.  Got it.  So what was Hoft’s “Monumental Fail” that Mr.#Rumpswab refers to? An honest clarification of obvious intent, caught by a Wonkette reader. Original version:
Hoft Wonkette 1
Revised version:
Hoft Wonkette 2

Hunh. That’s a “Monumental Fail” according to someone who is notorious for editing and deleting his own words and those of other years after they were posted on LGF,  who claimed he had nothing to do with nicknaming Rachel Corrie “St. Pancake”, who couldn’t identify the State Flags of either Tennessee or Ohio, who can’t tell the difference between a menu board and a laptop, who lied about Brevik’s Manifesto, who honestly claimed Anthony Weiner’s PeniePix as his own, who claimed George Zimmerman wasn’t injured by Trayvon Martin, who supports planting racist comments on rival blogs, who doesn’t know the definition of the word “bogus” or how to pronounce the word “milieu” and who’s been reduced to licking the fetid rump-pus-infections of a blogger known as Wonkette for liberal street cred.

Chuck, you’re a mess.

Update:  The inane attack on Hoft continues. Here’s the pertinent part of the DSCC Request For Donations:

DSCC Tea Party Nazis 2

The unspoken insinuation is undeniably clear:
The Tea Party is a radical group comprised of neo-nazis.

Jim Hoft’s offer of a reward was poorly worded, but his intent was also undeniably clear:
Prove that the Tea Party supports National Socialism or STFU.
[Update: Added “St. Pancake” to the list of lies, h/t Swamprat.]