Charles Johnson still obsessing over creationism

It just fascinates me how a grown man obsesses with a belief that has no bearing on his life for the last 5 years, Charles has had an obsession with creationism. He acts as if belief in creationism is effecting his well being and a threat to him personally. He goes off on a self righteous rant about creationism.

Fear of Creationism

Charles needs to get over creationism.


So no, the FBI did NOT “fumble.”

The Boston Marathon Bombings have rattled Charles Johnson to the core. After denying it was an Islamic terror attack, he had to do a 180 after Joe Biden said it was. He has no original thought process and just repeats talking points.

Charles has been praising the FBI, despite the fact they dropped the ball on Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Russians were warning the FBI about him and even had him recorded espousing Jihadi rhetoric.. Pato (Duck in Spanish) links to an article that discusses Russia’s warning to the FBI. Charles gets defensive and deranged.

Pato Pato2 Pato3

Charles Johnson really has got nastier than usual since the Boston Bombings. He was hoping the perpetrator was a Nazi or Tea Party member. It end up being Islamic Jihadists and now Charles can’t deal with reality.

What ever happened to the private members only threads?

Charles used top have private threads, that only readers registered at LGF could see. His comments have collapsed to the point where he no longer does it. When asked about that, he gives another thoughtful intelligent answer!

Because whatever

Charles Johnson is  a very eloquent man!