I scared it when I opened the door

Charles Johnson is a miserable, hateful soul. Even birds chirping outside his window gets him angry.

Birds Birds2 Birds3

Charles is a  miserable human being. Him chasing away the bird is no different from banning people. What a horrible human being.

Update: Charles shows his cowardly evil side when he bargs about hosing the bird with water.


Charles admits to committing an act of violence against a helpless bird. Even worse, Charles blames the bird for his violent actions.


Charles is a man for of anger and hate. This episode shows his evil nature and how much of a low life he is.

Charles Johnson goes after Jennifer Rubin for linking to Robert Stacy Mccain

When a story by Robert Stacy McCain is linked by someone, Charles Johnson goes ballistic. He goes after Jennifer Rubin, because she used McCain, who is journalist as a source for an article. As usual, Charles accuses RS McCain of being a Nazi and implies all Conservatives are Nazis or Nazi sympathizers.


JenniferRubin JenniferRubin2

Besides the obvious fact that Robert Stacy McCain is not a Nazi, what is Charles rambling about? Does he not realize it is 2013 and not 1933, when the Nazis were a real threat? Seriously, Charles is mentally stuck between the years 1933 and 1945. He really needs to get with the 21st Century!